Best tips for dating someone new car salesman salary 2017

best tips for dating someone new car salesman salary 2017

You see, car sales (sales in general) is about people. It’s the people business With car sales there is the real possibility of incredible income with a relatively low barrier of entry. The real question is if it’s a good career for you. In this article we will address the question “Is car sales a good career?” and “what personal qualities are non-negotiable”. We will end with some “left field” thoughts on charity just to mix things up Beau Hays, Car Salesman. Answered May 31, 2017 · Author has 103 answers and 75.7k answer views. Yes, to an end. Selling cars is a grueling, demanding, hearbreaking career.

best tips for dating someone new car salesman salary 2017

A car sales salary is a mystery to those that have never been in the profession because of many different factors that make up the overall income of an automobile salesperson. This explanation should help clear up the mystery for anyone that is considering this potentially lucrative career and wondering how to become a car salesperson.

This can also serve as a guide for those that are already selling cars for a living or car sales newbies. Especially those salespeople that want to evaluate their current standing and discover the potential for increasing their car sales salary whether they get paid a commission or they work under a hybrid style of pay-plan. I will also cover the average car sales consultant salary and the importance of sales performance including the relationship to the overall income potential at the dealership.

The experience level of the car salesperson can also be a factor in overall salary but rarely is that a dealership consideration where compensation is concerned. The dealership pay plan often has the biggest impact on how the car sales consultant gets paid and whether the dealer sells new, used or both.

Whether we talk about the neighborhood used car lot or the multiple lines mega new car dealership the car salesperson salary calculation methods are explained and covered right here. The Parts of a Car Salesperson Salary To get a better overall view of a car sales salary you need to understand the different factors that makeup how car salespeople get paid. These factors include: • Commission • Weekly Pay • Per Car Pay • Hours Worked • Dealership Bonuses • Manufacturer Bonuses • Draw • Benefits • Perks Let's take a closer look at each component of a car salesperson salary.

Car Salesman Commission and Salary Most dealerships pay their salespeople on a commission basis. In other words, the number of cars sold and the profit of each sold car determines the car salespersons salary. Of course, it’s more complicated than that because it depends on the pay plan that each dealership has in place. However, it also means that if the salesperson does not sell a car they do not get paid.

This practice rewards the skilled members of the sales staff and starves those that are having a problem getting the hang of the job.

This is one of the most popular reasons that people are hesitant to pursue a car sales consultant job. Example: Let's say you sold a car and the profit on that car was $1,000 (after pack) and your commission rate was 25% (which varies from dealer to dealer from 20% to 40%). Then the car salesperson would receive a 25% commission or $250. Not bad for a couple hours of work, but if the profit was only $200, 25% would only come to $50, but most dealerships also have a policy that pays the salesperson a minimum flat fee (or mini) of $100 or so depending on the dealership.

You get the idea, so what if you sold a vehicle with a $4,000 profit? That’s right you get paid $1,000. For a complete explanation and the details of a car sales salary and commission visit: Weekly Sales Pay A small percentage of car dealerships pay their salespeople a fixed weekly car salesperson salary.

In those cases, they may also pay a smaller commission rate or on a “per car” (see below) basis. This type of pay plan provides the comfort and security of a steady income every week, but it also allows the sales consultant to supplement their car sales salary and pay-scale based on their own initiative, drive, and ambition.

This method of car salesperson compensation rarely allows the even the best salespeople to earn more than a slightly above average car sales salary. Per Car Sold Sales Consultant Pay The “per car” type of sales pay is often combined with a weekly fixed amount, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the “per car” amount is larger when the weekly pay is non-existent. This amount can range anywhere from $100 with weekly pay or up to $250 without weekly pay depending on the dealership and presence of other methods or opportunities to produce income that is part of the car salesperson salary.

The number of cars a car sales consultant sells a month depends on the skill level and experience. Check out for more information. Hours Car Sales Consultants Work If you were expecting to work 9 to 5 Monday through Friday think again because car salespeople often average 50 to 55 hours per week. Their schedule may only consist of 40 up to 50 hours a week, but staying at work after closing time is actually quite common.

Your scheduled hours should usually be included in your car sales consultant job description. They don’t stay at work beyond their scheduled time for fun it’s usually because they are wrapping up deals and selling cars which isn’t too bad if you are making money for staying late.

Since the car salesperson often has downtime during the day it can be a pleasure to be working and delivering a car if you are adding to your car sales salary. Dealership Car Sales Bonuses One of my favorite ways to add to a car sales salary is the bonuses offered by the dealership based on performance.

Obviously, this will be different at every dealership, but I know of dealers where bonuses can be anywhere from a few percents to 50% of a dealers car salesperson salary each month. The variety of sales bonuses/spiffs can include specific cars sold, aged inventory sold, the first car of the day sold, top grossing sales, car count and host of other rewards for salespeople. These premiums are designed to motivate the sales staff by offering additional income, which is the method, that car the dealer has been using for years to increase sales and profits.

Manufacturer Car Sales Consultant Bonuses For years now the auto manufacturers will run monthly sales promotions from time to time that will pay the car salesperson a cash bonus for selling certain cars.

I have seen the automakers offer car salesperson cash of anywhere from $50 to $150 for selling a certain model car or even several models of cars. Usually, these involve cars that typically sell well and the manufacturers are trying to increase their market share. So it wouldn’t be out of the question to sell anywhere from 5 to 10 of these cars in a month which can add up to a nice additional income.

Salesperson Benefits When we talk about a car sales salary you need to consider the benefits. I am talking about the kind of benefits that include health insurance, paid vacation time and retirement benefits like a 401K savings plan.

Not all car dealerships are willing to include these types of benefits in the overall pay plan and compensation package, but you do need to think about these things as part of your salary. If you don’t have these benefits available through your dealership you will need to make the necessary adjustments and allowances to cover those expenses.

Any well-run dealership will offer you these benefits, but once again every dealership is different and you will have to get that specific information from the dealership as part of your car sales consultant salary package.

Perks and a Car Sales Salary Perks for the car salesperson are not very plentiful other than the possibility of driving a dealer demo car.

Some dealerships still offer this to their salespeople, but you will be taxed as part of your car sales salary for the privilege of driving a demo car. However, this can save you from buying, maintaining and insuring a vehicle to get back and forth to work, which can take a bite of your paycheck. Typically you will also have a perk that allows you and your family members to buy cars and parts at a discount, but how many cars do you buy and how often is limited. Forget about having holidays and weekends off other than a select few when the dealership is closed, but typically you will need to be at work when people are off of work and want to shop for cars.

The Draw When the salesperson works on a 100% commission basis there may be times that you won’t have any weekly pay come payday. It shouldn’t be often if at all, but it can happen when your deals aren’t funded in a timely manner or your sales were terrible the past week or month. When and if it does happen the draw will come in handy. The draw is designed to automatically advance a fixed car salesperson salary to hold them over until next week.

Then next week you will be paying back the draw as long as your commissions exceed a certain amount. If the salesperson is continually getting and paying back a draw from their salary it’s time to make a change.

Change the car salesperson, change dealerships or change professions. Car Sales Salary, Pay Plans and Performance The crucial element to the car sales salary at any particular dealership is the pay plan. This is a detailed written strategy for compensating their salespeople that is performance oriented. Almost every salary in a car dealership is performance-based and this is especially true when it comes to the car salesperson.

The car dealership wants to attract and keep the best car salespeople for their sales staff and this best done with an aggressive and generous pay plan. Therefore most compensation plans are designed to reward those financially those that sell the most cars and makes the most profit on their sales. Many car dealerships operate like a small business when it comes to paying their salespeople. What I am trying to say here is that every dealership has a slightly different pay plan than the next.

The General Manager of the dealership is typically responsible for the car sales pay plan, therefore, it's rare to find two unrelated dealers that have the exact same car salesperson compensation strategy. Most pay plans for salespeople are similar in nature, but they vary slightly when it comes to bonuses and commission percentages. The best car sales consultant salary and pay plans for the person that wants to make a large salary is not necessarily the one with the highest commission rate.

It’s usually the one that has a lower rate and a higher number of bonuses and other opportunities to earn additional income. The Average Car Sales Salary and Earnings When we talk about the average car salesperson salary there are many things to consider. The average is a subjective term and nailing down the average earning for a person that sells cars for a living is difficult to do.

It doesn't matter if we are talking about a Chevy car salesperson salary or that of a luxury vehicle sales consultant because it all works the same way. One of the reasons for a seemingly low average income for people selling cars is the rate of turnover. Car salesperson jobs traditionally have a high turnover rate. This is for several reasons, but this is also one of the main reasons that the median car salesperson salary is so low.

I polled readers of this website in an effort to find and the results are much higher than people expected. If you are thinking about becoming a car salesperson you should take a look. Overview How Do Much Car Sales Consultants Make Average Car Salesman Salary Ranges Not Good: 0$ to $20,000 a Year If your car salesman income falls in this range it means you just started selling cars or you need to find a different vocation. This car salesman salary and pay-scale are unacceptable and something needs to change immediately.

Either get with the program or get another job. Weak: $20,000 to $40,000 a Year The middle to upper end of this car salesperson salary range is not uncommon, but lower than average.

Car sales consultants working at a used car lot or a very small new car dealership located in a rural area can often be topped off at this level because of showroom traffic and available customers. So if you are earning under $40,000 a year you need to accept your income, make a move to a larger dealership or start paying attention to the other members of the sales staff that are earning more than you.

Let those salespeople teach you how to sell more cars by observing them when they work. Watch, listen and learn from your fellow salespeople that are earning more than you. Average Car Salesman Earnings $40,000 to $60,000 a Year Obviously, this is a range, but if you want to know the average car salesperson salary it comes in at the lower end of this range.

Most average salespeople fall in this income range. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to get to the next pay scale. Ask for some referrals, get back to basics, sell an extra car or two a month and read some of the articles on this website. That’s right, you can give yourself a raise with a little extra effort and some car sales tips. Just Above Average $60,000 to $85,000 a Year This income bracket of a car salesperson salary is very common and most salespeople are in this bracket and the bracket below.

You know how the business works and you are comfortable selling cars. You may work at any of the new car dealerships and probably sell a mix of new, used and lease cars.

Typically you have been in the business for a year or more. You are selling a few referrals now and then, but you can sell more. You can easily move to the next level of income by working on your closing percentages and asking for more referrals and doing some prospecting.

Top Car Sales Salary $90,000 to $250,000 a Year Congratulations, if you are at this level of income you are a “Car Sales Professional”. This person knows how to sell cars and close deals. They control their own income and have the ability to give them a raise whenever they want. This kind of car salesperson salary is not uncommon; in fact, a six-figure income is very common.

Salespeople in this bracket usually make up the top 20% of a dealership’s sales staff. You don’t have to work at a high line dealership in order to earn $250,000 a year. I know several salesmen that make this kind of income and they don’t work at Mercedes or BMW and some even achieve this level of earnings on a , Ford or Chevrolet car salesman salary.

You can too! Now that you know all about a car sales salary and how car salespeople get paid you should be ready to start your new car sales career or make some changes and increase your earnings. The business of selling cars is full of opportunity and there is plenty of money to be made is this profitable and rewarding career of being a car sales consultant.

Check Out the Survey Rico · March 14 at 2:10 pm At the ripe age of 62 I am going to enter the world of Professional Automobile sales. I was in sales for over 30 years, I want to make a Six figure income, and I want to maximize the learning curve. We are relocating to Charlotte, NC, and I will soon be interviewing in the area.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Rico

best tips for dating someone new car salesman salary 2017

best tips for dating someone new car salesman salary 2017 - 25 Car Salesman Tips for Selling More Cars

best tips for dating someone new car salesman salary 2017

• • • • • Like lawyers and dentists, few people actually enjoy having to deal with car salesmen. They’re a necessary evil that often leave consumers with a bad taste in their mouths because of the tactics they employ to get people to purchase a new vehicle. Coming out of the negotiations with a new car and a great deal on it can happen, if you go about things the right way.

Secure Financing Ahead of Time When you’ve decided that it is time to buy new vehicle, instead of heading straight out to the dealership, visit your local credit union or bank and secure financing in advance. Car dealers make a lot of their profit on financing deals, and you can save a lot of money by getting your auto loan through a reputable third-party ahead of time. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to head out to the dealership and take a look at the vehicles, although it is a good idea to do some research in advance and figure out which ones you might be interested in.

Go In Well-Rested You’ll want to make sure you’re well-rested on the day that you go to pick out your new car. Don’t go when you’re rushed or overtired, or after a long day at work. You need to be 100% there mentally if you want to come out of it with the best deal possible.

Ask to See the Invoice Once you’ve found the car you’d like to purchase and the dealer takes you into his office or cubicle to begin the wheeling and dealing, ask to see the invoice. This will tell you all kinds of information about the car, but most importantly, how much the dealership paid for it.

Keep that figure in mind as you negotiate what you’re willing to pay. Sure, they’re going to make a profit, but knowing that number can help you lead negotiations in the direction of minimizing their profit and lowering your overall cost. Just Say “NO”. The first thing that you need to know when it comes to negotiating the price of the vehicle you’re interested in purchasing is that “NO” is your best weapon.

Arm yourself and be prepared to use it, possibly even multiple times. Don’t let them strong-arm you or sweet talk you into something that you would not be comfortable with. Take a cue from my 18-month-old toddler and say it like you mean it (head shake optional). Let Them Come at You With an Offer The dealer will ask you some basic information about yourself, such as your name, address, and so on.

Answer honestly. Most will start off the price negotiations by asking you how much you’d like to pay per month. An appropriate answer to this question that will throw them off their game is “I’d like to pay zero.” You might get a chuckle or a “wouldn’t we all” type comment before the salesman resumes his attempts to get you to provide him with a magic number that you’d be willing to pay them each month for the privledge of driving the vehicle of your choice.

They might ask you what you are paying now. If your car is paid off, answer “Zero.” If you are still making payments, give them an honest answer. Do not make the mistake of giving them a price you’d be willing to pay each month. Scroll down to continue reading article For your best chances at scoring a good deal, make them come at you with an offer. No salesman would tell you that the amount per month you’re willing to pay is a lot higher than the deal that you could possible walk away with.

Car salesman get a minimal salary for hanging out at the dealership, but can make their riches in the commission they earn by selling cars. Their goal is to maximize their commission and the profit for the dealership. Your goal is to minimize their commission and the profit they make to get the best deal on your new vehicle. Get them to give you a number, and when they do, it’s time to begin negotiating. • • • • • Bring an Extra Set of Keys If you will be trading in a vehicle to help offset the cost of the new one, don’t leave home without taking two sets of keys with you.

One tactic that dealers try to employ during the negotiations process is to look at your car and then kidnap your keys. If you bring along second key they can’t hold you hostage. Just make sure to give them the key that is a cheap copy, not one with a fancy key-fob or remote. The idea is, if negotiations go sour and they try to hold you captive while hanging on to your keys, you can walk right out the door without having to worry about getting the key back.

They’re not expecting this, and will chase after you with promises of a better deal. Inform the Salesman That You Already Have Financing & Finalizing the Deal Do not, I repeat, DO NOT inform the salesman in advance that you’ve already secured financing.

Keep this a closely guarded secret until the time is right. If they know that you already have financing, it will change the way they deal with you. The time to make the big reveal is once you’ve agreed on the final price of the vehicle. Your credit union loan or other third-party auto financing will likely have better rates and terms than what the dealer is offering. At this point, pull out your calculator and utilize your financing details to figure out how much you’ll be paying in the end.

More than likely, it will be less than what you would have paid had you used dealer financing. Conclusion Follow this advice and I guarantee that you’ll walk out of the dealership with not only a new car, but also the satisfaction of knowing that you got the best deal you could have gotten.

It feels a lot better than getting screwed out of hundreds or thousands of dollars. The truth is, there are many “money saving guides” online, but most don’t cover the root issue for not saving. Once I’d discovered a few key factors that allowed me to save 10k in one year, I realized why most articles couldn’t help me. The problem is that even with the right strategies you can still fail to save money.

You need to have the right systems in place and the right mindset. In this guide, I’ll cover the best ways to save money — practical yet powerful steps you can take to start saving more. It won’t be easy but with hard work, I’m confident you’ll be able to save more money–even if you’re an impulsive spender.

Table of Contents • • • • • • Why Your Past Prevents You from Saving Money Are you constantly thinking about your financial ? If so, these thoughts are holding you back from saving. I get it, you wish you could go back in time to avoid your financial downfalls. But dwelling over your past will only rob you from your future. Instead, reflect on your mistakes and ask yourself what lessons you can learn from them.

It wasn’t easy for me to accept that I had accumulated thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Once I did, I started heading in the right direction. Embrace your past failures and use them as an opportunity to set new financial goals. For example, after accepting that you’re thousands of dollars in debt create a plan to be debt free in a year or two.

This way when you’ll be at peace even when you get negative thoughts about your finances. Now you can focus more time on saving and less on your past financial mistakes. How to Effortlessly Track Your Spending Stop manually . Leverage powerful analytic tools such as and to do the work for you. This tool has worked for me and has kept me motivated to why I’m saving in the first place.

Once you login to your Personal Capital dashboard, you’re able to view your net worth. When I’d first signed up with Personal Capital, I had a negative net worth, but this motivated me to save more. With this tool, you can also view your spending patterns, expenses, and how much money you’re saving. Use your net worth as your north star to saving more. Whenever you experience financial setbacks, view how far you’ve come along. Saving money is only half the battle, being consistent is the other half.

The Truth on Why You Keep Failing Saving money isn’t sexy. If it was, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Some people are natural savers, but most are impulsive spenders. Instead of denying that you’re an impulsive spender, embrace it. Don’t try to save 60 to 70% of your income if this means you’ll live a miserable life. Saving money isn’t a race but a marathon.

You’re saving for retirement and for large purchases. If you’re currently having a hard time saving, start spending more money on nice things. This may sound counterintuitive but hear me out. Wouldn’t it be better to save $200 each month for 12 months instead of $500 for 3 months? Most people run into trouble because they create budgets that set them up for failure.

This system won’t work for those who are frugal, but chances are they don’t need help saving. This system is for those who can’t save money and need to be rewarded for their hard work. Only because you’re buying nice things doesn’t mean that you’ll save less.

Here are some rules you should have in place: • Save more than 50% of your available money (after expenses) • Only buy nice things after saving • Automate your savings with automatic bank transfers These are the same rules that helped me save thousands each year while buying the latest iPhone.

Focus only on items that are important to you. Remember, you can afford anything but not everything. Scroll down to continue reading article How to Foolproof Yourself out of Debt Personal finance is a game. On one end, you’re earning money; and on the to other, you’re saving.

But what ends up counting in the end isn’t how much you earn but how much you save. Research shows that about 60% of Americans spend more than they save. [1] So how can you separate yourself from the 60%? By not accumulating more debt.

This way you’ll have more money to save and avoid having more financial obligations. A great way to stop accumulating debt is using cash to pay for all your transactions. This will be challenging, depending on how reliant you are with your credit card, but it’s worth the effort.

Not only will you stop accruing debt, but you’ll also be more conscious with what you buy. For example, you’ll think twice about purchasing a new $200 headphone despite having the cash to buy them. According to a poll conducted by The, 5 out of 6 Americans are impulsive spenders. [2] Telling yourself that you’ll have the discipline to not buy things won’t cut it.

This is equal to having junk food in your fridge while trying to eat healthy–it’s only a matter of time before you slip. By using cash to make your purchases, you’ll spend less and save more.

A Proven Formula to Skyrocket Your Savings Having proven systems in place to help you save more is important, but they’re not the best way to save money. You can search for dozens of ways to save money, but there’ll always be a limit. Instead of spending the majority of your effort saving, look for ways to increase your income.

The truth is that once you have the right systems in place, saving is easy. What’s challenging is earning more money. There are many routes you can take to achieve this. For example, you can work long and hard at your current job to earn a raise. But there’s one problem–you’re depending on someone else to give you a raise.

Your company will have to have the budget, and you’ll have to know how to toot your own horn to get this raise. This isn’t to say that earning a raise is impossible, but things are better when you’re in control right?

That’s why building a is the best way to increase your income. Think of your side-hustle as a part-time job doing something you enjoy. You can sell items on eBay for a profit, or design websites for small businesses. Building a side-hustle will be on the hardest things you’ll do, be too stubborn to quit. During the early stages, you won’t be making money and that’s okay.

Since you already have a source of income, you won’t be dependent on your side-hustle to pay for your expenses.

Depending on how much time you invest in your side-hustle, it can one day replace your current income. Whatever route you take, focus more on earning and save as much as possible.

You have more control than you give yourself credit for. Transform Yourself into a Saving Money Machine Saving money isn’t complicated but it’s one of the hardest things you’ll do. By learning from your mistakes and rewarding yourself after saving you’ll save more. What would you do with an extra $200 or $500 each month? To some, this is life-changing money that can improve the quality of their lives.

The truth is saving money is an art. Save too much and you’ll quit, but save too little and you’ll pay for the consequences in the future.

Saving money takes effort and having the right systems in place. Imagine if you’d started saving an extra $100 this next month? Or, saved $20K in one year? Although it’s hard to imagine, this can be your reality if you follow the principles covered in this guide.

Take a moment to brainstorm which goals you’d be able to reach if you had extra money each month. Use these goals as motivation to help you stay on track on your journey to saving more. If I was able to save thousands of dollars with little guidance, imagine what you’ll be able to do. What are you waiting for? Go and start saving money, the sky is your limit. Featured photo credit:

best tips for dating someone new car salesman salary 2017

Car Salesman Job Responsibilities • Selling vehicles only after thoroughly understanding and exhibiting capabilities, features and characteristics • Securing sales and qualifying buyers for purchase • Sealing the deal and closing sales Car Salesman Job Duties • Having comprehensive knowledge and understanding of different automobiles, their features and characteristics, such as engine size, mileage, gas usability, and colors, quick comparing and contrasting of different competitive models and examining cars.

• Expanding customer base and strengthening the loyalty of existing customers through suggesting trade-ins, greeting drop-ins, answering questions, accepting and acting upon feedback, recommending promotions and sales campaigns. • Selling extra features. Once you have you found a potential customer, you may also want to sell those additional features like cooled and heated seats, navigation, extended warranty program, and blind spot detection.

Finalizing the sale of these supplementary features will be a lot easier if you find out in advance what your customers need and want. • Discussing in detail the budgets and pricing.

Ask their customers what their budget allows and then offer them your best deal while at the same time making sure you make the most of the sale too. Offer a flexible payment period for your customer by inquiring whether they would like a lower monthly payment and extended loan period, or vice versa. Some customers will not be interested in installments and will only talk about a lump sum.

In such a case, try to lower the total price and if that doesn’t seem possible, offer them extra features like a year’s worth of road tax at zero additional cost or other added features that you think will make the deal seem more lucrative, both for the business and the customer. • Qualifying buyers for the purchase after thoroughly understanding their interests and requirements, building rapport, and finally matching the interests and requirements to different car models.

• Discussing the price with the manager. Seal the deal by quoting to your manager the price of the car the customer is interested in at a lower level. For instance, if the customer has agreed upon paying $300 per month, quote this price to your manager as $250.

This will give you more credibility and the achievement of a pleased customer who may in return refer the business to his or her friends that will result in a higher Customer Satisfaction Index. • Sealing the car deals after negotiating the price, overcoming objections, completing purchase or sales contracts, explaining the process of provisions, offering and explaining financing options, warranties and services, collecting payments, and delivering cars.

Once the pricing has been sorted out and a definite number been given from the manager, the sale is completed after signing the paperwork, arranging a collection date, and staying in contact with the customer even in the future to prevent any issues. • Providing comprehensive sales management information through the completion of reports. • Continuously upgrades the job related knowledge through participating in various educational opportunities like workshops, referring to professional publications.

• Improving dealership image by accepting ownership for achieving new and different requests, searching for new opportunities to add extra value to job achievements. • Establishing and maintaining a follow-up system with customers to encourage increased business referrals.

• Carefully reviewing sales data and statistics to plan more effectively for the future with the aim of boosting sales and enhancing brand image.

• Performing a walk-around with old and new customers and demonstrating features of vehicles that they are interested in. • Arranging a test drive. Test drives are critical for a car sale since most customers need the assurance whether are investing in the right car. When taking the , inquire which aspects and features of the vehicle do they especially like and how they are different from their previous car.

Tell them to be honest if they don’t like any features, functionality or feel of the car and then use those points to find another suitable car for them. Politely ask if the customer is prepared to seal the deal with the car and give them space to ponder over their decision. If their answer is no, try recommending other cars you think would be a better fit.

Car Salesman Requirements- Tasks, Skills, Knowledge and Responsibilities • A current and valid driver’s license • A minimum of one year experience in the car selling industry • Documentation and financial skills • Possessing basic knowledge and understanding of car depreciation, federal, state and local law governing the automobile guide, equity and values.

• Neat and smart personality. A positive attitude towards customers. • Achieving the minimum set quotas as per the dealership standards. • Telephone, communication and listening skills. Must be able to communicate and explain technical jargons to a layman easily. • Must possess qualities, such as excellent negotiation and persuasive skills, both in terms of new and used cars. • Must be confident, polite and aware of the general matters taking place in the world. • Job knowledge • Customer focus.

Efficiently answering customers’ queries and solving concerns. Car Salesman Salary On average, a annually. Some dealerships may choose the commission system per car sale coupled with weekly salaries in times of no sales. Whatever the case, as of 2013, average annual sales recorded of car salesmen was $79,000 (according to Simply Hired) However, the factors that will impact the salary from individual to individual include the level of experience in the industry, level of education, extra skills related to the job, the region in which the business is operating in, prior job-related achievements, and other financial rewards, like commissions and bonuses.

What Are The Educational Requirements for Becoming A Car Salesman? Becoming a car salesman doesn’t necessarily call for a college degree. A high school degree will be required while most of the training will be conducted on the job. Mentioned below are the different educational requirements for different career level pertaining to car salesmanship. Non-Management Careers A car salesman who isn’t interested in pursuing a managerial position generally will not need a college education, even though some dealers may prefer their employees to hold a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree.

Marketing and business courses are helpful, and will most likely reduce the time spent on induction training and workshops. Depending on the size of the dealership, these training sessions typically include customer service and sales techniques.

Management Track Careers People aiming for management positions at a dealership will most probably require a college degree, and this is usually specified by the employer.

They will inform candidates if they need a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree. Holding a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing could be more appealing and valuable to potential customers. Most of the time, candidates will not be required to have a degree in a particular discipline.

Dealerships may offer various ways to dive into managerial positions, some of which are recruiting salesmen as management trainees or promoting experienced salesmen.

Management Degrees and Auto Sales Car salesmen interested in advancing their managerial positions will have a choice of completing two or four-year degrees in automotive management which are slightly different from majoring in business administration. Getting a degree in automotive management gives an individual the knowledge and skills for managing a dealership. Courses focusing on auto service, auto parts, vehicle warranties, finance and advertising are pretty common. Sales degrees involving the study of technology and auto sales are also available, and are more common at technical schools and junior colleges.

NADA The (NADA) supports various kinds of automotive training. With six different career programs in dealership, NADA’s academy is a popular and effective way of getting your degree.

Examples of courses include department management, operations, consumer sales and fleet sales. The General Dealership Management Academy of NADA pays close attention to preparing experts for general manager roles and involves classes in decision making proficiency and financial analysis. Its Special Ops Program offers an in-depth focused training for service, parts and sales managers. Skills Needed To Become a Good Car Salesman Contrary to popular belief, being a car salesman is not restricted to just selling a product to the customer, but involves other factors, such as authenticity, personality, appearance and the ability to persuade.

Since they are the first people to meet the customers and thereby play a key role in making either a long-lasting positive or negative impression, car salesmen can be seen as one of the major determinants of the business’s growth and well being. The following set of skills and qualities play a great role in establishing the effectiveness of an individual as a car salesman Making an Impact on the Customers As discussed, in instances like these, the first impression really is the last impression.

To leave a positive impact on the customer, deal with them efficiently and friendly at the same time. Make them feel welcomed and valued by greeting them (shake hands if necessary) and create small talk. In most instances, this may be awkward, yet it is still the best way to build rapport and help them feel at ease.

Now the trick here is to not directly jump into the conversation of cars. Instead, talk about themselves, about their job, family, and interests. Find something of mutual interest to build a relationship. However, gauge if the customer is getting irritated or is not chatty.

Trying to pursue a conversation with someone who doesn’t return the interest can just be as unfavorable. Don’t Pretend Be authentic. Most customers can detect when the salesman is being fake, and that just gives a bad impression. So, instead of focusing on getting your job done, really care about the interests and needs of your customers. Be patient and guide them through their decision rather than forcing them.

Ask Good Questions Instead of asking broad or simple ‘yes’ or ’no’ ’questions which will most likely result in your lost chance of selling a car, try questions like ‘Are you looking for a SUV or sedan today?’ Don’t be pushy and follow them around the showroom, making it plain annoying. Don’t Be Gullible Most of the times, customers bring in a white lie about how they cannot afford or how cheaper a deal down the street is being offered.

Overcome these statements and objections with an understanding approach, nevertheless staying persistent. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings Know what goes on in the showroom. Learn more about the cars on hand, any promotions and special deals being offered, cars suitable for people with bad credit, and any other features that will be beneficial to the customers. Be Aware Of Competitors’ Products Do your research and learn how your customers would benefit by buying from your dealership and then convey to them the reasons.

Not only does this leave a good impression on your customers but also makes sure no one tries to fool you with incorrect information in the hopes of sealing a deal. Although this will require a lot of studying, at the end of the day it will be worth it since you will know exactly what gives your product the edge and avoid the chances of making something up and lying to the customers. Following Up With Potential Customers After properly learning about the customer and affirming their interest in purchasing from you, write down all the information in order to easily reach them in the future.

Remember not to overdo the calls and emails since it will only annoy people who were not interested in buying in the first place.

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