Best dating one month anniversary quote for him

best dating one month anniversary quote for him

I may not be your first date, your first kiss, your first love or even your first marriage. I just want to be your last everything. To my wonderful husband . The best feeling in the world is kissing someone for the first time when you've really wanted to kiss them for a long time. Anonymous. When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew Romantic Anniversary Quotes for Him. Thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like. Anonymous.

best dating one month anniversary quote for him

It's two months since you met your girl or your guy (girlfriend or boyfriend), or two months since you got married? Today is a perfect time to send some anniversary messages as wishes for the 2 months journey of love. And I'm sure you agree with that. Celebrate the love, joy and bliss encountered in these romantic two months with the samples I offer to you below; for your partner, married or unmarried, you are covered by these amazing collection of 2 Months Relationship Anniversary Messages, Wishes and Quotes.

2 Months Anniversary Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend 1 to 30 are short ones. 31 to 50 are long ones. Skip to: 1. It's 60 days of being in love with you and I'm feeling like I've been in love for a lifetime. To a brilliant past, beautiful present and an amazing future. Happy 2 months anniversary. 2. Happy two months anniversary to us at such a beautiful time.

I have no regrets having you as a partner for the past two months. I love you. 3. My love for you burns brighter and stronger as each day passes and so will it burn even beyond the two months we've spent together. Happy anniversary. 4. It's just eight weeks and I feel like the happiest man in the world.

Loving you is one thing I can't call a mistake. Happy anniversary. 5. I've been so excited being with you for these two months that I find it hard to believe that four weeks makes one month.

Happy anniversary. 6. For the past 60 days, my love for you have burned, and it will keep burning till we become one in spirit. I love you more now. Happy anniversary. 7. Sounds ridiculous but I feel like a kid again being taken care of by you. I'm so excited I wish our relationship will never end. Happy 2 months anniversary. 8. Happy 2 months anniversary to us.

Your the best partner anybody can wish for. Your level of amazing is out of this world. 9. Seconds spent with you are worth more than a lifetime spent elsewhere. And having been with you for 2 months, you can guess how I feel.

Happy 2 months anniversary to us. 10. Happy 2 months anniversary to me and you in this our beautiful relationship filled with love, life and fun. Trust me when I say it can only get better. 11. Two months with you and I've learnt a lot about love. I've become more mature and more responsible. Happy 2 months anniversary. 12. Looking back, the past two months of my life have been the loveliest, and it's because you were in it.

Happy 2 months anniversary to us. 13. Does it matter how we began? I think what matters is that our relationship is all happily ever after. Happy 2 months anniversary to us. 14. What's better than two months with a sweet, loving and beautiful person like you? What compares to heaven on earth? Happy 2 months anniversary to me and you. 15. Happy 2 months anniversary to us. You are a proof that love never left me empty handed and I guess I'm a proof that love rewarded you.

16. Happy 2 months anniversary to you and I. The money, cars and fame can wait. Having you is primary now. 17. You can keep my heart that you took from me 8 weeks ago. I won't ask for it back.

I think it's safest with you. Happy anniversary. 18. Love is never wasted, but this is to appreciate you for a deliberate attempt to love me for the past two months.

Happy 2 months anniversary to us. 19. Happy 2 months of us being together. Your presence in my life has changed me a lot. It has done a lot of good to me. Thanks for being with me. 20. I have done everything to love you greatly, but I get encouraged to do more by the way you love me. Happy 2 months anniversary to us 21. Happy 2 months anniversary.

To a relationship that's approved by God, men and ourselves. I wish us many more happy years to love ourselves. 22. Happy 2 months anniversary to both of us. A reputation we're building is that it's possible to be love and have an understanding of each other.

Let's keep it up. 23. I can tell you how much you've been to me in songs, stories and poems that would fill more books than the earth can carry after being with you for only two months. Happy anniversary to us. 24. Happy anniversary to us. Men may see our flaws and falls, but to us and to God, our faults are nothing. 25.

Happy 2 months anniversary to us. Together, we'll keep shining, love burning brightly and days getting better. 26. Happy 2 months anniversary to us. Our relationship is one of love and love. I love you, you love me.

For 60 days, we've been a great team. 27. The day I set my eyes on you I'd blessed. The cursed day that I'll leave you will never come. Happy 2 months anniversary to us. 28. Happy 2 months anniversary to us.

The best things in the world are deserved by us because we've defined relationships in the best of ways. 29. Happy 2 months anniversary to us. You've been a thing of my kind for 60 days and I like it that way. May it be so forever. 30. Happy 60 days it has been filled with love and peace. Take everything away from me, but you, and I'm gonna be okay. Happy 2 Month Anniversary Paragraph for Him or Her Sweet collection of Long 2 Month Anniversary Messages, Wishes and Quotes for Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

31. It has been two months since we agreed to take each other in a special place in our hearts. I just want to let you know that I’m with you on this road to the future. Just like the biblical route, ours is a narrow one because there is only room for the two of us, no one else has the right to walk it. Also, this route is sure to lead to paradise.

I wish us both a wonderful anniversary. 32. I know two months may not be enough to settle things for life but it’s enough to know that you’re enough. Within these two months, I’ve gotten to know that you’re adorable, sweet, kind, special .

. . and that I love you. Within two months, you’ve built a mansion in my heart that I can’t let go of because it would cost me too much. I want to take this journey we’ve started to the very end and I trust that we have the support of God on that. Happy two month anniversary, baby. 33. My darling, I love you. I’m starting with that because I know of no other perfect way to say how I feel about you.

Knowing you these two months and having you by my side has been the best experience of my life! Now, I’ve gotten to know myself better and I’ve gotten to know that it would be more than just tears I would lose if I should ever let you walk out of my life.

I also want you to know that I would never, ever do that and I adore you. Happy anniversary to us. 34. It was a cold and dark world before you came into my life. I struggled to find the right person who could solve the problem of the coldness of my heart but no one could. Not until two months ago when you became a part of my life completely. For two months now, you’ve kept the fire you set in my heart from the first day I met you burning, providing warmth and light to solve the problem of coldness and darkness in my heart.

Thank you, baby. Happy anniversary. 35. You, my dear, have been water to my thirsty soul and food to my heart that always yearns for satisfaction for the past two months.

People say that we are at a point where nothing is confirmed, a place where we don’t know anything for certain and where we can’t make speculations about the future. Well, as usual, people are wrong again. I know for certain that I love you and that I’ll love you for as long as we are together- and I want that to be forever. Finally, I know that you’re the best thing that has happened in my life. Happy two months anniversary to us. 36. For two months now, we’ve sewn our hearts together in love and we’ve walked and worked together hand in hand towards the future, our future.

I mean, what’s the essence of hustling and struggling in this short life without having someone to share it with? What better way to fight back in life than with a partner who has your back at all times? Sometimes, life does nothing but troubles and temptations for you, so I’m sure you aren’t a product of life attacking me.

You’re a sure and divine product of God’s love for me. Happy two months anniversary. 37. Just being with you these past two months has changed my life. I now see opportunities in life rather than failures, and I see every disappointment as a blessing in disguise.

I no longer see the rain in the light of disappointment but as a phenomenon that helps to wash me clean and provide the beautiful rainbow for me to see. All these have come into my life these two months by virtue of your entrance into it. You are priceless, honey. Happy anniversary to us. 38. I could never repay you for the value you’ve brought to my life this past two months but I hope these few words could give you a glimpse of what I feel about you and how much I cherish your presence in my life.

I have nothing else to say other than I love you, I always want you around me by my side, you’re the best, you’re my pill when I’m sick and you’re everything I want now and everything I ever wanted. I want us to last forever and I hope and pray we make it. Thank you for the opportunity to live in your heart. Happy anniversary. 39. I have been the richest person in the world for the past two months because I have you, a valuable treasure and asset that is worth more than any other thing in this world.

You give me joy, love, peace and every other thing money cannot give and you give me for free. I pray to God every day that we last forever, and I know we can but I don’t want to worry about that today. Today, I just want to hold your hands and celebrate two months of everything we share together.

Happy anniversary, darling. 40. Some say we’re so much in love because we’re still young but I refuse to listen to that. Why? That’s because every passing second, minute, hour and day, I only seem to love you more than the past and less than the future.

So it’s not possible that my love for you would diminish as time passes. Oh my, I can’t imagine how much I’ll love you tomorrow!

Two months have gone, and we’re getting stronger. Happy anniversary, darling. I cherish you. 41. Imagine having the birds chirp, the beautiful sound of the rustling of leaves, water rushing in the river, wind whistling during the harmattan and elephants howling for joy.

Imagine the special feeling all these things make a human have. That’s what you’ve made me feel and even better these past two months of being with you.

You’re perfect and I wish I could make the whole world hear that. I love you so much and I want to spend forever with you. Thank you for being with me. Happy anniversary. 42. Dear baby, I’ve lived every second of the last two months wondering: “What would my life have been if I didn’t have you?

If I didn’t have you to wrap around my arms when I felt stressed? If I didn’t have you to playfully fight with? How would I have faced the numerous difficulties life offered that you softened by virtue of your presence? What did I ever do to deserve this blessing God bestowed upon me to love me without limits?

The answers to these questions could drive a person crazy and I don’t wish to run mad. Instead, I want to wish us a happy two-month anniversary celebration and a long-lasting relationship. 43. I am indeed convinced that no human can under any circumstance, measure the value and importance your presence has brought to my life, not even you.

Only God can, and that’s because he’s infinite. With him in this relationship, I know for certain that it’s going to infinite too. The only thing we have to do is trust and believe in him and hold on to each other on this stormy journey. I thank you for being a part of my life. Happy anniversary, baby. 44. Two months. Two months of laughter and arguments. Two months of joy and sometimes a little pain. Two months of finding our place and doing every other thing together. Two months of having you on my mind for every second.

I wish I can always have you in my hand till the end of time, and I know that it’s going to happen, but until then, I want to continue to bask in the ocean of your love, peace and joy. I 45. Whenever you’re far away from me, I can’t seem to focus.

Whenever you’re mad at me, I have sleepless nights until you smile back at me again. I wish my words could suffice to show you how much I love you, but they don’t even come close. I value you, I cherish you and I would never put anyone or thing before you as long as we are together. Before you worry about how long that would be, I just want us to relax and celebrate our love.

Happy anniversary, baby. 46. My heart had formed a firewall and generated a program that turned down any agenda of love in my life before.

This program was generated due to the effect of life experiences in my world prior to your emergence two months ago. However, when you came along, I mean, when you came in, you brought down the firewall and rewrote the program of my life. Now I know that love exists and you are a total embodiment of it. I love you with every bone and drop of blood in my body. Happy anniversary, honey. 47. Sweetheart, I cannot thank you enough for entering the jungle in my life and turning it to Disneyland.

I cherish every single moment we have shared together these past two months. For every time I’ve made you smile, you’ve done the same for me twenty times over. With you, the world feels like a speck of dust to me. With you, I know I can take anything. With you, I have no fear for tomorrow because I know that whatever happens, you’re going to be in it.

Happy anniversary, darling. 48. It’s amazing how about sixty days with you have made more impact on my life than the thousands of days I spent alone in this world before your arrival. Every empty part of me that grew deeper due to the harsh nature of the world we find ourselves have been filled totally with your never-ending oil of joy. There’s nobody I want to share my life and family more than you, and I know that the creator agrees.

Thank you for all you have done for my once sick and shattered heart within two months. I love you, honey. Happy two months anniversary. 49. I’ve found a friend that sticks closer than a blood relative, with whom I want to spend every second of the rest of my life with.

I’ve found a confidant I can tell my secrets and be sure of their safety. I’ve found a teacher who has tutored me with love on everything I need to know about the subject. I’ve found a person who can be a parent, a friend, a confidant, a protector and a lover all at the same time.

The good part? It has taken me just two months to figure all these out about this person. Baby, you’re special to me and there’s nobody that could even come close to doing all these things you’ve done for and to me in the past two months. Happy anniversary, love. 50. It's beautiful when you find a beauty that you can appreciate and that appreciates your own beauty. Nothing compares to that. My dedication to you is undying and I'm proud of having you by my side. I'll do a lot to be with you.

Two months and you've been the best partner I've ever had. Happy 2 months anniversary to us. I have no regrets knowing or meeting you, my sunshine. 2 Months Anniversary Messages for Husband and Wife 1 to 30 are short ones. 31 to 50 are long ones. Skip to: . 1. Being a part of me for two months have been the best thing to happen to me in my life so far.

Happy two months anniversary to us. 2. I have had no regrets loving and being loved by you in the past eight weeks. It's been bliss, joy and laughter. Happy 2 months anniversary to us. 3. It's like my life just began two months ago when we got married.

I've been so alive I feel like I've been dead before. Happy 2 months. 4. Regrets are for people that are the exact opposite of us, because any relationship that's like ours can't have regrets. It's two months now. 5. Two months and still counting, we've been the best of couples, swimming in love and life. Happy two months anniversary. 6. Happy two months it has been since you said yes to me.

No one can tell me otherwise. Happy two months anniversary to us. 7. Happy two months anniversary to us. Love has kept us together, not leaving us empty-handed, blessing every one of our activities. 8. These two months we've been together have been the most exciting two months of my life. Times like this should never come to an end.

Happy two months of us being together. 9. Happy two months anniversary to us. The best time ever spent in my life were these two months spent with you. I have loved everything about it. 10. Happy two months anniversary. A wife and a husband turned siblings, friends, and bosom partners. It's been fun being with you, Darling.

11. Happy two months anniversary to us. We've played together, drank together and been together for this short and I know the longer the better. 12. Let those who want to talk keep talking. We are meant to be together, forever, me and you.

Happy two months anniversary to us. 13. Happy two months wedding anniversary to me and you being together. The months ahead are better, more awesome and more lovely. 14. Happy two months anniversary to us. My love for you grows bigger, better and greater. I'll love you forever. 15. Two months of love is enough to make someone go mad. But coming from you, it can make someone go mad and wild.

Being with you for two months have been awesome. 16. Happy two months anniversary to us. May our love keep growing and blossoming healthily forever. Thanks for being with me. 17. No regrets for the past. No complaints about the present. And no fears for the future. Just because I've been with you for two months. 18. Two months have been enough to prove our love to each other, but not enough to give each other the full package of what our love has to offer. Happy two months anniversary to us.

19. Week after week, you've been a resting place for me to run away from my fears. It's been lovely being with you for a happy two months. 20. Rest is when you've found a mate like yourself, and you know that no one can take me away from you.

I have no fears because I know you are my rest. Happy 2 months to us. 21. Love is the bedrock of our marriage and two months of love have been more than amazing. Happy two months to us. I love you. 22. 60 days have given me more than what I would have wished for if I had 60 wishes. And the months ahead are more glorious.

Happy two months to us. 23. It's been two months of joy being with a darling like you. I can imagine how sweet the red of my life will be now. Happy two months to us. 24. A person like you in my life can never be regretted. You just proved it to me these two months we've been together. Happy 2 months anniversary to us.

25. Every day spent with you in the last two months has with it a reason to smile. It's been awesome and beautiful. Thanks for being in my life. Happy two months to us. 26. Walking and talking with you in my life is a steady adventure that can't be regretted. You have made me better. Happy two months anniversary to us. 27. I've felt like a king these past two months, because you've made me feel like one.

I am happy to have you in my life. Happy 2 months to us. 28. Happy two months of our being married. I love every moment of our being together. No regrets. Just love and joy and laughter. I love you. 29. It's been 8 weeks of being together in a home with you. I wish to be nowhere else. I know it will be better because we have better days ahead. Happy two months. 30. Love will always find a way, but you've made it easier in the last two months by creating a way for love.

Happy two months to us, love. Long 2 Month Anniversary Messages for Husband or Wife Sweet collection of Long 2 Month Anniversary Messages, Wishes and Quotes for Your Husband or Wife. 31. Hey, baby. It’s been two months of walking this path with you. Sometimes you’ve had potholes on your side of the road, sometimes I’ve had on mine. Sometimes we faced them at the same time. However, one thing remained constant. We crossed all of them together. I just want you to know that there’s nobody else I’d rather take this journey with.

I cherish and love you so much, my dear. Happy anniversary, my love. 32. Two months have gone since we started travelling the same road together, not as strangers, but as a team with one mind, one direction and purpose. Throughout this time, you’ve always stopped to treat my wound whenever I dash my foot. You’ve given me priceless advice regarding the direction of our journey so far and I can’t thank you enough for this. We’ve walked hand in hand all the way, and I pray that it be so forever.

Happy anniversary, darling. 33. Two months has been enough time for me to know that you’re the one for me forever. Within this time, I’ve been able to set my priorities right, get closer to my future and purpose. Within this time, I’ve been able to establish settle turbulent waves in my heart by your calm touch and it’s all because of your presence in it.

You are no work of fate, you’re a result of divine inspiration and love from the Father in heaven himself. I would kill for you, babe. Happy anniversary. 34. We’ve been in the same boat for two months now. Many times we had to lose some things we had that were weighing us down to keep our boat from sinking.

Sometimes, we got scared when the waves threatened, sometimes we got sick along the way, sometimes we couldn’t see the shore and we lost faith; but every day we’ve learnt to trust God, the captain. Happy anniversary, my dear. 35. My love, first of all, I want to let you know that I totally have no regrets deciding to spend the rest of my life with you.

These first two months have been a direct evidence of God’s favour and love on our marriage. It has struck me over the course of these two months that God is totally interested in our marriage and that makes me feel refreshed and settled.

I’m looking forward to more and more adventures together and many more anniversaries like this in the future. Happy anniversary, baby.

36. Sometimes, I just take a sit and stare. Reminisce about how my life was before I met you and think about how the past two months would have been without you in it. I always come up with nothing. A void, dark and empty space within me is all I can think about without you. I want you to know that you don’t just have space in my heart, you’re my whole heart, because it’s clear that there’s nothing there without you.

I love you until the end of time and space, because we’re getting there. Happy anniversary, my dear. 37. These past two months have made me convinced that there is God and you are created in his image.

This is because, in all my time in this world, I’ve never seen anyone comparable to you. You’ve totally turned my life around simply with your presence in it. No one can understand me like you, satisfy me like you and I’d be a fool to let you go.

I love you forever and a day more, because I know we are going to last that long. Happy anniversary to us, sweetie. 38. It’s been a wonderful and pleasurable journey with you these past two months, honey. Since the day we took off, it’s been a beautiful view at the top as we’ve flown above our fears towards heaven. We’ve encountered many troubles and turbulence along the way but we sat tight, hand in hand, sharing all our fears together and building on our weaknesses.

Through all, we’ve learned to trust God, the most efficient pilot of all. Happy anniversary, sweetie. 39. What a wonderful and blissful time it has been with you for the past two months. Two months of laughter, some tears, happiness, arguments, understanding and above all, love.

You’ve been the sugar in my life, literally. I mean I can’t estimate how sweet you’ve made my life since you decided to spend the rest of your life with me. Believe me, I don’t take that decision for granted and I’m willing to do anything to keep you with me forever. I love you, baby. Happy anniversary. 40. Hey, my love. I’ve lived in paradise for the last two months, not because of where we live in but because of who I live with.

I have always felt satisfied this past two months, not because of the food I’ve been eating but because you fill my heart with joy. I relax in these thoughts as I know that it won’t be possible to live in hell because your presence will always change it to heaven for me and that I’ll never be hungry because you’ll always be there to fill me up. Thank you for your love and companionship. Happy anniversary, baby. 41. We’ve been married for 60 days or 1,440 hours or 86,400 minutes or 5,184,000 seconds and in all of these, I assure you that there’s not a single second that I didn’t have you in my head.

You have become a part of my mind, body and soul that I can’t let go of. For every second, you’ve taken care of me physically, emotionally and now everything tallies. I love, appreciate and adore you and I’ll never put anyone before you.

Happy two months anniversary to us. 42. My heart is precious and I don’t give it to just anyone. However, from the first day I met you, I knew that you had to be the one and only gatekeeper to my guarded heart and two months ago, we both sealed the deal. I want to let you know that within those two months, I’ve had no regrets whatsoever regarding my decision to give you that job as you’ve protected and guarded my heart with your life. I love you to the heavens and back, honey.

Happy anniversary to us. 43. Marriage is a contract that lasts a lifetime and anniversaries like these are contract reminders and extension, most importantly renewals. I want you to know that you’ve been holding your end of the contract very well and that you have the job and contract for as long as we both live. I also want you to know that there’s nobody more suited for this hard task than you and that nobody, I mean nobody is taking this job away from you.

Oh, did I forget to say that I love you with my whole life? Happy two months anniversary, babe. 44. It’s funny how years and years of my hustle to find my place and the right person doesn’t seem to matter when I think about just these two months we have spent together. It’s funny how every large sand hill of disappointment seems like a speck of dust whenever I think of the mountain of support I have with you. For so long, I was puzzled about my life direction, love and purpose, but just like a jigsaw, you put all the pieces together and made my life a beautiful picture to behold.

I love you dearly. Happy anniversary, babe. 45. We have traversed through life as two separate entities for the whole of our lives except the past two months. We are one now in mind, purpose and direction and I must say it has been much easier for two people striving for one purpose than two different entities shooting for different goals. I know that when I’m bruised and fallen, you’ll always be there to take care of me till I’m strong enough to continue shooting and I want you to know that I will do the same for you with no hesitation.

I love you, baby. Happy two month anniversary to us. 46. For the past two months, my eyes have been set on the future and for the first time in my life, I worry less about what it holds for me. Why is that? Simply because I have you. I’m at a point where I know that my future is secure as long as you are in it. You are my future and you are perfect, you’re my future and you’re rock solid, you’re my everything, so what’s the need of worrying?

So as we celebrate two months of constant victory today, expect me to chill and toss my fears into the deepest of oceans. I love you, baby. Happy two months anniversary. 47. I want to thank you, first for coming into my life when I was losing hope in the world and the word “LOVE”. Next, I want to thank you for agreeing to share your life with me and walk this path to forever with me.

I must say, marrying you was the biggest and best decision I’ve made in my entire life. Finally, I want to thank you for the last two months, for being my backbone, my extra foot to stand on and my personal comforter and supporter. I love you, baby. Happy anniversary, my love. 48. My heart pounds for joy whenever I remember that I have just spent a drop of an ocean of time with you in this marriage.

We’ve gone for two months now, and it’s enough for me to be happy for the rest of my life and the best thing is, we still have forever to go! God must love me the most because he gave me the best of the best. I appreciate your efforts to make my life sweeter and I promise you that I’ll be doing the same as the years roll by.

Happy anniversary, baby. 49. I used to hustle day and night to find my place in the world. I used to grind up and down for attention from the world.

But from the day you decide to share my life with me two months ago, you’ve taught me better. Know I understand that you’re all I need to struggle to keep in my world because you mean the world to me. It would cost me nothing to give the world away to be with you forever, baby, because you are my world. I love you and I thank you for the past two months. 50. It’s been two months of open heavens on my life by virtue of your presence in it. I’ve received blessing unlimited. I’ve received favour, joy, laughter and unlimited happiness.

All because of you. I normally am an unappreciative person but because of you, I’ve learned to be grateful for every little thing. So today, I wish to thank you for every single time you made me smile, every time you forgave me for my silly errors, every time you had my back. All these memories combined have made my life amazing and I love you for every one of them. Two months down, forever to go.

best dating one month anniversary quote for him

best dating one month anniversary quote for him - Happy One Month Anniversary Quotes, Poems, and Messages

best dating one month anniversary quote for him

All relationships are based on the attention. It`s not only about the attention, which you pay to each other. It`s also about the details and small things, which sometimes is considered to be unimportant. 1 month anniversary is among these details. Many pairs think that all dates like this one aren`t worthy of their attention. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake! One month anniversary is exactly the time, when everything in the relationship with your partner changes.

The first month of your connection is a kind of barrier, which you have to penetrate to develop and strengthen the love. There are no any differences between wedding anniversary or the one of the . It`s exactly the time, when the so-called honeymoon period is over and the real everyday life begins.

Now, it`s clear enough that one month anniversary is a special date for all lovers, and you should pay a special attention to it! Cute poems, sweet quotes, interesting text messages and best images along with letter examples are the most common idea to use in the case you`re going to congratulate somebody you love.

It`s also a good idea to share a happy monthiversary paragraph with your boyfriend or girlfriend through the Internet. The wide selection of pictures with the 1 month anniversary paragraph for him and for her is the source of your inspiration to say “Happy one month anniversary, my dear!” to your boyfriend or girlfriend out loud! Examples of a Paragraph about 1 Month Anniversary for Her Almost all boyfriends believe that saying great things to their girlfriends is a kind of challenge. We are going to disapprove this myth!

You may easily impress the lover with your oratory even with one 1 month anniversary paragraph for her! • For every great man, there’s a great woman to back him and hold him up. I got you through thick and thin and through the storms of the rain. Every day I wake I thank God for sending me my great women of virtue. I love you more than words can express, and I thank you for allowing me to love you and being your great man of valor. Together we are unstoppable, and the sky’s the limit.

I love you, baby. • If the rest of my life goes on like the last month, I will die happily. It will be one heck of a ride, wild with you by my side.

I can’t picture living any other way. Happy one month anniversary. • Everyone says that you and I make a beautiful couple and that we look very happy together. My darling, I wish you a happy first anniversary. • The key to our love never ends is to be sincere from the beginning.

I am and that’s why I am the luckiest man in the world for having the pleasure to celebrate an anniversary with you. • I could keep searching my life again and again, but I know there would be no one even half like you. Happy one month anniversary. • There are roughly 43,800 minutes in one month and every single one of them has been out of this world because you’ve been in my life.

I can’t wait for the next 43,800 minutes. Love you! • Happy onemonth anniversaryy, my darling lover. It’s been filled with fun, laughter, and definitely plenty of love. I hope I’m lucky enough to be able to say happy anniversary to you for many more months, and many more years too. You’re the love of my life. Cute Poems to Use at One Month Anniversary You mustn`t leave your one month anniversary without appropriate attention!

At least some poems with congratulations should be sent to your partner in order to commemorate this event! • I love you past the moon and even past the stars.

I love you past the sun and even past Mars. My love for you goes on beyond infinity. Happy one month anniversary baby. • Don’t forget to make a wish when you see a falling star – those wishes come true because I wished and found you. Happy one month anniversary.

• I never knew the rain could be so beautiful until I danced with you. The way rain fall, I fell in love with you. Happy one month anniversary.

• Many people might not have said we’d lost for a week, let alone a month, but I love that we’re proving them wrong. Come rain or shine, I’ll be yours if you promise to be mine?

Happy one-month, my love. Here’s to many more! • Remember, together forever never apart, maybe in distance but never at heart. I love you. So here’s to a month so great And all the times staying out late Here’s to the more times to come And the relationship to become.

Happy One Month Anniversary All the time it’s the same, I’ve gotten lost in your eyes. When I’m without you I feel like a block of ice! I want to kiss your lips but I’m full of fright.

Whenever I see your face it’s like I was unknowingly in a cave and you became my sudden light! Happy 1 month anniversary! Fascinating 1 Month Anniversary Paragraph for Your Girlfriend As a rule, all girlfriends wait for the 1 month anniversary of their relationships more than their partners do.

During this time, the main task of each boyfriend is not to forget about the importance of this date and choose the best congratulating paragraph for his girlfriend! • I feel as if I’ve known you for my entire life. I have never truly connected with anyone the way that I connect with you.

When I stare into your eyes I suddenly feel like I’m home. I love you, happy anniversary. • I hope you like this text because I send it to you with all my love to greet you because today is our first month as a couple.

I love you more than ever! • I feel the happiest man there is in this world and it is because I have your love and we are fulfilling our first month as a couple.

Congratulations! • I thought that the month had started yesterday but the fact is that the time flew away, because I’m in love with the most wonderful woman in the world, happy anniversary, I love you.

• I am in love with my life since I’ve found you – and since I’ve found you, I’ve found my life. Happy one month anniversary baby. • Good morning, my love. Can you believe that we have been together for a month now? It’s nowhere near as long as I’d like to spend with you, but a step closer to forever. Thanks for being mine. • I never would have guessed that a love like ours could flourish in such a short space of time, but it has, and it feels like I have been blessed to fall in love with someone who is also my best friend.

Happy one month anniversary, my darling. Sweet Quotes for One Month Anniversary Sweet words of appreciation, gotten at the anniversary of one month relationships, are one of the most desirable presents for both girlfriend and boyfriend. The following quotes, devoted to this occasion, will be most welcome!

• After spending a whole month with you, I finally can say my life is going where I want it to be. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m beginning to feel happy again, and it’s so great. • I believe that you and I are made for each other and we show it every day because our love does not seem to stop growing bigger and bigger.

I love you so much and I greet you on our first month as boyfriend and girlfriend. • When we hold each other, cuddle, and kiss, I find myself in a whole new world.

It’s nothing short of magic. It gives me goosebumps and makes me wish the moment would stop. I just want to hold you tighter and tighter. You’re the only one I need. Happy one month anniversary! • No one would ever guess that we’d been together for just four weeks. The closeness that we have is more than some couples experience in decades together.

I am so grateful to have you to light up my life, happy first month anniversary, my darling. • They say that love comes when you least expect it to, and when you stop looking for it. That was very much the case when you came along, but now here we are, one month later, getting bigger and better with each day that passes.

Thanks for being the best and most unexpected surprise. Happy one month, baby. • Happy one month anniversary to my amazing lover! This month has been absolutely perfect! Thank you, babe, for everything! • I need to take a minute to appreciate the most amazing man I know. You mean the absolute world to me, not only are you an amazing boyfriend but you’re the perfect best friend! You put up with me and my attitude, you do everything you can to make me happy and I truly appreciate everything you do, no matter how big or small. Happy 1 month anniversary!

Best Text Messages to Wish Happy One Month Anniversary It will never be enough just to say “Happy one month anniversary” to the person you love. When the day of your first anniversary comes, you`re expected to prepare the best text messages, explaining why you cherish this relationship and your partner! • Happy one-month anniversary to the love of my life, my better half, the sunshine to my dark days! I love you and continue to look forward to our long, happy life together. • When we first met I never imagined how important you’d become to me in such a little amount of time.

One month feels like ages that I have known you. I can’t wait for many more to come. I love you. • Our beautiful love adventure is just beginning and has made us feel so happy that I am very excited to think about our future. Happy first month anniversary!

• I promise that the love I gave you in this month does not compare at all to the love that I will give you every day of my life. Gift me a smile, today is our anniversary, sweetie.

• It takes three seconds to say I am in love with you. It takes three hours to explain why. It takes a lifetime to express and prove it. I’m ready for all! Happy first month anniversary! • Happy Anniversary to my darling boyfriend/girlfriend. If you think the past month was fun and filled with love, wait until you see what the next few months and years have to offer us.

I love you! • It’s been just four weeks since we first agreed to belong to one another, and I can truly say that it’s been one of the best months of my life. Fun, laughter, and just a couple of obstacles to fight along the way … I know life won’t always be this easy, but I know I’ll always have your back if you’ll have mine?

I love you, darling. Happy anniversary! Happy One Month Anniversary Letter To Send My Boyfriend When you pronounce “my boyfriend”, it doesn`t mean that you own him. No! It means that you love this person and want to continue to develop relationships with him.

This is exactly what things you have to convey him through a happy letter on your one month anniversary! • We’ve seen rain and sun, cloud and clear skies, night and day. Happy mornings and miserable nights, lonely hours and minutes that have sped by too fast. One month in and I’m so excited for what may happen in front of us. No obstacle is too big, no mountain too high. We’ll have stormy seas and motionless lakes, but month after month, we’ll make it through. My darling boyfriend/girlfriend, I very much love you.

• Thirty days I have been able to call you mine. I would never trade a single one of those days for anything! I will cherish them forever. I cannot wait for our life together to begin. Here’s to a very special one month anniversary with my soul mate. Cheers!

• I always wondered if I could ever find someone who’d love me back. It finally came true with you entering my life. You’re the special someone I ever wanted in my life. Happy 1 month anniversary! • God knew what he was doing when he brought you into my life, and I thank him every day that I have you to love and lean on. The past month has passed by in the blink of an eye, and I can’t wait to see what the coming months brings us.

With all of my heart, I love you, and Happy Anniversary to my darling boyfriend. • You see me through the darkest of days and the gloomiest of nights, bringing fun and laughter into my life like no one before you ever has. Happy anniversary, my darling, thank you for being mine.

• Once upon a time, a girl dreamed of a boy to enter her life, kiss away the tears, and make everything better again.

You have done that for me, my love, kissing away the tears and making everything better again. In just a month ,you made me fall for you, and with each month that passes, I have no doubt that I’ll fall for you more and more. With all my heart, I’m yours and I love you.

• Sometimes, I need to pinch myself? Why? Because I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have you as my significant other. Thank you for being mine, and happy one-month anniversary. I adore you! Monthiversary Paragraph for Boyfriend to Make Him Happy Don`t think that your boyfriend will not be happy to celebrate the first anniversary of your relationship. He will definitely get a lot of pleasure, reading an intimate monthiversary paragraph, which you`ll prepare only for him!

• In one month, I’ve found a best friend and companion in you, someone who stole my heart unexpectedly. I love you and thank you for putting up with me. I know it hasn’t been easy, but through it all, you are still here. Happy first month of our love! • You changed my view of the world with just one smile. You stole my heart with just one kiss. You made me your forever in just one month. Happy anniversary. • I am very happy to know it’s been a month since I met the man of my dreams, that man is you, sweetie.

Happy anniversary. • If you ask me when I’d stop loving you, I’d drop a tear in the ocean and stop loving you the day I find it. Happy one month anniversary. • Time flies, but the moments we’ve spent together are ours and ours alone.

Thanks for being in my life. Happy anniversary! • It feels like I’ve known you forever, but it has only been a month. Who could have known that I would have fallen for someone who was just perfect for me?

Thank you for the time that you have already invested in us, and I can’t wait to see what our future holds. • Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. It’s how I felt when I first met you.

Now, one month in, my love for you is as certain as can be. We are made to be. Happy one month anniversary to my beautiful partner-in-love and crime. Variants of Images to Celebrate First Month Anniversary The first month anniversary may be not only in words, but also on various images! Interesting images, devoted to the 1 month anniversary, are easy to send to your partner or post in your profile!

Pictures Devoted to the One Month Anniversary of the Wedding The one month anniversary of your wedding is definitely one of the most important dates. You know this better than anyone does! That`s why you`ll become interested in wonderful pictures about one month anniversary! Passionate 1 Month Anniversary Paragraph for Him Let him know how important this 1 month anniversary is for you!

A paragraph with tender words about the first anniversary will make him do something great for you on this day! • I have loved you since the very first time I laid my eyes on you. Time can change many things, but it will never change for my dedication and love for you. Happy anniversary baby. • I love you way more than all the words can define, thoughts can imagine, and feelings can express. Happy 1 month anniversary! • All I want for this 1 month anniversary is to be your most wanted hello and your most touching goodbye.

• Do you know how many hours there are in each month? 730 hours. Roughly. Do you know how many of those hours we spent together out of that 730? I don’t know either, but I do know that, out of that 730 hours, I wish I’d spent every single of them with you. Happy one month anniversary, baby, I really love you! • A month is just a fraction of the time that I hope to spend with you.

In fact, when compared to forever, a month is no time at all. It’s been a blast, thank you for such a great, fun ride. Here’s to many more! I love you! • Since the first time you messaged me, my heart has been set on you. From the cute little nicknames you give me, the late night face times, and every single text message and phone call give me more of a reason to love you.

You never doubt me, and no matter what you always support me. You’re such an amazing boyfriend, and I can’t wait until I can finally hold you, kiss you, hug you, and tell you how unbelievably in love with you I am.

• I can’t wait to wake up next to your cute face every morning, and for you to be the last person I see before I go to bed. I will never give up on you baby! You are my rock, my happy place, and my hero. You may also like:

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Anniversary Wishes For Boyfriend : There have been millions of lover about to celebrate their love and relationship anniversary after a successful long-term relationship. This is an wonderful time when two loving heart going to cherish their moment of first meet.

It seems you’re also looking for some heartwarming anniversary messages for boyfriend or wishes to make him surprise on this happy moment.

Here we have something special which will be a great way to celebrate your love anniversary with your beloved boyfriend. Just check out our compilation of happy anniversary messages where you will find some romantic, sweet and funny anniversary wishes which could melt him with deep affection of love. Romantic Anniversary Wishes For Boyfriend This is the day we joined our hearts in love. We promised to never leave each other & here we are!Happy anniversary, my love.

Today is the day, when Cupid hit us both to pair us up and to bind us in an invincible bond. We will cherish our anniversary in the best way, today. I had been eagerly waiting for our togetherness to complete a year. And today it finally has arrived! Happy Anniversary, Babe! Our love has finally reached it’s goal by successfully accomplishing a year of togetherness. We will celebrate our anniversary with joy while cherishing our special moments.

Your every kiss & every hug tells me that you have kept the promise you made on this day! Happy anniversary! We’ll never let go of each other! You are my true love of life which I found on this day, I can’t wait to give you some special on this happy anniversary of our blessed relationship, loves you lot honey!

I am a blessed girlfriend indeed! It’s a shout I’d make to let the world know how much I love you. May our love grow sturdy each day. Happy Anniversary. I will always remember the moment we became lovers. I can’t imagine my life without you since then. Thank you for the love and caring. I love you! For the man that steals my heart, The man that made my heart flutters, The man that sweeps me off my feet and put butterfly in my stomach when he’s around, Happy Anniversary sweetheart! Emotional Anniversary Messages for Boyfriend Realizing that I am the reason behind your smile and the sparkle in your eyes makes me fall in love with you even harder.

Happy Anniversary, Love. As we complete another year of togetherness, I pray to the Almighty that he always keeps us bonded like this and make our love stronger.

On our anniversary today, I want you to always keep me protected with the shield of your love by embracing me in your arms. The warmth of your hugs and the power of your love have always given me strength to face all the negativity of this world. Happy Anniversary, Handsome! Your presence in my life tells me how blessed I am.

You completed my life with your love. Thank you for coming in my life, love. You May Read : Sweet Anniversary Texts for Boyfriend I pray that my love makes your smile the brightest one. Happy Anniversary, my love. Never let go of my hand, always keep holding it tightly forever.

Happy Anniversary, Babe. I don’t want anything from you this anniversary, other than a promise to always put every effort required so that we always stay together. I will never let ups and downs bring differences between us.

I will do everything that is needed to stay together, forever. Every time when I witness a year of our togetherness has passed by, all the sacrifices seems worth it. 1st Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend Let’s celebrate the day you gave up on finding anyone better than me.

Happy 1st anniversary! I love you with all my heart and so on this, the day of our 1st anniversary, I want to say you make me the happiest woman in the world to have your love.

This may be our first year together, But the start of a lifetime of wonderful memories and tons of love. Happy Anniversary! Today we meet our first year anniversary and every day we have spent together, we have seen our love grow more and more and it has filled our hearts with happiness, happy anniversary my love.

Happy first anniversary to the hottest, cutest, and sweetest boyfriend ever. You rock my world! I will always remember the moment we became lovers. I can’t imagine my life without you since then. Thank you for the love and caring. I love you! Happy 1st Anniversary. What to do on our anniversary is a thought that excites me, but not as much as fondly remembering how it all started in the first place.

Happy 1st anniversary my love! A year has flown by, and I didn’t even realize it. Is the rest of our lives together going to run just as smoothly?

I hope so. Wishing you a very happy 1st anniversary darling. You May Read : In the first year of our love, you’ve shown me all the good things that I’ve been missing all my life. Wishing us both a happy first anniversary! Time flies, but the moments we’ve spent together are ours and ours alone. Thanks for being in my life. Happy 1st anniversary! 2nd Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend We have completed our 2nd year of togetherness.

We did face a lot of ups and downs but I am happy that we conquered them all together. Happy Anniversary, Baby. With every year that passes by, I pray for our love to get even more deeper.

Today, we have crossed another year, that was full of love. It may seem like a blink of an eye, but we actually have spent another year of togetherness so full of love, care and support. Thank you love for being there always! Every time I look into your eyes, I become amazed how your love for me has never changed and remained the same. Happy 2nd Anniversary, love. Our bond will only get stronger & deeper.

And every year it will bring more reasons to fall in love harder with each other. Happy 2nd Anniversary to my love! 3rd Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend Being loved by you is the most precious gift that I have received from life. Thank you for choosing me as your companion. Happy Anniversary, Love. The bond that kept us connected with love, is getting stronger as we pass each year.

I wish this anniversary will make our bond stronger than ever. Just Hold me tight into your arms so that no negativity can touch me ever.This is all I want from you in this anniversary. We have accomplished dreams that we have seen together in the past. I will always be there so that you can achieve all your goals. Happy Anniversary, Love. Also Read : If we can accomplish most of our dreams in just three years, imagine what we can accomplish in a lifetime! Happy Anniversary, Love. Getting the opportunity to share moments of my life with you, makes me feel the luckiest among all.

I promise to cherish your importance life long. Funny Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend On our anniversary I promise to continue annoying you, because you look so cute when you angry! I love you. Happiest Anniversary dear! I am amazed by your strength, by your love; for putting up with my craziness all these years!

Wishing you a wonderful Anniversary. They say you will find love in every corner – it seems I’m walking in circles because there’s love everywhere since I’ve met you. Happy anniversary dear love! Happy Anniversary to the man I will always want and need, even when I am too old to remember what exactly that is. You’re a thief – you stole my heart. You are a hijacker – you hijacked my feelings.

The police will soon be there – I’ll see you soon! I know I always annoyed you, but do you know the emotions I got from you, are more expensive than life. I should thank God who sent a person for me, I can annoy him for the lifetime.

You are the perfect partner for me I love you. Relationship Anniversary Quotes Grow old with me, the best is yet to be. – Robert Browning I wish there was a word more than ‘love’ itself to convey what I feel for you.

– Faraaz Kazi It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. – Rita Rudner Our love is our mystery; It leads us to its discovery; Let us follow it, like a good story; Let us celebrate it, like an anniversary. I will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respecting you, showing you every day that I hold you as high as the stars. – Steve Maraboli Forever is a measure of time used by people who share an ordinary love.

Our extraordinary love is immeasurable … for us, forever just won’t do. – Steve Maraboli As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change.

. . I will always keep falling in love with you. – Karen Clodfelder I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second or third or fourth. But I remember the first moment I looked at you walking toward me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you.

– Cassandra Clare My mother and stepfather were married 43 years, so I have watched a long marriage. I feel like I had a very good role model for that. And, you know, it’s just a number. – Jamie Lee Curtis Read More : Dear, congratulations on your anniversary, we hope that you have enjoyed all these happy anniversary messages and wishes for boyfriend along with relationship anniversary quotes.

Wishing you be happy everyday and a life full of love!

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