Best basic date questions to ask a guy

best basic date questions to ask a guy

First date questions. Questions to ask your crush. Conversation starters for couples One of the best questions you can ask a guy. It will let you know a little bit more about his past, how he views himself, and what he considers important. Plus it’s fantastic because there are endless follow up questions you can ask about these cornerstone events in his life.

best basic date questions to ask a guy

You are meeting a guy for the first time; you obviously have no clue as to what his likes and dislikes are. What does he do, what interests him and what doesn’t. And that is not it, you by all means wish to make that first impression so good that it lasts long and makes him ask you out for a second date.

It’s natural that you’ll ponder upon the conversation starters. You would tremble and it may get awkward. To rescue you from the awkward ‘what to say next phase’ following are the best questions that you can ask and indulge in an interesting conversation. 1. What is something you want to try in your life? Ask him about the things he wishes to try in his life. Make yourself aware of all the things he would love to do and wants to do.

This will give you an insight onto his adventurous side, if he has any. This would be a great conversation starter; he’ll think that you are interested in knowing things about him.

2. Which fictional character can you relate yourself with? This question may seem a little too intellectual or interrogative but this would actually give you a fine picture of what he thinks of himself or how sees himself. The character he tells you would have the qualities he possesses, so it would be much easier for you to make out his likes, dislikes and personality.

3. What’s something you are not so good at? Let’s skip the monotonous question ‘what are you good at or what do you do the best’ and ask this thing straight. Well, it may come off as too bold but you can always make it light hearted by telling your own example like you can say I am terrible at cooking, what is something you wish you could do better?

This will help you know his flaws. Also, this will show how much he knows himself and wishes to work upon himself. 4. What’s your goal in life right now? Ask him about his goals, his targets and his desires. You’ll know how career oriented he is, how much he takes his life seriously and wishes to accomplish something. 5. What do you hate about dating? Well, this is an important question for obvious reasons. You most definitely should ask him this.

His answer would help you avoid things which he considers as a turn off and would help you to do things which he wants a girl to do for him. Also, this question will give you a hint to what’s going to happen after the date, how you guys would take things forward. 6. If you could possess one superpower, what would it be? This is something which we all would love to answer.

It’s not related to dating but it is an interesting question to put forward. It would make him take off his mind from all the dating stuff. He would love to answer this and would consider you interesting and good to talk with. 7. Which is your favorite book? A guy who loves to read is a cherry on top isn’t it? Yes it is. I would personally like a guy who is intellectual and reads good books.

A person who reads is knowledgeable. And who knows his favourite book might be your favourite too. How great would that be? You’ll have so much to discuss upon. 8. Do you know how to cook? One of the traits we all wish guys possessed. Cooking involves patience and calmness. If he loves to cook, you would know you are with a guy who is patient.

Also, a guy who can cook great meals for you while you lay off in laziness would be the loveliest thing to ever happen. 9. Do you have any Tattoos? Ask him if he has any tattoos, this would be an interesting conversation starter if he has any. The sort of tattoo he has will tell you a lot about his personality. Tattoos symbolise courage and commitment.

If he has a tattoo, he is ready for a commitment because tattoos stay lifelong. Guys who can guarantee commitments are desirable. 10. What’s your horoscope sign? This may seem an old school question but it can be a great test for compatibility. Knowing his horoscope would help you a lot in knowing if you both are compatible with each other or not, whether he has a temper or is an easy going person. A lot can be derived from horoscope signs. 11. What do you do to relax yourself? Relaxing oneself can involve a lot of things like going on a walk, taking a spa session etc.

If he says drugs or alcohol, you must walk away that time itself. Nobody wants a guy who is addicted to substance. It’s a major turn off. 12. When was your first kiss? Well if you wish to make the conversation a bit flirtatious, you should go for this question.

Break the interviewing session into a lighter conversation. This question will set the mood right for your date. After all healthy flirting never killed anyone. 13. Have you ever cried while watching a movie? This is an interesting question to ask in order to know if he has a sensitive side. If he replies in affirmative, you’ll be aware that he is opening up to you and is letting you witness his tender side.

14. What are a few things on your bucket list? Everyone has a bucket list. Something we want to do or accomplish. Let him tell you about the things he has on his bucket list.

If things which he has on his bucket list matches with yours, you both can dream of how to accomplish them. Also, you may get fascinated by the things he has on his list, and you could totally add it onto yours. 15. Who is your celebrity crush? It may seem a little pointless but actually it is very advantageous. The name of the celebrity he replies would be the type of girl he feels attracted to.

The type of girl he admires and wishes to be with. This will help you know his choice in women. Isn’t it cool, to ask a question in an indirect manner that you were dying to ask but thought you’d look desperate.

best basic date questions to ask a guy

best basic date questions to ask a guy - 21 Questions to Ask a Guy (In Real Life / Over Text)

best basic date questions to ask a guy

Awkward silence is the killer of promising first dates. Fortunately we’ve researched 13 great first date questions to ensure you never have to endure that painful quiet! The only thing worse is bad small talk. I want to help you banish both from your dates. The essential 10 first date questions you MUST start with 1) Are you working on any personal projects right now? This is an excellent question to break the ice and lift the mood.

If they’re working on something they’re passionate about, they’ll be very happy to open up about it. If you’re interested in what they’re saying, the conversation will be effortless. They’ll be glowing and feeling good and this will set the tone for a great date ahead. 2) What does a usual day look like for you? It’s boring when you simply ask, “what do you do?” By getting them to talk about what they actually do during the day, not only will learn what they really to do, their answer will be so much more interesting for them to talk about because it’s not a question they’d receive very often.

3) What’s the last book you read? You’ll learn a lot from this question. What people choose to read in their free time says a lot about who they are and what they’re interested in.

Most people are usually happy to open up about this kind of stuff and it can lead the conversation down a fascinating path. 4) Is there anything you don’t eat? This ones an easy question to ask, especially if you’re on a dinner date. People usually have a story about why they don’t eat certain foods.

If they tell you what food they don’t eat, follow up by asking them why and what happens to them when they eat it. It will probably lead to an interesting reason and discussion. 5) What’s been your best vacation ever? People LOVE talking about holidays where they had ample fun. It reminds them of good times which will spark the feeling to a passionate high. Ask questions about the holiday to really keep the fun conversation going. 6) What’s the most surprising thing that’s happened to you in the past week?

It’s pretty boring when you simply ask, “how has your week been?” This will instead lead you down a path that’s pretty interesting as it will force them think on the spot about the most interesting or surprising thing that’s happened to them all week.

7) What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you? This will bring up some fascinating topics and they’ll be very forthcoming in telling you why it’s great advice. And learning some wisdom never hurt anyone 8) What are your closest friends like? People love talking about their friends. After all, there’s reason they’ve chosen them as their good friends. They’ll usually have funny stories about them too so probe them more on this question wherever you can.

9) What were you like as a kid? This is a surprising question to ask and most people will be happy to open up about it. You’ll learn more about them and what they’re truly like as a person. 10) What’s your favorite TV show ever?

This is a great one because TV is an essential part of nearly everyone’s life. Most people have a TV show that they absolutely love so it will lead the conversation down a passionate path. BONUS: 40 first date questions to ignite the spark • Where did you go to school? • Where do you call home? • When was the last time you traveled? • Where did you go? • What was the best part of highschool? • How long have been living in the area? • Did you go to college? • What is your favorite movie?

• What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? • Have you ever gone to the movies on your own? • What part of town do you live in? • What do you do for fun? • What’s the best show on television right now? • Do you like reading? • What’s your favorite band? • Have you ever dropped a class?

• Are you traveling soon? • What do you like about your boss? • Have you ever thought of starting a business? • What is your favorite food? • Did you have a nickname when you were a kid? • Do you have any pets? • Are you close with your family? • If you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be? • What’s one thing that drives you crazy about people?

• Do you like coffee or tea? • Have you ever been to Disney World? • If you could live anywhere, where would you live? • Trump or Bust? • What’s something on your bucketlist? • When was the last time you checked something off your bucketlist? • Do you prefer mornings or evenings? • Do you like to cook? • What’s the worst job you ever had? • Do you like parties or small gatherings? • Do you take work home with you? • What’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard? • What’s your work look like this week?

• Did you enjoy your meal? • When is your birthday? How to use these questions for maximum effect The trick to creating engaging conversation is to get a good give-and-take momentum going. Ask questions, let your date ask you questions, and try to be as honest as possible. You don’t need to give away the farm, but if your date asks you questions like these and you’d like the answers in return, be sure to answer them as best you can. In fact, think of how you might answer these questions yourself before you pose them to someone else.

Don’t ask any questions you wouldn’t want to answer. Be sure to ask probing questions to learn more about a particular area of someone’s life. For example, you can bundle these questions together and learn more about your date. Start with questions such as, “how long have you lived here” and add on, “where did you live before”, and then try, “which one do you prefer?” And your conversation will flow naturally from there. While you shouldn’t expect to learn everything about one another in one night, it is a good chance to get to know someone better.

And if you have more questions, it’s a great way to prompt them for another date. Saying things like, “I’d love to learn more about your job or hobbies” and then ask for a second date.

It doesn’t have to be complicated and we humans are really good at making things complicated. So keep it simple. When you head out on a date, be sure to pace yourself.

Don’t bombard your date with 40 questions right off the top! If it’s a good date, you’ll likely get to more than 40 questions naturally, but don’t force it.

If the conversation isn’t flowing, it’s no one’s fault. You just might need some time to get to know each other’s rhythms and the best way to do that is talk, talk and talk some more. Conventional boring first-date questions will yield conventional boring first-date answers (What do you do? Where do you live? How do you like it? Blah blah blah). Boring answers are "safe" and "safe" is tempting because you're on a date with a potentially high-value prospective mate and your lizard-brain is telling you protect yourself.

Your lizard brain is WASTING YOUR TIME. Do the opposite. Be vulnerable. My go-to question on first date is some variant of "If you could be guaranteed success at one thing - just one thing - in life, after just one year of work, what would you attempt?" Want to be an Oscar-winning director? BOOM, done. World-class pianist? The best cancer investigator on the planet? If vocational risk were completely eliminated and you could rise to the top of any mountain, which mountain would you ascend?

This is enough for a scintillating 30~45 minute conversation for an intelligent lady (and I only date intelligent ladies). Good follow-on question: If this Guaranteed-Success life work is this important to you, are you doing anything related to it now, and if not, why not? Be prepared to have your own answers to the question. This question accomplishes several things - reveals your values, reveals your dreams, reveals your fears, potentially (since it could very well be that she dreams of things she has yet to take concrete steps to achieve).

It's fun, taps into our imagination and is not a "trying to get laid" or stupid PUA trick. It's just a spark for a genuine and meaningful exchange of core values in a fun and playful way. Good luck. Would you make me a cup of coffee in the morning? That’s it, and you might be surprised by the responses I’ve gotten.

I would say it’s split damn near evenly down the middle. Either it’s a “ hell no”, or an affirmative of some kind, even if that affirmative comes with stipulations. I don’t care what religion you are. I don’t care where you came from, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done. What I care about is whether those experiences have colored your world in a negative way. Have they made you overly wary of intentions? Have they made you jump to conclusions? Have they made you bitter?

Have they made you unkind? Even the people reading this, I wonder what you think. Maybe you think what some of the women I’ve asked have thought. Maybe the conclusion you’ve jumped to is something along these lines: “ I’m not here to serve you!” “ Why can’t you wake your lazy ass up and make ME coffee?” Those are actual answers I’ve gotten from that question, and while it makes me sad to think about what kind of relationships they’ve been in that made them jump to these conclusions, it also makes me not want to be partnered with them.

When a simple question turns into a battle. When a simple act of kindness becomes twisted into something darker. That makes me sad, but is also indicative that the person I’m speaking to is not ready for a relationship, and not in a place where an act of kindness means more to them than being on the defensive due to their past.

The thing is, I’ve never actually asked a woman I’ve dated or been in a relationship to make me a cup of coffee in the morning. Not once. Sometimes they do anyway, and sometimes I do for them.

It’s such a simple thing that says, to me, I want you to have a good day, and I will do my utmost to help make that happen from the very start.

I think that’s beautiful, and it’s something I strive to follow myself. When your knee jerk response to the question, “ Would you make me a cup of coffee in the morning?” is one of anger, resentment, and suspicion, I’m done. Don’t bring the bitterness of your past relationships into your new one. Don’t allow the man or woman that hurt you be the reason you treat your new partner as someone who doesn’t deserve the kindness you have to give.

If you’re not in a place where these things are possible, then don’t attempt to get into a new relationship. So – Would you make me a cup of coffee in the morning? Hell yeah - great question! OK - so first, we always encourage people to avoid the “interview style” date. The interview style date is gonna be one where you go to a run-of-the-mill restaurant or cafe where you’re just sitting across from each other and are set up to basically ask each other questions rapid-fire enough to stave off any awkward silences.

BARF! If the idea of that make you wanna barf too, you might wanna try going on dates that feel like an EXPERIENCE. So if it’s a restaurant - make it be a new one in town, one that’s got a unique theme or twisty way of doing things. A restaurant is totally fine - but what might be even better is DOING something you enjoy or haven’t done yet.

I mean, something where you can’t talk at all isn’t a good idea. But what about going to a cool vista point, sitting by water, going to a place that’s beautiful and has good people watching ops / street performers / artists / farmer’s markets / parks, etc. Go for the hike or walk that you would have already wanted to do that day. Meet for a stroll downtown and then check out an for something new and an awesome thing to talk about afterwards.

If you have an experience together - you’re gonna be creating all kinds of cool neurotransmitters that make you feel happy, connected, refreshed. The date is going to stand out in both of your minds. The conversation is going to center around the present moment experience rather than passing questions back and forth the entire time.

And then voila! You don’t have to think of the best questions to ask. They’ll just come naturally! We invite you to FEEL the person and you guys’ connection as opposed to asking the deal breaker questions on that first date. If it FEELS right… some of those supposed deal breaker answers won’t actually matter as much as you thought.

best basic date questions to ask a guy

heey, so im talking to this guy i like, and he really likes me back, and were doing this truth hour thing, and i want some flirty questions to ask him... heey, so im talking to this guy i like, and he really likes me back, and were doing this truth hour thing, and i want some flirty questions to ask him please?

good ones? were 14 btw :] xx What are you looking for in a relationship? In the long term or short term? If you have three wishes free, what do you wish? If you have a super power, what do you want? What was the most influential person for you? What is your all-time favourite song? If you could change one thing about yourself, what should it be?

What is the best advice you ever had? What kind of music you like? Why your last relationship did break? Are you still friends? If you could meet a famous person, living or dead, whom would you like to meet? Do you prefer reading books or watching movies? What do you think is your biggest regret? What do you think, is your ideal vacation look like?

What is your favourite movie? If you are allowed to do just only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? What is that thing, which you are most proud of in your life? What is most courageous thing you have ever done in your life? What is your first memory? What do you like most about you? If I am going to commit suicide, how or what would you say me to stop? If I get sick, which first thong you will do for me?

When I fell from a cliff, are you going to follow me because you love me truly? How would you describe yourself in a sentence? How long lived your longest relationship? If you could be an animal, which animal do you think you would be? —————————————-Have you ever regretted one of your “romantic encounters”?

Do you believe in soul companions (mates)? Do you have a criminal record, any contraction of diseases? Have you even a job? And if you wear a uniform and a hat in this job? Who would you like to know if you can meet anyone in the world? If you come to know that I killed someone, what would be your reaction? If you know you are not going to get caught, are you going to cheat on me?

It may be honest and tell me if you think I have a fat ***? What do you think about love at first sight? Do you think my breasts are big and round enough? You may remember if I have my hair dyed a different colour, as blonde or red?

If I am wrong and you said you can cheat on me and could even stay together, would agree? What are the three girls I know that you like? —————————————-She believes that there is fellow soul for every person, what do you think about that? Do you think dance with a boy in a nightclub is cheating? If I do not want to have children there is still a problem? Do you believe in God? Have you ever taken drugs? You know, like marijuana, methamphetamine, or acid? Do you have pets in your childhood?

What is embarrassing, but what has happened to you? If you lied about something that could end our relationship, which I say, in the hope that you forgive me?

I do not want to have sex till we marry, is this a problem? What is your Sign? Have you ever kissed more than one girl in the same day? Have you ever been dating more than one girl at the same time? How many girls you have kissed? Do you ever been on a blind date? Do you love wild sex? Why do you like me? What you notice first about someone? What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you think you’re cute? What do you think when you breastfeed? What is your dream house like?

What makes a person attractive in your opinion? When do you have birthday? Do you think that I am good? Want to marry your girlfriend just because she was pregnant? What do you think of right before bedtime? —————————————-How do I smell? What would you do at first if you win 1 million dollar? Prefer that the boy or girl take the first step? Prefer that the boy kiss the girl before or about the idea?

We do not care what your friends think of me? We do not care what my friends do you think? What do your friends think of me? What is your favourite colour? Do you like French kiss? If you want a boyfriend so bad, then I highly recommend following this Since you've never dated or been kissed before, it's...

If you want a boyfriend so bad, then I highly recommend following this Since you've never dated or been kissed before, it's going to be hard to get a boyfriend if you don't know what to do but once you know what to do, you'll be able to get a boyfriend pretty easily and can share your dating stories with your friends and experience those feelings yourself.

You'll even be able to attract guys you might feel is out of your league. I suggest going on a bunch of dates before choosing one guy to be your boyfriend. Have fun. This Site Might Help You. RE: flirty truth questions to ask a guy? heey, so im talking to this guy i like, and he really likes me back, and were doing this... This Site Might Help You. RE: flirty truth questions to ask a guy?

heey, so im talking to this guy i like, and he really likes me back, and were doing this truth hour thing, and i want some flirty questions to ask him please? good ones? were 14 btw :] xx For the best answers, search on this site Should you french kiss on your first date? What turns you on? What turns you off? What... For the best answers, search on this site Should you french kiss on your first date?

What turns you on? What turns you off? What are you looking for in a relationship? What makes someone attractive in your opinion? Do you think the boy should always make the first move? What's your favourite thing about girls? Where would you take a girl on a first date? Do you want to get married in the future? Describe what your perfect kiss would be like.

Describe what your perfect date would be like. Are you looking for love? Do you believe in love at first sight? What do you think are your best features? Would you ever cheat on someone? Where is your favourite place to be kissed? Where is your favourite place to kiss someone? Watch this video explaining how to use just 3 texts to turn any woman on, and get her out on a date: it works, it's crazy...

Watch this video explaining how to use just 3 texts to turn any woman on, and get her out on a date: it works, it's crazy what basic psychology can do. I've used this on a few hotties and it worked everytime. Thing is I don't look that good. Crazy.. Asking costs 5 points and then choosing a best answer earns you 3 points! Questions must follow • Media upload failed. You can try again to add the media or go ahead and post the answer • Media upload failed.

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