Best dating a girl with a baby names 2017 hindu 2015

best dating a girl with a baby names 2017 hindu 2015

The top 100 baby girl names of 2017 are here and we have the lowdown on the biggest gainers, the ones that slid in popularity and the surprising new entrants. Saanvi, the top name in 2013 retakes the first position again after climbing up 20 places and nudging three-time winner Aadya to the second spot. Other names that have climbed the charts include the highest gainer Kavya, up 56 spots followed by Riya up 35 places, Ira up 34 spots and Pari up by 30 places. Timeless names that are back in favour with parents of baby girls include Diya, Sarah, Prisha, Aarohi, Meera, Pihu, Siya, Mishka and Ka .

best dating a girl with a baby names 2017 hindu 2015

Hindu Names for Girls Hai, firstly congratulations for your Newborn Baby. Haimom here provides you Unique, Modern, Latest and New Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with A to Z.

If you want to select the Name of Grils in Hindu, you are in the right place. You can pick up a name from our Haimom list. Our Collection of Male Names help to sort out your ideas for selecting a perfect one. For your comfort, here we categorized the huge list in an alphabetical manner.

Hindu Names for Girl Starting With A Selecting a name for child is a typical job for any parents, because the name is the one which lasts for our life time. Also our near and dear will be very much interested in naming our little honey with their ideas.

In order to make your search simple we classified names by alphabets. Here, you can pick up Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With A. Now have a great experience of your baby name search.

best dating a girl with a baby names 2017 hindu 2015

best dating a girl with a baby names 2017 hindu 2015 - Rare Hindu Baby Girls Names Starting with Sh

best dating a girl with a baby names 2017 hindu 2015

With so many people in the Hindu religion, it is unsurprising that people would want modern Hindu baby girl names. These names are often inspired by the past or gods in the Hindu mythology. Whether you are a practicing Hindu or just love the culture, these names can get you started on your search for the perfect, modern Hindu baby girl names. 200 Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names 1. Devishi: This name means the Goddess Durga and is a popular option for a baby girl.

2. Hyma: This name is one of the names of the goddess Parvati. 3. Nitya: This adorable name means regular in Hindi. 4. Ganika: This adorable name means flower, which makes it a great option for your beautiful baby girl. 5. Aaloka: This pretty name means lustrous and is an auspicious name for a baby girl. 6. Ela: This cute name actually means cardamom tree in Hindi.

7. Paakhi: In Hindi, this pretty name means bird. 8. Charu: This pretty name means beautiful. 9. Dishita: This pretty name means focus and is a good way to inspire your daughter to achieve her dreams.

10. Bhuvi: This name means heaven, which makes it the perfect choice for your little angel. 11. Suha: This Hindi name is extremely trendy. In Indian mythology, this is the name of a star. 12. Chaitali: This name is common in Bengal and means someone who is born in the month of Chaitra. 13. Drishya: This Hindu baby girl name is said to mean sight.

It is a variation on the name Drishti. 14. Banhi: This name means fire. As such, it is a reflection of the spirit, purity and power of the fire. 15. Vedanti: This Hindu name means the knower of Vedas. 16. Chhavi: This name means painting or reflection. 17. Aarushi: In Hindu, this name means the first rays of the sun.

18. Eva: This simple name means life. 19. Vaneet: This popular name is ideal for an intelligent, beautiful baby girl. 20. Gitashri: This name is from the Bhagvat Gita, which makes it a spiritual choice for your newborn daughter. 21. Dharini: This adorable name means earth in Hindi and is perfect for a daughter who is grounded and humble like the earth.

22. Hara: This is one of Lord Shiva’s 1,008 names. 23. Udyati: This adorable name is said to mean elevated in Hindi. 24. Darika: This name means maiden.

25. Dhristi: This popular Hindi name is said to mean sight or vision. 26. Chhaya: This modern Hindu baby girl name means shadow. 27. Tuhi: This pretty name means bird sound and is short enough to be a good nickname as well.

28. Bhavya: This name means splendid or grand. 29. Aashrita: This Hindu name means the one who has taken refuge in the lord. 30. Drishya: This name means sight and sounds amazing. 31. Parknika: This Hindi name means small leave of the goddess Parvati. 32. Jagvi: This name means worldly. 33. Aadarshini: This Hindi name is said to mean idealistic.

34. Joshika: In Hindi, this lovely name means young maiden. It is a pretty choice for your baby girl. 35. Navya: This is one of the most modern Hindu baby girl names. It means new or young. 36. Ishanvi: This name relates to knowledge and is a modern take on the traditional name, Parvati. 37. Atmaja: This means daughter in Hindi.

38. Ikshita: This adorable name means visible. 39. Trisha: This is a very mode3rn Hindu baby girl name. It was originally from Latin, but is popular in India as well. It means nobleman. 40. Oja: This name means vitality. 41. Akshara: This is said to mean invincible. It is one of the names of the goddess Lakshmi. 42. Haiya: This sweet name means heart. It is perfect for a baby girl who controls your heart. 43. Yutika: This unusual name means flower and is a lot of fun to say.

44. Mayra: This name is said to mean beloved. 45. Abhikhya: This name is said to mean fame or beauty in Hindi. 46. Gunita: This pretty name is said to mean virtuous.

47. Valini: This name means stars, which certainly symbolizes the beauty of your daughter. 48. Laranya: Laranya means graceful. 49. Adhya: This name means one of the ten Drugas or first power. 50. Edha: This short, easy name means sacred in Hindi. 51. Ura: This popular name means earth. 52. Nima: This is one of my favorite modern Hindu baby girl names. Technically, it means to adjust. It was also the name of Saint Kabir’s mother. 53. Archisha: This baby girl name means a ray of light.

54. Hiya: This name is said to mean heart in Hindi. 55. Tanvi: This delicate name is one of the names of the goddess Durga. 56. Ranya: This name means pleasing. 57. Ishya: This is a very lucky name that means spring. It makes perfect sense if your daughter was actually born in the springtime. 58. Devina: This pretty, modern name means like a goddess. 59. Abhitha: This unusual name means fearless in Hindi. 60. Charita: This is a popular, modern Hindu baby girl name.

It means good. 61. Saumya: This Sanskrit name is another name for the goddess Durga. It also means pearl. 62. Prisha: This short, simple name means beloved and God’s gift. 63. Anusha: This popular name means a star or beautiful morning. 64. Chitrani: This name is a name for the river Ganga, which is like a divine river in India.

65. Kalini: This pretty name means flower. 66. Alisha: While it sounds like a western name, this is actually a Hindi name that means protected by God.

67. Diti: This chic name means idea and is a very modern choice. 68. Mritsa: This humble name means the good earth. 69. Bhuvana: This name also means the earth. 70. Harsika: This is a wonderful name for a baby girl since it means laughter.

71. Mahi: This popular name means the world and is a great choice for modern parents. 72. Ninarika: This awesome name means misty. 73. Aamani: This elegant name means spring. 74. Keya: This is another popular name option since it is easy to say and means flower.

75. Giva: This attractive name sounds quite international. It is a different version of Jiva, which is said to mean a living being. 76. Avni: This name means mother earth in India. 77. Dayita: In Hindi, this adorable name means beloved. 78. Aditi: This is the goddess of consciousness and the sky in the Hindu religion.

It is also said to mean unbounded and free. 79. Jivanta: This regal name means little princess. 80. Bhaumi: This means the goddess Sita. 81. Ahaana: This is a lovely name for a baby girl that means the dawn. 82. Haimi: This name means golden and is a beautiful name. 83. Chintanika: This spiritual name is said to mean meditation. 84. Aaradhya: This popular name means someone who is worth worshiping. 85. Dyuti: This classic name is said to mean light.

86. Anaisha: This name means special or unique. 87. Jhanvi: In ancient Indian folklore, Jhanvi was the daughter of the wise Taksha.

88. Bipasha: This name means a river and is the name of a famous actress. 89. Pavati: This awesome name means clear water. 90. Trayi: This name means intellect and is a good way to encourage your daughter to get top marks in school. 91. Vedika: This traditional name is becoming more common in recent years. It is said to mean consciousness. 92. Pooja: This name means worship. 93. Shivani: This name is said to mean life and death. 94. Tisya: In Hindi, this name means auspicious.

It is a great choice to accompany the auspicious birth of your daughter. 95. Neysa: This modern Hindu baby girl name means pure. 96. Vanya: This hip name actually means gracious gift of God. 97. Pihu: This short, easy name actually means peahen, which is the female version of the peacock. 98. Anala: This fancy name means someone who is expressive.

99. Dhriti: This name is said to mean endurance and courage. 100. Idika: This name means the earth. 101. Anokhi: This adorable name means unique. 102. Janya: This name means life in Hindi. 103. Akshi: This short, easy name means existence. 104. Henna: This fun name is a colorful option for a baby girl. 105. Asmita: This name means pride, which makes it the perfect choice for any list of modern Hindu baby girl names. 106. Kakoli: This name comes from Bengal. It is said to mean art.

107. Abhijishya: This name is said to mean an independent girl and is perfect for a fearless daughter. 108. Larisa: This name means light-hearted and cheerful. 109. Nimisha: This beautiful name means momentary. 110. Charvi: This beautiful name comes from Kubera’s wife in Indian mythology. It also means a beautiful lady. 111.

Kshirin: This is said to mean flower. 112. Ryka: This simple, short name actually means born out of a hymn or prayer. 113. Aapti: This means fulfillment in Hindi.

114. Kashika: This beautiful name means the shiny one. 115. Yashashvi: This traditional name means fame. The original, masculine version was Yashvi. 116. Aishwarya: This name means wealth and prosperity. It is famously the name of the Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai. 117. Ishana: This name is said to mean desire. It is a variation on the name Ishaani. 118. Veda: This religious name comes from the sacred scriptures of the Hindus. 119. Anvi: This name comes from the Hindu goddess of the forest.

120. Ira: This name means the earth. 121. Udgita: This is one of the top modern Hindu baby girl names. It comes from the Bhagvad Gita and means hymn. 122. Aashita: This name is said to mean one who is hopeful.

123. Karabi: This pretty name means flower. 124. Sadhika: This is one of the many names of the goddess Durga. 125. Aryahi: This name is said to mean the goddess Durga. 126. Kavya: In Hindi, this name means poem. It is especially popular in the south of India.

127. Ojasvi: This name means bright in India. 128. Adah: This name means lightening in India. 129. Lopa: This adorable, simple name means learned. 130. Naisha: In Hindi, this name is said to mean special. 131. Inika: This sweet, short name means small earth.

132. Karuli: This name means innocent. 133. Roop: This Indian name is said to mean looks. 134. Abhinivesha: This means determination or faith. It can also mean a long cherished dream. 135. Darshana: This name means observation. 136. Latika: This name is said to mean small creeper. 137. Kshamya: This name is said to mean earth. 138. Vritika: This Sanskrit name means thought. 139. Anika: This adorable name means grace.

It was a name of the goddess Durga. 140. Eila: This sweet name is said to mean the earth. 141. Kerani: This lovely name is simple and easy to say. 142. Vaidehi: This popular naming option means Sita and has been used throughout history. 143. Avani: This name means earth and is a modern, short name for a baby girl. 144. Mayukhi: This sweet name means peahen. 145.

Kavika: This artistic-sounding name means poetess. 146. Sahinma: This adorable name means snow. 147. Ananya: This name is aid to mean matchless and is truly a matchless name! 148. Hradini: This name means lightening. 149. Kani: This fun name means girl. It is short enough that people should be able to pronounce it anywhere in the world. 150. Menaha: This name has an absolutely gorgeous meaning. It is said to mean celestial damsel.

151. Jivika: This lovely name means source of life. 152. Omisha: This name comes to us from the goddess of life and death. 153. Anushka: This name means grace and is a variation on the Russian name, Hannah. 154. Dyumna: This unusual name means glorious. It is unique enough that you probably won’t hear it at your child’s school any time soon!

155. Keshini: This fun name means one with beautiful hair, but it still sounds rather pretty! 156. Riya: This name means singer. It was also the name of the famed Bollywood star, Riya Sen. 157.

Grishma: This adorable name means warmth and is perfect for your little daughter. 158. Mitra: This unisex name comes from the Hindu god of friendship. 159. Kalinda: This is a pretty name that comes from the Kalinda Mountains of myths and legends. 160. Aadhya: This name is another name for the goddess Durga. 161. Navya: This is quickly becoming a popular name in the modern era. It means new. 162. Mira: This is the name of a follower of Lord Krishna.

There are actually songs still sung about her. 163. Khushi: This name is a beautiful, modern option for a baby girl. 164. Ihita: This adorable name actually means desire. 165. Viti: This Hindu name means light. 166. Anjali: This name is aid to mean offering with both hands. Long ago, it was once the name of a number of ancient Indian queens. 167. Dayanita: This name is said to mean merciful and could easily be shortened into cute nicknames.

168. Rishima: This gorgeous name means moonbeam. 169. Kuvam: This name means the sun and is a great name for the light of your life. 170. Priya: This beautiful name is perfect for a well-loved, beautiful daughter. 171. Talika: This fun name is said to mean bird. 172. Mahika: This gorgeous name sounds poetic and means the earth.

173. Arushi: This name means the color red, but it also refers to the rising sun. 174. Devi: If you want a unique name, try naming your daughter after the goddess, Devi.

175. Shakti: This is a modern Hindu name that is the female version of Lord Shiva. 176. Abirami: This name is another name for the goddess Lakshmi. 177. Ushas: Name your daughter after the prominent goddess of the dawn. 178. Kiara: This name is actually the Hindi version of the English Ciara. It means dark or black. 179. Mioraya: This name technically means a devotee of Lord Krishna.

180. Kali: This is one of the manifestations of the goddess Devi. 181. Ranhita: In Hindi, this popular name means quick. 182. Matsya: This it the name of the fish connected to Vishnu. 183. Tiya: This fun name means bird. It gets bonus points for being short and easy to say. 184. Aditi: This wast he name of the wife of the sage, Kashyapa. She is also the mother of the devas.

185. Neila: This adorable name means sapphire blue. 186. Surabhi: This interesting choice comes from the mother of all cows. 187. Atreyi: This elegant name is the name of a river. 188. Chandrama: This was another name for the lunar deity and goddess of wealth. 189. Uma: This was the name of a goddess in Hindu mythology.

190. Urmika: This adorable, sweet name means small wave. 191. Anumati: This was the name of the goddess of wealth and the lunar deity. 192. Jignasa: This fun, cute name means academic curiosity. 193.

Aranyani: This name comes from the goddess of the forest and all forest animals. 194. Aaravi: This tranquil name is said to mean peace. 195. Mishka: This fun name means gift of love. It is Indian in origin, but almost sounds like another Russian name. 196. Lakshmi: Why not name your daughter after the goddess of wealth? 197. Saanvi: This modern name is another moniker of the goddess Lakshmi.

198. Saraswati: This was the name of the goddess of knowledge. 199. Kashvi: In Hindi, this beautiful name means shining. 200. Arundhati: This name was once the name of the wife of the sage Vashista and is the morning star.

best dating a girl with a baby names 2017 hindu 2015

Hindu Girl Names Hindu Girl Names - Accelerate the true joy and happiness that comes with the announcement of baby girl’s birth in a Hindu family. All the essential rituals are followed to celebrate the birth of Hindu baby girl and deciding the suitable name. Suggestions of suitable Hindu baby girl name come from grandparents, relatives, and close friends. Hindu Pundit makes his calculations on the basis of newly born’s date of birth, time of birth, and location to design a horoscope.

Pundits usually assign the most favorable alphabet or even give suitable Hindu girl name to the child based on her horoscope. In modern era, most of these Hindu girl names have become obsolete mostly for online viewers residing in India, Pakistan, and Middle East. The online Hindu names for girls’ page have emerged as the problem solver in this regard.

The Hindu Girl Names list is alphabetically placed starting from A to Z with proper spellings and clicking on each name will lead you towards the dedicated page where you can find the gender, meaning of the name and origin details. You can share the chosen Hindu girl name page on social media platforms with your family and friends to get more their point of views about it.

Hindu baby girl names list is authentic, comprising of all the modern day trending names with their amazing meanings, and origin.

Parents can check out the most viewed and newly added names columns as well for better suggestions. Online Indian viewers residing in India or in foreign locations can totally rely on the names suggestions from this platform.

Hindu Names for Girls are numerous in quantity, each having unique meanings, and strength to catch your attention. You can pick and select the suitable Hindu baby girl names from HamariWeb or can suggest them to the Hindu couples who are experiencing parenting. Hindu names for girls mentioned on this page are verified from reliable sources and therefore are categorized as the most suitable ones with beautiful meanings.

You can locate some of the trending Indian girl names online from India and you will land on this page. nice thabbu , kalikiri Mon 10 Dec, 2018 THIS WEB SITE IS BEST WEB SITE IN WORLD. HUMSA , LARKANA PAKISTAN Wed 28 Nov, 2018 I've read that the meaning of this name is "Queen Of music" monique , Buffalo Mon 26 Nov, 2018 Is my name Dina , Bowling green Tue 13 Nov, 2018 Because peaceful ssmika , jaipur Tue 06 Nov, 2018 I think Soha is a very unique name (its also a variation of Suha) - in Arabic it means a star (Al-Soha) that is cannot be seen with naked eye.

However in Gujarati - there is a word Sohamanu - which means beautiful and hence Soha is also a short form of this word. Soha , London Tue 30 Oct, 2018 Nice Avika , Muzaffarnagar Tue 30 Oct, 2018 It's all true about my name..... Aliza , Jamshedpur Sun 21 Oct, 2018 I need to know the name of hope meaning nipa , Dhaka Sun 14 Oct, 2018 Mininig of this name Sanjeev kumar , purnea Thu 11 Oct, 2018

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