Best dating a cancer survivor songs upbeat songs 2018

best dating a cancer survivor songs upbeat songs 2018

It's an upbeat, fun song, he says. I'm not trying to be deadly serious or anything. It's just a fun rock song for me. Everything's so serous nowadays I feel good to have a kooky, lighthearted (video) out there. Modern Lives, Vol. 2 is slated to be released during October featuring another six songs Greene wrote and recorded in the basement of the Brooklyn apartment building he resided in until last month, when he and his family moved to Sacramento, Calif. The process was pretty much the same; I'd work on stuff in the basement, wait for the I've started writing songs with that in mind, but I'll always make home recordings, too. It's a good outlet to be able to release stuff at my fancy.

best dating a cancer survivor songs upbeat songs 2018

Rob Cesternino hosts Survivor podcasts and interviews, Reality TV talk about Amazing Race, Celebrity Apprentice, Big Brother and more. Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor contestant and was referred to by Jeff Probst as "The Smartest Player to Never Win Survivor". Rob Has a Podcast was a 2012 winner of "The People's Choice Podcast Award" for Best Entertainment Podcast.

For more on RHAP, visit or contact rob at Hosted by Lee Silverstein, the show was created to provide survivors, caregivers, and professionals a vehicle to share their stories of struggle, hope, and survival in the face of cancer and to provide information, inspiration, and hope to those affected by the disease. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard on the WE Have Cancer podcast, I would truly appreciate your rating and review in iTunes and Stitcher.

Doing so helps us reach more people who have been impacted by cancer and increases our ... Welcome to The Cancer Dietitian Podcast! Join Julie Lanford, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN, a bonafide expert in oncology nutrition, as she guides you through the forest of nutrition and cancer information. Are you a cancer patient wondering what to eat to keep your body as healthy as possible during treatment?

Are you a cancer survivor wanting to eat as healthy as possible to reduce the risk of recurrence? Are you sick of all the crazy info around nutrition and just want an evidence-based resource for ... "Inspiring shit from everyday people" - The People Who Poo Podcast is based on conversations with everyday, inspiring people. Hosted by Daniel Nicholls and released when he gets around to it. Guests include award-winning bar owners on a shoestring budget, a cancer and abuse survivor turned yoga + art studio owner, a Colombian-based Shaman, and live sets from upcoming independent artists.

Doctors, medical professionals and researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina will be featured weekly in a series of radio interviews on South Carolina Public Radio called Health Focus. Award winning public broadcaster Bobbi Conner will host this series of health and medical features, covering a wide array of topics.

Two Navy SEALs who’ve known each other for years sharing their amazing life experiences in a humorous, heartfelt and entertaining way. Never before have two people brought such substantial backstories to anchor their ability to pull the best out of the people they interview. Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford are committed to their mission of helping people face their greatest challenges in order to learn the Never Quit mindset.

The TNQ Podcast is the most authentic, positive, and inspirin ... Are you looking for something more, better or different?

Here is your opportunity. Transformation for Success will help you discover a future for change with possibility thinking, new vision and creative solutions to impact a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Dr. Barbara Young, an accomplished leader and change guru provides empowerment commentary and interviews with successful personalities from such diverse fields as the movie/TV entertainment industry, technology, corporate leaders, authors and ... Looking for stories from Israel? The weekly podcast will be an interview style show where we introduce our audience to newsmakers and intriguing Israelis.

We’ll meet characters from across industries — academics, actors, athletes, artists and archaeologists -- and even alien hunters. Subscribe to "Our Friend from Israel." We all have the potential to live the lifestyles of our dreams. To live that life requires planning, action, and purpose. What is the lifestyle you dream of and it can't be a statement of "I just want to be rich", that sets the bar too low and non-specific? Let's explore the map and the journey to reach the Lifestyle destination.

Welcome to GUYS WE F****D: THE ANTI SLUT-SHAMING PODCAST. They spread their legs, now they're spreading the word that women should be able to have sex with WHOEVER they want WHENEVER they want and not be ashamed or called sluts or whores. Welcome to a new revolution. Each week, Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson (together known as the comedy duo Sorry About Last Night) interview a gentleman they slept with.

Some they made love to, some they had sex with a few times and some they f****d in ... The Tough Girl Podcast is all about inspiring and motivating YOU! I will be interviewing inspirational women from around the world, who’ve faced and overcome difficult challenges and situations, they will share their story, their knowledge and provide advice and essential tips for you to overcome your own personal challenges.

Please check out the Tough Girl Challenges website - and follow on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL The Dream Cast combines incredible stories, biblical principles and cutting-edge neuroscience into a unique podcast that will inspire you to find your purpose, take massive action and design YOUR ultimate dream life.

Get started dreaming again right now! Denise Walsh has helped over a million people find their purpose and fulfill on their God-given destiny. Her global impact as a leader in the direct selling industry has given her a unique insight on what drives people to action. As a certif ... Caregivers Speak! Is the first LIVE online support group created by and for caregivers.

Moderated by Margery Pabst, eCareDiary’s caregiving expert and author of Enrich Your Caregiving Journey, it airs live on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 2:00pm EST. Each month three caregivers share personal perspectives and what worked for them during a specific challenge.

During the last 10 minutes of the program, you are invited to participate with questions or comments.Empowering Family Caregivers a ... Welcome to the Global Recon Podcast! Hosted by John Hendricks a civilian and the owner of Global Recon co-hosted by Chantel Taylor a former British Army Combat Medic and the first British woman in history to kill an enemy in combat.

We discuss world events, sit down with special operators from across the globe, touch on tactical medicine, mindset, politics, and history. This is the Healthy Charleston podcast, where our mission to show you the bodies strength and resilience. Hosted by Yves Gege a physical therapist and owner of Made 2 Move.

Modern Medicine has failed us! We are no longer thriving! Our focus is a grassroots movement where education and movement are the first line of defense in treating the body of disease and disability. Become a supporter of this podcast: Alcoholics Anonymous Radio Show is a 25 minute broadcast, brought to you by members of Alcoholics Anonymous based in the Christchurch area.

The purpose of this show is to increase public awareness of Alcoholics Anonymous as an effective means of recovery from the disease of alcoholism.The format is simple - we talk briefly about what alcoholism is; then we interview one or two guest speakers, both of whom are recovering alcoholics, and we ask them to talk about their experiences with the dis ...

The Daily Debrief is a rundown of the most important news of the day in under 20 minutes. You’ve seen the headlines throughout the day. Now it’s time to understand the stories behind them. Our host, Richard Suchet, will offer listeners a deep dive into the most compelling headlines, providing an in-depth view into the stories with a thorough analysis that you just can’t get from a standard news report. Powered by the award-winning news team at LBC. Conversations with leaders that are igniting their community, our nation and the world to be a better place.

Be inspired and enlightened as we pull back the curtain and dive into intimate and energetic dialog with tips and tactics from achievers and doers with host and Master Leadership Strategist, Dr.

Geneva Williams. Once a week, award-winning radio host Nicole Haack delves into the life of an industry leader with a unique and enlightening story to tell. At the end of each chat, our guests leave us with a message for us to digest and keep in mind as we go about our lives. Nicole picks the brains of business leaders, scientists, sportspeople, celebrities and too many more inspiring individuals to single out.

Everyone has a story to tell. So share it with the world. Dion Sekone-Fraser talks perspective, embarrassment, anger, wonderment, love, personal journey and everything that he has encountered in his life. From time to time - He will have guests on the show that want to be bold and share their thoughts and perspectives to the world. So what's your story? Slow Wolfpack All Over Shirt Huge Holiday deals continue at the Friendo Market! Support Going In Raw on Pateon! Going In Raw at Pro Wrestling Tees! Contribute to the Going ...… The courtroom can be a battlefield over money, people’s rights, and even their lives. For some cases, the consequences can affect us long after the verdict is read. Based on extensive interviews and court transcripts, Wondery’s new podcast LEGAL WARS puts you inside the jury box of some of the most famous court cases in American history.

Subscr ...… Support Going In Raw on Pateon! Slow Wolfpack All Over Shirt Huge Holiday deals continue at the Friendo Market! Going In Raw at Pro Wrestling Tees! Contribute to the Going ...… Support Going In Raw on Pateon! Slow Wolfpack All Over Shirt Huge Holiday deals continue at the Friendo Market! Going In Raw at Pro Wrestling Tees! Contribute to the Going ...… This FIRST episode of The Cancer Dietitian Podcast dives right into the most common cancer nutrition question that I get.

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They ju ...… How does a professional dancer become one of the greatest coaches in NCAA history? She cares for her athletes and teaches them to have fun. The TNQ Podcast is proud to welcome Valorie Kondos Field to this week’s epic show.

Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and the Wizard as they give a huge Never Quit welcome Miss Val. Stand b ...… Beth Porter is Green America’s Climate & Recycling Director, as well as the author of Reduce, Reuse, Reimagine: Sorting Out the Recycling System who joins Jonathan to talk all things recycling; what is is, how it works, if plastic straws are as dangerous we’ve been told, how oil prices effect recycled plastic demands, and more.

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They j ...… This week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Elizabeth Mack about helping teens become safe drivers and reducing teen motor vehicle crashes and fatalities. Dr. Mack is the Division Chief for Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at MUSC Children’s Health and she is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics.… [caption id="attachment_1730" align="alignleft" width="300"] Teri Griege[/caption] In 2009, shortly after completing her first Ironman Triathalon, Teri Griege was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.

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best dating a cancer survivor songs upbeat songs 2018

best dating a cancer survivor songs upbeat songs 2018 - 50 Upbeat Feel Good Songs to Dance to (Updated 2018)

best dating a cancer survivor songs upbeat songs 2018

• • • Finding fast, upbeat worship songs is one of the toughest parts of a worship leader’s job. I still haven’t quite figured out why this is. Maybe it’s a lot easier for worship artists to write slow, contemplative songs. They’re certainly a lot easier to play. When a church worship team does find a good fast song, it proves too difficult or ends up sounding cheesy or mid-tempo. No matter how difficult, worship leaders need fast praise songs. The Bible doesn’t call us to sing only dirges every Sunday!

Not to fear. I’ve decided we worship leaders need a great resource to find fast songs. So here’s a list of fast songs that we’re doing in my church, or that I know other churches are doing. If you have additional songs that work well for your team, leave some ideas in the comments.

If I agree with you, your song could make it on my list. So comment away. Without further ado, here are the songs. Never Gonna Stop Singing. Artist: Jesus Culture. CCLI #7054533. Album: Let It Echo Jesus Culture isn’t afraid to bring high-intensity songs to the church, and this song is a great example. It’s not very difficult to play, either.

Try it out at your church! I'd like to receive the free email course. Subscribe Halls of Heaven. Artist: Jesus Culture. CCLI #7089675. Album: Love Has a Name Peel away the synths and drum machines, and you have a very easy fast song for your church.

This is from Jesus Culture’s latest album, and it’s a good one. This is solid lyrically, too, celebrating the ease at which we can enter God’s presence. Try it out at your church and let me know how it goes. Glorious Day. Artist: Passion. CCLI #7081388. Album: Worthy Of Your Name Kristian Stanfill. Passion. First song on the album. You know this one is going to be good. Released in February 2017, this is one of the standout fast worship songs of the year. What I really like about it, though is that it’s stupid simple musically.

There are literally four chords in the verses and not many more in the chorus. Worship teams of all skill levels can do this song with excellence.The song is not light on theology. It notes where we would be without Christ (the grave) and that his resurrection allows us to run “out of that grave.” This song won’t disappoint musically or lyrically. Louder. Artist: Immerse Worship This was a song submitted by a member of the Worship Deeper community.

Calvary Church in North Carolina recorded this live at a worship night, and sent it along. It’s quite good! They even sent an MP3 and chord chart that anyone can download. (). Do you have a song you’d like to submit? See how to get your song in front of thousands of worship leaders . Praise Goes On. Artist: Elevation Worship. CCLI #7051503.

Album: Here As In Heaven If you strip away the electronics and production, you still have a playable, singable fast worship song for your congregation. At its bones, this song is actually very simple. Give it a try on an acoustic guitar and see what happens. Subscribe We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. In The River. Artist: Jesus Culture. CCLI #7054537. Album: Let It Echo This is a fast, playable song from Jesus Culture’s latest project. It promotes a spirit of freedom in Christ.

In many churches, it’s not common to see people dancing — or even moving. But this song should get them one step closer. As a worship leader, you have the power to put words in people’s mouths, and words lead to action.

Not that dancing is a true gauge of worship, but we want the church to experience God’s freedom to dance if they so wish, and a departure from the fear of man.

This song nudges us in that direction. Lion And The Lamb. Artist: Leeland Mooring, Bethel. CCLI #7038281. Album: Have It All Leeland Mooring has been writing and performing music since he was like 6 months old — okay, an exaggeration — but the late-20s songwriter and recent Bethel implant has done it again with this fast song. This tune is a tour de force, describing the dual nature of God: both conqueror and one who allowed himself to be defeated in order to overcome death.

Special Request: I’m Building A Worship Song Download Portal Are you a worship leader or worship band that wants bigger exposure?

Please submit your original worship song MP3s and music sheets, as well as a note giving me permission to post them free of charge on this website. Worship leaders from around the globe will be able to listen to your song, download the songsheet, and start playing them at their churches. What a great way to equip local churches and use your gifts to their full potential! Email me at tim (at) worshipdeeper dot com with Dropbox links, Google Drive links, or however you want to get your songs to me.

I will review them and possibly add them to my Free Worship Songs Portal. Relentless. Artist: Hillsong United. CCLI # 6428743. Album: Zion This one worked well as a fast song in our high school group.

I haven’t tested it out yet on the older crowd, but it would probably be a good one. I'd like to receive the free email course. Subscribe Fast Worship Song Suggestions from Readers I thought I’d circle back and add some suggestions for fast worship songs from readers.

There has been an incredible response to this post and many of you are adding some great song ideas. Here goes. From the Day. Artist: I Am They. Album: I Am They This is an acoustic-driven upbeat song that would be easy to pull off even with a team of just a few musicians.

Let It Be Known. Artist: Worship Central. CCLI# 6521011. Album: Let It Be Known (Live) While we’re talking about Worship Central, here’s another one from this worship organization headed up by Tim Hughes (well known for co-writing the ubiquitous fast worship song ““). Don’t be scared off by the electronics in this song. In the video, notice what Mr. Hughes is playing: a good old fashion Gibson acoustic guitar! That means you can pull this one off with a guitar too.

Open Up The Heavens. Artist: Meredith Andrews. CCLI # 6304702. Album: Worth It All This one is rising up the ranks on CCLI’s top songs list. Great to see a fast song by a female worship leader being widely used. I had a comment (see below) that there aren’t many females on the list. Agreed! Women worship leaders: start writing fast songs so I can feature you on my list.

Lots of great songs here, but how fast they are or whether they are fast enough is subjective I guess. My criteria for a fast song is one you get off the ground with and the required at least 140-150 bpm. A lot of these songs have intensity but not tempo and are slower songs lyrics-wise played in double time, and still sort of drag a bit. A good example of a fast song is Church on Fire by Hillsong.

I grew up singing messianic worship songs and that you can dance to. Usually 150-180 bpm. If you don’t break a sweat you’re singing slow songs! 😉 • Love so many of these – I warned my worship team that we are going to introduce quite a bit of new music this year – we lost a couple of people to college – so we are improvising until God provides to fill the holes, but the temps who have stepped in have been great.

I was holding back waiting – but I’m over it – time to move on with whomever God has for us now – can’t wait to get started! This list is uber helpful. We actually just did Old Church Choir by Zach Williams – turned out mega awesome and the congregation actually moves!

lol…of course Christmas will be the next thing to plan. Any new 2018 Christmas awesomeness coming your way? • Thanks for the time and effort you’ve put into this amazing site.

I’ve noticed quite a changeover in worship music in the last ten years from God-centered to me-centered songs- probably indicative of the “me generation.” If we can focus on Him, singing to Him about Who He is, all our “me” needs will be taken care of.

That’s a promise! Blessings • I appreciate some of the replies above to focus even more toward vertical praise, raising the majesty and glory of God. Caution is appreciated that not all worship music is grounded in Scripture. The greater the Word of God is lifted, the more we see the grace and mercy He has poured out on us.

Great sources of music: Consider updated hymns by Norton Hall Band, Gettys, Sovereign Grace, and Austin Stone Worship! Some are quite upbeat and yet have great theology. What great combination than the Word of God and music! I have great love for many worship and music styles, but even more that God be given the glory through it. • JM…While I hear what you are saying, by that logic, we should never sing most popular hymns then that have stood the test of history in our churches…..

Take this excerpt from probably the most famous hymn ever sung…. “Amazing Grace”- Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see”….or “Crown Him With Many Crowns”- Crown Him with many crowns, the Lamb upon His throne. Hark how the Heavenly anthem drowns all music but it’s own….” Etc etc etc…..

These ARE vertical songs of worship because they give honor and glory to the King of Kings even though we are not directly singing them TO God…we are singing ABOUT Him and what He has done and continues to do in our lives. This is part of worship…..proclaiming the greatness of God to each other….reminding ourselves of His love and victory over death and the grave. I would say that both/and are important….. As far as Jesus Culture, I would tend to agree that their theology is a bit interesting BUT musically and lyrically there is nothing in their songs that I have noticed (yes I do word and theological studies of all the songs we sing in our church before we sing them.) that is heretical or against the Gospel.

The same could be said for Lakewood in Houston, or Gateway, or Lifechurch in the UK…..Ya gotta spit out the bones and take the meat my brother. Heading down that road too often leads to Legalism….. • I came to this site looking for current fast paced songs as well as all the others. I have to agree with Stephen above. We need to find songs that glorify God and sing “to Him” … not just “about Him.” My opinion is we’re there to worship the King of Kings and tell Him how much we love him.

Not just speak “about” Him in a “worship” song. Speaking about Him is another way to sing, but I wouldn’t call them church worship songs appropriate for leading worship. Songs should be directed to Him. Just my opinion though, and I’ve heard numerous others say the same thing. And while I’m on opinions… I would suggest and encourage a DEEP research of Jesus Culture, Kim-Walker Smith and those involved in that movement.

You may find that we shouldn’t be singing or encouraging their music … or any other thing that is affiliated with Bethel Church in Redding CA. No, I’m not an old fuddy duddy.

Yes, I am an evangelical Pentecostal who believes in the Holy Spirit and His work today. Compare their practices & beliefs to the Bible. Knowledge is wisdom. In this day and age, we all need it.

🙂 • Thank you so much for this post. God is so good! I’m a worship leader and I had prayed “God help me find some new upbeat, fast worship songs”. I prayed that prayer and then did what all Christians do when searching for answers, I googled. I searched for “fast upbeat christian songs” and I came across your article.

It was so so so helpful, so thank you. This was an answered prayer. • My mom grew up with hymns, and then when i was like 7 we moved to a closer church called impact. Okay maybe i was 10-11 i don’t really remember.

Anyways so Impact church is weslyn and my mom didn’t know what that was, but the children ministry was amazing! My brother and I loved it!! And we called it big church hahaha I loved the worship. It was like a concert almost for Jesus. My Nanna didn’t like it b/c she said she doesn’t want to vibrate while worshiping. ( she only came once for a baptisim) It’s so powerful! My dad soon joined the band b/c of his musical background it was extremely easy for him to become apart of the band, and now i might help the worship team for children ministries!

Sorry for any of my mistakes while writing this. 🙂 • As a songwriter I’ve felt it important to write these upbeat songs of celebration and thanksgiving, for the same reasons you mention–there are so many slower and contemplative songs out there! And, I gravitate towards the slower stuff…I try to discipline myself to write and learn the uptempo songs as well. Anyway, I’ve been using Andy Park’s New Day (it’s from his 2009 album, Wonder Working God), In the River (the one you mentioned), and some of my own…not trying to do the self-plug, so I won’t post my own stuff!

• Thanks for maintaining this site. I have benefited greatly from coming to this site and hearing Endless light for our Youth Band for our Youth Band to learn. I do want to recommend the following: Hillsong United: Break Free Hillsong United: The Time Has Come Hillsong United: One Way Hillsong United: Take It All Hillsong United: No Reason To Hide Hillsong United: Freedom Is Here Hillsong United: Light Will Shine Kutless: Finding Who We Are Citizens: Made Alive Kari Jobe: We Are Fee: Rise And Sing Passion/Kristian Stanfill: Glorious Day Hillsong Y&F: This Is Living Hillsong Y&F: Where You Are Hillsong Y&F: Real Love Jesus Culture: Never Gonna Stop Singing Lincoln Brewster: Majestic Big Daddy Weave (or Bethel or Leeland): The Lion And The Lamb David Crowder Band: Here Is Our King Starfield: I Will Go Seventh Day Slumber: Your Name High Fee: All Because Of Jesus Newsboys: I Am Free • Grateful to see a few comments about the content of these songs.

Yes, it is great to have some upbeat songs that are lively. But in a corporate worship experience singing songs together about or to God is much better than singing songs about ourselves or our plight. I would love to see some “older” hymns and psalms reworked to be more modern. I’m in my 30s and would prefer to sing songs by the Gettys, Fernando Ortega, and the like purely based on the content and “direction” of their songs.

• Thanks for joining in the search for songs that are simple, wholesome, and happy. There is a lot of what I would call saccharine worship music out there. I define it as songs that use big words but nobody really knows what they’re saying. Or over-the-top declarations of surrender, without a taste of real life. “God, you are the only one!” What does that even mean? You get my drift. I miss the happy songs we used to sing in youth group in the seventies. “Love him in the morning,” and “Doesn’t that Bible say?” Sure, not all of them are messages directed toward God, i.e.

“I worship you.” But they give you a lot more bang for your buck, in terms of good old-fashioned joy and courageous fire.

Most of our songs nowadays are meta-worship. “Oh, God, I’m singing about worshiping you! In a slow tempo, oh Lord!” We need to be a lot more like the Raven in The Magician’s Nephew, “Am I the first joke?” Thank you, thank you, for digging deeper and looking for something more. • I come from a gospel background which had a plethera of fast paced songs but I now lead in a contemporary style. I think our mainstream radio style songs, which are played in most of our contemporary Christian churches do not really focus on praise but more worship.

Many churches feel the upbeat, the over production, the lighting becomes way too over done and can take the focus away from God. I don’t think it has to be this way. Music touches people regardless how fast or slow you play them. I totally agree we need more fast upbeat songs in our churches (some people are afraid of the whole Pentecostal movement and will avoid such music)…I love Kim Walker Smith, Bethel music, planetshakers, Elevation worship, & Hillsong young and free.

I’ve lead praise and worship since I was 14 yrs old and I am now 34…I’ve been overseeing a youth band for the last 5 years. I’ve learned that the music I like at 34 is not what a 15 year old would like. Before I implement any new songs, I try to get feedback from the kids (youth)…as long as the song is easy to sing, has a chorus that is relatable, and directs people towards God I’m usually good with it.

I think a 15 year old kid knows how to reach a 15 yr old kid…so I give them quite a bit of freedom. My job as their leader is to expose them…let God work and speak through them. It’s amazing what kids will do…some of them have written their own vamps or chants…re-write lyrics…use secular songs and re-write them to glorify Christ.

Awesome! We started with 6 kids…now we have 19. It’s great to see kids grabbing a hold of God at 13-19 years old. • Just got this comment via email from Pastor Dennis in Yakima, Washington… I don’t know who you are and had not even known of your sight 6 weeks ago. I lost a youth pastor who had just started a praise band.

They hadn’t even played one song yet. I searched, found your sight…we played our first song about 5 weeks ago. I sent them to your sight, told them to watch the videos and gave them chords. We started playing and wow…thanks. It was nice to have a source to send them. I just had time to read your lesson on and loved it and will share it at band practice is a couple of hours.

Thanks so much. The upbeat songs were very helpful and easy to play. We have been blessed and will continue to send others to your sight and hope you know it made a difference. Praise to God.

• Jimmy, Thanks for your comments and I get where you’re coming from. You only want to see newly-published songs on the list. However, I made the list about a few different things: 1) Songs worship teams can play easily; 2) Songs that churches *are playing* in 2016; 3) Fairly modern stuff that’s not outdated yet.

If you’ve been around the church for a while, you notice that it takes years for songs to “catch on” and finally be adopted into congregations. You argue that songs *not* from 2016 should not be on the list. And that these are not “top songs”. However, if you look at CCLI’s list of top 25 songs () you’ll notice there are few, if any, from 2016. In fact, currently at #7 is “How Great Is Our God” from 2004. So forgive me for having songs from 2009, but I believe each song on the list is relevant and useful to today’s church.

You’ll notice a few other things about CCLI’s top 25 songs. As I’m writing this, only 2 of them could be considered “upbeat”. That demonstrates a real weakness of worship songwriters today. Or, a weakness inside the church. Either there aren’t fast songs being written, or the church is not adopting them and getting them in the top spots of CCLI’s list. (I was glad to see one of my fast song suggestions “This Is Amazing Grace” at #1 on CCLI’s list). So there’s a hole in worship music today: fast songs.

That’s why I think over 14,000 people *per month* come to my fast worship songs resource. Worshipers are searching for upbeat songs with which to encourage their congregations, but they can’t find them. I’m filling that gap, albeit perhaps not with songs that were written in the last few months. So here are your next steps. Send over some fast songs from this year and I will add them to the list, if I think regular worship teams can play them. Oh, and you said this article was click bait.

No, it’s not, but this other one I wrote is: • Hello – thanks for sharing all of these great songs. I’ve found a few new ones to add to my running playlist. Sunday morning runs before sunrise are my time with God on the quiet roads.

One song that I wanted to mention (in case it hasn’t been yet) is “Risen” by Covenant Worship. The song features Israel Houghton of Lakewood Church and Israel & New Breed (these are great albums to look into). Grace to all. • majority of these songs are very ‘Me’ centered, horizontal and spiritual type songs…great through the week…but we go to church to worship God for who he is, not what he does for us…so maybe congregations need to start offering Vertical worship…as a guide…reflect on John’s vision in revelations.

Less fluff, and noise! No I am not an old person. • Thank you for these suggestions. I’m the only musician at this small Baptist church. I play piano and my calling is absolutely slow worship songs. So, finding and being able to play uptempo music is quite a challenge. Our congregation is a more mature group, so I try to incorporate traditional hymns along with contemporary. They are very sweet about the combination of songs like Down At the Cross and Awesome God or I Surrender All with All Who Are Thirsty.

I desperately need more uptempo songs that I can play, so I will be checking out all of these on your list. If you have anymore tips please share them. Thank you so much. God bless you! • I am so grateful to have found this site. Our church is starting a more contemporary Worship Service next month. It’s considered a pilot program, and we would appreciate your prayer support. There are so many suggestions that I’m fired up to use!

The songs excite me about God’s presence in my life, and His love for me. I’m inspired to inspire others through music! Thank you! • It is indeed a challenge for a praise and worship leader to find a balance between a hip music while looking for an anointed song. It is easy to find a fast song. But to find a song with a catchy beat, tune, at the same time good theology, singable by the congregation AND a special “umph” of God is hard to find.

Likewise, pastors are in a dilemma of finding that a true worship leader. I remember meeting Alvin Slaughter personally and he told us something that embedded in my brain. He said “I am a music minister more than a praise and worship leader. When I sing, the tendency of the people is to listen to me and be blessed by the message of the song. Ron (referring to Ron Kenoly) is a praise and worship leader. When he sings, he encourages the congregation to sing along with him.

He has a great voice. But not all great singers are worship leaders.” Likewise, not all songs are created equal. There are great songs that are really just for listening pleasure while some are indeed created to be sung to the Master 🙂 • Very helpful.

I agree that finding fast songs is a challenge sometimes. A couple Casey Darnell songs have caught my attention lately – We Believe. – Over and Over . One team I work with is doing Over and Over.

We found the rhythm to be a bit tricky, but we were able to modify it slightly and still keep the general feel of the song. • I would love to see more Scripture in today’s music. Perhaps some of you could create some praise songs from the Psalms. Also, so much of today’s worship music is difficult for older people to sing along because of all the syncapation within the music.

I like it when some of the old hymns are livened up. Would like to see more of that. • THIS BLOG POST IS A BLESSING. Thank you SO much! Our worship setlist has overused Wake and Alive by Hillsong YAF so much so I was looking for some simple praise songs and behold, my journey has succeeded.

Just wanted throw out: “Hope Will Rise” -By Every Nation Music swaying beat but good with both older and younger crowd. Heard it first at a college campus ministry conference! • This is very helpful! I am at a new church as the worship leader and the vision of our pastor is to be current(within the last 2 years) and more rock/upbeat worship songs vs slower. He also prefers not to repeat a song within a 6 week period- so my work is cut out for me! If folks have any ideas or suggestions for me- (we do have a band of talented musicians who can handle pretty much anything I throw at them) I would be so thankful for your help/song suggestions!

• Great list – thanks. Love anything from Rend Collective. We’ve just started practising “Your Royal Blood” and already have “Build Your Kingdom Here” and “My Lighthouse” on our index. Another goodie is “Yahweh” by Dustin Smith. Two other great Aussie songs are “The Greatest Reason” by Paradise Music (from Paradise church in South Australia) and “But God” by Rob Scott from Margaret Court’s church in Perth, Victory Life Centre.

• Hi Tim, I stumbled across your site unintentionally but I’m curtain it wasn’t by accident as I’m running a leadership meeting tomorrow and will recommend this site as a resource.

As seems to be common situation, we too have an ageing congregation and find that by opening a service with 2 or 3 uptempo praise songs, we can collectively enter into a deeper time of worship with dynamic and spontaneous movement of the Spirit. The oldies struggled coming to terms with the new songs initially but through prayer persistence, they now seem in full support. We, the music/worship leadership are constantly on the lookout for fresh upbeat songs that can be used to lead the church into His presence.

This one was mentioned earlier, it’s probably been the most effective song at unifying a congregation diverse in age: The Love Of The Father by City Alight And; Nothing But The Blood by the same group (this is the traditional hymn, but check it out as it is an awesome upbeat version!). Keep up the good work brother! Your encouragement to all who have left comments is inspiring. In Him, Alastair • I am really surprised that no one, yourself or comments, has mentioned anything from Elevation Worship yet!

Based out of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC, these guys are putting out some phenomenal stuff. I serve as worship leader at Oasis Church in Radford, VA, and we have added about 8 songs to our repertoire from Elevation in the last 14 months or so.

Specifically, check out “Mighty Warrior” and “Only King Forever” from the Only King Forever album. From the same album, a couple of others are fantastic mid-tempo songs: “I Will Look Up” and “Great and Mighty King.” From the album For the Honor, check out “Exalted One.” And finally, from Nothing is Wasted, check out “Greater” (feat. Israel Houghton), which starts low and builds nicely.

When I discovered Elevation Worship early in 2015, I knew I’d found something special! Do yourself and your team a favor, and check out Elevation Worship on iTunes! Start with Only King Forever; you will not be disappointed! • Fantastic list! You’ve made the job of music pastors around the world a whole lot easier by running the first 100 metres for them. Thanks heaps! Some other songs that we do at my church are: “Alive” by Hillsong, “Made Alive” by Citizens and Saints, “Jesus” by Citizens and Saints, “Overflowed” by Trevor Hodge, “Rejoice” by Dustin Censure, “The Love of the Father” by CityAlight, and “Joy!” by Worship Central Australia.

• I lead worship for the youth at my church. You have included some great songs that we do (This Is Amazing Grace & Like A Lion) and I have been wanting to do Go for awhile! Some other ones that I like are One Way, Salvation Is Here, Break Free, The Time Has Come, and The Point Of Difference by Hillsong United.

Also, I Am Free by The Newsboys and Not To Us by Chris Tomlin. Finding Who We Are by Kutless is another good one. No One Like You by David Crowder Band used to be one that we did a lot over 5 years ago and always went over well.

What’s funny is that I am actually much better with the fast songs than the slower songs (probably my experience in playing in punk bands growing up!). I am finding it harder to discover new fast songs (especially from Hillsong United). So always cool to discover new stuff (hadn’t heard the Jesus Culture Forevermore song before so that was a cool discovery). Keep up the good work! • This is a really nice mix of mostly newer and recent ideas from many different artists.

I see where you used many songs with simple phrasing which is key when developing a larger list to pick from. A few things for all of us (as leaders picking the songs our teams will sing) is to remember these key points as well: 1.) Range – some of these guys (like Stanfill, Tomlin, etc) have higher tenor voices that most have trouble singing with. The only way I have found help here is to transpose them and hope the music guys are okay (riffs sometimes change considerably when you drop a 3rd down).

Good luck here – the songs are great and worthy to be done. Watch out for songs that start really low then jump up an octave…it spells a challenge for your team and the gathering flock. 2.) Melody line/Syncopation: most of your congregations are not the ones who sing these songs constantly in the car, at the office, in the shower, etc, so really looking at phrasing and the flow of the melody helps.

In other words, pick these songs that have a simple, straightforward melody to start (nothing too jumpy in pitch or rhythm – some of this is explained above) and gradually work in songs with more syncopation,etc. Training is part of the worship process. We invite them in to join, not listen every Sunday. If you always hear “what great music!” versus “what great worship!”, go simpler. Trust me. You are there only to facilitate. Fast and simple to start can work and engage quickly. 3. Be Flowmasters – know where you go after your high octane.

Carefully go to the next adventure – key, speed, range, etc. That is huge. Prayerfully consider who sings when and how the fast song ties into the next one (fast/medium/slow). Present the theme the Holy Spirit wants to embrace. Keep these in mind – maybe more than you needed or old school stuff. Been doing this a long time now and have seen a lot of great servant led worship.

Great list – keep it up! • Laura – Thanks for your comments. I think all us worship leader gravitate toward slower, contemplative songs. However the church needs fast, upbeat songs too…especially when you’re leading youth in worship. I’m glad these songs have helped you in your journey of worship leading as you say. Another tip – ask the 9-14 year olds what worship songs they are listening too. That’s a great song idea generator as well. • Thanks so much for these songs! I have just begun my journey of leading praise and worship and these songa and videos were sooooooo helpful!

The kids are between 9-14 and although Iisten to contemporary Christian music, I am a ballad fan and have really been struggling to find some praise songs the kids could relate to. I am so grateful! Keep the praise songs coming!!! • Gabe – great to hear you have started to lead worship. That’s exactly how I started many years back. You’re in for quite an adventure if you stick with it.

Good luck incorporating fast songs – that’s one of the toughest parts of leading worship! PS – here’s a post I wrote with new worship leaders in mind: • I have been on the search for more upbeat worship songs. I plan on incorporating a few from your list! Thank you. Today is the Day- Lincoln Brewster is a song my church seems to like fairly well. Nothing Is Impossible- Planetshakers is an upbeat song that instantly makes you clap your hands.

They have a couple other upbeat songs that you may want to consider as well if you like the feel of this one. Greater- MercyMe is an absolute crowd pleaser. I have worn this song out but I’ve yet to get tired of singing or seeing everyone worship to it! Thrive- Casting Crowns is moderately upbeat but can be made more upbeat if actually playing it. I could go on and on about the worship songs that Casting Crowns have provided for my church.

**(They aren’t upbeat at all but “All you’ve ever wanted” and “Just be Held” are two songs on their new cd that really speak to my church. There are many other slower songs that they have as well that can move you to your knees.)** • Good songs. ‘Open Up The Heavens’ by Vertical Church and ‘For Your Glory’ by Matt Redman always works well. And also ‘Love Came Down’ by Ben Cantelon also is brilliant.

There are two versions. The original is more mid tempo and I prefer it. But he has recently arranged a faster one which works also. • Love some of these! thanks so much for sharing. We also do: Be Lifted Higher-David Moore, Closer-Hillsong Live, Endless Praise-Planetshakers, Glorious-Bryan and Katie Torwalt, God Most High-Worship Central.

And even though it’s not fast, one of our absolute FAVORITE SONGS is Great are You Lord by All Sons & Daughters. • Kelly, So glad the list was helpful.

Thanks for being one of the unsung heroes who works with small churches. You are needed. I think you’ll find that a lot of the 60+ crowd will like the newer fast stuff. The key is a slow transition: not trying to move the congregation too far too fast. Sounds like that’s what you have planned. Blessings on your efforts there. Tim Worship Deeper • Thank you so much. I just recently moved from a youth-centered, fast-paced church to a small-town church with ages primarily 60+.

I’m getting involved with worship there and I just couldn’t remember a lot of the songs that my old youth group and church used to do. This list was a BIG help. The choir director is wanting to slowly transition into faster-paced, more modern songs to appeal to the youth in the area. This list is so great! • No idea about the difficulty of playing these songs, but hopefully there is a gem or two that you can potentially use.

Not a worship leader myself, but definitely wish my church would pick up on some of these. We Are Your Church – Celebration Worship From the Day – I Am They We Are Yours – I Am They Everyday – Hillsong Touch the Sky – Hillsong (Off their new album ‘Empire’ – starts slow and ends fast) My Beloved – Crowder My Lighthouse – Rend Collective Your Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture • These are some great suggestions! We have just started incorporating contemporary worship songs into our service (We’ve recently had a shift from primary 60 & above to the average is mid 30s!) and these songs are a great list to start from.

We haven’t done any fast songs yet, starting them out slow- mostly songs with hymns tie-ins. I think that I am definitely going to incorporate “This is Amazing Grace” this month. I’m not sure how upbeat you consider Casting Crowns, but their East is from the West and Until the Whole World Hears could possibly make pretty good worship songs as well.

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