Best az dating places to visit in page arizona

best az dating places to visit in page arizona

With a dazzling array of amazing sights, Arizona’s desert climate is home to some astounding geological formations and canyons that are well worth exploring. The Grand Canyon, for example, is one of the United States’ most famous sights, while the

best az dating places to visit in page arizona

With a dazzling array of amazing sights on offer and jaw-dropping places to visit, Arizona’s desert climate is home to some astounding geological formations and canyons that are well worth exploring.

The Grand Canyon, for example, is one of the United States’ most famous sights, while the impressive Monument Valley certainly gives it a run for its money. With Indian reservations making up almost a quarter of Arizona’s area, there are lots of interesting archaeological, historical and cultural sites relating to Native American culture for tourists to enjoy.

As they are home to a plethora of great museums, theaters and art galleries, Arizona’s cities are fun and friendly places to stop by and there is some great nightlife to boot. An incredible state to visit, Arizona’s stunning sights, natural wonders, and lively cities will live long in the memory.

The winding, twisting cracks of Antelope Canyon are mesmerizing to wander around, as sunbeams enchantingly snake their way along the sandstone walls, illuminating and bathing the soft red tones in resplendent light. A beautiful sight to behold, the two different parts of Antelope Canyon are both well worth visiting; their distinctive features have led them to be respectively nicknamed ‘The Crack’ and ‘The Corkscrew’. While they each have their own unique look, in both parts the rock appears to be flowing, thanks to the shapes created by the erosion of the rock.

Set in a Navajo Tribal Park, the Upper and Lower parts of Antelope Canyon are only accessible by guided tour. flickr/ A historic town that is famous as the site of the Gunfight at the OK Corral, Tombstone was one of the last boomtowns. It was a rough place that attracted hardy prospectors, tough gunslingers and lawless gamblers who came to win their fortune in the silver mines. Very much a tourist trap, Tombstone is a fun place to visit in Arizona to learn about how the West was settled.

With the historic part of town perfectly preserved, step into the past and wander around its saloons or check out a reenactment performance of the gunfight.

Very much geared towards tourism, there are lots of cheap eateries, souvenir shops, restaurants and hotels around town. dreamstime/ Part of the Greater Phoenix Area, Scottsdale’s year-round warm weather means that it welcomes millions of visitors to its streets every year. As such, there is a plethora of resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars that cater to every budget.

Marketing itself as ‘The West’s Most Western Town’, numerous historic sites are scattered around and festivals and events embracing this heritage are regularly held, with cowboy competitions and horse shows often featuring. With lots of great museums and art galleries on offer, Scottsdale has a thriving arts and cultural scene for visitors to enjoy.

On top of all this, the city’s nightlife is pounding; there are loads of great nightclubs, swanky lounges and trendy bars for you to explore. dreamstime/ Set in the middle of the desert in an area which is appropriately known as ‘the Valley of the Sun’, the state capital is undoubtedly the cultural and economic heart of the state.

Bathed in glorious sunshine almost year-round, Phoenix attracts over sixteen million visitors every year. With lots of educational and entertaining museums on show, as well as some great theatres and shopping options, Phoenix has a lot going for it. There are a number of great restaurants and bars for visitors to check out. Sport lovers can watch any one of the city’s teams, while golfers will adore exploring the more than two hundred courses found in the town. flickr/ One of the most visited national monuments in the country, Canyon De Chelly has been inhabited for over five thousand years.

The canyon walls protect and shelter some amazing old buildings that date back to the days of the Ancestral Puebloans. Since the Navajos began calling it home in the 1700’s, the canyon has tragically been the site of numerous massacres throughout history, with both the Spanish and US Army having persecuted the Native Americans.

Nowadays, the site is owned and run by the Navajo and there are a number of great trails and horseback tours available to visitors. While Spider Rock is the canyon’s most distinctive feature, Canyon De Chelly is lovely to gaze upon, and there are great views from along its rim. dreamstime/ Iconic in look, Monument Valley’s incredible geological features have starred in TV commercials, featured in films and appeared in magazine ads.

As such, they are instantly recognizable around the world. Surrounded by a desolate and featureless desert that stretches almost interminably, the massive sandstone buttes rear impressively towards the heavens, their vivid reds, and oranges standing out against the blue sky. Beautiful to behold, the ‘Valley Between the Rocks’ – as it was dubbed by the Navajo – is a must-see place when visiting Arizona. dreamstime/ Home to the University of Arizona, this lively college town is a fun and friendly place to visit, with some great nightlife on offer.

The second largest city in the state is a delightful mix of cultures that attest to its long and varied history. Its numerous museums and lively arts and culture scene showcase the city’s diversity. With great local shops on offer and fantastic restaurants and bars, the university’s large student body gives the town a youthful vibe. Lying in a valley and surrounded by arid mountains and cacti-filled plains, the brightly-colored buildings of the city make Tucson an attractive place, full of charm.

With amazing natural sights lying just outside of Tucson, most tourists to the city come to explore the mesmerizing Saguaro National Park or hike in the nearby Santa Caralina Mountains. dreamstime/ Mostly consisting of endless desert, the huge Glen Canyon National Recreation Area surrounds the beautiful waters of Lake Powell. With over three thousand kilometers of shoreline, the dark waters of the lake are lined by beautiful red rock formations and the dramatic rock faces that plunge down into it.

A popular place to go boating, five marinas are scattered about and there are loads of great water sports and activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether it is kayaking and jet-skiing on Lake Powell’s waters, fishing along the shoreline, or hiking amidst the spectacular rock formations; this national recreation area has something for everyone.

The desert scenery is otherworldly, with Paria Canyon and Rainbow Bridge being particularly memorable. Horseshoe Bend is another must-see area in Glen Canyon. Make sure to stop by for a couple of days; you won’t regret it! dreamstime/ While the jaw-dropping red sandstone formations are the undoubted highlight of what Sedona has to offer, there is lots more to see and do; visitors to the area invariably come away astounded at what they have witnessed.

Nestled amid the beautiful rock formations, Sedona is considered sacred by Native Americans and people come here to heal themselves and seek spiritual enlightenment. There are many shops selling alternative medicines and lots of spas for visitors to relax in.

An area of outstanding beauty, there are plenty of outdoor activities to take part in here; cycling or hiking in the canyons is an amazing experience, while swimming in the pristine waters will replenish your spirit. With lots of great restaurants on offer, as well as numerous art galleries to explore, the town can get a bit busy during summer, although the stunning scenery more than makes up for it.

dreamstime/ Renowned throughout the world, the is awe-inspiring to visit and the beautiful panoramas on show are simply breathtaking. Gigantic in size and scale, the views from the edge of the canyon are incredible, as you look out over the rock face dropping away below you and the dramatic vista stretches towards the horizon. Descending into the canyon, the geological formations are mesmerizing.

The arid and desolate terrain is peaceful yet picturesque and indeed a powerful place to explore. The ruddy hues of the canyon walls look beautiful in the light and the fossilized remains of plants and animals can be seen here and there. To gain a greater insight into how the Grand Canyon came to be, head to the Geology Museum or the Trail of Time exhibition, which will take you through the layers and landscapes that the canyon has to offer.

With Ancestral Puebloans having lived in and around the area for centuries, head to the Tusayan Ruin and Museum for an interesting look at their history and culture.

A simply incredible place, the Grand Canyon is undoubtedly the highlight of what Arizona has to offer.

best az dating places to visit in page arizona

best az dating places to visit in page arizona - Best places to visit in Arizona

best az dating places to visit in page arizona

A great list of things to do when you visit Arizona, with places for , , , , , , and many destinations in-between! Apache Junction • Hike in the • Go back in time at the (February through March) • Take a 4-5 hr drive from Phoenix on the • Check out the for a fun western experience • Dinner and music at the !

• Take a cruise on the on Canyon Lake Avondale • in Avondale has lots of kids play areas plus a small pond • Take your children to (ages 0 to 5) • is a popular west valley golf range Bisbee • Visit in southern Arizona, a turn-of-the-century • Go underground and tour the • Check out the , established in 1882 • There are numerous Bisbee Ghost Tours (and other tours) available in Bullhead City • has lots to see and do Camp Verde • See animals from all over the world at the Carefree • Enjoy the shops, art galleries, and restaurants in and check out Easy Street and Ho Hum Dr.

where there’s a huge sundial Cave Creek • is north of Phoenix, and has lots of cool western stores, restaurants, and shops • Buffalo rides, and bbq! Eat dinner at in Cave Creek. Chandler • See amazing art at the • Be a cowboy and experience the wild west at the • See and locomotives at the (closed in summer) • Go shopping at the • Take the family to for a nice lake, train ride, splash pad, and playground • If you’re into car racing, there’s lots to see and do at • The Koli Equestrian Center offers horseback riding adventures • Go racing at !

High performance driving school. • Check out in Chandler for a fun night out! • Stop and get a homemade popsicle at • Have breakfast at at the Chandler Airport and watch the airplanes take off • Go on a (first Saturday of every month from November through April) • Visit at Tumbleweed Park, a free, 2.5-acre playground for kids • The is extremely popular (Saturdays in winter) Deer Valley • offers a look at ancient rock art Flagstaff • See the in Flagstaff • Ski (or in summer of Mt.

Humphries on a ski lift) • Walnut Canyon near Flagstaff • in Flagstaff • Explore the past at National Monument • Camp or hike at the • Hike or ride bikes at • Ride or hike the which is part of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System • Play in the snow at the (sled, or snowshoe) • Swim at the (lazy river, pool, hot tubs, water slides) • Take the kids to • in downtown Flagstaff (summer) • for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers at the Flagstaff Public Library • has open gym on Mondays and Thursday afternoons • has playgrounds and a skate park for teens • Check out which has a model train going around the ceiling Florence • Visit historic Fountain Hills • Check out (560 ft high) which is one of the top four in the world • Go Gilbert • Check out the • Dine at , one of the best restaurants in Gilbert • Take the family on a (held every third Saturday of the month, October through March) Greer • Ski (about 4 hrs from Phoenix) • Take a relaxing trip to Globe • , AZ home to a bunch of great restaurants and antique stores on the way to the White Mountains • Go (October though April) • Take a day-trip to and see real indian ruins (about two hours from Phoenix) • Nearby is , one of the best lakes in the area!

• Even bigger is which is about 18 miles in length Grand Canyon • Visit the ! • At 8,803 feet, is the highest point on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon () • (at the bottom of the Grand Canyon but worth the hike) or • River Raft the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon • Go to the (if you dare!) Kingman • Drive the , which is a fun road with great views • Visit the • Check out the worlds first Electric Vehicle Museum in Kingman at the Lake Havasu City • (see London Bridge up close) Mesa • Have pizza at the and enjoy live music on the huge pipe organ!

• Take the children to the in Mesa for all-day activities. • The in Mesa is fun for all ages! • Check out the for a great hike! • Go to the water park! is one of the best in the valley! • Check out the at Falcon Field in Mesa where you can see old WWII airplanes and even take a ride!

Northern Arizona • Take a ride on the in Northern Arizona • Visit the in Northern Arizona • Visit (old copper town) • See bears and other wildlife at near Williams • (Holbrook, AZ) • Go horseback riding in Northern Arizona! There are lots of trails and beautiful scenery to see, and of to from • (the second largest man made lake in America) • Stay in a cozy (hundreds of cabins all over Arizona!) • Visit Volcano National Monument, preserved on earth (35 miles east of Flagstaff) • (a day trip from the valley) • Stand on the intersection between Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado at • Tour in the High Desert • Check out the in Winslow Northeastern Arizona • in Northern Arizona is absolutely beautiful – named for the many colors you can see • If you’re in northeastern AZ don’t miss the amazing • See the beauty of near the four corners region • Pretend you are John Ford filming in (near four corners) Northwestern Arizona • Check out the • Explore near Las Vegas Oracle • Check out the attraction (learn about earth and plants cycles) • The provides a historical museum about Oracle Page • View the beautiful and amazing colors and shapes of in Page, AZ • See the and learn about Major Powell and the Colorado Plateau • Check out , a less busy version of Antelope Canyon that’s good for photographers • See near the Utah border in Page, AZ, an overlooking the Colorado River • features a hard to reach (by permit only) rock that’s beautiful Phoenix • offers classical music for everybody, and you can see and purchase tickets online • Take a in the Phoenix area • Take a on South Mountain (south of Phoenix) and get the cookout ride!

• Have lunch at the (reservation required) • The is one of the best in the country • Check out the world’s first global in Phoenix () • • Visit • and see the museum about the USS Arizona • at South Mountain built in 1945 (may not be open for tours) which was • The is held every October, and you can try tacos from over 50 vendors • During the holidays (November to January) check out for an amazing light display • If you are really into hiking, you should • Go sailing on (north of Phoenix) • Eat some • Eat pizza at the famous • Hike (aka Piestewa Peak) in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve • Learn about Native American Indians at the • Check out the great art at the • Pick fresh vegetables at • Learn about desert plants at the (read our guide to the ) • If you’re • Check out the and see lots of old fire fighting equipment • Take a tour of (that castle near the freeway with all of the cactus around it) • Take the family go kart racing at • Visit an old 1800s town at in North Phoenix • Visit the and learn about prehistoric Arizona • Hike (second highest point in the Phoenix Mountains) • Tour at Heritage Square (next to Science Museum) • Check out the monuments at • See the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix called • Visit for a nice quick hike • Catch a unique film and craft beer at • The best venue for live music events is • might be one of the best breweries in the • There are lots of farmers markets, but the on Saturday mornings is terrific • Check out every year in Phoenix • Watch horse races at • is a beautiful place to visit and dine (the fancy restaurant is called ) • Go on a glider ride with (by Lake Pleasant) • Go bowling at the new (Downtown Phoenix) • Head north to the and shoot some shotguns!

($10 shotgun rentals) • Have fun with crafts and make something at Paradise Valley • Hike in Paradise Valley • Visit the of Paoli Soleri in Paradise Valley – spectacular displays of windbells and sculptures available for purchase Payson • Check out the natural land bridge at north of Payson • Tour • Check out the ! A geological feature that cuts across the state for 200 miles! • The Zane Grey Museum in Payson is really cool • Check out the Peoria • Take the kids to the and learn about space exploration Prescott • Check out • Visit • Stop off at the experimental town of Scottsdale • Catch a show at the (currently showing Peter Pan, Driving Miss Daisey, Fiddler on the Roof, and about 7 more) • Check out the new in Scottsdale • Catch the in February in Old Town Scottsdale • Take a of Scottsdale!

• Tour in Scottsdale, • . The “Best Run City In The World.” • See amazing artwork and get shop till you drop in • Eat ice cream at , Scottsdale’s oldest (since 1958!) • Taste some unique ice cream flavors • If you are into gaming, check out the Talking Stick Resort • Check out the for live events in Scottsdale • Check out the recently opened to see western art • See beautiful Arabian horses every February at the • Check out the beautiful in Old Town Scottsdale • Golf at the where the Waste Management Open is held every January • Every January the comes to Scottsdale and is one of the best car shows in the world • Go hiking at !

One of the best hikes in the valley! • Every Thursday Scottsdale hosts an informal walking tour of Fifth Avenue in Old Town Scottsdale called • Check out some of the amazing • Check out the race cars at the • Check out the golf event every February in Scottsdale • Hit golf balls at the “resort golf experience” at Talking Stick • Shoot some guns at the • Go Kart Racing is fun at the in Scottsdale!

• Swim with dolphins at ! • See a theatre production at the in Scottsdale Sedona • Hike in Oak Creek Canyon at the (my favorite day hike in Arizona) • Cool down at in Sedona (2 hrs north of Phoenix) • Take ! • Get some great photos and hike at (one of our favorite hikes!) • is one of the bet hikes in Sedona with magnificent views • There’s some good restaurants and shops at • Check out the nestled among the red rocks • Drive up the famous (truck recommended) Southern Arizona • Down near the Mexican border you don’t want to miss • Hike or camp at (3 hrs east of Tucson) which has an elevation of 10,724 ft • where the only Civil War battle in Arizona was fought (on the way to Tucson you will ) • Hike in the (The 10,000 foot mountains are in the southeastern corner of Arizona) and see the “wonderland of rocks” at the • is 2 1/2 miles of caves (near Benson, AZ) Coolidge • Check out the and see an old indian community Statewide • right here in AZ • In October you can at numerous farms statewide • Arizona is serious about and has hundreds of beautiful • Taste espresso at great in Arizona • Go on a • in Arizona!

There are online for • Visit some of Arizona to see wildlife • Go on a hike! Check for a map and list of cool hikes Superior • See birds, animals, and plants of the southwest at Tempe • The has 26,000 square feet of indoor aquarium • See an improv show at the • Take a stroll along or (kayaks, pedal boats, electric boats, and stand-up paddleboards) • Enjoy Cactus League Spring Training!

• Watch one of the many performing arts shows at (a Frank Lloyd Wright designed building). • features the third largest wave pool in the world! • Downtown Tempe and Mill Ave are spectacular evening walks • The splash pad at Tempe Marketplace is really amazing — a good place to take the kids! • Visit for laser tag, video games, food and bowling!

• – Friday evenings in May • • Check out the at Arizona Mills (a LEGO play area with rides) • is a family entertainment center (video games, pizza, etc.) • There are lots of great shows at Tombstone • Visit (wild west town), home of the O.K.

Corral • See the planted in 1885 • Check out , the gravesite of many gunfighters (with a bunch of funny grave markers) • See , which was a saloon and more from 1881 to 1889 • The is home to the original courthouse built in 1882 • Stroll down (the main street) which looks and feels like the old west Tubac • Check out which is the first state park and best preserved Spanish Colonial Presidio • Play golf at the Tuba City • Tucson • Check out the , near Tucson and see a intercontinental ballistic missile • Do some climbing, hiking, or bouldering on • Visit the in Tucson • The is one of southern Arizona’s great gems… see old airplanes!

• See the near Tucson (a mission founded in 1692) • Step back into the wild west at • over Arizona • Visit at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains • Drive or hike into the area of the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson • Check out just about 15 minutes west of Tucson • Check out for a western experience • Take a 20 minute flight in a light-aircraft or ultralight with ! • Visit near Tucson • The is a very popular show Waddell • See petroglyphs in the on the west side of Phoenix Wickenburg • The in Wickenburg is one of the best western museums in the nation featuring western artwork Yuma • Check out , a National Heritage Area that is being transformed into an agricultural oasis and riparian area • Get coffee at • The was opened in 1876 and held more than 3,000 prisoners over 33 years • The has more than 50 buildings related to the mining operations from the 1800s As you can see from our list, Arizona is a hive of outdoor activities.

Despite being known for warm summer temperatures, Arizona visitors can find fun things to do all year! If you have a suggestion or need advice about your trip to Arizona, you can . We live in Arizona, so we’re very familiar with the area!

This list is updated frequently when we discover new things to do! We have a full web site devoted to kids in Arizona! Get ideas .

best az dating places to visit in page arizona

One of the biggest attractions in America, and certainly in the state of Arizona, is the spectacular Grand Canyon. This incredible landscape, carved out by the Colorado River, reveals the power of nature and and the wonder it can create. The canyon walls glow a variety of colors in the late afternoon sun, with hues of orange, red, yellow, and everything in between.

Most visitors see the canyon from the South Rim, where there are numerous lookout areas all along the road and walkway running along the canyon's edge. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area The Wave is a sandstone formation with brilliant, undulating, colorful layers resembling waves.

It is located close to the border between Arizona and Utah on the steep slopes of the Coyote Buttes and it is one of the top Arizona tourist attractions. The Wave is very popular among photographers as well as hikers who love the challenging, rugged, trail-less hike they have to brave in order to reach their destination.

The Wave consists of U-shaped troughs formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone during the Jurassic period. Havasu Falls Located close to the isolated village of Supai, the capital of the Havasupai Indian Reservation, Havasu Falls is a waterfall of the Havasu Creek which flows through the Havasupai land in the Havasu Canyon, a part of the Grand Canyon. If you are looking for beautiful places in Arizona to visit on vacation, this place is amazing. Of the various waterfalls on the Havasu Creek, Havasu Falls is the most visited and most famous: it drops 100 feet (30 meters) down a vertical cliff into a beautiful blue green pool.

The color comes from the high amount of calcium carbonate in the water. Visiting the village, the creek, and the waterfalls is popular but requires a two to three day hike. Hoover Dam Hoover Dam is a concrete dam located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada.

Once known as Boulder Dam, it was built between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression, and was the largest dam at the time it was built. Thousands of men worked and more than one hundred people died during its construction. Saguaro National Park Saguaro National Park is a great place to experience the desert landscape around Tucson and see the famous saguaro cacti up close.

The park has two sections, an east and a west portion, located on the east and west side of Tucson, approximately a half hour drive apart. Both offer great opportunities to see the desert flora and fauna with roads and hiking trails. Monument Valley Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park straddles the border between Arizona and Utah. The impressive Wild West landscape includes jagged rock formations, dramatic buttes, and sand dunes.

Visitors can do a self drive tour through the valley, take a guided tour or photography tour, or simply appreciate some of the views from the passing highway. One of the many destinations for the adventurous is the Horseshoe Bend, a horseshoe-shaped bend that the Colorado River forms as it meanders around the town of Page, about five miles from Lake Powel and the Glen Canyon Dam. The best way to see Horseshoe Bend is from the high cliff above the river, which can be reached by a mile and half hike from U.S.

Route 89. It is a one thousand-foot drop to the river from the overlook. Cathedral Rock, Sedona Barringer Crater is a meteor crater near Winslow, Arizona, a popular tourist destination, and the source of endless speculations about the origin of this perfectly round giant hole in the ground. The first person to venture a guess that the hole was created by an impact from a meteor was Daniel Barringer, who gave it the name and whose family also owns the crater and the surrounding land.

The big hole is 4,100 feet in diameter and 570 feet deep. It was created about 50,000 years ago by an asteroid about 130 feet wide. Scientists believe that the asteroid was a part of a larger asteroid that broke apart while passing through the atmosphere. Montezuma Castle National Monument Montezuma Castle is an awe-inspiring National Monument about 50 miles from Flagstaff, which tells the story of the intelligence, ingenuity, and resilience of people who built it thousands of years ago.

It is a five-story dwelling cut into the soft limestone cliffs of Beaver Creek Canyon that is located 100 feet above the canyon floor. The castle consists of twenty very well preserved rooms built by fieldstone glued together by mud and clay mortar. Montezuma Castle National Monument is one of the top things to do in Arizona. Bisbee Bisbee, 90 miles southeast of Tucson, is located on the slopes of the Mule Mountains, and it was founded in 1880 as an Old West mining camp.

It was one of the richest mining towns in the world. With the riches, the town population grew to more than 20,000 people at the beginning of the 20th century. The lively town had a library, opera house, ball fields, and the first golf course, along with 47 saloons.

By the mid 1970’s, the mine closed, the miners left, and the artists and free spirits started moving in, as they found the spectacular nature and colorful history inspiring and attractive. Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Located in northern Arizona and southern Utah, the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness is a large area of canyons, cliffs, and plateaus. Covering 112,500 acres the wilderness lies in the dry Colorado Plateau area of Arizona’s Coconino County and Utah’s Kane County.

The area is known for the amazing beauty of its red streaked rocks cliffs, especially the 3,000 foot high Vermilion Cliffs, its sandstone arches, and its wildlife. Backpacking, camping, hiking, and photography are the most popular activities here, and visitors are often able to see the beavers, bobcats, coyotes, deer, fox, mountain lions, and bighorn sheep that live in the area.

The Wave on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes is one of the most popular places to visit. Papago Park Papago Park is a city park in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona.

Consisting of 1,200 acres in Phoenix and 296 acres is Tempe, the park is a hilly area known for its red sandstone formations, its giant saguaro cacti and other desert plants, small lakes, biking paths, hiking trails, and much more.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Canyon de Chelly National Park The Paria Mountains' 18 miles from Kanab, Utah in Hwy 89. Paria Wilderness, Utah, USA. These mountains are found beside a dirt road that connects to Highway 89 just before the Paria River. Hwy 89 takes you from Kanab Utah to Page Arizona. The side of the mountains have spectacular colors (better that the Grand Canyon, Bryce, the Painted Dessert, the slot canyons and even White Pocket) due to their encrusted minerals like iron oxides, manganese, cobalt and others that geologists describe.

Chocolate Falls Beaver Falls is so unique that some argue its status as a waterfall. It is a series of cascading miniature falls that are located within roughly 25 feet of each other. The blue waters that feed this waterfall are from Havasu Creek. Beaver Falls gets its name for its appearance resembling that of a beaver damn. The water flowing down the landscape is extremely shallow and not fit for swimming. In fact, even wading through these waters is a dangerous venture due to the force generated by the rapidly moving waters and the slippery limestone surface beneath.

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