Best dating app for india 2017

best dating app for india 2017

Looking for the top best Indian dating apps? here are the free best dating app for married, college students, boys & girls for hooking up in India So, what are you waiting for? Check our list of Top 10 Best Indian dating apps 2017, Best Indian Dating Apps For Android & iOS 2017. 1. MeetMe. MeetMe, as the name suggests, employs the use of geotagging and social media to arrange meet ups with random people in virtual and real life.

best dating app for india 2017

The world is going toward a more online version more and more by each passing day so it is only inevitable for love also to be found online! It has been awhile since so many websites and applications have started working in this field, the love matching field.

Based on an article on, the majority of people who are using these applications are surprisingly the people who are looking for long-term relationships! Crazy, isn’t it?! That is so far away from what we think about the online dating! Based on a study conducted by Mitchell Hobbs at The University of Sydney… He said: “There had been a little bit of hype in certain media outlets that was a little bit sensational regarding how it was depicting this technology as the death of romance.

Most people are not using the technology merely for increased se*ual promiscuity, but are in fact seeking to find a potential longer-term partner. I think the technology enhances the likelihood that they would find a like-minded individual.

It takes some of the emotional anxiety out of the experience by making it a very tactile game.” Click on NEXT page to find out more about the best dating apps in India! Based on what he believed, the opportunities to find prospective partners is way higher than just walking down the street or going to a club to find one!

Plus, when you think about it, this is an option for the ones that do not have much time to spend time out and hang out with new people to find the one they would like to date. People can be in their comfort zone while searching for the person that has the potentials of being their future partner.

This trend has come to India as well so here we have a list of the apps that based on Indians are the best for you. First If you are an Indian, you have definitely heard all about this dating application called Woo!

The advertisement says, India’s number one matchmaking app! Based on the description box of this application, they have made over 1 million matches over just this year. However, we are not sure if those matches stayed together or drifted apart.

The application recommends profiles based on your interests and locations. The app is mostly focused on the well-educated professionals so you can enjoy it even more! Click on NEXT page to find the rest of the best matching apps!

Second Tinder is one of the dating apps that has just recently entered the Indian market but it has been worldwide as one of the most popular dating applications. “Think of us as your most dependable wingman—wherever you go, we’ll be there”. With this sentence, they definitely can win your interest. In less than a minute, you are matched with a person. We are not quite sure how this app is doing but based on the advertisement, the families have come to accept it with an open mind which is surprising!

Third India’s best selling dating app is called Truly Madly and to be fair, it has one of the most realistic adverts ever! Just how when you and your best friend are dating right next to one another and then a hot guy passes by you poke them or do anything not so obvious to let your friend know there is a hot guy here, this application does the same thing.

It says, boy browsing with Truly Madly. On this app, just like the previous ones, you can find your match based on the preferences and the interests. Click on NEXT page to find the best app in India! Fourth Aisle is one of the applications that is built mostly on a sentimental and a classic way.

Way different from the rest of the available dating apps and the interesting thing about this application is that when you enter the site, there are stories there waiting to be watched from the happily in relationship couples that found one another on this application.

For the ones that are looking for a more serious and long-lasting relationship, this application can be the door to heaven! You can meet new people based on your common interests. Fifth Dil Mil is also one of the dating apps that come with a variety of videos you can watch with all the Indian couples. To be honest, the videos are unbelievably adorable and it all comes with a beautiful story. Watching them makes you want to start a relationship almost as beautiful as it is illustrated there!

That is how effective they are! It is almost like the rest of the applications so you know what you should do in order to find the person you would like to go on a date with! Click on NEXT page to read about the last two apps! Sixth OkCupid! Based on the name of the application, it makes it happen! It is one of the most popular dating apps in India and it is just like Tinder. To be honest, we have actually tried this one back in those days when it was all new! This application is mainly focused on creating a better profile and a more detailed one which helps the person who visits your profile know a lot more and decide easier if you are the type he or she is looking for or not!

This one is also one of the popular ones. In fact, all the apps on this list are popular in India. What you need to know before going through anything of these and giving it a try is that there always are inappropriate and wrong moves and people, everywhere you go no matter what!

But the online version of the matching lets you stay in your comfort zone and have a choice. It is almost like how parents try to find your partner through arranged marriage! If any of you have used these applications and have something to share, do not hesitate!

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best dating app for india 2017

best dating app for india 2017 - ‎Aisle — The Indian Community on the App Store

best dating app for india 2017

Gone are the days when people used to depend upon common friends to approach their crush. Today, the buzz word amidst people who are looking forward to find true love is ‘Mobile-Love’. The smartphones have become bonafide Love-Gurus for people of this social media frenzy generation. In the age of iOS and Android, perhaps love can be found on your 6 Inch companion (no pun intended) that too on the go. You just have to have a right dating app or to say dating apps on your phone.

Here’s a list of best dating apps in India which could potentially lead you to true love or your soul mate. Tinder is a free dating app which first burst into limelight due to its easy interface and hassle free profile creation process. Launched in 2012, Tinder gave its users an interesting swipe ‘right’ or ‘left’ option to accept or reject a potential match respectively.

The app uses Facebook profile for signing up and creating user profile. Tinder lets you fetch your best pictures from Facebook along with other interests and passions.

Once a profile creation process is complete, users can anonymously browse profiles for potential matches. The coolest part about Tinder is it takes rejection off the table and emphases on privacy and least initial emotional investment.

Also Read: happn Unlike Tender which suggests potential match from a few miles, dating app reduces the perimeter even further. This love finding app “discover the people you’ve crossed paths with, the people you like, [and] the people you’d like to find again.” At the time of opening of this app user is greeted with a collection of possible partners whom you’ve physically crossed paths with through your day.

If both individuals like each-others profiles, it creates a ‘Crush’. Once you got your crush, you can start your conversation with your partner. In a recent update, happn also integrated music to sweeten date finding experience. Now users can share their favorite songs through their profile or directly with their Crushes. Woo is another dating app which is quite popular among Indians. The app promises to help you find and meet people who share similar lifestyle and interests, and are looking for meaningful relationships.

Woo too uses Facebook data to create a basic profile for every user. To find out best matches for the user, it requests them to fill few more details in its profile like taste related to music, sports and fitness, cuisine etc. TrulyMadly Next on our list of best dating smartphone apps in India is dating & matchmaking app. The app is a brainchild of Founders of Makemytrip and Letsbuy. The App boasts the fact that it uses critically designed algorithms and not mere horoscopes to find dates for its users.

Unlike other dating apps, TrulyMadly has some peculiar features. It claims to be super safe as users can’t download or take a screenshot of pictures of fellow users. It verifies user account with Facebook, LinkedIn and phone numbers. Like Linkedin here too you can seek an endorsement from your friends. So are you ready to meet like-minded singles with TrulyMadly? Also Read: Aisle The late entrant in the Indian Dating app business is .

It claims to be different like its name. Following its name, it take a mid-way path to dating and matrimony app. Aisle follows a membership (free) model, where each man has to apply for it. On the basis of membership application details, the Aisle team verifies all users.

Only after the verification one can connect with a closed community of handpicked, urban, like-minded Indians from around the world. In general, people use such dating and matchmaking apps to meet interesting people, make new friends and to meet a prospective life partner. However, it takes more than a profile to know someone for what he/she actually is and what their intentions are.

So before sharing anything too personal or talking relationship to another level (getting intimate) try and verify as many details as possible. Be patient, be safe. Happy dating! Also Read: ekCoffee Last but not the least is a slightly hatke app which comes with a more socialist approach.

Unlike most of the above mentioned apps, ekCoffee encourages people for real conversations rather than wasting time by swiping left and right.

The app with its group based activities gives opportunity to socialize with other singles in the city to engage real conversations which might end up in a serious date. This post has been updated on Feb 2017

best dating app for india 2017

best dating app in india 2017
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