Best afro date romantic movie till

best afro date romantic movie till

14 Best Sad Romantic Movies of All Time. Tanveer M. Khan. August 11, 2018. Add comment. 10 min read. The romantic genre of filmmaking is probably one of the most loved categories of cinema because it connects with the audiences on a personal level. Some relive their own stories through the tales told on the big screen, while others draw inspiration to start off with their own! Whatever it is, romantic films will always continue to lure audiences to the theatres as long as filmmakers continue to explore more angles in this genre. But not all love stories end in ‘happily-ever-afters’. Some are s .

best afro date romantic movie till

Some of the movies that are easiest to fall head-over-heels in love with are the ones about people falling head-over-heels for each other – unlikely odd-couples who bump into each other in a magical meet-cute, sparking a heart-rending will-they-won’t-they saga all topped off with an uplifting finale.

Swoon. We’ve channelled our inner romantics to present Empire’s list of the 50 Best Romantic Movies. 50. About Time , England’s foremost rom-commer, here plays with the space-time continuum in the most engaging and quirky way he knows how.

While and play off each other well, the love that’s celebrated here is more the bond between father and son, as brings heartbreaking pathos to the tale. 49. While You Were Sleeping Sure, there’s something a little off about a woman failing to correct a family who think that she’s the fiancée of a coma patient — and then falling for his more upright brother — but somehow and make it work, while Peter Gallagher slumbers.

It has to stretch to keep the concept afloat, but there’s plenty here to warm the cockles. 48. Love Actually What, exactly, was Richard Curtis trying to say with ? It’s alright to deliver secret love messages to your newly-wed best mate’s wife? Husbands will eventually cheat on you with younger mistresses? It’s somehow okay to keep calling Martine McCutcheon fat even though she categorically isn’t?

Who cares: it’s (mostly) good fun, it’s the only decent Christmas film for the last 15 years, and the airport-dash finale smooths over all the sour bits. Plus the final scene with Bill Nighy and his manager is guaranteed to thaw a frozen heart! 47. Ghost Can you make pottery sexy? and can. Jerry Zucker, better known as one third of the Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker comedy trio, mixes laughter with just the right amount of tears, and Swayze is the ideal romantic hero, who comes back after he’s murdered to check on his grieving ex.

Much more than a trivia question answer (‘for which film did win an Oscar?’), Ghost wins at life, and life after death. 46. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 99% of romance films would be better off with a few kung fu fights and bass guitar battles, and ’s hyper-stylised graphic novel adaptation is packed with them. The titular Canadian slacker literally fights off the past lovers of new beau Ramona Flowers, facing her seven evil exes in Street Fighter-inspired brawls where the ultimate special moves are the powers of love and self-respect.

45. Bridget Jones’s Diary ’s heroine was way ahead of her time on the big pants and novelty Christmas jumper front, but elsewhere this loose adaptation of Helen Fielding’s novel-in-diary-entries is a time portal to the early 00s: and at peak dreaminess, gags about 'Saddam Hussein’s arse', and the pre-internet concept of actually keeping a physical diary. 44. The Wedding Singer More discerning cineastes might choose as ’s best romance film — but the rest of us will stick with , Billy Idol cameo and all.

Sandler and make a charming will-they-won’t-they couple, and it goes one step further than the typical catch-them-at-the-airport climax by getting all parties onto the plane for a big ol’ singalong. 43. The Way We Were Basically an anti-romance, Sydney Pollack’s melodrama stars and as a couple who were never suited to each other and didn’t end up staying together. Opposites attract, but they don'’ necessarily work out.

The story, however, told mostly in flashback, somehow still manages an elegiac tone, and demonstrates that there were some good times in there somewhere. Focusing as it does on people trying to make a relationship work despite bitterly divided politics, it also now seems quite timely again.

The maudlin title song is one of the biggest hits of all time. 42. Cyrano De Bergerac “Mon nez! C’est enorme!” ’s casting as the unrequited romantic of Edmond Rostand’ classic play is (ahem) right on the nose, and director Jean-Paul Rappeneau just lets him rip: chewing the scenery one moment and tugging the heartstrings the next.

His tour-de-force performance is larger than life: much like the facial proboscis that keeps him from his great love Roxane. Until it doesn’t after all, and everyone lives happily ever after. The definitive version of the story, but ’s Americanised , released three years earlier, gives it a run for its money.

41. Sliding Doors Peter Howitt’s high concept romantic comedy might hinge on how much you’re wanting double the , but she still manages to make you root for her (and at no point tries to to sell you magic vagina eggs). She’s Helen, who catches a tube train – or doesn’t – and the film follows the romantic misadventures across parallel storylines. It refuses to rely on the gimmick, and both Paltrow and make respectably adorable leads. 40. The Notebook The high-water mark of Nicholas Sparks adaptations, this sweeping weepie aims firmly for the tear-ducts.

and are the young lovers separated through the years by prejudice, World War II, and eventually dementia in a film meticulously designed to leave viewers drowning in a pool of their own tears. 39. Chasing Amy ’s Gen X indie rom-com depicts an obviously-doomed dalliance between comic book artist Holden () and lesbian Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams).

Its sexual politics are hopelessly outdated, but the pop culture-literate screenplay (the -inspired scene swapping sexual scars, the racism rant) is still one of Smith’s best.

38. Titanic Yes, yes, we all know that Jack could’ve easily fit on the floating door. Geometric frustrations aside, ’s spectacular disaster movie is anchored by a cheesy but gripping class-busting love affair that gives a human scale to the catastrophe. Bonus points for quite literally the steamiest sex scene ever committed to film. 37. William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Shakespeare: the dead English guy with the massive ruff knew how to write a good romance, even if he over-did it on the downer endings.

brought his explosive visual pizzazz to the original star-crossed lovers, decking the Montagues and Capulets out with Hawaiian shirts, pistols, and a colour scheme that even most nineties pop groups would describe as 'a bit garish’. 36.

The 40 Year-Old Virgin ’s cinematic debut tore a new patch in the Hollywood landscape like a wax strip off ’s exceedingly hairy chest. defined the next decade of mainstream American comedy (crude, largely improvised, ultimately sweet), an era perfectly characterised by Andy's charming search for true love, peppered with eye-wateringly sharp gags.

35. Sleepless in Seattle These days far-flung romances between people who have never met result in dramatic Catfish confrontations on MTV.

But in 1993, spun it into an exceedingly wholesome rom-com where the grieving Sam (, 'sleepless in Seattle') and unsatisfied Annie (, 'bored in Baltimore') form a bond through radio broadcasts and typewritten letters.

It’s somewhat less heartwarming for poor Walter, whose fiancée ditches him for someone she’s never laid eyes on. 34. Truly, Madly, Deeply Think , but British. And without the pottery. It’s the heartbreaking story of Nina (), grieving the loss of boyfriend Jamie () when he returns to her life in supernatural form.

, but the pair burn with chemistry. 33. Up quietly delivers emotional devastation in the opening five minutes of , a mini-masterpiece of an ordinary, extraordinary love-filled lifetime between soulmates Carl and Ellie.

But the rest of Carl’s South American adventure as a pensioner is also shot through with a sense of romance. Don’t even bring up the scrapbook scene, which offers the animation studio’s most profound meditation on what true love really looks like. 32. The African Queen A Hollywood classic with one foot in Britain and the Ealing Comedy tradition, The African Queen manages to make a romance out of a WWI suicide mission.

Katharine Hepburn is the Methodist missionary who convinces rough-and-ready captain Humphrey Bogart to refit his steamboat for a dangerous journey down the Ulanga River for a torpedo attack against the Germans.

And who wouldn’t be seduced by a line like that? directed when he could be distracted from shooting the local fauna – if ’s biopic White Hunter, Black Heart is to be believed. 31. Carol never lets the lush period setting get in the way of the story for this one, which sees Phyllis Nagy adapt a Patricia Highsmith novel in which – surprise!

– no one is murdered. It’s soulful and settled, while never denying the churning emotions between young photographer Therese () and the glamorous, tragic Carol (). 30. The Big Sick Undoubtedly the best screen romance where half of the couple spends most of the runtime in a coma. and his wife Emily V. Gordon adapted the rocky, illness-stricken beginnings of their own real-life relationship into a contemporary culture-clash rom-com with life-or-death stakes.

Less crude than most Judd Apatow-poduced films, while still boasting a belter 9/11 gag. 29. Say Anything made his directorial debut with the film after proving he had a keen ear for realistic and memorable dialogue in previous work. is the instantly iconic Lloyd Dobler, while Ione Skye is more than a capable romantic foyle. John Mahoney (who recently died) is the secret weapon as the father of Skye’s Diane Court.

It’s clear-eyed about the torturous path that love can take and features moments that linger longer than most, including the much-referenced boombox scene. 28. Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze's sizzling chemistry steams up the screen in this eighties banger-laden ode to summer flings, pissing off your parents, and doing whatever it takes to end up in the ludicrously buff arms of a fit dance instructor.

Warning: don’t attempt the famous climactic lift unless you’re ripped like Swayze. 27. Shaun of the Dead Edgar Wright’s big-screen debut still has heart and brains like any other rom-com, but smears it across the faces of hundreds of zombie extras. A film about choosing to commit to your girlfriend, growing out of your twenties and ditching the dregs of your record collection (“The Batman soundtrack?

Throw it!”), is Richard Curtis put through a mincer. 26. Manhattan Currently undergoing a process of being critically downgraded thanks to its protagonist’s far from comfortable fixation on a much younger woman, still has loads to offer. As much as it’s about off-kilter interpersonal relationships, it’s also, famously and arguably much more successfully, Woody Allen’s most passionate love letter to the city of New York and the music of George Gershwin.

"New York was his town, and it always would be," is the line he lands on at the beginning, as Rhapsody in Blue explodes into life and fireworks illuminate the skyline. And it’s a hard heart that resists being swept along.

25. La La Land There are two romances going on here: the one between ’s ivory-tinkling musician Sebastian and ’s wide-eyed actress Mia, and the one between director and his beloved city of Los Angeles.

Beyond the jazz-splaining is a charming, toe-tapping (and yes, swooningly romantic) musical — just beware its heart-shattering encore. 24. Roxanne Not many romantic comedies starring Steve Martin can claim to be based on an 1897 verse play…. In fact, this is the one, which adapts and updates Cyrano de Bergerac for an eighties audience. Martin is CD “Charlie” Bales, who pines for ’s Roxanne, but despite an abundance of charisma, is held back by his large nose. When he helps a fireman friend woo her, complications arise… There is much mistaken identity and frustrations on the path to true love, but even though you know where the story is headed, the light touch and sheer charm of the cast carries it.

23. The Philadelphia Story A triumphant comeback for Katharine Hepburn after a string of disappointments. The original Broadway play was written specifically for her, and she oversaw its adaptation with the support of Howard Hughes. The film sees her torn between accepting the affections of or – and if the idea of that love triangle wasn’t already tantalising enough, it’s actually a square (quadrangle?) since John Howard is in there too.

George Cukor’s breezy direction captures the immense fun that all involved were apparently enjoying in real life. 22. The Shape Of Water Only could propose a romance between a human woman and the Creature from the Black Lagoon and elevate it beyond something you’d find on Pornhub.

is endlessly charming as Elisa, effortlessly selling her wide-eyed attraction to ’ scaly, egg-scoffing leading ‘man’. It’s so heart-floodingly romantic, you’ll forget about the cat corpses left in its wake. 21. Notting Hill Richard Curtis’ follow-up is pure fantasy: its romance between an everyman and a Hollywood star is only slightly more believable than the concept of affording a flat in Notting Hill from the profits of a second-hand book shop.

But the film’s charms are irresistible — and at career peaks, a Curtis script packed with classic lines (“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her”), and some stonking product placement for Horse & Hound magazine.

20. Call Me By Your Name First real love on one side, unexpected feelings on the other. ’s look at love has rightfully been showered with praise and Oscar nominations. Teenager Elio (), juggling at least one girlfriend, finds himself developing a deeper relationship with Oliver (), who has arrived at the family’s summer home to become his father’s research assistant.

Theirs is a carefully drawn connection, shot in sun-dappled, beautiful countryside locales. See it also for ’s wonderful performance as Elio’s father, acting the hell out of a relatively small role.

It’s a peach. 19. Gone With The Wind Strap in for an extended romp through the tumult of the American Civil War and beyond via the tale of Scarlett O’Hara, a Southern Belle who’ll do whatever she needs and marry whoever she likes to get what she wants.

A true Hollywood epic, with iconic performances from Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable — just prepare yourself for the shockingly crude language (“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”) and bum-numbing four-hour runtime. 18. 10 Things I Hate About You The film that raised the bar for teenage romantic gestures everywhere: hijack a marching band or don’t even bother.

delivers maximum snark and is his bad-boy best alongside a cherubic in this high school Shakespeare adaptation, featuring angsty adolescent poetry, pop-punk perfection on the soundtrack, and the ugliest prom dress ever. 17. An Affair To Remember A classic romance with a valuable lesson: look both ways before crossing the road. Cary Grant’s Nickie and ’s Terry are conflicted lovers who fall for each other on a cruise.

There’s one problem – they both have partners back at home to return to. The pair make a pact to meet at the top of the Empire State Building after six months if they still like each other, but Terry misses the reunion after being hit by a car.

Like a Green Cross Code video, but with way more emotional impact. 16. Pretty Woman Julia Roberts became instant rom-com royalty playing Vivian, the hooker with a heart of gold who enters a different kind of transaction with ’s uptight businessman Edward.

She gets a makeover and a white knight fairytale ending, he discovers true love and a new perspective on relationships. Just don’t think too hard about the sexual politics. 15. The Apartment Billy Wilder at the height of his powers guides Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine through a film that explores not just burgeoning attraction, but also loneliness, despair and finding yourself in a world that thinks nothing of you.

The result was five Oscars (including Best Picture) from 10 nominations, all of them well-earned. Lemmon is CC Baxter, currying favour with his bosses by letting use his pad as their spot for liaisons. But upon meeting elevator operator Fran Kubelik and saving her life, complicated love blossoms. It’ll win over the hardest heart. 14. Groundhog Day Sarcastic weatherman Phil Connors gets stuck in a time loop where he’s forced to become his best self in order to be worthy of wooing co-worker Rita, while also managing to sleep with half of Punxsutawney along the way.

Sarcastic weatherman Phil Connors gets stuck in a time loop where he’s forced to become his best self in order to be worthy of wooing co-worker Rita, while also managing to sleep with half of Punxsutawney along the way.

Sarcastic weatherman Phil Con- 13. Brokeback Mountain “I wish I knew how to quit you…” Searing performances from Heath Ledger and and sensitive direction by (who won an Oscar for his work) combine to create an instant, memorable classic that hinges on tender talk and taboo (for the time it's set, at least) longing.

The tale of two cowboys who slowly fall for each other is powerful because it’s so perfectly performed by an impressive ensemble that also includes and .

12. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Leaving aside some of the more problematic elements that emerge when the film is viewed with a modern eye, Tiffany’s is powered by ’s nuclear-level charm as Holly Golightly, the socialite with an eye for a new neighbour and a dark past. Hepburn has commented about how tricky she found it to play Holly, but you’d never know it from the film, which grabs your attention and rarely lets go. 11. Amelie ’s ultra-quirky, hyper-stylised romance couldn’t be more Gallic if it whacked you with a baguette and draped a string of garlic around your neck.

For the whimsy-tolerant it’s rich and bold, with a fruity finish in ’s charming lead performance. For others, it may be Simply Too French. 10. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind With a script and behind the camera, Eternal Sunshine dispenses with romantic conventions for ponderous ruminations on love, memory, and painful emotion.

The non-linear narrative front-loads the break-up scenes, later offering a warmer look at the happy days of the relationship between Joel () and Clementine (), who make the drastic decision to forget each other entirely through a memory-erasing procedure. 9. Jerry Maguire Cameron Crowe’s genre mash-up combines the pure joy of falling head over heels in love with the thrills of, erm, sports management deals.

It’s more romantic than it sounds, delivering two of cinema’s greatest ever declarations of love within fifteen seconds: ’s “you complete me” dovetailing neatly into Renee Zellweger’s “you had me at hello”. 8. Before Sunset Leave it to to experiment with the format and find something new to say about how love evolves across the years. A follow-up to 1995’s , it catches up with ’s Jesse and ’s Celine nine years later for more walking, talking and romance.

Written by the cast with their director, it feels like it emerged organically instead of being forced into existence. And it’s warm, witty and real when dealing with affairs of the heart, for good and ill.

7. Annie Hall How far Woody Allen’s private life can be extricated from his work is still an ongoing conversation, but viewed in a cultural vacuum (if such a thing is possible or even advisable), Annie Hall stands as one of the finest rom-coms ever made. is the titular Annie, the laid-back lover of neurotic stand-up comic Alvy.

The film avoids emotional grandstanding and instead focuses on the minuscule everyday moments that bring flashes of muted joy and disappointment on a daily basis, topped with fourth-wall-breaking gags and wry asides.

It’s unlikely to win new fans, but hard to forget for those who have already seen it. 6. True Romance That title’s not ironic — underneath the cocaine, the murders, and ’s dreadlocked Drexl, ’s Tarantino-penned crime saga has a raw, beating heart in and ’s ride-or-die lovers. The film that changed the meaning of ‘three little words’ from “I love you” to “you’re so cool… you’re so cool… you’re so cool…” 5.

The Princess Bride ’s cult classic flings sickly fairytale tropes off the Cliffs of Insanity on its way to happily ever after.

The swashbuckling romance between Princess Buttercup and her faithful farmhand-turned-pirate Westley is so witty, feisty, and engaging that even 10 year-old boys don’t mind the kissing bit. Relationship goals: find a partner that you’d hurl yourself down the world’s longest hill for.

4. Four Weddings and a Funeral In one fell swoop Richard Curtis made the jump from Blackadder to the big-screen, propelled Hugh Grant and ’s careers, and defined a whole new era of British rom-coms. Four Weddings and a Funeral delivers on the bittersweet promise of its title, balancing foul-mouthed dialogue with chocolate box London locales, all topped off with a rain-soaked feel-good finale. 3. Brief Encounter With its ‘a stable husband is better than a passionate lover’ message (hey, it was the 1940s), is both achingly romantic and poignantly melancholic.

Laura and Alec’s first grit-eyed conversation on the train platform is perhaps the original meet-cute, but the duo’s profound connection faces scrutiny from the social mores of the era.

The end of the affair is enough to leave you with more than just a speck of dust in your eye. 2. Casablanca Humphrey Bogart. Ingrid Bergman. One iconic gin joint. Set against the backdrop of World War II, the story of emotionally bruised bar owner Rick and the return of Ilsa, the old flame who left him emotionally distant, is univeraslly regarded as one of the all-time greats.

Its central love story is bittersweet, with a sacrificial pay-off that only bolsters its emotional impact. When you’ve seen it once, you’ll be desperate to play it again.

1. When Harry Met Sally It can be hard to find something new to say about Rob Reiner and ’s romantic classic, because it has topped lists and been so praised in the past. How it hits you in both the heart and the funny bone is just part of why this one works, putting together Meg Ryan and ’s initially unlikely lovers.

There are the endlessly quotable exchanges, stealing scenes like she’s wearing a mask and a striped jumper and the sort of lasting impact that so many movies in the genre have failed to match before or since.

best afro date romantic movie till

best afro date romantic movie till - The 50 Best Romantic Movies, Feature

best afro date romantic movie till

1 The Notebook This movie touched my heart very much... Amazing love story I've ever seen in my lifetime Fantastic... Awesome... The best on my list to date... Will never get tired of watching this one...

Hope I can find love like this... I cry every single time.. I would watch it every day. Hope my hubby will love me forever Dialogues, Visuals, Effective love story, The best note book ever 😘 2 Titanic It's awesome movie if you haven't watched it you should watch. I watched this movie every single night for a week.

I am speechless to tell anything about this movie. This movie shows us what is real forever love, I never forget the titanic. Titanic is a very good movie.

Titanic love scenes are extraordinary. I did not see a film like this. I like every one to see this film. Beautiful and sad. Hurts my heart but it's still the best 3 A Walk to Remember this movie makes you believe in love Oh I love shane west in this... Beautiful movie... Mandy moore is amazing.. I've watched this movie so many times! Just love it This movie makes the ephemeral difference between dreams and reality. what a astonishing love story! Nicolas Sparks is simply the best!

"Our love is like the wind"... 4 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Not just the best romantic film... It may well be the best film of the last decade.. Amazing performances by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet... Once in a lifetime script and as brilliant an execution... But most importantly, the movie just feels so personal...

"Blessed are the forgetful:for they get the better even of their blunders" Best romantic movie I've ever watched... Based on the sci-fi concept, really takes your heart away.. It's mind-blowing awesome and totally different... Hope that it reaches no. 1 spot soon... May not be the best love story of all time, but definitely the most unconventional. Who would expect a movie about a couple getting each other erased from their memories to be as touching and as heartfelt as Eternal Sunshine?

NO DOUBT it's the best romantic film 5 Forrest Gump Forrest Gump should be at least on the Top 3... I bet most people voted here had never watch this one...

Forrest Gump is an amazing movie, when you don't know what love is, Gump explain the meaning of it through his action... for those of who says Twilight is wonderful, OOH COME ON! THEY'RE JUST SELLING SEX! THERE'S NO MORAL VALUE THAT WE CAN TAKE FROM IT.. Its truely one of the best movie I have ever watched... All the history events relived n all... Awesome work done by tom hanks... Just love him... Run forest run... best movie I have ever watched, I will remember this film till the end of my life.

"run forrest run" The definite in of unconditional love. 7 Pride and Prejudice I love the romantic tension that just keeps on building up between the two main characters throughout the movie. She is pretty, intelligent etc. but it seems to me that she does not really believe in herself in a romantic sort of way. She puts up a defense-wall. It's not all based on the feelings of pride and predjudice... They are both a bit insecure and put each other to the test. It was the best movie and I watch it over and over again The amazing acting really made this movie what it is today- pure genius One of my favorite Jane Austen movies.

(The other fave being Persuasion.) I can watch this movie on repeat when I'm in the mood for a good romantic story. All the actors played their characters so well and I enjoy the piano melody that was chosen. I've watched quite a few different versions of this story and this particular film is the one I prefer.

- NerdBunny 8 Gone With The Wind Gone With The Wind is a must-see. It may be a bit long, but you won't even realise by the ending, how long it was because the plotline enraptures its viewers. This movie might not be teen's priority since it was set in the 1930's, however, give it a try, you'll like it, adults as well. How is this not #1! This movie is a classic it won more awards than any of these is the highest grossing film and the art in this movie is unexplainable I love the love in the movie a beautiful ending Titanic's haul trumps Gone with Wind's haul as far as awards are concerned though - jezza0 In my opinion this is the best movie ever, everybody should watch it at least once in order to understand the great American cinema Gone With the Wind should be Gone...with the wind.

- AlphaQ 10 50 First Dates It's such a romantic, touching and hilarious story! Even someone doesn't quite favor love movie like me can't help being moved. I love this movie so much, but mo offense, I love Nicolas sparks ( especially the last song, love Miley Cyrus. Funny movie I love it one of my favorite movies but on the other side needs to be more funny to be considered a comedy. ye The Contenders 11 The Vow Really? I would've placed it at number 2 at least!

One of my favorite romance movies ever! I strongly recommend it! It's so touching and it tells us to never give up Beautiful, amazing and a must watch movie. Can't believe it is way down here. definitely deserves to be in the top ten True love! 12 Step Up this is indeed a romantic movie.

romantic movies are all about how the story goes and been played OK, it wasn't the greatest Romance movie ever but it was decent one. Great mix of Drama, Romance, Music. I love it - Irina2932 I seen all of the step-up series and this one is by far the best. You can really feel the bonds being made in this movie. But, for one who dies to watch romances, this is definitely on favorites. Considering the fact that the love is portrayed throughout the entire movie, The dancing is just fabulous.

Love this movie. 14 P.S. I Love You It's rare to find a movie that makes you laugh and cry; that's sexy, romantic and heartwarming all at the same time. Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler have amazing chemistry. I just love this move so much.

The letters and flashback memories of them are so nice and lovey how the meet and fall in love. Ending was very beautiful Well, I would call it "The Best" movie of all times. I have watched it hundreds of times now and Iam never bored! I can actually relate with the movie and that's what makes it special to watch!

Gerry is the kind of husband that every girl wants in her life... I strongly recommend this movie... Do watch it.. The best movie I have ever watched 18 Romeo and Juliet This version is so well done. And it's so sad, and Olivia Hussey was great... And so... Young! I am used to her being old, she was decently pritty!

- 2234 At first this movie looked very very weird and kind of funny, and then it kept getting better and better until you were wrapped up into the story. I didn't even notice it had gotten so good until I had to leave with about ten minutes left of the movie and I really wanted to finish it Best version of the most classic of all tales.

This version has even more chemistry between the lead actors than the 1996 version. I am not afraid to say that it is one of my very favorite movies ever. Olivia Hussey is the best Juliet on screen ever. I Still like the other versions of the play (1996 & 2013) but this one wins hands down, Easily the best version. - truckturner 22 Twilight It's awesome... I like edward most... According to me it is the best love story I have ever seen...

It is number one for me... Twilight sucks. What kind of guy glitters?! Come on. The girl is also such a wimp. When Edward leaves her, she jumps off a cliff!

What a joke! Can't she at least try to stay strong. Its not like they had the most passionate love and they never were apart. They started dating not long ago! What a loser! For ex. in Harry Potter, when Harry leaves Ginny, Ginny helps Hogwarts fight for him. And what does Bella do? She cheats on him for Taylor Lautner and jumps off a cliff! BEST BOOK AND MOVIE EVER! I completely fell in love with this series and I am so sad that she stopped writing Midnight Sun...

This is the best movie 24 Moulin Rouge This is a story about "freedom, beauty, truth, but above all things, love". The entire soundtrack is full of beautiful music and lyrics about romance and love. The acting is superb. The costumes are wonderfully done. I think I listen to "Your Song" everyday.

Then not multiple times a week there's: "Come What May" and "Elephant Love Medley". The two protagonists are stupendous and gorgeous! This should definitely be ranked higher. Best movie ever! Rock on with your version of "Your Song", Ewen! Most love movies are slow paced, boring, very little drama and characters which you feel for a little. This movie inverts this completely, it's epic.

Although I predict the end while watching, it still makes you cry. Fantastic musical which perfectly describes the situation of Moulin Rouge dancers. A MUST SEEN MOVIE! 26 (500) Days of Summer So sweet! Really touching, but sad at the same time! Zooey Deschanel makes life o much better!

X I am almost wrecked to see this list this movie should be in top 10 at least Sweet, cute, sad, funny - I love this movie! It is original and I love Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Loved it. hands down one of the best movies out there.

29 The Princess Bride THiS iS THE AWESOMEST MOViE iN THE WORLD Well, duh! It's like the must see cheesy romantic movie of all time! Also, very quote able, hilarious, and fairly innocent. This movie is romantic, humorous, and down right "inconceivable" (in a good way! )! This or the Notebook, but this tips it because it is funny as well! - KJR42 31 How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days This is my No. Favorite. Movie of ALL TIME! Clever story line! Matthew is so HOT! And kate is so funny, they bring out the best of each other!

So humorous yet romantic! Kate hudson is so amazing, I just love that girl This movie is full of romance and a slice of comedy ! WAY TO GO! One of the best movies ever... 39 Cinderella (2015) If only Lily James and Richard Madden headlined Twilight, at least then there would at least be some chemistry. Forget 50 Shades, sod the Twilight series, you want natural chemistry, here it is. The chemistry between Lily James' "honest country girl" and Richard Madden's "apprentice still learning his trade" was so perfect that director Kenneth Branagh has reunited the pair of them in his stage adaptation of Romeo & Juliet.

Who needs Kristen and Robert when you can have Lily and Richard? - jezza0 40 Blue Valentine I didn't want to vote for the movie, but it was the only way to tell that this is the worst Ryan Gosling movie ever! This movie is brilliant, raw, real, emotional. I loved it. Michelle Williams is fantastic, Ryan Gosling equally brilliant and tortured. If I have to choose just one, Blue Valentine it'll be! 42 If Only jennifer love hewwit just rawkks! In fact a friend fell in love by watching this movie.

Am also very much in love. Thanks to the writer First movie we watch on my first date with my ex-boyfriend now my husband, both cried after watching the movie.. No life without love... and if you can doing love then you can do it anything for your love..."its true love" 43 Tristan and Isolde I saw this movie by mistake...

And I loved it and then I discovered James Franco is a great actor and I watched almost all his movies. He fought to win his king a wife and the prize was his lover...

That was... So sad.. Their love story was better than Romeo & Juliet's in my opinion. This movie was absolutely moving. I've seen it at least 12 times & the same parts get me every time.

When melo died, I thought about brutus & juluis caesar. James franco showed his true talents. Kudos. James Franco at his sexiest. Makes me cry every time. So romantic MY FAVORITE MOVIE! Should be higher in the list! SERIOUSLY IS JUST AS GOOD AS NICHOLAS SPARKS MOVIES! Love love love! I RECOMMEND YOU WATCH IT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT<3!

50 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Yes, I know that it is primarily an action movie, albeit a fabulous one, but, if you don't think this movie is a romance, you are fooling yourself. It may be subtle, and it may be hidden in mond-boggeling action and color, but it is a Love Story, and in my opinion, a powerful one. - heather

best afro date romantic movie till

: You will cry lol, especially with Veer Zara & Devdas. Don't say I didn't warn you I have watched some really emotional ones.

Nollywood is still creeping compared to Bollywood when it comes to amazing love stories. The only thing is I can't memorise their titles. Do u also have some soundtracks?

by : 9:17pm On Apr 08, 2015 : I have watched some really emotional ones. Nollywood is still creeping compared to Bollywood when it comes to amazing love stories. The only thing is I can't memorise their titles. Do u also have some soundtracks? Well from Veer Zaara I love the songs Tere Liye & Main yahaa hoon.

From Devdas I love Hamesha tumko chaha & Chalak chalak. Dilwale I love the song Ruk ja o dil dewaane & Tujhe dekha to. Raja Hindustan I love the Pardes jana nahi song by ( m): 9:33pm On Apr 08, 2015 : Well from Veer Zaara I love the songs Tere Liye & Main yahaa hoon.

From Devdas I love Hamesha tumko chaha & Chalak chalak. Dilwale I love the song Ruk jao (not sure if that's the correct name but I love it ) & ...gosh the Indian names are difficult to remember.

Let me look them up. How about whatsapp? by ( m): 9:38pm On Apr 08, 2015

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