Best dating league of legends player 2018 worlds 2017

best dating league of legends player 2018 worlds 2017

Qualification. 24 teams from professional leagues will qualify for the event. 14 region winners of the recent split. The winners of Brazil (CBLOL), Commonwealth of Independent States (LCL), Japan (LJL), Latin America North (LLN), Latin America South (CLS), Oceania (OPL), Southeast Asia (SEA Tour) and Turkey (TCL) will qualify for the Play-In Stage. The winners of China (LPL), Europe (EU LCS), Korea (LCK), North America (NA LCS), Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (LMS) and Vietnam (VCS) will qualify for the Group .

best dating league of legends player 2018 worlds 2017

The Top League of Legends Players To Watch In 2018 There is no doubt League of Legends is the king of eSports. With a huge online presence and various tournaments throughout the year, LoL is one very competitive game. Just like any other sport out there, fans always want to know who the best players are at any given moment. With new players coming and going every season, keeping up to date with the top League of Legends players can be hard.

Luckily, we’ve done all the research for you and have compiled a list of the top LoL players in 2018. Featuring some familiar faces you’ve seen before and some not so familiar ones, our list only has the best of the best. Picking the top 10 players was a fairly hard task but arranging them in order was almost impossible. That’s why we’ve decided to leave the list in no particular order. If you’re looking for some pro players to watch and improve your skills then look no further, these are the guys you need to be studying.

Bjergsen • Age: 22 • Role: Mid • Current team: TSM • Worlds 2017 finish: 11th Starting our list of the top League of Legends players is Søren Bjerg, also known as Bjergsen in game. This 22 year old Dane has been playing LoL for years and has established himself as one of the best mid laners in the game. With a highly popular Twitch stream attracting tens of thousands of viewers and competing in all the top tournaments around the world, there’s no denying he’s a top player.

Currently playing for TSM, Bjergsen is certainly a fan favorite and attracts a lot of attention at major eSporting events. When he’s not on the rift owning it up, he works with several advertisers to promote various brands such as Gillette and is quickly becoming the face of eSports.

xPeke • Age: 25 • Role: Support • Current team: Origen • Worlds 2017 finish: N/A If you’ve been following League of Legends since it began back in 2009, then xPeke should ring a bell. Not only was he a member of the first ever team to win the Season 1 World Championship back in 2011. A true veteran of LoL, he’s most remembered for his incredible many years ago when he managed to ninja the nexus while the enemy team was distracted. Since then, xPeke has played various roles including mid lane, support, AD and coach for his team Origen.

Not only does this show that he’s still got the skills, but he’s also incredibly adaptive and can play any role. Just like Bjergsen, xPeke also has a which means he’s definitely made it in the eSports scene. If you want to learn how to backdoor your opponents, then learn from the master himself. Faker • Age: 21 • Role: Mid • Current team: SKT1 • Worlds 2017 finish: 2nd How could we make a top League of Legends player list without mentioning THE Faker. If you’ve never heard of the guy, then you must have been hiding under a rock for the past several years.

Not only is he the most successful League of Legends player ever, but he’s also the most popular. With 3 World Championships under his belt and an army of fans, Faker is like the Messi of eSports. Wherever he goes, everyone wants to watch his amazing plays and watch him destroy as many players as possible. Having been in the same team for nearly 4 years, Faker is looking to add another World Championship title to his collection in 2018.

If you want to pick up some new tips and tricks, then we suggest studying everything Faker does. Uzi • Age: 20 • Role: AD • Current team: Royal Never Give Up • Worlds 2017 finish: 3rd Next up on our top League of Legends players list is Uzi, arguably the best ADC out there at the moment. Not only did he score one of the highest kills per game at the 2017 World Championships, but he also scored the second highest CS per minute score. Having been at his current team Royal Never Give Up for over 2 years, Uzi has really managed to show off his skills and has gained extraordinary popularity with fans.

Unfortunately, Uzi has had troubles with a recurring shoulder injury and is likely to consider returning within the next few years. However, for now, he’s easily in the top 2 ADCs out there and will continue to dominate for as long as he can. Doublelift • Age: 24 • Role: ADC • Current team: Team Liquid • Worlds 2017 finish: 11th If you’re a big fan of eSports and LoL teams, then the chances are you’ve had Doublelift on your team at some point.

Having been in 6 years over his 7 year career, Doublelift is known by many and is often regarded as the best ADC in NA. With his tactical plays and mastery of ADC champions, Doublelift has carried many teams to the finish line.

Currently, Doublelift is on loan to Team Liquid who didn’t compete in the 2017 Worlds. However, his real team TSM, are one of the top NA teams and recently finished 11th while he was competing.

With an aggressive playstyle that can often intimidate other players, Doublelift certainly deserves a mention on our list. Bang • Age: 21 • Role: ADC • Current team: SKT1 • Worlds 2017 finish: 2nd Following on from ADC’s, here’s another ADC that has dominated the game over the past few years.

Bang, aka Bae Jun-sik has been performing at the top level of League of Legends for the past 4 years. A member of SKT1, Bang has been in the winning lineup for the past several years securing himself three 1st place wins and one 2nd place. With so much experience competing at a top level, its clear Bang is a top player. His stats might not be as good as Uzi’s, but in his defense, he has won 3 World Championships so he must be doing something right!

In fact, in his past 10 tournaments the lowest he’s finished was in 2nd place. If that’s not impressive, then let’s remind you that his real name is Bae. Peanut • Age: 20 • Role: Jungler • Current team: Longzhu Gaming • Worlds 2017 finish: 2th The only Jungler on this list, Peanut is an exceptionally talented player who has played for various big name teams in the past.

From ROX Tigers to SKT1 and now Longzhu Gaming, Peanut has plenty of experience competing at the highest level in LoL. Having reached Challenger several times with his own personal accounts, it’s clear Peanut is not just a one-hit wonder. At 20 years old, he’s still in the early stages of his career and is likely to be a name to watch out for over the next few years. GorillA • Age: 23 • Role: Support • Current team: Longzhu Gaming • Worlds 2017 finish: 5th A top performing player, especially over the last few years, is GorillA, also known as Kang Beom-hyeon.

Known for playing support for various teams including ROX Tigers and Longzhu Gaming, GorillA has consistently finished in the top places for many major eSports tournaments. Last year in 2017 his team Longzhu Gaming finished 5th after having a streak of wins against other teams.

With his defensive playstyle and protective plays, GorillA is a great support player to pick up some interesting tips and tricks to use in your own games. Adpo • Age: 25 • Role: Mid • Current team: N/A • Worlds 2017 finish: N/A An interesting choice for our list, Apdo is not exactly the most popular or heard of LoL player out there, but his skills never cease to amaze.

Unlike many other players on this list, Adpo made his name and career from elo boosting accounts to Challenger in game. As stated by him in early 2014 he decided not to join any pro teams as he made more money boosting and it was less stressful.

For many fans out there, he is often regarded as the second best mid laner behind Faker and a better player overall. This is mainly because he is an all-rounder and can play any role to a Challenger standard. During his career, Adpo won a competition by getting an account from Bronze to Challenger in less than a month. He claimed a $161,000 prize (which is most than many pro eSports players make) while also boosting other players accounts.

Nowadays he can be found still boosting players accounts for ridiculous sums of money. There’s a good chance you might even see him on the rift! Rekkles • Age: 21 • Role: ADC • Current team: Fnatic • Worlds 2017 finish: 7th Last but not least on our top League of Legends players list is Rekkles. Often referred to as “the most handsome eSports player”, Rekkles has had an impressive career with his team Fnatic, and there’s still more to come.

Playing primarily in the bot lane as an ADC, Rekkles has competed in various major league tournaments finishing 7th in his most recent one. With his aggressive play style, Rekkles continually achieves impressive metrics in his tournaments and battled against Uzi in the Championships to claim the number 1 spot.

Although he did beat Uzi on several key gold metrics, he finished considerably lower down. Still, he’s a top ADC and is extremely popular with fans. Finding Climbing the Ladder too Hard?

best dating league of legends player 2018 worlds 2017

best dating league of legends player 2018 worlds 2017 - Multiple League of Legends players disciplined during 2018 World Championship

best dating league of legends player 2018 worlds 2017

WORLDS 2018 TOP 20 The World Championship is the culmination of a yearlong climb for the best League of Legends players. Over a hundred players will vie for the Summoner's Cup, and despite being the best their regions have to offer, most of them are now just another face in the crowd.

But from that crowd, some players will rise. Some have already made names for themselves. And some yet are living legends - former champions and titans on this Worlds stage. Here are our picks for the Top 20 Players at Worlds 2018. The Top 20 list was a collaborative effort between Joshua "Jatt" Leesman, Martin "Deficio" Lynge, and Chris "PapaSmithy" Smith. It takes a look not just at current form, but players' performance throughout 2018, at previous World Championships, as well as expected performance in this year's championship.

You can find their individual lists and an hour-long discussion

best dating league of legends player 2018 worlds 2017

As announced in , the 2018 League of Legends World Championship is heading back to South Korea where the 24 top teams in the world will compete for the Summoner’s Cup! We’re excited to hold our first ‘All-Korea’ Worlds, and will be traveling to key corners of the country over the course of the event. GROUP STAGE & QUARTERFINALS: After the conclusion of the Play-In Stage in Seoul we’ll head southeast to Busan - Korea’s second most populous city known for its beaches, mountains and temples.

Dates for the Group Stage and Quarterfinals are as follows: • Oct 10-17 (Group Stage) • Oct 20-21 (Quarterfinals) How and when can I buy tickets? Event tickets will be sold globally through .

More information regarding ticket sales dates, as well as venues will be provided over the next several weeks! It looks like this Worlds is a little shorter than usual, how come? We’re looking to reduce the amount of time pro players and their team staff have to be on the road (particularly when it comes to downtime), as Worlds can represent a commitment of up to a month or longer spent in a foreign country.

What this change specifically means is: Group Stage games will now take place over the course of 8 consecutive days (rather than over 2 weeks with a break in between), and Quarterfinal games will take place over 2 days, rather than 4. Aside from the changes to Quarterfinals, the total number of match days (compared to Worlds 2017) isn’t being changed.

Last year you announced venues, cities, and dates for Worlds as early as February. Why did this announcement take so long? Short answer: we were scouting for cities and venues (and entering into negotiations) as early as late last year, but chose a finals location that fell through late in the process.

Since then, we put all of our efforts into locking down a location worthy of the League of Legends World Championship Finals. We’re deeply sorry to those whose travel plans have been impacted by this short notice. This was a series of unfortunate events - many due to decisions that we made - and we have plans to fix this in the future, including a multi-year roadmap for which regions and cities we’ll be visiting.

If you’d like to hear more about the situation from our global events lead, you can read over .

The Best Pro Outplay Moments of Worlds 2017 (Group Stage Finale)
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