Best american reality dating shows 2016

best american reality dating shows 2016

Dating shows: We take a look at the string of reality dating shows that have dominated TV for the past decade. See more on American dating show The Bachelor and its spin-off show The Bachelorette are one of the highest rated TV programmes in the states. Presented by US TV host Chris Harrison, the show follows a bachelor or bachelorette looking for a wife or husband among 28 contestants. Yep, playing it cool is definitely not on the cards for this show as the bachelor/bachelorette end up engaged to the person they pick. But despite it being filled with awkward group dates, a resident “fraud”, cliche chats about emotional barriers and even more awkward rose ceremonies, it’s annoyingly addictive.

best american reality dating shows 2016

With so many networks out in the media, it is really exciting to identify the TV shows that are popular for its uniqueness and out of box storyline. Hence we have presented the record of the TV shows that have been voted as the best and are also worth watching throughout the year 2013. Though these television shows have already produced a number of seasons during the past years they still continue to remain the beloved among the small screen audience.

Quickly dive into the depth of the top 10 TV shows in US 2013. Top Ten Most Popular TV Shows in US 2013 Peep in to see if any of your favourite TV show has been included in the list of top ten TV shows in US.

1. Girls The unusual, provocative and addictive “Girls” is an American TV Show that has hit the top position for the year 2013. Its second season had been aired from 13 th January till 17 th March 2013 with a total of ten episodes. It is based on the experiences of the show’s creator as well as a popular American actress – Lena Dunham. Currently it is the most pristine teen show that any teenage girl would love to watch. 2.

The Following The Following has been the most applauded crime show that premier on Fox from 21 st January to 29 th April 2013. It has been regarded as one of the top TV shows in the US where an FBI agent lays trap to get hold off a serial slayer along with his homicidal cult.

A joint production by Warner Bros. and Outerbanks Entertainment, The Following is the creation of Kevin Williamson. Its second season is scheduled for 2014. 3. The Voice With the concept of finding new singing talent, The Voice is an American singing reality show premiered by NBC since 25 th March 2013. The show had garnered 6 rating this year and had even displaced “American Idol” stating a new era for singing aptitude.

While Usher, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Shakira are the judges, the show is hosted by Carson Daly and Christina Milian. Besides the show employs a jury of four coaches who evaluates the artists’ performances. 4. Elementary The Elementary is yet another top TV shows in the US where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes has been renewed with contemporary updates.

The clever and pristine crime bureaucratic that can make your nerves numb at times has made the TV show notorious among its fan. Elementary ran on CBS from 27 th September 2012 until 16 th May 2013 summing up with 24 episodes.

Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson have been casted to solve some of the most thrilling crime cases in United States. 5. Castle The joint production of ABC Studios and Beacon Pictures the Castle has seized the fifth position among the top 10 TV shows in US 2013. The crime drama sketches its storyline with its lead protagonist as a best-selling mystery novelist cum detective. Castle’s season five is a part of the small screen since 24 th September 2012 and its finale is scheduled for 10 th September 2013.

The current season will feature 24 episodes. 6. The Walking Dead One of the most watched drama, The Walking Dead has once again been rated as a top US TV show.

Its exhilarating episodes started off on 14 th October 2012 and continued till 31 st March 2013 garnering almost 12.4 million viewers. The plots have been adapted from the renowned comic book of the same title, created by Robert Kirkman. AMC has till now aired three seasons of the awful TV show while its 4 th season is dated for 13 th October 2013.

7. The Big Bang Theory The contrast personality of the five central characters is the main attraction that pushes The Big Bang Theory to occupy the seventh position among the top 10 TV shows in the US. The last episode of its sixth season was aired on 16 th may 2013 and has received end number of praises for its comic side. Premiered on CBS, the seventh season of the show has been scheduled for September 2013 making it one of the .

8. Breaking Bad Regarded as one of the greatest TV dramas of all time, Breaking Bad has won seven Primetime Emmy Awards. The American drama revolves around the life of a Chemistry teacher who turns to committing crimes by producing and selling methamphetamine with a former student. Its fifth as well as the final season has been divided in two sequences. The first half was aired from 15 th July 2012 – 2 nd September 2012 while the second half will start off from 11 August 2013.

9. Dexter Dexter Morgan, the main character of the American TV show Dexter has become a common household name in the States. Smart with a sense of humour, he is not only a forensics expert but is also a shrewd serial slayer. His double faced character has made the show rank among the top 10 TV shows in United States. Its eighth season has started premiering recently from 30 th June 2013 but has already garnered more than 3 million viewers.

10. America’s Got Talent NBC’s top rated TV show America’s Got Talent wraps up the record of top 10 TV Shows in US 2013. Being a talent show it is also one of the besides features like singing, comedy and magic. This reality show debuted in 2006 and its 8 th season has started airing since 4 th June 2013. Featuring a colourful group of hopeful stars, the show is a true celebration of the American spirit. This entry was posted in on .

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best american reality dating shows 2016

best american reality dating shows 2016 - 30+ Best Dating Reality Shows

best american reality dating shows 2016

"The Bachelor" franchise has aired about 30 seasons combined. ABC Reality television has become an important part of the entertainment industry. And in many cases, reality show fans can rival those of scripted shows in number and dedication. Over the years, many people have come to regard reality shows with disdain. Sure, there are drunken parties, tossed glasses of wine, and proverbial back-stabbings, but there's more to the genre than that. Plus, what's wrong with a little drama here and there?

INSIDER compiled a list of the unscripted shows on TV that we feel represent the best of the bunch. They include programs that some would consider lowbrow, but there are also shows on our list that redefined industries, opened people's minds, and blazed new trails.

Here are our picks for the 15 best reality TV shows on tv right now: Chip and Joanna Gaines have racked up a ton of fans over the four seasons of their HGTV renovation show. Aside from their popularity, the show arrived at a time when finances were tight for people. The idea of buying a house that needed some work had become the most attractive option for many. And then here comes the Gaines to show them that getting everything they wanted in their home is still possible, even if it's a fixer upper — and with an adorable family to boot.

Not every reality TV show is about aspiring to live in McMansions. FYI's "Tiny House Nation" travels the country to help home buyers build their ideal tiny home. The process of preparing the home buyers for living tiny is fascinating. And in all cases, host John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin end up delivering exactly what the buyers needed.

Take a group of attractive servers, mix in quite a few tequila shots and Pumptinis, and add one famous Real Housewife, and you have a recipe for a successful spinoff reality show. Lisa Vanderpump, one of the stars of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," allowed cameras into her restaurant SUR (which stands for "sexy unique restaurant") as well as the lives of her servers to bring us "Vanderpump Rules." And after five seasons of slaps, drunken fights, and hookups, we'll forever be grateful.

In the same way that "Little People Big World" sheds light on the lives of little people, "Born This Way" does that for people with down syndrome.

Now about to enter its third season, it has shed light on the challenges and joys of their lives, but also how similar their hopes and dreams are to all of us. We've definitely seen some pretty thorough documentaries about Scientology, but no one has taken it as far as former church member Leah Remini. On A&E's "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath," the actress takes the fight on the road in her mission to expose what happens to people when they cross Scientology. Possibly no other reality show has inspired people to launch their dream business — and then figure out a silly way pitch it — than "Shark Tank." A staple on both ABC and CNBC at this point, the show has gone a long way toward demystifying the often intimidating business world for entrepreneurial Americans.

As with many of the shows on this list, "Little People Big World" had really blazed its own path and enlightened viewers. Over the years, the show became less about a "family of little people" and simply about a family. They have had a host of great accomplishments and big challenges that are not unlike many American families, and that's when Reality TV is at its best. Kim Kardashian and her family often get flack for becoming famous for doing nothing.

But they really should get a lot of credit for being early stars of the social media age and harnessing that popularity. Since the show premiered in 2007, the Kardashian clan has parlayed their popularity into a host of spin-off shows, video games, apparel, and beauty ventures.

At the same time, their show's ratings basically pay E!'s bills (). The "Real Housewives" franchise captured the lives of women in tony communities that many of us could (nor would) ever be part of.

Yes, there's an aspirational nature to the show about the lives of wealthy women, but there's also the messy, table-flipping, drink-throwing, prison-going side that keeps many people addicted to the drama.

The franchise has shows based in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Potomac. It also has several international versions, including ones in Sydney and Bangkok. And the show would lead to many, many TV knockoffs. Just when it seemed like "American Idol" would be the only singing show on the block, "The Voice" arrived.

No, it hasn't created any megastars like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, but the show isn't really about the contestants, right? It's about the superstar coaches, their playful jabs at each other, their strategizing, and their reactions to performances. "Idol" may have made stars, but "The Voice" is still airing. Sure, ABC is planning on bringing "Idol" back, but it should probably not try to compete with "The Voice." The sheer planning that goes into a season of "The Amazing Race" is enough to justify its 15 Emmy wins.

But also, the show serves up an educational look at dozens of world cultures in one season. At the same time, it's entertaining to watch how pairs resolve differences they're probably able to ignore in their daily lives.

Like "Top Chef" with foodies and "America's Next Top Model" in the age of supermodels, "Project Runway" took advantage of a growing fascination with name designers. Over the years, it has stoked a lot of passion in aspiring fashion designers and has lifted several gifted ones out of obscurity and helped them get on the catwalk.

"Survivor" is the granddaddy of today's survival reality shows, but no one has really been able to improve on the genre. While the production behind the show is tight, "Survivor's" greatest asset is the unknown, its ability to remind us that right when you think you've got it all figured out, human beings will always surprise you. After 34 seasons, the show has the most loyal fandom in television.

It also never rests on its laurels and always looks for ways to make the game better. For that, "Survivor" tops our list of best reality shows on TV right now.

best american reality dating shows 2016

Snooping and eavesdropping are human nature. Digging for your favorites and supporting those you believe in are also great acts. Maybe that’s why TV is now, more loaded with so many reality TV shows. People really get entertained by these shows.

Remote locations, intimate human drama, thrilling competition, daring stunts, romance, and yes, titillating voyeurism — making the shows influential. That’s why they support them and make them a viewing habit. They involve themselves with the lives of these people, making the shows actually influential.

Here are top 10 reality TV shows ever. 10. The Hills The Hills is an American reality TV series that originally aired on MTV from May 31, 2006 until July 13, 2010. It aired six seasons and focused on the personal and professional lives of several young women residing in Los Angeles, California. Its premise was originated with Adam DiVello, while Liz Gateley served as the executive producer. The series originally focused on Lauren Conrad, who appeared in its predecessor, as she pursued a career in the fashion industry.

It also launched the careers of author and fashion designer, Lauren Conrad and recording artist and . 9. The Osbournes The Osbournes is an American reality TV Series featuring the domestic life of world’s most undomesticated stars and his family.

There were nearly as many bleeps as actual words in the episodes as Ozzy, his wife Sharon, son Jack and daughter Kelly, allowed cameras inside their home. The series had no boundaries showing explosive fights, Sharon’s battle with cancer and Ozzy’s near-death ATV accident in raw detail. The series premiered on MTV on March 5, 2002, and in its first season, was cited as the most-viewed series ever on MTV.

The final episode of the series aired March 21, 2005. 8. Jersey Shore Jersey Shore is an American reality television series which ran on MTV from December 3, 2009 to December 20, 2012. The series follows the lives of eight housemates spending their summer at the Jersey Shore in the U.S.

state of New Jersey. The series garnered record ratings for MTV, making it the network’s most viewed series telecast ever. With its fake tans and Flintstones pecs, this hormone-heavy story washed up on the beach to show that reality wasn’t getting shy or going away.

7. Jon & Kate Plus Eight It started as an innocent show about two people parading their kids on TV for money and fame. But it blew up into a tabloid megabreakup saga. It was aired from April 4, 2007 until September 12, 2011. During its run, the series was one of the network’s highest-rated programs, with the fifth season premiere seen by a record 9.8 million viewers, the most watched show of that evening including broadcast television.

6. Real Housewives of Orange County Also known as The Hills for Your Mom, Real Housewives of Orange County is an American reality television program on Bravo, set in Orange County, California. It was the first The Real Housewives program in the series.

The series is a voyeuristic look into the wealthy lives of these housewives, as they shop, get plastic surgery, gossip, fight and live lavishly. 5. Project Runway Project Runway is an American reality television series on Lifetime Television. The series created by Eli Holzman which focuses on fashion design and is hosted by model . The contestants compete with each other to create the best clothes and are restricted in time, materials and theme.

Their designs are judged, and one or more designers are eliminated each week. 4. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica Jessica Simpson wedded Nick Lachey and found herself challenged by the zoological classification of canned tuna.

Newlyweds is a reality television show that was produced and aired by MTV and MuchMusic. The show first aired in August 2003 and ran three seasons, with 41 episodes in total. The last season started on January 26, 2005, and the last episode aired on March 30, 2005. The show proved that reality TV was safe for celebs.

3. The Bachelor The Bachelor is an American reality television dating game show debuting in 2002 on ABC. It is produced and directed by Mike Fleiss. For all seasons, the show is hosted by veteran television personality, one-time game show host and news anchor Chris Harrison. 2. American Idol American Idol is an American reality-singing competition program created by Simon Fuller. It began airing on Fox on June 11, 2002, as an addition to the Idols format based on the British series Pop Idol. It has since become one of the most successful shows in the history of American television.

For an unprecedented eight consecutive years, either its performance or result show had been ranked number one in U.S. television ratings. 1. Survivor Survivor is a produced in many countries throughout the world. In the show, contestants are isolated in the wilderness and compete for prizes.

The show uses a system of progressive elimination, allowing the contestants to vote off other tribe members until only one final contestant remains and wins the title of “Sole Survivor.” The Sole Survivor receives a cash prize of $1 million.

The format for Survivor was created in 1992 by British television producer Charlie Parsons for a United Kingdom TV Planet 24. But the Swedish version debut in 1997 ended up becoming the first Survivor series to actually make it to television.

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