Best dating strategy games 2017 online free

best dating strategy games 2017 online free

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best dating strategy games 2017 online free

Overall, strategy video games will have players focusing on controlling resources as they attempt to defeat the enemy or opposing players. If you’re a fan of the strategy video game genre then check out some of our more anticipated video game titles that are set to launch at some point next year, 2017.

We, of course, would love to know what strategy video game titles you’re looking forward to playing next year as well. Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Developer: Relic Entertainment Publisher: Sega Platforms: PC Release Date: TBA 2017 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III will be the third standalone title within the Dawn of War series. Players will see elements from both of the previously released Dawn of War video game titles with a more traditional RTS base building. Overall, the story takes place on the planet Acheron when a catastrophic weapon is uncovered.

Out to seek this weapon, three forces, the Blood Ravens Space Marines, the Eldar, and an Ork horde, race to the planet. Xenonauts 2 Developer: Goldhawk Interactive Publisher: Goldhawk Interactive Platforms: PC Release Date: TBA 2017 Xenonauts originally came out in 2014 as a title that was inspired by the 1994 video game release, UFO: Enemy Unknown. Earlier this year, the development studio, Goldhawk Interactive, had officially confirmed that their Xenonauts video game title would be receiving another installment.

There is not too many details surrounding Xenonauts 2 quite yet. What we do know is that this title will not be a chronological sequel, but instead will take place in an alternate timeline. The world becomes invaded by an alien race during the Cold War, leaving humanity to fight back with their primitive weapons.

Though we don’t know what the story will fully entail, the development team has confirmed that players will have the ability to change the story, setting, and enemies throughout the game. Embers of War Developer: Dark Rift Entertainment Publisher: Dark Rift Entertainment Platforms: PC Release Date: TBA 2017 Dark Rift Entertainment will be releasing their first video game release in 2017 known as Embers of War. The video game studio is largely occupied by former employees of Blizzard Entertainment along with other triple AAA studios and the team opted to release a new strategy tower defense video game as their first IP.

The studio is keeping the game still pretty tight-lipped, though we know that Embers of War will be set in a futuristic world where players will control a playable hero. These heroes are able to move freely around the map and setup new towers to take out the opposing threat. Sudden Strike 4 Developer: Kite Games Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital Platforms: PC, PS4 Release Date: TBA 2017 Sudden Strike is back with a fourth installment and the game will bring in bigger battlefields, more units, better graphics, new scenarios, and legendary commanders.

Though it in the past, the fourth installment might have been thought of as a reboot to the franchise, Sudden Strike 4 is confirmed to be another installment of the series.

Players will complete three extensive campaigns that will take place in various battlefields of World War II. No matter what faction your command, players will be able to control over a hundred different units into battle along with the ability to choose from one of nine individual commanders such as George Patton or Bernard Montgomery. Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Developer: Media.Vision Publisher: Gaijinworks Platforms: PS4, PS Vita Release Date: February 2016 Summon Night 6: Lost Borders has already released within Japan though the title will also see a western release next year.

The video game is sixth numbered entry into the Summon Night series, though only the second title within the franchise to officially be translated into English. Similar to past installments of Summon Night, the RPG title will have strategic and tactical elements.

The video game will take place within a world known as Fillujah where citizens have a flying companion creature. Overall, there will be three main characters into the party, Raj, Amu, and Ist, who happen to meet with strangers that have previously appeared in the Summon Night installments. Halo Wars 2 Developer: 343 Industries, Creative Assembly Publisher: Microsoft Studios Platforms: PC, XB1 Release Date: February 21, 2017 The sequel to Halo Wars, Halo War 2, will be launching in February of 2017.

With this installment of the Halo franchise, Halo Wars 2 takes place nearly thirty years after the events of Halo Wars and shortly after the events of Halo 5: Guardians. With the Spirt of Fire declared lost with all hands, the crew emerges from their cryosleep at the Ark. It’s here that the crew runs into a new Alien faction known as the Banished, a group that broke away from the Covenant after their demise.

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers Developer: Omega Force Publisher: Koei Platforms: PS3, PS4, PS Vita Release Date: February 1, 2016 Dynasty Warriors might be more known for their hack-and-slash type gameplay. However, there are spin-off titles that have adjusted their gameplay mechanics to resemble more tactical turn-based gameplay. This is the case with Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers, a title that acts as a spin-off to Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires.

Gamers will take part in a Romance of Three Kingdoms narrative as you scout for their army. As mentioned, this is a tactical role-playing video game. Players will maneuver their battle units in an isometric square grid as you face off against opposing groups. These various units will have their own attack and abilities that will require players to carefully plan out their plan of attack.

SpellForce 3 Developer: Grimlore Games Publisher: THQ Nordic Platforms: PC Release Date: TBA 2017 The third installment to SpellForce is set to launch at some point in 2017. This real-time strategy title will focus on three playable races which are humans, elves, and orcs, while each of these races will consist of four basic unit types. Within this third installment, the video game will take place within the year 518, before the Convocation.

The rebellion of the four royal houses against the crown of Nortander has been quashed by the Queen. Though during the process of this war, the land has been left in shambles leaving the royal forces to regain law and order. To make matters, worse, the Queen has been left in a coma after the war. As a member of the royal army along with an offspring to the rebel mages who instigated the battle against the crown, you’re left to decide where you’re responsibilities and morals truly reside.

Endless Space 2 Developer: Amplitude Studios Publisher: SEGA Platforms: PC Release Date: TBA 2017 Endless Space 2 is a 4X turn-based strategy video game. Players will be put into the role of a leader guiding a civilization as the make their first step into the depths of interstellar space. Your overall story narrative will revolve around exploring mysterious star systems, which will contain unique star systems thanks to Amplitude Studios Galaxy Generator.

It’s within these star systems that players will discover secrets of ancient races, develop advanced technologies, along with encountering new life forms. Though the video game doesn’t full release until sometime next year, gamers can give the game a try as an early access title on Steam. Blitzkrieg 3 Developer: Nival Publisher: Nival Platforms: PC Release Date: TBA 2017 Blitzkrieg 3 is a real-time strategy MMO set during World War II.

This, being the third installment to Blitzkrieg, is also stated to be the last entry from developers Nival. A large portion of Blitzkrieg 3 is focused on the multiplayer campaign, where players will work on their fortified areas while attacking the enemy force. However, there is a single-player campaign which covers the Poland invasion through the fall of Berlin.

It’s within this timespan that players will control one of three in-game factions which are the Axis, Western Allies, and USSR.

If you enjoyed the previous installments of the video game franchise then you might want to take note of the latest changes.

One of the biggest will be a new multiplayer feature which allows the game to continue on when only one or two human players is online. After defensive lines are established around the player bases, AI is able to command the defense.

Similar to Endless Space 2, Blitzkrieg 3 is available to play right now as an early access title.

best dating strategy games 2017 online free

best dating strategy games 2017 online free - Best PC games of 2017

best dating strategy games 2017 online free

Objective After playing a lot of mobile strategy games and reading the players' views and opinions of various critics, I have created a list of best Mobile Strategy games for iPhone. My last 3 weeks were literally consumed by these amazing iOS If you have some free time with your iPhone and would like to engage in tactical battles with other players around the world, building some bases, train your troops, summon heroes, roam with dragons and would like to do some other epic stuff - I have some interesting Free to play games for you.

Keep reading! At TheAppGuruz, we are definitely the fan of Mobile Strategy games on our iPhones. Well, why these games?

I find these games exceptionally good in following parameters: Gameplay Experience, Deeper Strategy Elements, World Design, Online Element Execution, App Store Ratings, Daily downloads, and Revenue. Top 7 Mobile Strategy Games that You have to play in 2017 Your iPhone can use these games to keep engaged in your leisure time. Best Free Strategy Mobile Games for iPhone 1 Clash of Clans • Daily estimated revenue is around: $1,400,000+ (June 2017 on iPhone) • Daily Downloads: 30,000+ • App Store Ratings: 4.5 • Size: 110 MB • Seller: Supercell The Game needs no introduction.

(Still, I am gonna give one :-P ) It is one of the most popular, downloaded, played and profitable mobile games of all time. Created by famed developer Supercell.

Clash of Clan is an online multiplayer game in which player create and build their clans, train their troops and attack other players online to earn various in-game currencies. Gameplay: The game is a journey - building bases, discover new buildings and characters in a new mysterious and exciting world. In Clash of Clans, players gain rescuers by attacking other online players through game’s combat features, using the acquired rescuer's players can build their own town.

Players can create clans and groups - then can take part in exciting clan wars. Key Game Features: • Game currencies: Gems, Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. Gold and elixir can be used to build defenses and Elixir and Dark Elixir can be used to train and upgrade player’s troops. Gems can be used for multiple activities, mainly they can be purchased through In-app purchase.

• Troops: Can be created with Barracks. • Troops type: Barbarian, Archer, Giant, Goblin, Wall Breaker, Balloon, Wizard, Healer, Dragon, PEKKA, Baby Dragon and Miner, Minion, Golem, Witch, Lava Hound etc. • Spells can be created using the elixir.

E.g. Lightning spell, Jump Spell, Clone Spell, Heal Spell, Rage spell etc. • Players can rebuild their broken boat and sail to a new island • Different types of buildings available to the players to defend their village - cannons, bombs, mortars, archer tower, wizard towers etc. Clash of Clans is a highly addictive game with impressive game mechanics and deeper gameplay. Player requires real strategy to play the game, it’s not just a button masher.

2 War Dragons • Daily estimated revenue is around: $70,000+ (June 2017 - iPhone) • Daily Downloads: 10,000+ • App Store Ratings: 4.5 • Size: 131 MB • Seller: Pocket Gems War Dragons is a visually stunning 3D Mobile Strategy game developed by Pocket Gems, Inc. Collect the army of Fire, use combination of magic spells and fire and destroy your enemies. Gameplay: In War Dragons, you build ultimate army of Dragons.

In this amazing action-packed Strategy game, you collect, Train, Breed number of dragons. Different dragons have different Classes, attack style, and spell abilities.

Here, you’re building towers and defend your kingdom with an army of dragons. Create your own Guild or Join one. Compete with other guilds around the globe and prove your dominance in intense battles and tournaments. Key Game Features: • Hundreds of Dragons with different fire and magic abilities • Build your Fortress with logical combos of lightning towers, archers, and ballistas • Participate in Wide Variety of Weekly events and tournaments • Play with real people and against guilds around the world • Awesome 3D graphics 3 Boom Beach • Daily estimated revenue in June is around: $50,000+ • Daily Downloads: 10,000+ • App Store Rating: 4.5 • Size: 142 MB • Seller: Supercell Boom Beach is a Combat Strategy game developed by renown Finnish Mobile Game developer Supercell.

This is Supercell’s 3rd game in the list - boy they are the masters of making addictive mobile strategy games. If you have played Clash of Clans then Boom Beach will sound very familiar to you. It's basically storming the beach with blazing guns and your troops!

Scout the Island, Plan the Attacks and BOOM BEACH! Gameplay In Boom Beach, you have to attack enemy bases with a proper game plan to free the enslaved islanders and unlocks the island goodies. Also, play with players around the world, create your Task Force and take down the enemy together.

Train your troops, build defenses and send them to war. Multiplayer elements in Supercell games are always top-notch and engaging. Key Game Features: • Free the Islanders by building and upgrading your ships • Freeing Islanders will grant your various short and long term rewards • Other players can attack you while you’re offline, a replay function will let you find the holes in your defense and allowing you to fix ‘em up later.

• Boss fights are amazing • Join other players and create task force, share resources IMO, Boom Beach is more satisfying experience than Clash of Clans. 4 • Daily estimated revenue in June is around: $1,000,000+ • Daily Downloads: 30,000+ • App Store Ratings: 4.5 • Size: 111 MB • Seller: Supercell Supercell is king of Mobile strategy games. This is their 3rd game on the list (not a fanboy of the company - just be clear).

Clash of Clans is an online Multiplayer game with the features of Card Games and Tower defense. Gameplay: Matches in Clash Royale are exciting because they are short and gameplay feels organic. The first 2 minutes of a Clash Royale game are normal, your Elixir fills slowly and uses that Elixir to play summon your card character. If inside of these 2 minutes you manage to destroy your opponent's main King tower, you win. Otherwise, the game advances to an additional minute where Elixir generation is doubled, which is usually where things get more exciting as you and your opponent just rapid-fire throw cards at each other.

Key Game Features: • In-game currencies - Gold and Gems • When a player wins a match they obtain a chest. Chest takes a certain amount of time to unlock. Silver - 3 hours, Golden - 8 hours, Giant, Magical and Epic - 12 hours. I think this is the greatest hook of the game. Addiction can be formed with this element.

• There are 73 cards, players can play up to 8 cards max. • It’s a free to play game, so gems can be purchased in-app to speed up the progress • Players can create and join clans. Clan members can engage in 1v1 or 2v2 friendly matches and also chat and request cards internally. • Players can create tournaments with gems Games is designed to be addictive with its fast paced intense battles, chests element and the promise of other rewards. 5 Fire Emblem Heroes • Daily estimated revenue is around: $52,000+ (June 2017) • Daily Downloads: 10,000+ • App Store Ratings: 4.5 • Size: 110 MB • Seller: Nintendo The Mobile Game is a spin-off of Nintendo’s hit game series Fire Emblem.

Available on both iPhone App Store and Play Store. Fire Emblem is a richer strategy game focused on Heroes and their adventure. Develop Skills, Go on an epic quest, Fight intense battles, upgrade your heroes, fight in duel arena online etc. Gameplay: In Fire Emblem Heroes, the player can create a team of up to 4 heroes to fight against other players team or progress through story mode. With in-game currency ‘Orbs’ players can purchase new heroes.

Orbs can be used for various purposes - cast healing spells, revive defeated units, to activate skills, replenish mana, increase hero’s carrying capacity and permanently increase game XP. How can you obtain Orbs? Well, Orbs can be earned by completing game objectives or with in-app purchase - that’s where the game makes money. Key Game Features: • A richer gaming world with stunning 3D graphics and 2 kingdoms - Emblian & Askran • Summon legendary heroes to save your kingdom from destruction • Turn base strategic battles • Never ending gameplay • In Arena duels, you can fight online with players around the world • Story brings with new heroes and old familiar faces from the game series The game has an amazing strategy and tactical elements to keep you engaged for a long time.

Indeed one of the best Strategy cum RPG Mobile Games for iPhone to play in 2017. 6 Mobile Strike • Daily estimated revenue is around: $300,000+ (July 2017) • Daily Downloads: 40,000+ • App Store Ratings: 4 • Size: 271 MB • Seller: Epic War LLC Arnold Schwarzenegger is the face of the game. Game projects to be the action hero like Arnie in the game, build your base, troops and fight against your enemies on the battlefield with modern assault vehicles. Basically, you plan your tactics and fight with your best arsenal powers.

Gameplay The game is basically the Modern War Era version of games like Clash of Clans, Lords Mobile and other games on the list. You can design and completely customized army base and manufacture an unrivaled arsenal.

You can join various alliances. Dominate the game win the wars and you can become head of State! Key Game Features: • The game is a Massive online multiplayer game. Millions of players are playing the game daily. • Join the other players, form alliances and destroy your enemies • Build your fully customized army base • Train, level up and provide superiors firepower to your army commander • You can command up to 4 military tiers consisting of 16 troops Honorary Mentions: 7 Last Empire: War Z It’s a base building, zombie strategy game.

It’s a post-apocalyptic world. Zombies and other survivors are roaming around the world. In this harsh world, you have to build your alliances and army - ultimately an empire. Titalfall, one of my favorite AAA games of 2016 is also coming to mobile. So, hopeful for that one. 8 Game of War: Fire Age • Daily estimated revenue is around: $500,000+ (as of July 2017 on iPhone) • Daily Downloads: 30,000+ • App Store Rating: 4.0 • Size: 210 MB • Seller: Machine Zone, Inc.

The Simple Reason why Game of War: Fire Age is higher on the list than other similar games - I found it more engaging and richer. GOW: Fire Age is world’s largest multiplayer strategy game, there’s strong community vibe here. You can make friends, chat and destroy players from all over the world.

Beware, do not consume by the hate on chats and BEHAVE in the game or you’ll be kicked out of various alliances - personal experience! Also, Pocket Gamer suggests that chat can be poisonous to your health and spam-filled sometimes. It is one of the most addictive, competitive and visually stunning games in App Store. Gameplay: In Game of War: Fire Age, there’s a vast world to explore.

Build your empire, roam with dragons, make friends, co-op with Alliance Members and ultimately become the mighty King! The Game includes Player v Player, Player v Dungeons, Player v Monster killing modes and city building missions. Like other strategy games, you can do farming, create and train troops, create buildings etc stuff with your gathered resources. Each action requires particular time to complete or you can pay and progress faster.

You can chat with other player and plan your strategies to destroy your enemies. I think, forging diplomatic alliances and plan out your strategies with other players around the world is the biggest USP of the game.

Key Game Features: • Train Armies to fight the intense real-time strategy battles with other players. • You can chat and strategies your move ahead before attacking your enemies, you can do 1-on-1 chat or chat with the entire world. • Upgrade your weapons, building, wall and form the powerful alliances with other online.

• Train, Level-up, Craft legendary weapons and like Skyrim embed them with powerful Gems. • It has all the feature of a Best MMO Strategy game. In short, one of the best Mobile Strategy game out there for your iPhone. There are many people who dislike the game, and it's okay - iPhone has plenty of other amazing strategy games. We, TheAppGuruz, are one of the leading Android and iPhone . Contact us if you have a next hit idea for mobile games. All the estimated daily revenues and downloads figures are for iPhone only - taken from .

best dating strategy games 2017 online free

We might be at the end of 2018 now, but let's not forget how good a year 2017 was for games. Not only did we get the and the , but we also got some utterly fantastic games like , , and . Understandably, that made narrowing this list of best games 2017 down to 25 games a real struggle, and ordering them required careful collaboration from the whole GamesRadar team. So how did we do it? First off, we set rules. Only games released in the West in 2017 were eligible, and only complete, standalone titles (no DLC, no half-finished episodic titles).

Remasters and re-releases too, were excluded, meaning titles like Doom on Switch and were not available for selection. The team then submitted every game they thought deserved a spot in the list, and we made a long-list of about 50 titles to start with.

Once we had the long list, a selection of GR editors - chosen randomly - debated the final 25, regardless of how the game scored at review. Finally, the whole team ranked the final 25 games according to the order they, personally, would have them in.

We added up all the scores, and the game with the lowest total became number one. The second lowest is #2 etc etc. That’s the process; here's our final list of the best games of 2017. How many have you played? 25. Star Trek Bridge Crew Developer: Ubisoft Red Storm Formats: PSVR, Vive, Oculus What is it? A VR simulation of Star Trek, for up to four players, giving you full access to a modern starship - the USS Aegis - and the classic, Kirk-era Enterprise.

Why should you play it? Not only is the ultimate in ‘Trek fan-service, such is the loving recreation of the bridge on both the new starship and the original Enterprise, but it’s also a damn good use of VR. That is, when you play it properly, with three other human players. Which rarely ever happens. It’s a strange thing that a game with such broad appeal is actually incredibly rarified and niche, and many people have excitedly played it then quickly dropped it because they simply couldn’t experience Bridge Crew under optimal conditions.

But when you do get four players together, each assuming a key role on the bridge, this game is utterly magical and one of the best role-playing adventures you’ll find on console. That you can experience it online across all platforms is something of a technical miracle, even if it’s a little fiddly to set up at first. Solo or two-player co-op is passable, but nowhere near as joyful as the full, all-friends Trek journey you can go on, if you have that many buddies with VR set-ups.

Andy Hartup 24. Battle Chef Brigade Developer: Trinket Studios Formats: Nintendo Switch, PC What is it? Imagine a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired fantasy world where society is built around an Iron Chef-style cooking competition, all depicted with beautiful, hand-drawn art.

Why should you play it? As the most recently-released entry on our list, you may not have heard of Battle Chef Brigade yet. Give it time, because as word of mouth spreads, so too will its reputation. While the setup alone is unique and praiseworthy (that being a combination of 2D combat and match-three puzzles set in a gorgeous anime-esque world), it's the game's relentless optimism and charm that has those who play it buzzing with excitement.

By trading strict recipes and overly complicated cooking instructions for the feeling one gets from preparing a delicious meal - plus a bit of mentally stimulating improvisation - Battle Chef Brigade makes players feel like accomplished chefs in no time. So grab a controller and dig in, already.

Sam Prell 23. Injustice 2 Developer: NetherRealm Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC What is it? DC's finest heroes and its most loathsome villains duke it out in a one-on-one fighting game developed by the makers of Mortal Kombat. Why should you play it? Fighting games are all NetherRealm does, and that singular focus shows through in how thoroughly and well-executed is.

With an expansive roster of characters featuring fan favorites and some unexpected surprises ( nobody foresaw a game where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can fight Hellboy), as well as finely-balanced combat, it's easily a standout amongst its peers. But where Injustice 2 really succeeds is the way in which it elevates itself from an amazing example of its genre to something everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

No other fighter infuses this much personality into its battles, or so thoroughly walks newcomers through its systems, or pays such loving homage to its source material. With an excellent (if a bit by-the-numbers) story mode and a bevy of extras to dig into, it would be a monumental mistake to think of Injustice 2 as ‘just another fighting game’.

Sam Prell 22. Sniper Elite 4 Developer: Rebellion Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC What is it? Eight beautiful miniature open worlds to shoot or snipe and stealth across as the now very grizzled WW2 vet Karl Fairburne. Why should you play it? You mean the legendary X-Ray kill cam where you can explode testicles isn’t enough to convince you? Rebellion’s series has always been a solidly dependable franchise with bonus testikills but this trip to sun-drenched WW2 Italy ups the game in every way.

Every level is a sprawling open world filled with challenges and collectibles and the choice on how to, err, execute your missions is brutally exhilarating. An arsenal of silenced weaponry is ready and waiting for you to stealth your way through the beautiful villages with, or you can go in all guns blazing and tackle the sharp AI head on.

Plus, if you like your worlds to have realistic physics, you can make Newton proud by cranking the settings into realism mode for truly satisfying, gravity-influenced noggin shots.

Complete with the ultimate trashy Hollywood ending, and a compelling multiplayer once you’ve had enough lone wolf sniping, Sniper Elite 4 was one of 2017’s most pleasant surprises. That is, if you can describe molars shattering as pleasant… Louise Blain 21.

Persona 5 Developer: Atlus Formats: PS4, PS3 What is it? A slick and stylish JRPG in which a bunch of teenagers and their talking cat battle the modern embodiment of deadly sins like greed, lust, and envy in order to save a jaded and apathetic society. Why should you play it?

Pick a reason. The incredible soundtrack. The ultra-polished visuals that are so energetic even the menus are cool.

The clever dungeon design. The infinitely customizable combat options that make tinkering with your persona lineup an hour-devouring pleasure. Or maybe you just like the talking cat.

But perhaps the best reason to play is simply because it will make you feel good. Being the chosen one destined to save the world is cool and all, but the characters in Persona 5 are just normal high school students. They have to study for tests and work part-time jobs and figure out how to ask people out on dates. They weren’t anointed the saviors of society - they chose to be. They looked around them, saw bad stuff going down and said “No.” As a member of the Phantom Thieves, you stick your neck out not for glory or gain, but to make the world a less crappy place.

What could possibly be more heroic? Susan Arendt 20. Little Nightmares Developer: Tarsier Studios Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC What is it? A creepy, incredibly disturbing childlike fairy tale fable that’s definitely not for kids. Why should you play it? There’s no getting around some of ' more infuriating aspects - mainly difficult camera angles an imprecise controls - BUT... it’s easy to forgive all that when this offers such an incredibly dark, magical kids story gone wrong.

Think super sinister Ghibli meets Tim Burton, as a strange, faceless child in a yellow rain slicker explores a rusting, brine soaked island called The Maw. Without any obvious horror, gore or scares it creates an incredibly creepy, troubling fantasy full of grotesque creatures, like blind, shuffling men with extending, feeling arms that send their hands to chase you through tunnels.

Narratively it’s very open ended, leaving plenty of room to read into the metaphorical transformations of glutinous chefs and fragile boney women, but, whatever you infer, it’s one of the most artistically and stylishly satisfying games of the year.

Leon Hurley 19. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Developer: Arkane Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC What is it? A smaller scale stand alone DLC set in the Dishonored world with a new hero, powers and tying up all the loose ends. Why should you play it? is perfect if you want a more condensed hit of that Dishonored magic, and want to see how it all ends.

Following Billy Lurk, a popular side character, this takes on nothing less than a quest to kill the Outsider - the hipster god that’s responsible for the last two games with his ‘gifts’ and magical powers. What makes this such an interesting addition to the series is the finality of the plot, and how it uses its smaller scale to deliver a tighter, more immediate adventure.

You only have three powers to master but they interlink and work within the smaller levels beautifully. And, while the scale is reduced, the complexity and potential isn’t, meaning you get a very similar, full-fat Dishonored experience in half the time. Leon Hurley 18. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Developer: Monolith Formats: PC, PS4, Xbox One What is it? The sequel to Monolith’s surprise hit from 2014, Shadow of Mordor, and an open world action-RPG set in pre-LOTR Middle-Earth.

Why should you play it? Not everything is rosy in Monolith’s . If you’ve read any of the headlines regarding Shadow of War’s shoehorned loot box economy, deadbeat story, and questionable endgame content, then you’ll already know this.

Yet, despite all of that, I can’t help but make return trips to Mordor to expand my army of Orcs, conquer more enemies, and keep discovering the kind of ‘you can’t make this up’ micro-stories that the game excels at telling.

And the Orcs really are the star of the show here (sorry Talion, but you’re about as interesting as own-brand oat biscuits), with their offbeat Cockney slang, slapstick buffoonery, and hilariously theatrical approach to fashion. The expanded Nemesis System is the secret sauce making all of their antics possible, of course, where betrayal, redemption, and heartbreak lie at every turn of the hack-and-slash adventure.

I’d never thought I’d care so much about a one-eyed Uruk called ‘Grom The Goodfink’ but, damn it Monolith, you left me whimpering like an abandoned puppy when he sacrificed himself as Caragor food to save me. Alex Avard 17. Night In The Woods Developer: Infinite Fall Formats: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mobile What is it? An adventure game about anthropomorphic animals that starts out as a simple story about returning to your hometown, but gets weird, real weird, fast. Why should you play it?

The melancholy of trying to go home after years away - to find your town changed, friends who have moved on - isn't something you'd expect a game full of cats, crocodiles and foxes to capture, but here it is. Look beyond the fur and snouts and this is an insightful game that will draw you in with shoplifting trips and smart-mouthed bickering, then reward you for sticking around with a small town mystery and trippy dream sequences. Even when it's at its weirdest the characters are all still relatable, especially the prickly heroine Margaret ‘Mae’ Borowski.

Everyone is an asshole when they're 20, but Mae is a lovable asshole, and you're rooting for her even as you're making bad decisions for her.

Rachel Weber 16. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Developer: Ninja Theory Formats: PC, PS4 What is it? A psychological horror set in a folkloric rendition of Hell, as mentally tortured protagonist Senua hacks, slashes, and puzzle solves her way to the soul of her dead lover. Why should you play it?

A Nordic inspired journey into Helheim that may or may not feature a permadeath system and also happens to be a metaphor for psychosis? That’s a daring conceit for an indie game, but are we really that surprised by the success of Hellblade when the studio at the helm were the same people responsible for DmC: Devil May Cry, Heavenly Sword, and Enslaved? Ninja Theory’s haunting fable defies categorisation, but it’s essential playing for anyone interested in the lasting power of interactive entertainment, even if Senua’s odyssey is never a comfortable watch.

Beyond that, Hellblade represents an important lesson for the industry at large, too. Ninja Theory’s decision to bill it as an ‘indie AAA game’ comes across as hokey, sure, but the studio has nevertheless proven that a visually groundbreaking and technologically powerful experience doesn’t require the budget of a small nation’s GDP.

As a result, it offers the same level of production value as the best blockbusters out there, but for only half the price, and that’s an achievement to be celebrated. Alex Avard

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