Best black woman dating white man romance book

best black woman dating white man romance book

Skepticism towards black men/white women relationships is a longstanding and well-documented part of our cultural fabric in America. Most people have it wrong. I'm not a black man who dates white women. I'm a person There are self-hating black men who date white women for contrived and pathetic reasons and I hate them. They're so upfront about their exclusive attraction to white women and they'll give you a list of reasons why. It is deliberate for them I've had varying degrees of romance with women of most races—beyond the black and white binary. Personality is always decisive, but we know that physical attraction is important.

best black woman dating white man romance book

The list contains the best, new and most relevant black man white woman relationship movies ordered by relevance. The recommendation service has sorted out realistic, serious, talky, interesting, intense and suspenseful films and TV shows about / with black man white woman relationship, african american, racism, murder, husband wife relationship, mother daughter relationship, interracial romance, father daughter relationship, death and culture clash plots mostly in Drama, Romance and Comedy genres shot in USA, UK, France and other countries.

best black woman dating white man romance book

best black woman dating white man romance book - Caring For Him

best black woman dating white man romance book

Delaney Shaw isn't looking for anything complicated. After her teaching career is put on hold, she decides to spend the summer in Georgia with her best friend. Lanie lives for the here and now, and she isn't thinking past the end of the summer. She's never had any problem being unattached, because life is safer that way. Until he decides to change her mind. Liz’s best friend, Janet, has it all: money, looks, her dream man, & her dream job. Meanwhile, Liz’s boyfriend of over 7 years completely vanishes from their shared apartment one day, leaving her alone and spiraling into depression.

But Liz soon finds hope in the form of Duke Washington, a man she meets at Janet’s wedding. Will she let go of her painful past in time to embrace a promising future? Book 3 of 5. Greg is shaping up to be the best boyfriend Janelle ever had, but then his bigoted father turns up and Greg doesn't have the guts to admit he's dating a black woman. When Greg gives her a way to work through her anger, letting off steam leads to something even steamier.

This short story is roughly 9,400 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

best black woman dating white man romance book

This thread is to suggest good IR books where the combo is WW/BM. Here are some that I know about: This UF series has a White heroine with a Black male love interest: --I know the hero is Black.

I'm assuming the heroine is White. Please add more if you know of some. I know there are several combos from movies and tv, but I'm too lazy to list them right now. :) • This is like my awful weakness, I'm biased. I/R books that involve a ww/bw as the main couple irk me.

I haven't read one to the end yet. I am very ashamed to admit this b/c I like to be PC. I also have no problem if the ww is with bm in real life or any other woman from a different culture. I can't recommend any books at the moment. I am still trying to deal. • Hi guys. I just joined this group and found this topic. I am glad you've brought this up because whenever I have tried to find an IR with BM/WW, all I find is the opposite--BW/WM, which of course is what I have read the most in IR.

Even typing in the BM/WW topic on Amazon does not provide a good list of choices. I guess at this point the market is geared towards BW/WM. I have a feeling it's because the BM/WW topic has been done in every possible way, whereas the Black female with white male character was practically taboo until recently. What do you all think? Does anyone else have trouble finding IR with BM/WW these days? • Vacirca wrote: "Thanks Arch, cool name. :-)" Thanks. Hey by any chance, do you write?

If so, I'm inviting you to join in on our writing challenges. The next challenge will be the uniform challenge. You can go ahead and start that challenge. I have to finish my story Courage first, before I start the uniform story. Edit to say. I've just gone to your profile and seen that you are a writer. Cool! If you want to participate in the challenges, then by all means do so. • Thank you Danielle.

I do think you're right. I do think it's cool to see so many IR books not only highlighting BW's romantic options, but also highlighting the issues that occur in IRs that are specific to BW. Still in all, it was cool for you all to list the other types too. They are harder to find for me.

I've also been reading books between Latinos and Blacks which was kind of fun too. • ok...I'm a serial lurker but this post has been calling me since last week and I've finally gotten around to commenting (lol!) Anyway, I love IRR's. I'll read BW/WM, BM/WW and BW/HM. I've been an avid reader all my life, but lately I've been reading exclusively I/R ...and that's partly b/c, after reading some of Octavia Butler's sci-fi and LA Bank's VH series, I simply couldn't get into white-washed romance anymore.

However, I absolutely love Devon Monk's UF series...mainly because of the black hero, Zayvion Jones. Even though she's a white author, she's managed to write a black male with an authenticity which i find to be really refreshing. She's made the character sexy and appealing without being heavy-handed with the overbearing Alpha male crap that so many romance authors seem to love.

My point is, I love reading about black doesn't matter to me if it's a male or a female, as long as he/she is well written. So many authors - both black and white, tend to create black characters who come off as hollow or stereotypical...the latter esp. with regards to black men. I won't discriminate between BW/WM and BM/WW romance because I happen to like diversity in my fiction ...I'm all for love regardless of racial differences.

I'm also a very picky reader;I'd rather pledge my allegiance to damn good authors before I take sides on the BW/WM vs. BM/WW issue. There are not enough good books with diverse characters out anyway. So, I've recently finished Majorie Liu's, The Last Twilight of the Dirk&Steele's ww/bm...i didn't love it (a bit too dark for my tastes) but it was pretty good so I'll definitely recommend.

I also have Allison Kent's Beyond a Shadow (ww/bm)in my TBR pile. Sundowners by Lesley Lokko, is also a favorite of mine...the main black male character, is powerful, brilliant and sexy...but I won't recommend for light reading. Deanna Lee's, Undressing Mercy...can't remember if it was more erotica than romance...but I wasn't too impressed with this one.

That's all i have so far...still on the hunt for more. • I'm a huge fan of IR romance. I love reading a good Black woman/White Man story and I love writing stories about a Black woman/White man.

I will be branching out with my black woman hookup. My next challenge story - the uniform challenge, will be about a black woman and asian man that are best friends. I don't mind reading an interracial story about a black man/white woman. Since the black man/white woman pairing was popular on TV.

I use to watch shows that had the pairing. I've checked West Wing, because Dule's character was hooking up with the president's daughter. I didn't watch all of West Wing, but if it came on and I seen Dule's character and the white woman, it held my attention.

I like seeing other interracial couples on TV as well, but my number one interracial pairing is black woman/white man. I wish we had a chance to see more of it.

• Vacirca wrote: "Thanks Arch. :-)" You are welcome and Vacirca, if you want to start a Uniform story, please do so. There are a couple of rules. 1. If a writer's story is an erotic story, they have to make that known in their title 2. If a certain chapter or even installment have: Cussing, violence, same sex, etc. please put up a warning. • Vacirca wrote: "Arch: Is there a deadline for the Uniform Story challenge?" No, all stories are on going.

A new challenge may start, but that doesn't mean you have to end your story. I am not a short story writer. My story Courage is still going on and I've started it last year. I have to get back to it, because I am on another group, where we are doing a writing challenge there as well. And a new one is about to start on August 15. Do you like dangerous bad boys? If so, I can invite you to the group and you can even write a story that involves dangerous bad boys.

If you want to check out my story on there, you can. Danielle and Rae have stories over there as well and they are good stories. There stories on here are good stories. • Saditty, you raised some excellent points. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Thanks for the recommendations. I love the Dirk and Steele series, but I admit I like the darker stories. I love diversity, and I am not picky about the form it comes in. I love pnr/fantasy/spec fic, so I am starting to look more towards that to get my IR fix.

I have to be careful, b/c it does seem like a good amount of IR PNR is erotic. But, I am glad to see the diversity in UF, which I am starting to love slightly more than PNR. I'm looking forward to reading the Allie Beckstrom series. • I'll just comment about why the BW/WM books are so abundant compared to most other IR books is because they SELL.

It's strictly a business decision on the pub's part. A lot of pubs that focus on IR books are black publishers and they will tell you straight out they want a black heroine and most times a white man but they will want a black heroine every time. They will quickly point this out. It's the same for epublishers, they want BW/WM fiction because it's so popular and readers eat it up. It might not be fair to people who want all types of books, but this is how the industry is.

It's never fair. Everything is business and the pubs are only gonna focus on books that make money for them. I can't speak on the WW/BM books because I've never heard anything about them, haven't read one and haven't seen one.

But through the mouths of folks in the industry (including people who work for certain pubs that publish IR), a lot of these pubs don't want a white heroine.

I guess they figure that a book with a white heroine has an easier chance being published anyway and so these pubs (especially the black IR ones) want black women as the heroines.

The IR market is no different than any other in the book industry. Things come down to money and sales and the leading sales of IR books are black women with white men and that's the reason for why this form outnumbers the other IR type romances. Just bringing in a business-side point of view. I also have to say I think some of it is personal with these black companies.

I've spoken with folks who've worked IR companies, etc. When you mention a white woman, they turn their noses up. I don't know if it's because of sales or because they just aren't interested in publishing books with white heroines and black men. Don't know but it could be that too. A lot of people who are in charge of the black/IR pubs are black women. Another thing to consider is maybe these women started these types of pubs because they are in BW/WM relationships and wanted to only focus on books they like.

Like I said, could be many reasons but believe me sales and money is the biggest reason for why pubs publish anything. Now personally... Would I read a WW/BM book? Sure. I might even write one one day but do I go out looking for these types of books? No. I write black women and white men books because this is my personal preference for myself and that's what I like to write and read. I think that's why a lot of black women writers are writing BW/WM books.

If you notice, most of these women are into interracial dating themselves or married to white men. So it makes since that they would pick the IR coupling they have the most experience with or just likes the most.

Best Wishes! • Jo wrote: "This is like my awful weakness, I'm biased. I/R books that involve a ww/bw as the main couple irk me. I haven't read one to the end yet. I am very ashamed to admit this b/c I like to be PC. I al..." Wow that was a while ago, sorry didn't respond sooner. In fiction, I believe the irk is the wince that Jill Scot commented on. Recently I have also come to the understanding that if people are allowed to love who they want. Writers and others in entertainment media should be able to produce what they want.

If we can't criticize the content, we should leave the political/historical biases out. • I don't understand why ww/bm doesnt sell I wish there were more of them I'm not in to the erotica form I more into the romance does anyone know of anymore books than these or where I can read anyone that wrote stories on here about this I'm a huge fan of interracial relationship but my fav is ww/bm • deleted user Hi ladies!

Anyone read any book about white females falling for an islander or AFrican or a tribe man from rainforest ( imagine she is lost in the amazons and is rescued by a native and then voila! They are happily ever after...sigh...)...just love the thought of a delicate/innocent/cute/shy etc female falling for an alpha/boss/strong male....I sound soppy romantic, don't I....well I am..can't help myself...

8) • Jessica wrote: "I don't understand why ww/bm doesnt sell I wish there were more of them I'm not in to the erotica form I more into the romance does anyone know of anymore books than these or where I can read anyon..." Jessica, my thoughts exactly.

Not trying to be spammy, but I have one called "Mr. L.T." if you're interested. A novella with bm/ww. Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Check it out and see if it fits your tastes.

• Jo wrote: "This is like my awful weakness, I'm biased. I/R books that involve a ww/bw as the main couple irk me. I haven't read one to the end yet. I am very ashamed to admit this b/c I like to be PC. I al..." Jo, I feel the same way a little. I'm not exactly irked but WW/BM books are skipped just the same. IR is just a small subset of what I read. I read and enjoy tons of straight romance novels that feature WW with heroes that aren't exactly WM. Yet when purposely looking for IR, my heroine needs to be black.

I skip tons of other themes also: plus size heroines, cougar, ménage, step-children, or military themes not featuring a secret organization. In my real life all those things (except the ménage lol)are acceptable I just don't want to waste time reading about them. •

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