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best are you dating anyone else help, the leading online dating resource for singles. Search through thousands of personals and photos. Go ahead, it's FREE to look!. The best way to convey that you’d rather he date only you is to say so. Simple declarative sentences work best. “I can’t keep seeing you unless I know I’m the only one you’re seeing,” is fine.

best are you dating anyone else help

Talk about yourself. The secret? Be natural, honest and spontaneous. A few lines are enough to make an impression. Why not add a bit of humour, too? Be precise: the more search criteria you complete, the greater your chances are of being contacted by singles who share the same interests as you.

Share your photos. Create an album that reflects your personality. Don’t know how to kick start the conversation? Tell them about the little details that attracted you to their online dating profile or discuss your shared interests. Or be creative and share a music link, or a GIF! Read our advice articles to make your profile as attractive as possible and find tips on how to break the ice. Make space in your diary! Come to our singles nights and events for your age group in your area.

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best are you dating anyone else help

best are you dating anyone else help - I'm Not Dating Anyone Else. Does He Assume We're Exclusive?

best are you dating anyone else help

One night, I went on a date with myself and it changed my life. That night, I also overcame a huge personal fear: being alone. I had been dating this guy for a steady period of time when he decided to call it quits. I was devastated and hurt until I caught myself throwing an endless pity party and didn't like it. At that moment, I decided I'd take the initiative and do something completely different that I had never done before; I'd go on a "date" with myself.

I got out of my bed and decided to prepare for my "date." I combed my hair, put on makeup, dressed in my best outfit and looked up movie times.

I had been begging my ex to watch Kevin Hart's newest movie, "The Wedding Ringer," and since I never had the chance to watch it, I decided that I'd take myself to the next showing. It was around 9 pm and the movie wouldn't start until about 10:15 pm. During this hour of waiting, I was actually nervous and excited. I was nervous because this would be my first time going to the movies by myself, an act that I was always too prideful to do before.

I was excited to overcome my fear of being alone in a normally "social" activity. I arrived a little earlier, as if I were on a real date, bought my ticket and grabbed a seat toward the back. My purse sat beside me, where my ex would've sat. I started to panic as I looked around and saw the theater was filled with couples, but I quickly corrected my thoughts and reminded myself that I was on a date as well — with myself. I used the time to release my emotions. I laughed when I wanted to laugh and I cried when I needed to cry.

I realized I was spending time with "someone" who knew my deepest, darkest secrets, who was there to celebrate my happiest triumphs, who was there during the times when I cried alone in my car, who understood my little quirks and pet peeves, who was there in the lowest points of my life, who was there since the beginning of time when I was born and who will be there until the day I take my last breath.

I was on a date with myself, the person who sacrificed the most when she loved the wrong people, when she should've learned how to love and embrace her own self. I accomplished two major things by seeing this movie.

First, I did something new and saw a movie alone. Second, I was no longer afraid of doing things alone or being alone because I knew I had myself. Some people might misinterpret why I find it so important to go on a "date" with oneself. It might seem narcissistic to some, but that's completely off. It's important to go on a date with yourself because if you can't love yourself, who will?

If you only depend on others for happiness, you'll be disappointed in the end. But, if you take a small portion of your time and dedicate it strictly to yourself by putting your phone on silent, ignoring the incoming texts and focusing solely on spending time with yourself (as you would with any other date), you'll slowly find the inner peace that you were relying on others to find.

As I reevaluate my history, I acknowledge that I was afraid of being alone. I feared never finding someone who would "love" me. I was always searching for another soul to give me the confirmation that I was worthy, but yesterday, I finally went on a date with "someone" who made me realize that I don't need that.

I will use this period of my life to heal from all the brokenness that I've suffered. I've realized that only putting on a Band-Aid every time I have a gash isn't the best way to solve things. I need to first clean up the wound, disinfect the area, add ointment to the injury, then wrap a Band-Aid around myself.

There are steps for healing, yet I was too impatient. I sought for quick resolutions, but it only delayed the healing process for me in the end. Just as it takes steps and time for a physical wound to heal, the same applies for emotional wounds. The best way for me to heal from a broken heart is to redirect my energy toward myself, not my exes or the wrong people who entered my life.

I will use this time to do all the things that I wanted to do or accomplish, but pushed aside to accommodate other people. I will cherish the moments when I spend time with the one person who will never (nor can ever) leave my side. To those who have put off dates with his or her own self, this is my advice to you: 1. Plan a day that you'll spend with just yourself and pick activities that you'll do: When you have a planned schedule and a list of activities that you can do, you'll find yourself more willing to follow through with your plan, rather than deciding to skip out because you're unsure of what to do.

Also, use this time to do all the things that you wish you did before. Is there a new movie that you've been dying to see? Is there a new restaurant that opened around the block that you've been wanting to check out? The freshness of a new activity will help to keep you busy and also be refreshing as you step away from your normal routine. 2. Treat yourself to a nice dinner: I don't know about you, but food makes my world go around. If you're uncomfortable grabbing dinner alone, you can also go to a delicious dessert spot and treat yourself for a shorter amount of time.

And, if wonder why you should treat yourself, instead wonder why not? 3. Look and dress your best, as if you're on a real date: When you look good, you feel good. Imagine how you'd feel when you're in your sweats or PJs, laying in bed and not showering.

You feel like sh*t. But, if you shower, do your hair, wear your best outfit and go do these activities by yourself, not only will you feel better about yourself, but you'll be taking care of yourself, too. You were willing to go out of your way to look your best for others; you should do no less for yourself.

4. Reevaluate your history and appreciate yourself: When it's a friend's birthday and I get all "lovey-dovey" as I write the card, I tend to look back at our friendship and its history. I think about the happiest moments with this friend, and I'd also think of our painful ones, as well.

I'd remember how good this friend made me feel when he or she encouraged or gave me wise advice. You need to apply this same concept to yourself. Think of all the times you were alone or felt alone.

Think of all the times you felt like you were on top of the world. There is only one person in this world who has experienced every minute and second of your life with you. You are the only person who was there, even when your close loved ones, family and friends couldn't be by your side. You are the only one who has battled your inner demons, who understands the pain and worries and struggles, who understands why certain things annoy you the way they do and who knows all the secrets and concerns that you can't even seem to share with your best friend.

You are the only one who has felt the pain that you can't describe. You've seen yourself at the most vulnerable state you've ever been in, when you felt like you hit rock bottom. You've been the one who cried yourself to sleep, or pushed yourself to wake up and get another day of life started.

It is only you who ultimately has the power to control the destiny of your happiness. And, it is ultimately only you who has the power to make your dreams come true as well. Love yourself, embrace yourself and go on a first date with yourself.

best are you dating anyone else help

But seriously, when is the last time you got excited when someone texted or greeted you with “how are you”? If you’re anything like me, it probably made you groan, and here are 3 reasons why. Why “how are you?” sucks 1. This is the automatic filler phrase we use to acknowledge people Instead of a simple nod or a “hello”, we usually go through the exchange below when encountering people throughout the day: Person A: “Hi, how are you?” Person B: “Good, and you?” Person A: “I’m good, thanks” And that’s it!

This has always seemed super weird to me. Why do we go through this useless charade? I don’t have the answer, but I know that asking “ how are you?” no longer has any significance. If someone asks you this question, you can safely assume they don’t want the real answer. 2. It’s even worse on text In person, I can put my hand on your shoulder, look into your eyes, smile warmly, and gently ask, “how are you?” – and that’s a very different question.

But that’s impossible to translate on text; there’s just not enough context. So this question just seems redundant with a greeting like “hey”. 3. It’s a horrible way to get people to open up Whenever I used to “catch up” with someone, my typical strategy was to say something like “hey, I haven’t seen you in so long, how are you?” or “ what’s new with you?”. And I would get annoyed with myself, because everyone would just give simple answers, like “good” or “tired” and then direct the question back at me! I would, of course, give a similar response, and then the awkward, uncomfortable silence would take over.

I now understand my error. Asking “ how are you?” is like saying “Hey, I want to connect with you. YOU pick a topic". This puts a huge burden on the other person, because there are so many ways that question can be answered.

The other person must now remember which parts of their life you know about, which parts you care about, which parts you would be comfortable knowing about, whether anything is new or noteworthy in those areas, etc. And that’s a lot of work, so it’s no wonder people gave simple answers when asked “how are you?”. It’s easier, safer, and as we become numb to this question, automatic. But there’s a better way. My top 3 alternatives to “how are you?” For me, this problem was maddening, because I craved deep connections.

I craved those soul-baring conversations that lead to lifelong friendships. But with this question, the best I got was surface level updates on work or travel. Blech. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to do something about it. , I don’t have this problem anymore.

My text conversations are way more interesting, and every time I spend time with a friend, I know I’m going to have a meaningful conversation with them.

But you don’t have to go through all that, because I’ve boiled it down for you. Here are the top 3 things I do instead of asking “how are you?”. 1. Recall and ask about the little things It means the world to people when you remember little details about their life.

Sometimes, that information is available if you just scroll up to your previous texts with them. Or, you may have incredible memory and remember everything they talked about the last time you connected. My memory is not that amazing, so I plan ahead for this. When I connect with someone and they mention something they are excited about, when we part ways, I set myself a reminder to ask them about it in the future. This is really easy to do with the digital personal assistants built into our phones.

Here’s how I do it with Siri in about 5 seconds. Sure, technically I didn’t remember. But, I cared enough to want to remember, and that’s what matters. 2. Ask about an area of life that they care about Perhaps you can’t think of something specific to ask about (and you just now learned of awesome tip #2).

If you’re reaching out to a friend, presumably you have some idea of what they care about. For me, this would be dating, nutrition, fashion, writing, speaking, coaching, etc. I’ll always have something to say about those things, because they matter to me.

For example, these would all be wonderful questions to ask me: • Amin, which dating app do you like best right now? • Amin, what are you going to write about next? • Amin, what do you think of neck tattoos? Of course, the more specific, the better. I cringe when people ask “how’s work?" 3.

“I was thinking about you" Sometimes it has just been so long that it’s hard to remember anything specific about someone. In those instances, I go with the tried-and-true “I was thinking about you”. There’s just something fantastic in knowing that someone was thinking about me. It makes us feel incredibly special. I typically pair this with an invitation to chat on the phone or get together, since I find those to be best for reigniting a connection.

Here’s an example. If you liked this post and want more insights on interpersonal skills, find me on , , and . – – Do you freeze up around attractive women? Have you never kissed a girl? Have you never had a girlfriend? Do you feel that everybody else has friends but you don’t?

I’ve been there. And it sucks. Here's my 30 second story: I use a wheelchair and I have a degenerative muscle condition. I was always the shy, nerdy kid, and I had ZERO success with women – my first kiss didn't happen until I was 22 years old. I went to an Ivy League University and landed my dream job at Microsoft, but I was miserable. After the girl I was in love with told me, "I don't know how any woman could be attracted to a guy in a wheelchair," I hired a dating coach to turn my life around.

Now, my social calendar is booked weeks in advance, and I get to choose the friends that I really want to spend time with. Now, I've been on 60+ dates, I've enjoyed sex and intimacy with several women, and I've had incredible girlfriends.

If you desire similar experiences, I know I can help you. Get my practical tips for improving your social and dating life by signing up below. I would love to help you, because now that I've experienced these massive improvements in my life, I wish someone would have stepped in much earlier and helped me.

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