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The Brady Bunch aired for less than five years, but generations of TV watchers got to know the wholesome bunch thanks to decades of reruns. And sometimes the goody-goody family brought out their sassy side, especially the women. Take a look back at some of the best quotes now from Carol, Alice, Marcia, Jan, and Cindy — the youngest one in curls. 0. previous images.

Is Britt Nilsson dating Brady Toops? The reveal that to be the 2015 Bachelorette, but that doesn’t mean she won’t find love on Season 11 of the reality TV dating show. During the premiere of The Bachelorette, Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe met 25 eligible bachelors, and then the bachelors proceeded to vote for the woman that they wanted to see as the official Season 11 Bachelorette.

After a night of schmoozing and campaigning – Chris Harrison announced that Kaitlyn Bristowe was the official Bachelorette and Britt Nilsson was going home…again. Brady Toops was Team Britt all the way when he stepped out of the limo, and after spending some time with the potential Bachelorette and getting to know her, the Nashville based singer and songwriter was absolutely smitten.

So, you can imagine his disappointment when he learned that she had went home and he was . During the rose ceremony Brady announced that he was leaving to go find Britt – and said goodbye to Kaitlyn.

So, are ? Shockingly, yes. Although spoilers indicated that Kaitlyn Bristowe’s search for love was a bust on The Bachelorette, Britt Nilsson is actually madly in love with Brady and the couple are still seeing each other. At the beginning of May Britt was spotted on a date in Nashville with Brady, and witnesses reported that they looked very much like a couple.

So, even though Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette looks like it is shaping up to be one hell of a , there is one good thing that came out of it – Brady and Britt are living happily ever after. Did you tune in to the Bachelorette premiere? Do you wish that Britt Nilsson was actually the Bachelorette instead of Kaitlyn Bristowe? Are Brady and Britt the real deal – do you see wedding bells in their future?

Come back to CDL for all The Bachelorette 2015 spoilers, news, rumors and updates! Let us know what you think in the comments below! PLEASE HELP CDL GROW, SHARE on FACEBOOK and TWEET THIS POST! I never liked Britt. She is a desperate girl and would love anyone that would love her. Glad that she is happy although unsure about Brady. I’m guessing everything ends up as it should be so we’ll see! As with Kaitlyn sleeping with blah, blah, blah — really???

If it is “any” guy who had done that, everyone would not be surprised and he’d probably get some kudos for it. Give up the double-standards people. • For sure! Brit CETAINLY should’ve been chosen and it was fixed by the producers and why Kaitlyn was chosen, we will never know!?

All I have to say, is this has to be one of, if Not THE ABSOLUTE WORST SEASON OF THE BACHELORETTE EVER! Was it due to the tight budget that Kaitlyn was chosen?

Although I do like her more than I did at first, I’d be completely embarrassed if I was her. But then again, she also embarrassed herself by the piss poor choices she made! Just goes to show I was accurate in stating that she wasn’t Bachelorette material! Now for BEAUTIFUL BRIT! I love her and hope her and Brady found the love they were both seeking in each other!

-Amy From Michigan •

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After a heartbreaking night, a once hopeful Bachelorette may have found her happy ending. Britt was not chosen as The Bachelorette, but she might have something of a consolation prize and a good one at that.and when he found that Kaitlyn was the winner, he felt that he could only do one thing: He left to pursue the woman he made a true connection with rather than stick around and lead Kaitlyn on for the sake of a TV show.

And while I don't think Brady is a guy I'd ever date, I have to think he's a pretty stand-up guy for knowing that this wasn't right for him.

Kaitlyn is here to find love and he's not going to get in her way just for a few more seconds of fame. Well, according to Reality Steve, the two have been spotted out together, which means that at the very least, our Nashville Chris Martin found Britt. Whether or not they're enjoying a happily ever after is another matter altogether. And the whole "I left a TV show and a free vacation and fun activities behind to be with you" thing is kinda romantic.

If I were Britt, I'd give this dude a chance (because if I were Britt, this dude might have a chance of being my type). Now, I wasn't a fan of Britt and her whole "am I wife material" nonsense throughout the premiere, but if anyone deserves a little happiness after this premiere, it's Britt.

She really got the raw end of the stick — those tears were real. That rejection had to hurt... badly.

Is Britt Nilsson dating Bachelorette 2015 contestant Brady Toops? It seems that the two are indeed together, as reported by Bachelorette guru . The two have been spotted on dates together all over Toops’ hometown Nashville, Tennessee since Toops decided to leave The Bachelorette to pursue a relationship with Nilsson.

Nilsson revealed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that she was in her hotel when Toops came to see her and tell her that he wanted to try a chance at love with her. When Kaitlyn Bristowe was named The Bachelorette and Nilsson was voted off the show, Toops told Bristowe that he had to follow his heart.

He said his heart was with Nilsson. In turn, host Chris Harrison said that he’d help him to get in touch with Nilsson. So, Nilsson and Toops get together on the show and viewers get to see it all go down. Check out the above video clip to hear Nilsson talk about her meeting up with Toops to Jimmy Kimmel.

An insider recently talked to about Nilsson’s relationship with Toops, revealing that: Brady and Britt are still together. They’re very happy. Nilsson has said that Toops’ move (leaving the show for a chance with her) was very smooth and “gentlemanly”. She also admitted that they’d been hanging out pretty much every day since Toops’ hotel room visit.

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