Best beast dating programmer

best beast dating programmer

Your programmer date has a very high chance of being significantly well off, so you are assured of a posh place for dinner, AND you don’t have to worry about getting out your purse. Ever. Reason 5 – He’s grateful. Thanks to the geek image that the programmer has carried for almost all his life, if you were to go out on a date with this guy, you’re probably his first Your programming date has spent a lot of time developing software for his users. This involves understanding the users and knowing what they want and what they don’t like. And because of this, he’s probably attained a high level of empathy. He’s totally going to get why you sometimes behave all weird and will think twice before doing something that might affect you in a not so nice way. Reason 7 – He’s patient.

best beast dating programmer

YEP! Thats Him, His main chick and you! So I read an interesting post this morning on …written by a programmer of course(what were you expecting?) As true as these reasons are, let me tell you, dear future potential Programmers’ Girlfriend, What it actually means/takes to DATE A PROGRAMMER!

(Written by a Programmers’ Girlfriend). First of all, let us define term “PROGRAMMER”. A programmer, computer programmer,developer, dev, coder, or software engineer is a person who writes computer software. The term computer programmer can refer to a specialist in one area of computer programming or to a generalist who writes code for many kinds of software. You see this person I just defined 👆; 1. They are annoyingly smart and If you are not a smart and intelligent person, you cannot cope because you will not be able to keep up with all the things that run through their heads and laptop screens.

You would be lost in every conversation he’s having with his fellow Programmer. Have you seen where Programmers are gathered, talking about programming? Oh God! I have heard enough PHP and Laravel to last me for an eternity! 2. Just make up your mind to be the side chick in the relationship because the laptop will always the be the main chick. Once you start a programmer, you are dating him and his laptop.

This is my coping mechanism. 3. Everything is related to coding! You can be talking about cake and uncle is talking about CakePHP. 4. If you are not a busy person or you dont have something doing, you can’t date a programmer ’cause if you are looking for 100% attention, you are dreaming. He would spend hours debugging and once he is “inside the code”, don’t bother! You will be there asking him if your outfit is fine and uncle is looking for that missing semicolon. 5. Programmers are generally happy with their career.

This is the problem. They get too happy and forget that you are supposed to be the source of their happiness(as it should be). in this case, their laptops!!! 6. Let’s talk about the “T-shirt and Jean” syndrome. I can’t be the only girlfriend that goes crazy about this. I mean T-shirt and Jean is the official outfit for a programmer. You want to go to the mall, t-shirt and Jean, Movies, t-shirt and Jean, visit people, t-shirt and Jean. ..then they throw on the hoodie and think it makes their outfit completely different but it’s still just the t-shirt and Jean underneath.

7. If you are not a patient person, you can’t date a programmer. Programmer: baby, just give me 30 minutes to round up coding, I’d call you in 30 minutes. *************24 HOURS LATER************* Programmer: baby I’m sorry I got “lost in code” Sigh!

I can’t count how many times I have heard that. 8. If you are the attention seeking kind, forget it! If you are dating a programmer, you have to know how to give yourself attention, and keep yourself company ’cause 12am, they are coding! 3am, still coding, at the airport, coding, on vacation, coding. 9. Birthday, valentine, anniversary gifts are the most difficult part of dating a programmer.

I mean you can’t decide whether to get normal people stuff or something related to programming. Check my Google search history in October “best birthday gift for programmer boyfriend”.

10. Dating a programmer automatically makes you a programmer by association, so when he starts talking about PHP, Laravel, open source projects, can actually contribute…this would endear you to him.

11. They are a passionate bunch who would give their time and energy to the thing that has captured their heart: CODING! Oh you thought I was going to say YOU? 😂😂😂😂Think again! I could go on and on but let me save the rest for another day. Although the money is there to spoil you silly and make you feel like the only woman in the world, dating a Programmer is not all fun and games. However, the best person to be in a relationship with is a programmer because they won’t cheat on you, they don’t have the time for that.

The only other “entity” you are struggling to get his attention with, is non-living(except he has a personal name for his laptop then you are in deeper sh#t)!

best beast dating programmer

best beast dating programmer - 11 Best Android Apps for Programmer, Developers and Testers.

best beast dating programmer

Today I was exploring the web to find something cool and funny related to programmer. Suddenly I found a comic that perfectly shows the good (pros) and bad (cons) parts of dating a programmer in funny way. If you are in relationship with a guy who is programmer then you should read this. I am sure you will really enjoy it.

best beast dating programmer

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No matter who you go on a date with, they don’t click with you. Well, have you ever tried dating a programmer? No, we’re serious! Programmers make for awesome dates and life partners.

Here are 10 reasons why dating a programmer is a ton of fun. 1. If-Else Thinking Is Logical and Reduces Drama One of the most common building blocks in programming is the if-else statement. When you write one of these, you include two blocks of code.

If the top statement is true, the code inside the if block runs. Else, the code in the else block runs, like so: if (MakeSarcasticRemark == true) SignifcantOtherAnger++; else SignificantOtherHappiness++; Programmers know how to think about cause and effect. If they take a certain action, then they’re likely to receive a certain output. What’s more, programming demands that you keep track of a lot, and failing to Writing clean code looks easier than it actually is, but the benefits are worth it.

Here's how you can start writing cleaner code today. can quickly turn into a tangled mess. When writing code, programmers have to use proper indentation to display lines in an orderly fashion. Variable names must be clear so you don’t end up confusing them. And reserved/special characters in programming are always consistent.

Because of this, it’s rare for a programmer to act out of character or create drama. They think before they act, and usually act consistently. Date a programmer. We break codes, not hearts. — Key Caye (@HeavensWine) 2. Empathy Comes Naturally Programmers and Which programming language is right for creating Android apps?

It comes down to your programming history and which languages you feel most comfortable using. Fortunately, you have options., software, websites, and more for a living. They don’t do this however they feel like — most of the time, they’re creating something for a client or their employer.

And these come with strict requirements. This means that programmers build products with specific users in mind. Before you build an app, you have to know who you’re building it for. For example, if it’s If used correctly, these smart home devices can help older adults live at home safely for longer and perform tasks they may otherwise have difficulty completing., it should use simple visuals and avoid confusing menus.

Regularly working with other people in mind means that most programmers have an above-average level of empathy. What this means for you is that your programmer date will understand your little quirks and preferences. Just like a customer might want an app to incorporate a specific design, you might wish for a certain behavior from your date at times.

They won’t toss off your unique needs as stupid — they know everyone has their own requirements. And they’ll act carefully when making a decision that could affect you. 3. They’ll Always Have Work When you’re dating someone, you hopefully have at least a small thought of a future with them. And few people want to date someone who is unemployed or regularly out of work. Chances are, when you’re seeing a programmer, they Losing your job to robots is no longer a sci-fi fantasy.

Here are eight skills that can keep your job from being handed off to a robot.. Programming jobs are in demand across most industries, and knowing how to code is a massively valuable skill in today’s world.

Chances are if your date has a good programming position, they’ll keep it for some time. And if times get tough and they’re laid off, they can easily transfer their skills to a new company. “Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job.” – Mosher’s Law of Software Engineering — Programming Wisdom (@CodeWisdom) Plus, a date who makes good money means that they’re in a better position for treating you to luxurious gifts and dates.

This is far from the most important aspect of dating someone, of course, but it’s a nice bonus. 4. They Know the Value of Cleaning Up In programming, garbage collection refers to cleaning up the memory used by a program when it’s no longer needed. Computers have a limited amount of memory, so it’s important to return unused memory to the heap, a pool waiting for use.

Without this, sloppy programming could lead to unoptimized code and Do you have 4 or more GB of RAM and does your computer still feel sluggish? You may suffer from a memory leak or shortage. We show you how to troubleshoot all your Windows (10).... Thus, it’s no surprise that programmers know how to clean up after themselves.

Garbage collection translates to cleaning their dishes, taking out the trash, not leaving clothes on the floor, and more. You usually won’t find programmers who are massive slobs because they know what problems messiness leads to. 5. Programmers Are Great at Explaining and Fixing When you’re seeing a programmer, chances are you won’t ever have to reach out to that family member to look at your computer again.

Programmers understand modern technology exceptionally well, and are used to debugging complex programs that normally take other people hours to fix. Printers have a reputation for being difficult to set up. In Windows 10, however, it's actually a breeze. We'll show you how you can get Windows 10 to detect and connect to your printer. or Come with us as we dive into the Android operating system and explore some cool hidden features. is a minor feat for a programmer. Another pillar of good coding is clear communication.

This is often accomplished by programmers leaving comments in their code. To sum up the operation of a function or explain a potentially confusing block of code, you can use a comment to add more info.

But it’s unnecessary to add a comment about obvious functions. : good example of a bad comment. — Dissonance Core (@dissonance_dev) Translating this to romance, programmers are great at communication.

They’re happy to talk about life’s important matters. But they won’t bog you down with every little detail about their day. 6. Compatibility Is a Regular Focus Once built, software often far Microsoft has removed many older features from Windows over time.

But these legacy features aren't going away anytime soon.. Because of this, nearly all programmers have to deal with compatibility issues at some time. Whether that’s making sure a website looks decent in internet Explorer 8, or testing their Android app on an ancient version, programmers know that compatibility can be a challenge.

But this makes them better partners. They don’t have unrealistic expectations and think that you’ll see everything eye-to-eye. With your date’s knowledge of software comes the insight that the most important aspect of compatibility is what’s inside. After all, programmers developed the Online dating is a thriving industry. The advent of powerful computers and Big Data analytics means matches are more accurate than ever.

But how exactly do they create the perfect match?. 7. They Love to Kiss One rule that new programmers quickly learn is to KISS. That doesn’t mean they lock lips with their computer monitors, though. KISS stands for Keep it simple, stupid! If you can reduce ten lines of code to five, do it. Don’t try to cram three different routines into a single function. Use a standard indentation and spacing scheme for simple readability. This simplicity will surely spill over into their personal lives.

Programmers don’t want to play games or lead you on. Keeping it simple is the best strategy. Plus, it never hurts to take this one literally and kiss “just because.” 8.

A Programmer Can Figure Out Your Language Though they might only speak one verbal language, most programmers are fluent in several programming languages. You might think application programmers and web developers do the same job, but that's far from the truth. Here are the key differences between programmers and web developers.

multiple markup and programming languages to build the best websites. Building mobile apps The world of mobile app development is still going as strong as ever. If you want to get started, it's not too late! Here are the languages you should think about learning.

as well. Programmers must be quick learners and pick up new languages, while still remembering those they’ve learned in the past. Plus, with the exception of a few ( C is not a dead language. In fact, IEEE Spectrum magazine ranked it as the No. 2 top language in 2017.

Here are five reasons why.), modern programming languages regularly evolve in some way. This means keeping up with current standards is vital. It’s no surprise that this gives programmers the ability to figure out and speak your love language with relative ease. Whether you respond most to quality time, a special gift, or glowing words, they’ll do their best to communicate affection in a way that’s important to you.

And who knows? Maybe they can even help you Learning to program is about finding the right language just as much as it's about the edification process. Here are the top six easiest programming languages for beginners.. 9. Programmers Finish What They Start Loops are another vital programming basic. They allow programmers to specify a set of conditions, and continuously run the code inside the loop until the conditions are no longer true.

Loops are one of the first control types you'll learn in programming. You probably know about while and for loops, but what does a do-while loop accomplish?, run the code inside at least once and then check if a condition is true before running it again.

You won’t find any shortcuts with these — programmers finish what they start. while (GiftFinished == false) { WorkOnGift(); } Once they start a chore, or working on something for you, they know the conditions and won’t stop until they’re fulfilled.

There’s no early quitting for developers. 10. Patience Comes Standard Programmers spend a lot of time writing code, but just as much time (if not more) fixing code. Programmers can spend hours upon hours debugging their software and searching for little errors that throw everything off.

This can be an extremely frustrating part of development, but you can be sure that your date is a patient person because of it. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? That’d make a great autobiography title. “Eight hours searching for a missing semicolon” — Jamie Howard (@JamieHoward) Think about it: if you’re dating a programmer, they’ve probably searched through hundreds of lines of code for a missing semicolon.

That kind of dedication means that they’re Not everyone is cut out to be a programmer. If you aren't completely sure that you're meant to be a programmer, here are some signs that may point you in the right direction.. Waiting a few extra minutes for you to get ready won’t be any problem compared to hunting for one missing character in a sea of code. If (Love == True) Convinced that programmers make awesome dates yet? The skills they’ve mastered and use every day translate well to their social skills.

Logical thinking, empathy, and efficient learning are all valuable in a relationship. It’s hard to find another profession with all these attributes in one place. And if you If you want to pursue a career in digital arts or graphic design, is it worth getting a degree? Can you get by without one? What exactly does the degree do for you, anyway?, a programmer could be your perfect match. If you’ve ever dated a programmer, tell us your stories in the comments. Programmers, what other attributes do you think make you a perfect partner?

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