Best taiwanese dating website for professionals 2017

best taiwanese dating website for professionals 2017

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best taiwanese dating website for professionals 2017

Lying in the western Pacific Ocean, Taiwan is an island in eastern part of Asia. Thought its political status is conflicted - since the People’s Republic of China claims Taiwan as its territory - the island is blessed with natural and economic advantages.

Little wonder then the Portuguese who chanced upon the island in sixteenth century named it ‘Ilha Formosa’ or ‘Beautiful Island’ and in fact Taiwan continued to be known as Formosa till the last century. Taiwan is thus an apt place to have a pleasant social life, especially if you are a woman and want to meet Taiwanese guys. TIP: has many millionaire Taiwanese men looking for women to date. Upwardly mobile Taiwan’s mercurial success in the latter half of the last century made it one of the four Asian Tigers along with South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The driving forces behind this rapid economic growth have been trade, finance, information technology and the services sector. Most men in Taiwan appear to be involved in these professions and are quite focused on their careers. The upwardly mobile professionals and entrepreneurs are quite ambitious and would usually go to great lengths to forward their careers. So if you want to meet Taiwanese guys, a good idea would be to explore the Xinyi District which is considered the financial district of Taipei it is here that the iconic building Taipei 101 is located which till 2010 year used to be tallest building in the whole world.

The Xinyi District houses several important banks, convention centers, venues for business expos where entrepreneurs from all over Taiwan gather to promote their businesses. Conscious of their identity When getting acquainted with Taiwanese men, don’t automatically confuse their culture with that of the Chinese people. This is because people in Taiwan are quite conscious of a distinctive identity which they feel is different from the Chinese.

Indeed China and its influence is a sensitive topic in Taiwan. Taiwan’s disputed status means that the awesome influence of China looms over almost all aspects of Taiwanese life. China not only seeks to control the political establishment in Taiwan but also the latter’s cultural and educational institutions. Indeed, after their move to Taiwan, the Kuomintang imposed an official interpretation of traditional Chinese culture over Taiwanese cultures.

The government launched a program promoting Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, folk art and Chinese opera to negate indigenous Taiwanese cultural systems. However since the 1990s, Taiwanese society has seen the emergence of the Taiwan localization movement under which Taiwan's cultural identity has enjoyed greater expression.

In areas like cuisine and music especially Taiwanese men are at pains to highlight their cultural individuality. And speaking Taiwanese instead of Mandarin, which is the dominant language of China, is here seen as a mark of cultural pride. The techies To a great extent, Taiwan’s economic success story owes to the emergence of a thriving information technology sector. This was brought about by the shift in focus from more labor-intensive industries to capital and technology-intensive.

Today electronics and information technology account for 35% of the industrial structure. In the global market Taiwan is especially known for its success in industrial sectors like Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Communication & Network, production of Laptops and other computers and displays, smartphones, TFT-LCD, the photovoltaic industry and fabrication of semiconductor devices.

The presence of such a thriving hi-tech sector implies a large population of engineers, software professionals, computer experts and other highly skilled professionals who take back some of the best salaries of the economy.

So if you don’t mind dating a geek, while in Taiwan keep a look out for men from this professional background. They are mostly likely to be found in the technology parks in the country like the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park where more than 400 high-tech companies, mainly involved in the semiconductor, computer, telecommunication, and optoelectronics industries, are established.

Alternatively you could hang out in the recreational places like cafes and stores in the Taipei Technological Corridor which is a 20-kilometer long operations hub that links the hi-tech parks along the Keelung River. Crazy about Karaoke In Taiwan Karaoke is perhaps the most popular form of entertainment and men here appear almost obsessed with it.

Locally known as KTV, karaoke bars can be found as stand-alone establishments or part of restaurants and hotels where they form a part of a wider scale of entertainment. So if you are keen to meet single Taiwanese men, one of your best bets lie in hitting the hottest karaoke parties in town.

The capital city Taipei has a rocking nightlife which is mainly concentrated in the chic, upscale and internationalized Da-An district which is accessible and appealing to foreign visitors as well.

Mostly the indoor type If you are a woman who is fond of the healthy outdoor life, you may have trouble meeting like-minded men in Taiwan. The men here are mostly hooked to indoor interests like video games, computer games, anime on television or manga comics which are known as manhua in Taiwan.

Pachinko is another popular game with Japanese origins and is usually played in gaming arcades; it may also have an element of gambling comparable to the slot-machine in western societies. However this is not to say that all Taiwanese men are of the indoor type. Baseball is the most popular spectator sports here and even if your boyfriend does not play it himself, he may be an avid fan of the game. Martial arts like taekwondo and individual sports like table tennis and badminton are other popular sports in the country.

So if you are unfamiliar with these sports, gather some information about them and then ask your Taiwanese boyfriend to tell you more about the games, and he will most happily oblige.

best taiwanese dating website for professionals 2017

best taiwanese dating website for professionals 2017 - Fick noch heute Frauen aus deiner Umgebung

best taiwanese dating website for professionals 2017

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best taiwanese dating website for professionals 2017

I highly recommend sites like which are geared towards more adult dating if that’s what you’re really seeking. This dating site with over 3,000,000 rich men and hot women. MM is an elite club, the largest and best millionaire dating site. A dating site for millionaires and elite singles including successful CEOs, lawyers, pro athletes, doctors, models and celebrities. They manually censor all profiles to kick out scammers.

They also verify users’ identities for free. It’s worth to take a try. Download link Good luck with your search. I don't have the number of users, but I know about 4 dating sites/apps that are used by Taiwanese: • is a quite popular dating site/app.

The app was founded in Singapore, and it's available in Chinese Mandarin. I tried it briefly and it seems like 99% of users are locals. Users will primariy use Chinese for chatting, but there is a Google translate integration.

• is popular. It has both interntional and local users. Although, I've found moslty locals here. People are more inclined to use English on Tinder. • is another one. I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard of people in Taiwan meeting in real life through the app. Should be a mix of locals and foreginers on there.

• is also quite popular. I've tried this one, and there are quite a lot of locals here. Good luck!

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