Best dating a twin guy names 2017 unique

best dating a twin guy names 2017 unique

The 50 most Unique boy names 2017, unusual Names and unique baby boy names, cool boy names, rare boy names, uncommon boy names to pick your favorite Sometimes, it's nice to switch things up. That's why we pulled together 12 monikers with unique (and super-sweet) nicknames. PureWow. Parenting 101. Feathers & Foxtails. Lazy Days Set. Newborn Baby Boy Clothes Cute Baby Boy Clothes Baby Boy Outfits Newborn Cute Baby Boy Outfits Hipster Baby Clothes Little Boys Clothes Cute Baby Stuff Baby Boy Swag Newborn Beanie. Lazy Days Set /Baby Boy Romper / Coming Home Outfit / Baby Shower Gift / Newborn Baby Boy / Baby Boy Clothes / Baby Present / Modern Baby / Jumper / Black & White Baby / Trendy Baby.

best dating a twin guy names 2017 unique

A name is a special gift you give to your newborn when he/she is born. If you have a baby boy and are looking for some unique, unusual yet cute names for him you are absolutely at the right place.

Some people like to have common names for their sons and some like them with a difference. Having a unique name adds a singular and special identity to your baby boy. Look no further for such unique names for your baby boy, we have loads of them right here.

Abel ~ Breath, Vapor Adney ~ An island dweller Adoni ~ Sunset Abiel ~ God is the Father Adler ~ A Man of keen perception Aron ~ Mountain Adalson ~ Son of all Alvie ~ Wise friend Aiden ~ Little fire Amos ~ Burdened Abner ~ Father of light Aden ~ Handsome Adi ~ Ornament or Jewel Alam ~ World, Flag Asher ~ Happy, Blessing August ~ Majestic Adrien ~ Dark Axiom ~ Self-evident truth Brenton ~ Holy one Barack ~ Blessing Braiden ~ Broad, Wide Basim ~ The smiling one Baudouin ~ A brave friend or protector Barna ~ Son of comforting Bajnok ~ Victor Bryon ~ Noble, Virtuous Bryce ~ Freckled Boaz ~ Strength, Agility Brenden ~ Prince Basil ~ King Boyd ~ Gold Berrin ~ Bear Barric ~ Grain farm Byrtel ~ From the bird hill

best dating a twin guy names 2017 unique

best dating a twin guy names 2017 unique - Twin Baby Names

best dating a twin guy names 2017 unique

Naming twins might be one of the biggest challenges and greatest pleasures for a baby namer. Many parents naming twins default to the obvious choices like and or and . But what if you want unique twin names that are connected and compatible yet not too obvious or cutesy? Meaning: and , no; and , still no. But and ? Now you’re talking. What are you cleverest, most creative ideas for unique twin names?

Give us names for two girls, two boys, or a mixed set, as long as they’re unique and fun. And if the connection isn’t obvious, enlighten us! Connecting twin names subtly yet cleverly is a difficult task! If the connection is too obvious like Heaven and Neveah or Faith and Hope, then the connection seems apparent and cheesy. But with names like January and Nova (both meaning new beginning) or Garrett and Grace (both meaning strong and beautiful) the connections work!

If you prefer a more spiritual and classic connection you could use Abigail and Benjamin. (both mean a source of joy) Ooh, I love twin names! My personal favorites are: Jude and Reuben (have a similar sound; they’re also both Hebrew names) Maxwell and Magnus (the surname “Maxwell” is in part derived from the name Magnus) Beatrix and Asher (both mean “happiness”) Octavia and Opal (for October twins – Octavia and October both mean “eight”, and Opal is the birthstone for October) Bethia and Giselle (same meanings) Emery and Percy (both end in ys) Zoey and Connor or Zoey and Jared or Zoey and Alana (Dear Evan Hansen) Jenna and Lula (Waitress the musical) Matilda and Hermione (strong book heroines) Hailey and Harper (Hailey #10 in 2006 and Harper #10 in 2016) Erin and Drew ( Both #96 in 2006) Mckenna and Seth (both #87 in 2006) Billy and Pearl (#78 in 1923) Oscar and Stella (#96 in 1923) We have one year old twin boys named Felix and Theodore (“Theo”).

Both names are ancient, royal, papal, cartoon characters and Harry Potter names (husband is British) as is big brother’s name Arthur (though not papal). Since our twins are identical, we didn’t want to do anything too obvious but like the slightly similar sounding “Fe-” and “The-” and the modern ending “-x” and “-o”. It took us four days after they were born to name them, but we love their names and they suit them so well! Bethany and Theodore (classy and a similar sound) Ivy and Onyx (both have a Y, and are out of the box, but not strange) Serena and Joyanne (they have beautiful words inside them) Raina and Skylar (nature words in them) Deacon and Taylor (occupation names, but not so uncommon that you notice instantly) I think mythological twins Artemis and Apollo are an amazing name set!

Some great sets I know personally are: Pax and Inca (Pax means peace, the Incan Empire was notoriously peaceful) Beatrice and Eloise (both have happy meanings of ‘bringer of joy’ and ‘healthy’) Julia and August (they were due in August but born in July) Sinbad and Pandora (both have rich history in legend and mythology) These are names at the top of my and my DHs list. The more I look at these names, the more they have in common. Twins boys: Felix & Isaac – 5 letters – 2 syllables – Biblical – “Cool” 3-letter nickname Felix (Lex) – luck Isaac (Zac) – laughter Luck & Laughter <3 Twin girls: Isabelle & Juliette – 8 letters – 3 syllables – E double letter E ending – French – One "frilly" nickname, one "cool" nickname Isabelle (Belle, Izzy) Juliette (Jewel, Jette) I have a doc of twin sets I like!

Some that work for this topic, I’d say: – Antonia and Josephine (both classic feminizations with the same strong “o” sound) – Jessamine and Susannah (floral meanings — jasmine and lily — plus recurring “s” and “n” sounds) – Clio and Leda (“e” sound and Greek mythological roots) – Sorrel and Torin (“or” sound; I think both of those can be unisex, but I have the combo down as girl/boy respectively) Names that I have always thought would make cool sib-sets: – Cleo & Cruz – Oceana & Octavia – Judson & Jonas – Harrison & Sampson – Shamus & Sarora – Janessa & Jude – Flora & Eleanor – Zeppelin & Jagger – Nash, Cruz & Onyx – Sekoya & Akila – Akila & Sadalia – Sekoya & Zaya – Sekoya & Sadalia – Zaya & Dalia – Greta & Evia – Cicely & Ivy – Sylvie & Maple – Maple & Marlow – Sylvie & Georgie – Dezland/Dezlin & Kreston – Raina & Zelina or Raina & Ziva – Serenity & Starling or Serenity & Stara – Staria & Skyler OR Stara & Sklyer *(Star variations: Stara, Staria & Astaria) – Sylvie, Sable & Starling – Stormy & Starling – Sylvie & Starling – Stormy, Amari and Benji Here are some of mine.

Artemis, Diana, Luna, Selena/Selene-They all have to do with the moon. Athena and Minerva-They’re wisdom goddesses in two different mythologies.

Sky/Skye and Zeus-Zeus is the Greek god of the sky. Sally and Lily-Mothers of similar fictional characters. Abia and Magnus-Both mean ‘great.’ I love Ella and Luca for girl/boy twins. Those are also my top names for each gender, but they’re both 4 letters, end in a, and have a strong l sound, but I don’t think they’re too close to be confusing or cutesy. Azalea and Magnolia- Pretty obvious connection and some might say cutesy/cheesy/tacky, but they’re my two favorite flower names, and I wouldn’t want to use both of them if they weren’t twins, plus Aza and Maggie seem super cute together.

I also like Jacob and Luca for boy/boy twins, since they share that internal c. Rhiannon and Cassandra OR Rhiannon and Lorelei OR Lorelei and Cassandra- The first one is two myth names with an internal ‘ann’ sound, the second one is two myth names that aren’t Greek, and the last two are myth names with -ie nicknames Lorrie and Cassie. I prefer Rhiannon and Cassandra as twins, but I like Lorelei better than Cassandra overall.

(Definitely would name all girl triplets Rhiannon, Cassandra, and Lorelei) Others of various degrees of cutesy-ness: Azalea and Aveline Elodie and Aveline Lila Jane and Annabeth Maddalena and Magnolia Devereaux and Flanagan Oliver and Isaiah Luca and Isaiah I like: – Rosalie and Susannah, both have flower meaning and 2 syllables. – Nell and Lucy, they both have a vintage feel and means light. – Luna and Seren, means moon and star. – Ada and Emmeline, after women who were part of the Suffragette movement.

– Winter and Arden, both have a Shakespeare connection. If I had twins, they’d likely be: Isabelle Aurora Grace and Adelaide Iris Mireille (Bella and Daisy!) OR Isabelle Aurora Grace and Evangeline Dagny Jane (Bella and Eva) Everett Joshua Charles and Casper Nathaniel Eden Isabelle Aurora Grace and Avery Ian George No real reasoning, other than that I LOVE the names and that I think they work so well together. I wouldn’t want to go themey with my kids if they were a set of multiples, so they really don’t have all that much ties to each other.

I do like the idea of twin girls honoring either my mom and my maternal grandma, or both my grandmas (Isabelle and Adelaide is perfect, imo, because they do this!), but it’s obviously not required. 😛 Samson (sun) and Selena (moon) Merle and Paloma (black and white birds for boy and girl twins) Lars (crowned with laurel) and Daphne (laurel tree) Zenobia (force of Zeus) and Odin (Norse counterpart to Zeus) Ruby and Julia (for girls born in July) Greta and Maisie (both variations of Margaret) Carmine and Scarlett (both red and both have “car” in the name) Olivia and Viola (past the obvious near anagrams of each other, they are also both characters in Shakespeare’s Twelth Night) Thalassa and Stella (the sea and the star, as a navigation reference to find your way using stars at sea) Aaron and Eli (similar meanings of “uplifted” and “exalted”, biblical) Stephen (crown) and Roy (king) Danek and Nilo (variations of Daniel) Keanu (cool breeze over the mountain) and Everest (a mountain) Quillan (meaning “cub”) and Orson August and Macsen- both mean great Etta and Duke- both singers Evangeline and Clarence- the first means ‘angel’, and the second is a famous angel Caspian and Walden- both bodies of water Rufus (red haired) and Kenyon (blond haired) Irving (green river) and Orwell (branch of a river) Holmes (from the island in the river) and Avalon (island of apples)- also both fictional characters Reuben and Asher- 12 tribes of Israel Evren and Orion- both celestial names Verity and Truman- truth.

Duncan (dark warrior) and Edmund (fortunate protector) For the Persian-Americans out there… Caspian and Bardia- both Persian names, and C.S. Lewis characters Leo (lion) and Arthur (bear) Carys and Dilan- love Rosalind and Orlando- nature names and Shakespearean characters Sam and Pari- both from the Shahnameh Corin and Miranda- both Shakespearean characters Booker (‘book’) and Hugh (intellect) (Jimmy) Stewart and Clark (Gable) Eveline and Leopold- both James Joyce characters Prospero and Serafina (a literary wizard & witch).

I used these on my dogs (greyhounds) and they are a fun pair. Other choices: Renata + Saskia Bluebell + Buttercup Ferrando + Renato Theodora + Amadeo Sabine + Susanna Renato + Saskia/Renata + Ferrando Rupert + Lucasta Topaz + Amethyst Daphne + Phoebe Memphis + Shiloh I love a lot of these!

My favourites for twins are Serena & Aurora Valentina & Anastasia Eliza & Matilda Lyla & Anya Alexis & Juliet Rosalie & Delilah Iris & Eden Evelina & Isabella Freya & Poppy Clara & Darcy Oliver & Violet Leo & Thea Malachi & Rosalie Nico & Luna Jasper & Scarlett Finley & Freya Gabriel & Delilah Hugo & Lily Lincoln & Harlow Romeo & Olivia Leo & Nico Archie & Charlie Oliver & Gabriel Lincoln & Hunter Dante & Kaius Jackson & Maxwell / “Jack” & “Max” Harrison & Xavier Rupert & Finley Matteo & Malachi Jacob & Micah @fehu, I also love Jessamine and Susannah, but I prefer Jessamyn, so the letter count is the same.

Especially love the nickname idea of Jessie and Annie. Also love: Ezra and Arlo – four letters, popular, fun “z” and “o” sounds Tamsin and Linnea – six letters, similarly uncommon, both mean “twin” Winter and Violet – six letters, nature meanings, strong “t” sounds Lucy and Eleanor (the Beatles themed songs ) also Michelle and Anna Daniel and Gulliver ( Elton John songs Moon themed names Luna and Phoebe also Rosalind and Ophelia (Phoebe (Saturn ) ( Rosalind and Ophelia (Uranus) Musical Carol and Reed Color Themed Reid and Melanie (black) or Reid and Kelly(green) Water themed names Meredith and Kai (Meredith sea lord and Kai sea) Morgan and Dylan (Morgan sea circle ,Dylan of the sea) Jennifer and Lynn (Jennifer (white wave )and Lynn (lake) This is my favorite style of naming twins!

For boys, I like Elijah and Joel (made up of the same Hebrew elements, El and Yah, in reverse order). For girls, I’m partial to anagrams Alice and Celia or the meaning-matched Nadia and Hope. However, I’d be unlikely to use most of these names outside of these paris, which is why my favorite twin names are for a mixed set: Ezra and Ophelia.

I’d use either name on its own, and they both mean “help,” from Hebrew and Greek origins, respectively. Twins run in my family, and my current favorite twinset is Clara and Lucy. Both names share the same style, and they have similar meanings, Clara meaning “clear, bright,” and Lucy meaning “light”.

Other clever twinsets that I’ve seen around and loved are: Aidan and Nadia — each name is the other in reverse (and for triplets, through in Diana for another anagram) Aliyah and Jordan — mean “ascend” and “descend” in Hebrew Brendan and Sarah — mean “prince” and “princess” in Irish Gaelic and Hebrew respectively Claus and Lucas — anagrams Daphne and Laura — mean “laurel” in Greek and Latin Deborah and Melissa — mean “bee” in Hebrew and Greek Esperanza and Nadia — mean “hope” in Spanish and various Slavic languages Eva (or Eve) and Zoe — mean “life” in Hebrew and Greek Ezra and Ophelia — mean “help” in Hebrew and Greek Grace and Hannah (or Anna) — mean “grace” in English and Hebrew Ione (or Ianthe) and Violet — mean “violet (flower)” in Greek and English Irene and Salome — mean “peace” in Greek and Hebrew Jonathan and Matthew — both formed from Hebrew elements yehu “the Lord” and matis “gift”, but in a different order Leon and Noel — anagrams Luna and Selene — mean “moon” in Latin and Greek Margaret and Pearl — mean “pearl” in Greek and English Melanie and Phoebe — mean “dark” and “light” in Greek Nathaniel and Theodore — mean “gift of God” in Hebrew and Greek Nicholas and Victoria — mean “victory” in Greek and Latin Eva and Zoe is probably my favorite of the bunch.

Also, A+ to whoever suggested Alice and Celia, which is probably the most gorgeous set of anagrams I’ve seen yet! Girls: Hope and Nadezhda – Nadezhda means Hope in Russian & Bulgarian Joy and Radostina – both mean joy Astrid Madita and Peppilotta Ida – I‘m a huge Astrid Lindgren fan Clover Marigold and Dahlia Penrose – my favourite flower names Berlyn & Galway Rusalka Lorelei & Nixie – mermaid names Robyn & Raven Morella & Ligeia – both Edgar Allan Poe characters Lillemor and Emese – both mean mother Malina & Jagoda Berry Snezhana Eira & Lumi Snow Taina and Mystery Sveta Sanaa & Laoise Yetta Shadow & Senka Lynn & Meara Boys: Wesley and Alfred – my favourite filmmakers, Wes Anderson & Alfred Hitchcock Robert Fitzgerald and Edgar Scott – my favourite male writers united William Richard and Charles Henry – my favourite classical names Forrest Calhoun & Glade Bradshaw Grantham & Branson Boy and Girl: Fawn and Hjörtur – both mean Fawn I can’t wait to read all these, but here are some of my favorites (less obvious ones)while using some of your helpful lists!

I like the anagram ones (which I’m not good at). Remington & Adair (unisex/river-related) Avonlea & Hadley (“ee” ending & field-related) Meadow & Waverly (meadow-related) Callum & Jonah (mean dove) Tabitha & Yara (animals) Griffin & Leander (variations of lion) Ophira & Aurelia (“a” ending & mean gold/golden) Howard & Hazel (both #25 in 1912, both start with “H” (might be my favorite overall) Kegan & Basil (both #1000 in 1987 and 1983 (birth year for my older sister and me)) Nora & Sylvia (both vintage names, both best selling female authors in 2016) Arthur & Judith (both vintage names and both best selling authors in 1975) Josephine and Daphne (both vintage names & characters in “Some Like it Hot”) Louisa & Nelle (both famous authors (Little Women and To Kill a Mockingbird)) Tatum & Holiday (surnames of jazz artists) Hawkins & Davis (“”””) Seraphina & Araminta (unique and both four syllables) Adira & Evander (both mean strong and start with vowels) Halden & Leif (both Scandinavian) Harper & Hayes (both surnames, start with “H” and are mountains in Alaska) Hopkins & Graham (both mountains in Arizona) Reed & Emerson (colleges) Elowen & Linnea (nature theme) Olive & Ever (both word names, first two letters of each together but backwards spells “love”) I’ve always had a gp fantasy of naming twins Marina and Galaxy nn Mari and Gala but, once again, totally GP.

My more realistic ones: Oliver and Evangeline, actually for the same reason as mallowd (first two letters of each together but backwards spells “love”) Elias Winter and Saskia Summer- season middles duh, cheesy but I think they work out to be cute in this instance, also Elias and Saskia are a character set in my friend’s novel and that book meant a lot to me. Isobeau and Evangeline “Zoe and Eva”- both the nns mean life. Marilyn and Fionnuala “Riley and Finley”- both nns are unisex names.

Nikolai and Leonidas “Kolya and Leo”- they were a set of twin princes in a novel I love Augustus and Ludovic- ^ Ethan and Luca- both very popular but not too matchy.

Nora and Nicholas- two of my favourite, and some of the most successful, current authors of cliche but good romance. Alice and Sylvie- old fashioned but still popular Alaska and Nevada “Laskie and Ada”- places in the USA which honours my grandfather. Lorelai and Catherine “Lark and Wren”- bird nns. Catalina Sofia and Carolina Maria- matching a endings (and c beginnings) Temperance and Independence “Perrie and Indie”- virtue names.

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best dating a twin guy names 2017 unique

For girls around the world, a name is part of the very fabric of identity. Not only does it convey beauty, but confidence and character can be displayed in a name as well. Names of heroines from the past or beautiful things around the world can hold a special meaning for the new girl you have brought into the world. So, keep on reading to find 50 of the most unique girl names 2017 and pick the one you love.

Why Are Unique Girl Names Special? When you’re choosing a name for your new baby girl, a unique girl name might be the best choice you could make.

These are names that you won’t find all over the place. As she grows up, she won’t feel lost in a sea of people without anything to distinguish her from everyone else. Giving your daughter a unique name is giving her a gift that will last for her entire lifetime, and it will keep on giving.

Trends in Unique Girl Names 2017 Many unique girl names 2017 are that are also . This has been a growing trend since 2010 when unisex names began to gain more popularity. In 2015, is a unique girl name that was ranked as the 10 th most popular name in the US, representing a sudden spike in popularity since the name showed up as 884 th most popular in 2004. , , , , and are also unisex names. Another trend you can see in 2017 is names ending in the letter “a”.

These names roll off the tongue easily and can pair well with a lot of middle and last names. Examples are , , , , , , , and . History of Unique Names for Girls Something many parents look for in a unique name for girl choice is a name with significance and historical value. Many of the names on our list are not just simple word names with meanings, but have some sort of important role attached to them in literature, religion, or in history. Names like , , , and have religious significance while , , and have literary meaning.

Other names on our list are not used as names for people in history, but are words from old languages that carry their meanings over into today’s world. These are usually names related to nature, such as , , , , , and . Celebrities that Made Unique Girl Name Choices It’s common to see celebrity couples give their children outrageous names, but many of them are more subdued and reserved as well.

A lot of celebrities know their daughters will be receiving more attention than usual as they grow up, so they really think through the name they give their daughter. Here are some of our favorites from celebrity couples, including a lot of the names on our list: • , daughter of • , daughter of Hawke • , daughter of Harmon • , daughter of Knoxville • , daughter of • , daughter of • Stephens, daughter of Legend • , daughter of Lee • McKenna, daughter of • , daughter of Portman What Makes Your Girl Special… At the end of the day, a name alone doesn’t make your girl who she is.

She has her own personality, character, and spirit to grow into as the years pass by. Whatever name you choose, make sure she can grow into is and continue to proudly wear it as she moves through the stages of her life. Find below our list with the 50 most unique girl names 2017 and pick your favorite one. Top 50 Most Unique Girl Names 2017 List • (Latin name meaning “Kind, fostering, and nourishing”) • (Greek name meaning “Maiden”) • (Hebrew name meaning “God is light”) • (French name meaning “Mercy, clemency”) • (Probable Welsh name meaning “Famous Elf”) • (Latin name, a type of tree) • (Latin name meaning “Beautiful rose”) • (Welsh name meaning “Fair one”) • (Hebrew name meaning “Enlightened”) • (Gaelic name meaning “Defender of man”) • (Sanskrit name meaning “Inexhaustibility”) • (Greek name meaning “Oath of God”) • (German name meaning “Brave, powerful”) • (American given name from the French surname meaning “Pipe”) • (Latin name meaning “Free-born, noble”) • (Old English name meaning “Woodland clearing”) • (English name meaning “Well spoken”) • (Arabic name meaning “Happy”) • (Greek name meaning “Help”) • (Swedish name meaning “Victory”) • (Hebrew name meaning “Fiery-winged”) • (Slovic goddess of the dawn, or an Arabic name meaning “Blooming flower”) • (French name meaning “Yew, archer”) • (Greek name meaning “Goddess, godly”) • (Gaelic name meaning “Wisdom, reason, intelligence”) • (Bulgarian name meaning “Queen”) • (Arabic name meaning “New”) • (Arabic name meaning “Night”) • (English name meaning “From the heath covered meadow”) • (Spanish name meaning “Grace, favor”) • (Irish name meaning “Strong”) • (Greek name meaning “The most beautiful”) • (Hebrew name meaning “Avenged”) • (English name meaning “Slender, graceful”, a type of tree) • (Greek name, possibly meaning “Praise”) • (Dutch name meaning “Esteemed, loved”) • (French name meaning “May”) • (English name meaning “Tranquility”) • (Roman goddess of the dawn) • (Greek name meaning “One who is beautiful”) • (Gaelic name meaning “Lover”) • (English name meaning “One who plays the harp”) • (English name meaning a type of tree and nut) • (Scandinavian name meaning “Lady”) • (Celtic name meaning “Little red one”) • (Arabic name meaning “Trustworthy”) • (Hebrew name meaning “Night monster, storm goddess”) • (Russian name meaning “Defender of mankind”) • (Teutonic name meaning “Renewal” or “Rebirth of spring”) • (Latin name meaning “Moon”) Click to see our Full List of .

See our List of . See our wide List of . If you’re not sure yet, check our . Is your name Unique ? Add it to the comments below! Affiliate Links - Advertising Disclosure If you purchase a product or service linked from this site, we may receive an "affiliate commission".

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