Best badoo dating south african

best badoo dating south african

South African online dating site and personals. Meet South African singles looking for date, friendship or relationship. Create your free profile now!, Dating South Africa South African singles have never had a better chance of meeting each other because all of our members are from your country, meaning that you no longer have to worry about their proximity to you. We have so many members in so many different parts of South Africa that we could have dozens of potential matches living in your town or suburb! Dating South Africa knows your area well and we know where the right person is for you.

best badoo dating south african

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best badoo dating south african

best badoo dating south african - The Two Best Online Dating Sites in Africa

best badoo dating south african

“I don’t need much. Just someone, whom I can talk to, take a trip together and who has a similar sense of humor.” Sounds familiar? It’s almost a proverb among single people, where the same question has been asked for centuries: “Where does one go to meet new people?” The answer to this question has changed throughout time and if ladies in Victorian times swore by dinner invitations and society balls, today’s unattached men and women needn’t go further than the screen of their phone or desktop.

In collaboration with App Annie analytics BBC News has conducted a research on . The focus was solely on apps intended for dating usage, thus Facebook or WhatsApp were excluded. It comes as no surprise that Badoo and Tinder closely compete to win people’s hearts. Based on the findings of BBC’s research GFluence has prepared a Global Love App Map showing the world’s most popular dating apps by country.

Source: GFluence, based on data from Europe Shares a Similar Pattern with North and Latin America Tinder undoubtedly dominates in the US and Canada as the most popular dating app, but the more south we go, the more odds change to Badoo’s favor. Single app users in the biggest online markets in Latin America: Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina favor Badoo over Tinder, which “trails Badoo by just two places”. A similarly interesting phenomenon is present in Europe and it looks as climate or national temperament might have something to do with it.

In European countries located in the north and west Tinder dominates, but if you go south or east people will more likely use Badoo for free online dating. Obvious exceptions from this rule are the mid-central Germanic countries: Switzerland, Austria and Germany, where takes first place due to its well devised target marketing.

Asia’s Cultural Diversity Triggers a Variety of Dating Apps Ever heard about Frim? Well, it’s where most app users from Russia get dates. What about Momo, YYC or Heartbeep? Doesn’t ring a bell? To SEO experts it makes sense that a technologically diverse market such as Asia will also offer a variety of exciting and appealing dating apps. We prepared a list of the most popular dating apps used in specific Asian countries.

Most likely you’ve never heard of these hook up dating apps before: Source: GFluence; based on data from Rest assured, Tinder and Badoo still exist in this “neck of the woods”.

Badoo ranks first in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey, but Tinder dating wins over in Israel, India, Singapore and the Philippines. Most Single Africans Are Still Able to Flirt in Person If statistics on dating app usage in Africa are poor, it’s due to the lower availability of mobile internet on the continent. That is why app users are more likely to use larger platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp to connect with their future significant other, and why the free online dating market is still “in its infancy”.

If however, you would fancy meeting someone from the “Hot Continent” then log into Badoo, which is favoured by Nigerians, South Africans and Kenyans.

Summing Up the Data As can be viewed from the Love App Map, Badoo is the world’s dating app winner, with Tinder taking second place lacking only 3 countries behind in the world’s 50 biggest app markets. A few statistical facts will help us understand the ranking results better: 1.

Badoo Has Been on the Market Longer Badoo was launched in , while Tinder has been on the market only since . From this point of view, Badoo has the advantage of being present and studying the online dating game longer than Tinder.

2. Badoo Offers More Language Versions Badoo can be used in , while Tinder connects its users in . A wider language pool enables Badoo to attract more people from different countries. 3. Badoo’s Users Are More Demographically Diverse of Tinder users are under the age of 34, while only are between the ages of 45 and 64.

is more spread out with 70 percent of users being under 34 years old and 15 percent being 44 years old and above. This shows that app users consider Badoo to be more demographically universal than Tinder. To properly sum up the data we prepared a full list of all the most downloaded dating apps by country in the world’s 50 biggest app markets: Source: GFluence; based on data from Online Dating Summary – the Cultural Perspective Going through the data certain trends and patterns start to show.

These can be better understood by reading the data from a cultural perspective. Through our Global SEO comparative analysis we established four major cultural and sociological factors influencing users’ decision on choosing a suitable free hook up app.

1. Language Language is an important factor when filtering dating match searches. Going back to the map it’s clear that Badoo is the number one dating app in all the Spanish and both Portuguese speaking countries. This indicates there is greater fluctuation between people from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula when looking for possible dating matches. The dominance of language above geographical factors is evident in North America, where there is a clear switch between Tinder ruling in the majority English speaking Canada and USA and between the Spanish speaking Mexico.

2. Similar Cultural Background Though countries from Eastern Europe are mostly Slavic, the language differences are still too vast to ensure fluent communication. At the same time all these countries prefer Badoo, which indicates to a connection other than language and that is cultural background. In the previous century most of the Eastern European countries were joined together in the Soviet Union. Though today all these countries are independent, they still share a common historical and cultural background.

This keeps the nations unintentionally connected and that is why similar trends can be often found in Czech Republic as well as in Slovakia. Popovídejte si na Badoo s uživatelem Barbora Žehrová a dalšími super lidmi z vašeho okolí! — CZECH GIRL (@BarboraZehrova) Zaloguj się na Badoo i poznaj użytkowniczkę Emilia oraz inne osoby w okolicy! — Emisia (@Emuula_POLAND) A good example are also Scandinavian countries, where most single app users prefer Tinder.

SEO specialists are aware that one has to use specific marketing approaches for specific parts of Europe depending on historical, cultural and economic factors. 3. Market Diversity Though the US technology market has highly penetrated or more or less even dominates in the European market, this is not the case in Asia.

With the world’s greatest and fastest growing technology markets such as China, India, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, one should expect that there will be a vast choice of local dating apps in Asia. The independence of these markets correlates to the independence of users when choosing among dating apps and that is why local will often win over global.

Paktor, a major rival to Tinder in Asia, moves into live-streaming via merger deal: Dating app… — Sai Varun Padala (@SaiVarunPadala) Are dating apps changing the love economy in Asia? — Ninja Economics (@NinjaEconomics) 4. Sticking with the Majority App markets such as Russia and China are so vast that they can easily be paired up with larger regional markets. At the same time an app developer may not need more than just one local market to succeed, as long as he has the sufficient percentage of all the users.

When more and more people are starting to use one specific dating app, even though it may not be globally known, it makes no sense to use a different one. With all social media and specifically for dating apps, the most important thing is to have as big of a user base as possible.

This way the chances of finding a good match are increased. If the majority of Russians use Frim then new users will most likely choose Frim as well. Expanding your brand overseas is not an easy task. That is why it is always good to work with people who know how to approach international market. At GFluence we help various businesses with executing their international SEO strategy to its fullest potential.

Check full that we can provide for your brand. Featured image source:

best badoo dating south african

11 With data provided exclusively to the BBC by analytics company App Annie, it is also possible to tell the story of the apps behind the phenomenon. Looking at 50 of the world's biggest app markets, two names dominated in 2015: Badoo and Tinder. Nearly a decade after it launched, Badoo had the top dating app in 21 countries. Tinder was the most downloaded dating app in 18 countries and came a close second to Badoo in many others.

Andy, 45, from Scotland, lives in London and has been married and divorced twice. He has a 21-year-old daughter from his first marriage. He's been using Tinder for several years. "You create this perfect profile, using your best photographs and most creative lines of text, to create this persona, and you start to believe this persona that you've created.

Everyone else on the app is doing exactly the same thing. "You spend a few weeks sending lines of text to each other, and you eventually arrange to meet. At the meeting, it's instantly recognisable that neither of you can live up to the expectations and you part company. "If there's no chemistry, there's no chemistry. The fallout is the trip home, where you feel crushed and defeated and you know you're going back to square one to start the whole process again.

Duration: 0:26 "To counter-balance this you tend to have three or four on the go at the same time. The whole process is very addictive, but it's very soul-destroying. The addictive part tends to come mainly from the loneliness, which is the whole reason that we're on this and we're trying to find someone to keep us company." Outside Russia, Egypt is the only country where Frim is popular Shruti, 30, and Nitin, 31, live in Delhi and work in finance.

They found each other on TrulyMadly, an Indian-made app, which came second to Tinder in terms of downloads in 2015.

They got married in November. "At first we didn't inform our parents that we met through a dating app, but once they knew, they accepted it because we are both from the same religion and caste," says Shruti. "Parents don't think you'll get a good partner through dating apps because people are there just to have fake relationships and will just spend some time with a girl or boy then leave." "With arranged marriages, you meet the girl and her family, and then after a week or so, you have to reply," says Nitin.

"I don't like that because you don't have freedom or control." Aisha, whose name has been changed, is 42 and lives with her parents in Kuwait.

She does not want to reveal her identity because dating is not accepted in her culture. "I use Badoo. I'm trying to find some friends around the world. I'm trying to find people with an open mind, who are kind, intelligent, smart. People who really try to know and discover others. "At the first meeting, I am a little bit shy as an Arabian girl meeting a strange person.

I have a lot of traditions. But at the same time, I am of an age where I can recognise what is right or wrong. I tell them from the first day I am only offering friendship. Most of them don't accept - they want to take the relationship to a second level. But some of them say they need the same. I have made more than five friends this way. They are very very unique relationships. "My family don't accept that kind of relationship because they don't agree about relations between men and women.

But they know me very well and they know that I will not do something bad. At the same time, I have to be careful about the traditions, about my religion... about everything." WhosHere is popular in the Middle East but hasn't caught on elsewhere Deborah is 22 and lives in Sao Paulo.

She works in film production, is single and uses Tinder and Happn. "I used to go to clubs, but it seems everyone goes for a single purpose - getting a girl or a guy. I don't really like the feeling. It feels like you're hunting or being hunted.

In Brazil, some of the guys in clubs are really pushy. Sometimes, they try to kiss you even if you don't want to. "It's a lot smoother through the apps. Even if you're shy, you can just swipe right on someone and start a conversation. "I don't go out much, and I don't even have to go out to find someone I like. Just be in the app for a few minutes and you can find someone to talk to at least.

Duration: 0:37 "Before the apps, they used to have dating websites - people my age would never ever use them. Tinder and Happn made online dating more accessible and less embarrassing to younger people.

You don't have to be ashamed of it any more, because most of your friends use it." Tinder trails Badoo by just two places among lifestyle apps in Brazil, Chile and Argentina John, whose name has been changed, is 32, and works in a beauty salon in Nairobi. He doesn't want to use his real name because he could lose his job and his home if his boss and his landlord found out he was gay.

He uses PlanetRomeo and Facebook to meet men, despite a bad experience on one meeting. "He took my clothes off, then I took his clothes off. Then after five minutes, two men came into the house. They started shouting, ‘You people, are you gay?' "They wanted me to pay 50,000 [Kenyan shillings], or they would call Mungiki [a violent criminal gang in Kenya], who would put tyres on me and set me on fire.

"I thought, ‘Oh my God, oh my God. Today is my last day in the world.'" John managed to escape physically unharmed. In Africa the paid-for app market is in its infancy Whitney, 24, lives in New York and works in marketing. She mainly uses Tinder and OKCupid. "In New York, there are eight million people. How the hell are you supposed to find someone? There's so many people, so little time.

So we use tools for everything. We have Uber; we even have a laundry app. Why wouldn't we have a dating app? "I have girlfriends who are single who will take my phone away just so they can start swiping for me because it becomes a sort of addictive game that you do." The most downloaded dating app by country Country Top dating app Argentina Badoo Australia Tinder Austria Lovoo Belgium Tinder Brazil Badoo Bulgaria Badoo Canada Tinder Chile Badoo China Momo Colombia Badoo Czech Republic Badoo Denmark Tinder Egypt Frim Finland Tinder France Tinder Germany Lovoo Greece Tinder Hungary Badoo India Tinder Indonesia Badoo Ireland Tinder Israel Tinder Italy Badoo Japan YYC Kenya Badoo Kuwait Badoo Country Top dating app Malaysia Badoo Mexico Badoo Netherlands Tinder New Zealand Tinder Nigeria Badoo Norway Tinder Philippines Tinder Poland Badoo Portugal Badoo Romania Badoo Russia Frim Saudi Arabia WhosHere Singapore Tinder South Africa Badoo South Korea Heartbeep Spain Badoo Sweden Tinder Switzerland Lovoo Taiwan iPair Thailand Badoo Turkey Badoo Ukraine Badoo UAE Badoo UK Tinder USA Tinder Vietnam Paktor Notes and credits For the world's 50 biggest app markets (and two additional countries in Africa, Nigeria and Kenya), we identified the most downloaded dating app in the lifestyle and social categories of Apple's App Store and Google Play Store for the whole of 2015.

We defined a dating app as one that advertised itself as being for dating, or is primarily used for that purpose. For example, we did not count Facebook or Whatsapp, even though many people use them to meet new people. Interviews and research by Simon Maybin. This page was designed by Emily Maguire, produced by Henry Clarke Price and John Walton and developed by Punit Shah. Share this story • • • •

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