Best carrot dating sign instagram

best carrot dating sign instagram

A new app called Carrot Dating lets you dangle incentives, such as dinners and chocolates, in front of potential mates to convince them to go on dates She was right in that certain intangibles, such as success, generosity and security, are much more important than good looks when it comes to dating. Her advice led me to create many of the niche dating websites for wealthy and successful singles. Wade said the concept of generosity dating can be used by anyone, but Carrot is his attempt to bring it to the masses The Carrot Dating app is free to download on the App Store and Google Play ; users who receive bribes can communicate at no charge. Only users who offer bribes must purchase credits to chat with the person who accepts his bribe.

best carrot dating sign instagram

In its early days, Instagram used to be all about filtered pictures of your lunch and your pets, but since then it has grown into an immeasurably useful creative tool. Nowadays Instagram can be used for just about anything, and a lot of creatives have opted to use it as a catalogued portfolio of their work and a platform to network with others in their field. From handcrafted typographers, illustrators and painters, right through to animators and 3D designers, there is an Instagram page for just about every creative niche and to prove this, we’ve decided to compile a list of some inspiring designers and avid ‘grammers that we think will bring some style and creativity to your daily feed.

01. Mike Perry – @mikeperrystudio Mike Perry’s Instagram feed is an explosion of colour, handcrafted type and psychedelic animation. You might recognise some of his work from the title card of Comedy Central’s sitcom Broad City, a vibrant piece of animated typography with plenty of character.

02. Timothy Goodman – @timothygoodman Based in New York, Timothy Goodman is a man of many talents, some of which are showed off in his well-curated Instagram feed.

Having recently released a book with fellow designer Jessica Walsh, a recent collaboration with Target and endless other projects on the go, Goodman’s feed is definitely a hub of inspiration! 04. Jon Contino – @joncontino A jack of many trades, Jon Contino is self-dubbed as a ‘Alphastructaesthetitologist’, a term he has created to explain his various workings as an artist, illustrator, apparel designer, and branding consultant.

In short, Jon Contino does it all and he does it well. Check out his instagram for frequent creative inspiration across all creative fields. 05. Neil Secretario –@neilsecretario Neil Secretario is a talented typographer from California that produces elegant and sophisticated type. His Instagram is packed to the brim with inspiring typography, right from the initial sketching stage, through to the digital development and final product.

If you’re looking for some behind-the-scenes typographical wisdom, look no further than Neil’s page! 06. Andreas M Hansen – @andreasmhansen Andreas M Hansen is a designer and typographer that specialises in sleek, sharp type. His Instagram page is the definition of sophisticated design, with bold blacks and clean whites in all his photos, the near-monochromatic scheme of his work and photos makes for an inspiring page to have on your feed.

07. Steven Harrington – @s_harrington Specialising in bold, sharp lines and strong pops of colour, Steven Harrington is an illustrative designer with a distinctive and effective style. With a feed full of bold and dynamic designs and the occasional progress picture, this is one Instagram to keep your eye on. 08. Luke Choice – @velvetspectrum Operating under the moniker ‘Velvet Spectrum’, Luke Choice is an Australian-bred and New York-residing graphic designer with a “unique, playful aesthetic, thats covers multiple facets of design, illustration and typography.” His vibrant Instagram feed showcases his latest and greatest works, from independent projects to collaborations with larger brands such as Nike.

A one stop shop for all things colourful and quirky. 09. Sean McCabe – @seanwes Sean McCabe’s Instagram profile is one half inspiring design work with a focus on typography, and the other half is inspiring advice about making it in the creative industry.

So, for more eloquent advice and well-crafted designs on your Instagram feed, be sure to check out Sean McCabe’s page. 10. Ornamental Conifer – @ornamentalconifer Ornamental Conifer is the alias of designer Nicolai Sclater, who specialises in surface typography and design that packs a punch. With such a distinct style of bright pops of colour, strong use of lines and shapes, this Instagram page is a treasure trove for all types of creative inspiration.

11. Dschwen LLC. – @dschwen Headed by David Schwen, Dschwen LLC. is a collaborative studio of designers that churn out beautiful, colourful and engaging works, some of which are collected on their Instagram page. If you’re looking to see a few spruces of colour, some fun projects and mesmerising animations on your Instagram feed, look no further than right here. 13. Prose Appropos – @steveespopowers Specialising in sharp shapes and punchy typography, Stephen Powers’ Instagram feed is a endless supply of inspiring design work.

Powers’ work includes hand painting murals, an artform that requires a lot of patience and effort, but produces fantastically effective results. 14. David Milan – @mdemilan Self proclaimed ‘typoholic’, David Milan has a special talent for transforming words from a cluster of letters into something that leaps off the page. With careful construction of his hand-type and minimal illustrative elements, Milan manages to put his own unique spin on hand-crafted typography that is sure to inspire you to break out the pens yourself.

15. Erik Marinovich – @erikmarinovich With high profile clients such as Nike, Google, Target and Facebook, on top of co-founding Friends of Type and Title Case, it’s amazing Erik Marinovich has any spare time for social media at all.

But fortunately, he does, and has managed to collect together a few snapshots of his awesome typographical and design work on Instagram, including his current project “Hip Hop Hullabaloo”. 16. Rob Draper – @robdraper1 Rob Draper is a designer, illustrator and letterer with an eye for detail.

His typographical creations have incredibly fine detail and intriguing depth. On top of the crazy detail of his designs, his creativity with what counts as a canvas (from coffee cups to hot dogs!) makes for an Instagram page that is just as unexpected as it is inspiring. 17. Becca Clason – @beccaclason While some people get creative with where they put their type, others get creative with what they create their type with!

Meet Becca Clason and have a look at her clever and diverse use of materials to create her type. From thumb tacks to carrot bits, anything is a creative tool if you’re talented enough. 18. Gemma O’Brien – @mrseaves101 Gemma O’Brien is the creative mind behind that encourages traveling artists and designers to make use of the paper sick bags found on flights by turning them into pun-based typographical works. Check out some of her typographical spew bags as well as her other equally as dynamic and clever works on her Instagram page.

20. Nicholas Moegly – @nicholasmoegly With a distinct air of class and sophistication to his work, Nicholas Moegly is one to follow if beautiful type is where your passions lie.

Nicholas Moegly uses simple but effective layouts and well-crafted typographical pieces to produce an entire portfolio of work that is definitely worth a follow. 22. Tad Carpenter – @tadcarpenter A designer with a strong style and yet a high degree of flexibility is the best way to describe Tad Carpenter and his work. From classy typography to organic and playful illustrations, Tad Carpenter produces individual works that have strong enough legs to stand on alone, but are easily grouped together cohesively.

Check out his Instagram feed to see for yourself! 23. Jessica Walsh – @jessicavwalsh One half of the design force Sagmeister & Walsh, Jessica Walsh is arguably one of the biggest names in the current world of design. Her instagram is a trove of her own personal inspiration and past works, including current press for her newly released book ‘40 Days of Dating’.

Be sure to check out her carefully curated Instagram page for plenty of day-to-day inspiration. 24. Pavlov Visuals – @pavlovvisuals Pavlov Visuals is a collective of designers that work to produce beautiful, sleek graphics. If your interest lies in vectors, check out Pavlov Visuals’ Instagram page for some sophisticated, modern and detailed works ranging from typography to illustrations, right through to movie posters.

25. Zachary Smith – @zacharysmithh Positivity meets authenticity meets typography is the best way to describe Zachary Smith’s Instagram feed. Zachary Smith’s work references all things natural in the great outdoors to create slightly weathered and classic designs that look like they’ve been around for hundreds of years.

If you’re looking to peruse some work that has an undeniable authenticity to it, don’t look past Zachary Smith’s Instagram profile. 26. Leta Sobierajski – @letasobierajski Designer of many disciplines, Leta Sobierajski’s work focusses on the bizarre and wonderful side to art, just as you can see in her Instagram.

Sobierajski’s latest and greatest project that has been gracing her feed is ‘The Complements Project’, collaboration with her partner and fellow designer Wade Jeffree that “a reinterpretation of those hilariously cringeworthy couple portraits that circulate the internet—a way to reveal the humor and romance behind their relationship.” To glimpse these weird and wonderful portraits, and much more be sure to check Leta Sobierajski out!

27. Wade Jeffree – @wadejeffree The aforementioned other half of ‘The Complements Project’, Wade Jeffree is an Australian designer residing in NYC with an affinity for vibrant, punchy designs. His Instagram is packed to capacity with current and past projects, including work with partner Leta Sobierajski and projects produced while working at Sagmeister & Walsh.

So, if you’re looking for well-rounded and regular graphic design inspiration of your Instagram feed, look no further! 28. Jen Mussari – @jenmussari Typographer and designer with an eye for detail, Jen Mussari is definitely worth a follow on Instagram. With a distinctly sharp style, a handful of awesome projects under her belt and what seems like a natural talent for all things creative, Jen Mussari makes it all look deceptively easy.

29. Matti Vandersee – @vndlzr Master of typography both on the screen and off, Matti Vandersee has an undeniable flair for design. Working with many different styles of typography and triumphing them all, Matti Vandersee is one Instagram designer that you definitely won’t regret inviting onto your feed. 30. Rodrigo Corral – @rodrigocorral_ Rodrigo Corral is a bit of a hidden gem on Instagram. Designer of some amazing book covers for novels by authors such as John Green and Chuck Palahniuk, you have probably seen some of his work before on bookshelves.

So, if you’re a bit of a bookworm, or just like judging books by their (well designed) covers, don’t pass up a look at Rodrigo Corral’s Instagram. 31. EveryHey – @every_hey Every Hey is the brainchild of design collective Hey Studios. Taking iconic characters and public figures and transforming them into quirky illustrations makes for a simple dose of consistent inspiration.

Have a browse through their extensive library of characters on their Instagram and stay reminded that sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most effective. 32. Thomas Burden – @thomasburden Thomas Burden describes his own work as referencing “anything from indigenous art and folk costumes, to alpine souvenirs and all the toys I was never allowed as a child.” These influences and more are very recognisable in his playful, intricate and dimensional works.

Get ready to stop and stare at the incomprehensible detail of this Instagram. 33. Mikey Burton – @mikeyburton Mikey Burton is a “designy illustrator” who seamlessly blends the two disciplines to create an Instagram full of effective and memorable work.

So, if you’re interested in equal parts design and illustration (that are both done very well) be sure to check out Mikey Burton’s page for a frequent dose of some inspiration. 34. Tobias Hall – @tobiashall Tobias Hall is another typographer that manages to make both hand-crafted and digital type look deceptively easy.

His attention to detail and the intricate flow of his letterforms are what set him apart from the crowd. With a few snapshots of his works’ process and progress, his Instagram page is definitely worth a look for those of you who love all things typographic.

35. Tolga Girgin – @tolgagirgin99 For type that seems to (quite literally) leap off the page, look no further than Tolga Girgin! His careful, deliberate and educated use of shadows, dimension, perspective and shading pushes his type from 2D to what seems like 3D. You’ll find yourself doubting that all his work is on flat sheets of paper when you browse through his carefully curated Instagram page.

36. Sergi Delgado – @sergidelgado Sergi Delgado is a graphic designer, artist and typographer with an affinity for sharp lines and saturated colours. Just as you may see on his Instagram page, Delgado has a strong style and aesthetic in his design, he works with strong shapes, turning them into something typographical or illustrative. 37. Jacob Eisinger – @yippiehey Jacob Eisinger (who operates under the alias of ‘Yippiehey’) is a designer who works in the third dimension, with 3D type and illustrations that look so real you could just reach out and touch them.

By using vibrant colour, experimental perspective and strong concepts, Yippiehey is one Instagram you’re going to want to keep your eye on. 38. Lee Crutchley – @leecrutchley Lee Crutchley is a designer with a unique flair.

His blending of his own handwritten type with various sharper digital and graphic elements makes for an original and surprising aesthetic. With bonus pieces of cheerful life advice tucked within each effective design, Lee Crutchley’s Instagram has something for just about everyone.

39. Margherita Urbani – @margheurbani Successful and prolific designer herself, Margherita Urbani’s Instagram page is a well documented collection of creative work she comes across in her day-to-day. Full of bright, clever and strong design works, Margherita’s extensive catalogue might be just the thing you need on your Instagram feed every day.

40. Jennet Liaw – @jennetliaw Jennet Liaw’s Instagram page is a wonderful mixed bag of serene photography and her latest typographical, illustrative and graphic works. Liaw’s work is clean, minimal, simple and best of all, effective.

So, if you’re in the mood to peruse some beautiful examples of creativity coupled with stunning photography (who isn’t?) then be sure to check out Jennet Liaw’s page. 41. June Digan – @junedigann June Digan is a graphic designer with an inherent flair for creativity. Her Instagram page is predominantly dedicated to her beautifully detailed watercolour quotes, and while her talent with a paintbrush is undeniable, her talent with a camera is also worth noting. Each beautiful artwork is made even more so with a wonderfully composed photograph that helps introduce her tools, inspiration and other miscellaneous bits and pieces.

June Digan is most definitely one designer to keep your eye on. 42. Sam Larson – @samlarson Sam Larson is a designer that uses carefully selected colour palettes to stand out from the crowd.

Using fluorescent reds and blues to create beautiful nature-themed illustrative works, Sam Larson’s style is as punchy as it is effective. Be sure to check him out on Instagram for some inspiration on the regular! 43. Kate Pullen – @katepullendraws Melbourne-based artist, Kate Pullen has a knack for all things creative, from typography right through to nail art!

Her style blends sharp colours with bold patterns to create stunning typographic and illustrative designs. Check out her instagram for some undeniably inspiring snapshots. 44. Amadeus Malmén – @amadeuces Amadeus Malmén is a typographer with a strong sense of motion and dimension. The fact that he works on flat surfaces is hard to believe when some of his designs are almost tangibly 3D.

Amadeus Malmén also works occasionally with surface typography, transforming everyday objects like chairs and bottles into beautiful pieces of art. Check out his Instagram for an awesomely curated portfolio of his work. 45. Lucas Young – @lucasyoung Lucas Young is a designer that blends illustrative elements with typographical ones seamlessly to create slick and effective design. Be sure to have a look at this Instagram if your interest lies in business cards as well, as Young has begun a series of playful business card designs that are sure to inspire.

46. Maztrone – @maztrone “Typography, illustration, motion design and other useless things” is how Maztrone describes his own work but his current 14.1k followers would beg to differ on that last part. Maztrone’s work as displayed on his Instagram varies from carefully crafted typography to fluid and mesmerising animations that breathe life into his already sleek designs.

47. James Victore – @jamesvictore James Victore is an artist that has been featured in MOMA, has worked with high profile clients such as TIME, Adobe and Esquire Magazine, runs his own studio and has managed to squeeze writing a book in too. In short, he does it all, while still managing to maintain a distinct style and well-documented Instagram feed. Be sure to check his Instagram out and ask yourself if he ever actually manages to sleep.

48. Chris Labrooy – @chrislabrooy Chris Labrooy is a designer that specialises in 3D, using the medium to communicate ideas visually and instantly. His designs are equal parts intricate and sleek, meaning they captivate attention and hold onto it for a while. For dynamic pieces of inspiration, be sure to check out Chris Labrooy’s Instagram page.

49. James White – @signalnoise One man band behind the design studio Signal Noise, James White has an impressive list of clients that only prove to reinforce the fact that he’s one designer to keep your eye on. One thing you may notice when perusing James White’s Instagram is his exceptional use of light in his design and illustrative works, having clearly mastered the understanding of how light and shadows affects his subjects transforms his work into something special and mesmerising.

50. Neil A Stevens – @neil_a_stevens Neil A Stevens is a designer and illustrator with a clear talent for both. Specialising in , he manages to combine type and graphic elements seamlessly to create eye-catchingly dynamic pieces, some of which are documented in his Instagram page. If you’re a fan of sharp, sleek graphics and type that is executed well, Neil A Stevens is your guy.

best carrot dating sign instagram

best carrot dating sign instagram - Opinion: The most crass dating app ever?

best carrot dating sign instagram

If you’re a brand, you want eyes on your product or service–and more importantly, you want people to come back. To stand out in the crowd, your brand might’ve adopted Instagram. However, does your audience consider you one of their favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Being a network based on visual entertainment creates endless possibilities to showcase your brand, company voice or design talent. Here at Sprout Social, we take pride in our design and visual aesthetic, which we transcribe into our and reporting features.

Having visually appealing tools and reporting can make social media management simply more manageable. But as many designers and social media managers will tell you, they get a lot of inspiration from the people and brands doing it right on platforms like Instagram.

Your social presence means a lot to people. According to the , 57% of consumers said they’re more likely to buy from brands they follow on social. So how do you keep people coming back to your networks? To truly be successful, you need to make a strategy around creative, simplistic and engaging content.

Luckily, there are several brands out there who can give the rest of us inspiration on visuals, post types, colors and themes. Here are 21 Instagram accounts to follow for brand inspiration: 1. You won’t find many major brands in this list. Most of them are already well known or have such large creative teams it’s impossible to look bad on Instagram. However, one giant that catches eyes with beautiful Instagram content is AirBnb. Whether you’re looking for a place to stay on vacation or at home off the beaten path, AirBnb has you covered.

This idea is apparent in AirBnb’s Instagram account, which highlights some of the most unique lodging sites across the world. A post shared by (@airbnb) on Oct 11, 2016 at 11:01pm PDT Additionally, the brand pushes an endearing humanistic element that coincides with AirBnb’s philosophy of meeting interesting new people and staying in homes you’d never experience with a major hotel. The Instagram account makes you feel like you’re in the customer’s shoes, which is very deliberate.

In fact, if you see an AirBnb photo you like, the company to all the locations where the content form. This gives you the opportunity to experience exactly what the Instagram photo brings to life. 2. A post shared by (@teslamotors) on Nov 21, 2016 at 3:03pm PST For those in the industry, they’ll likely tell you the smallest things count when it comes to choosing one car over another.

The account isn’t short of great photography and always gives something visually appealing for users to come back to. 3. The Adobe Suite of tools is known by various creative types and their Instagram appeals well to exactly those people. Actually, one of the best features of this account is it’s all . Users send Adobe content made with their tools to highlight the amazing things you can do.

For creative designers, photographers, illustrators and other artists, the Adobe Instagram space is a source of inspiration. A post shared by (@adobe) on Nov 1, 2016 at 8:16am PDT The company successfully showcases how you can use their product to produce better work all while inspiring users who engage with the content each day.

For brands looking to employ a UGC strategy focusing on product use, look to Adobe’s Instagram. 4. Even though the branding giant Nike has plenty of appeal on its main Instagram account, the subsidiary Nike Lab is even better.

In fact, the company uses successfully with more than 20 pages tied to a specific niche. What sets Nike Lab apart is simply that–this account stands out among the rest.

The account explains in detail about its products giving you everything you need to know about an upcoming release. The Instagram page goes all-out with how their products can perform, whether it’s comfort, longevity or adaptability against different weather conditions. For brands looking to get inspired on setting up a new and unique Instagram account outside of the main brand, Nike Lab is a good place to start.

5. Reuters photography is a staple source for worldly news images showcasing current events, pop culture and trends across the globe. The company provides links to photos surveying the world and picks its best for Instagram.

While the company doesn’t promote its services, it does highlight its creative viewpoint and excellence in photography. Reuters works well as your main photographic news source by providing spectacular images. 6. While some brands might think it’s too expensive to run multiple accounts or hire a world-class design team, there are alternatives. Tito’s Handmade Vodka does an amazing job at highlighting another brand statement besides good vodka–ending homelessness for pets.

Vodka for Dog People highlights for adoption or previously adopted dogs (and the occasional cat) from brand loyalists of Tito’s. The company shows its humanistic side by creating awareness for pet adoption while promoting its brand ambassadors. Flowers for Dreams is a locally-owned florist in Chicago that donates to neighboring charities for every bouquet sold. While they might not be the size of 1-800 Flowers, the company succeeds at promoting local with beautiful images.

Related Articles • • • How so? With more than 32,000 followers, each post earns hundreds of likes. Not only that, but Flowers for Dreams engages regularly with its followers to promote the different charities and products available.

This company has its branding strategy figured out, which could help other companies learn a thing or two about simple marketing. Doing this can really drive engagement on your business’s Instagram front. Scour this page and learn some great tips!

8. Do you remember how much fun you had with Playdoh as a child? Well their social media marketers sure do because each post shows a creative and fun way to use their products. The company uses a lot of stop-animation content–showing everything you can do with Playdoh. They show you why it’s one of the best Instagram accounts to follow with amazingly crafted objects, animals and shapes.

Charity Water showcases its service in action–bringing clean, drinkable water to places in need. Brands can take notes from Charity Water’s Instagram because of the captions that attribute so well to the content. The organization highlights its success stories and shows the people who are affected by the contributions.

Not only is Charity Water’s content inspiring, but their feed does a great job at drawing interest. This helps keep users around and spread the word about their brand. Take a look at this post for creative . 10. A post shared by (@davidchang) on Oct 7, 2016 at 8:51am PDT Brands can learn a lot from influencers who have major followings and Chang is no exception.

Most of the content is made from his own smartphone, but you’ll never have a dull moment following Chang. He has certainly mastered the art of making you hungry through his slow-mo videos. This beauty-product specialist makes its statement known within it’s Instagram bio–”skin first, makeup second.” Glossier does amazing work at showcasing this motto by providing bright, vibrant and pink images to highlight the importance of skin care.

With already , Glossier takes their talents to Instagram with of their products or of them in use. The company will even post its occasional meme to steer clear of only using promotional material in its feed. The motorcycle helmet and accessory manufacturer provides stunning user-generated content along with marketing images to showcase its products and the lifestyle associated with the brand. Many of the images are scenic landscapes from motorcyclists on the go.

Selling helmets, footpegs and satuals gives Bitwell the ability to market the lifestyle that comes with the product.

This account shows marketers it’s not all about the product, but where you could use it. 14. Coffee ‘N Clothes is exactly what you think it is–content including coffee and clothes.

This creative instagram feed is for brands looking to increase their visuals and overall brand aesthetic. The simple idea from two photographers highlights the beauty of everyday coffee and clothing. With more than 266,000 followers, this account demonstrates why great photography and content always performs well. 15. The easy-to-use graphic design tool Canva highlights its user-generated content much in the same vein as Adobe.

The tool highlights its different features and templates through breath-taking images on Instagram. Canva not only makes it beneficial for its users to follow them on Instagram, but they also do a great job showcasing artists in their field.

18. A post shared by (@barkbox) on Nov 11, 2016 at 6:36pm PST Their feed is very similar to other accounts that only post funny animal content, but instead, they provide discounts and coupons to those who follow them. Brands can be invasive to your personal feed and feel out of place compared to content from friends and family. However, Barbox puts you right at home with plenty of dogs pictures and videos. 19. For the avid DIY home decorator, Apartment Therapy is a great resource of content.

The brand wonderfully showcases home improvement and interior design ideas to get followers in a creative mood. Brands constantly look for ways to engage users and providing DIY tips can be extremely successful.

Just look at how well BuzzFeed’s Tasty feed is doing. Social media users love seeing how to do projects or make meals on their own. 20. This freelance photographer and aspiring cook posts beautiful images playing on the colors of different foods and objects. Brands looking for some creative inspiration can easily learn a few things from Wright Kitchen. With 179,000 followers, her fantastic images and culinary works of art get thousands of likes for each post.

21. Branding is in the bag for Vans as they continue to increase great content on Instagram. Vans’ aesthetic is impressively artistic, while successfully showcasing its products. While there’s not too much that makes the brand stand out, the Instagram is a constant source for lifestyle and creativity tied to the brand. Each post drives and the brand successfully engages with users asking questions or making comments.

As a little bonus, we’ve included our own Instagram account. Follow us for everything Sprout and our amazing staff here in Chicago. With so much talent on our team, we’re never running out of great posts to share to the world! Who do you think we left out? Comment with your most inspirational Instagram accounts to follow below!

best carrot dating sign instagram

Online dating used to be a way for shy, socially awkward people to meet their (shy, socially awkward) and begin relationships based on, well, more than just looks and sex. But when dating sites moved from the wired Internet to smartphones, well, let’s just say . Now, instead of questionnaire-based sites like eHarmony, we have hot-or-not style apps like Tinder. Instead of looking for “the one,” we’re looking for the one who can take the sexiest selfie, and who’s within 25 miles of our house and down to...get coffee.

I’m actually not here to hate on dating apps—they’re an understandable and necessary way to meet new people, thanks to our jam-packed schedules and smartphone-obsessed society. But some dating apps have me shaking my head. An app that asks you to bribe users to go on dates with you? An app that doesn’t let you message other people unless other people deem you “hot enough?” If you’ve got the Valentine’s Day blues and are looking to try a new dating service, stick to OKCupid—stay away from these.

Carrot Dating , especially if you want to date out of your league, looks-wise. But how can you show that sexy girl (or guy) that you’re worth it (because you have money)? Bribe them, of course! Carrot Dating is so awful that Apple pulled it from the App Store. is an app that lets you bribe (it literally says “bribe”) people to go on dates with you. In fact, you can’t not bribe people—the app only lets you communicate with people you have bribed or who have bribed you.

Does that sound totally sketchy? Well, that’s because it is. Here’s how it works: You sign up with Facebook or with an email address and you upload a photo and a short bio. You can then purchase credits (10 for $5, 50 for $20, 100 for $30, or 250 for $60) if you want to be the briber, or you can just sit back and hope you look sexy enough if you want to be the bribee.

Bribers can choose from a number of preset bribes from different categories (dining, entertainment, gifts, and activities). Bribes include everything from traditional dates such as “dinner” to...less traditional gifts such as “a tattoo” or “plastic surgery treatment.” Bribees can accept the bribe, reject the bribe, or negotiate the bribe by saying “Let’s Do Something Else.” Carrot Dating acknowledges that “once a bribe is accepted, it’s up to the members to communicate and plan the details of the date,” and that even after a bribe is accepted, “some dates may not happen.” Sketchy bribing situation aside, the Carrot Dating app is fraught with technical issues.

The app doesn’t log your sign-in info, so you have to login every single time you open it. And you’ll be opening it a lot—the app crashes every five minutes, and is otherwise slow and laggy. Plus, the iOS app has actually been pulled from the App Store, so no new members can join (and, trust me, that’s a good thing).

I know, I know—traditional dating involves a lot of give and take, money-wise. Carrot Dating is just cutting to the chase, right? I don’t know about you, but putting the money on the table bluntly screams of an “arrangement,” not a relationship. And, not surprisingly, the creator of Carrot Dating is also the creator of sugar daddy/sugar baby online dating website . FaceMatch Looks-based rating apps (think Tinder and Hot or Not) are...not great, unless you’re looking for a quick, shallow hook-up.

But (free), formerly known as HotScore, is somehow even worse. So... more people need to “like” my profile before I can send a message to another user? Ouch. Way to be a buzzkill, FaceMatch. On the surface, FaceMatch looks like your typical Hot-or-Not type of app—it’s a gamified dating app in which you’re asked to choose the hotter of two people. Each “game” consists of five matches; once you’re done “playing,” you can go back and take a look at the people you thought were hot (or rather, hotter).

And then you can message them. Oh wait, no you can’t. See, there’s another level to FaceMatch: Social currency. According to creator Val Lefebvre, the big problem with dating apps today is that they don’t separate the wheat from the chaff. And thus, super sexy hot people (such as myself—duh—and, apparently, Mr.

Lefebvre) are stuck getting messages from less attractive people, and that’s just...terrible, I guess. So, to fix this, Lefebvre has introduced the idea of social currency—the more “likes” your profile gets (that is, the more people who think you’re hot), the more you can communicate with others on the site. If you have a highly ranked profile, you can message just about anyone you want. But if you have a low-ranked profile, well, you have to wait to be messaged by other people. There are a few obvious issues with this setup.

First of all, it’s completely biased toward conventionally attractive people. But life is already biased toward conventionally attractive people, so is it really a great idea to exacerbate this? Second, if two less attractive people like each other, but neither has enough social currency to start a conversation with the other, well...I guess they’re just stuck in weird dating app limbo.

And, you know, this whole concept is degrading. Lulu (free) technically isn’t a dating app—it’s a researching app. But because stalking— er, researching—a guy online fits within the realm of online dating, I’ve decided to include it in this round up.

The premise of Lulu sounds somewhat noble: It’s a private, anonymous, ladies-only network where women can “share their experiences” and “make smarter decisions.” In other words, it’s a shameless rating app where girls can rate guys they’ve known or dated with hashtags like #AlwaysPays and #ManChild.

Women can also give guys scores (out of 10) for various categories, including style, humor, manners, ambition, and commitment. Again, the idea here is that women can “research” potential partners by, um, looking at other girls’ experiences with said partners (to be fair, most of the reviews on the app appear to be from guys’ friends, rather than one-night stands).

Lulu: The “Burn Book” of the App Store, where men create profiles and ask women to rate them. Um... who would subject himself to that? Yeah, any app that actually encourages you to stalk your date is probably something you should avoid if you want to have a healthy relationship. That said, Lulu isn’t quite as bad as it sounds.

First of all, it works on an opt-in model—any guy reviewed on the app has to first sign up for the app (guys can track their Lulu reviews, though they can’t review other guys). If, at any time, they decide they don’t want to be on the app, they can simply remove themselves. In other words, the guys you should be worried about...probably aren’t on this app to begin with.

Lulu also keeps it pretty tame by giving ladies a list of hashtags to choose from—women can’t enter in their own hashtags, so you’re probably not going to find anything too scandalous. Down (free), formerly known as , is an app that initiates hookups between Facebook buddies.

Because who doesn’t want to hook up with their younger brother’s college roommates, am I right? For what it’s worth, the concept behind Down isn’t awful, if you think about it. After all, it makes more sense to hook up with people you sort of know via Facebook than it does to hook up with people you’ve never met before via Tinder, right?

But that doesn’t make it any less creepy when the app asks you to rate a bunch of kids you’ve known since elementary school. Ick. I don’t want to have to rate every person on my friends list in order to find matches. Because Down is based on your Facebook friends list, you must sign in with Facebook. Don’t worry, though—the app promises it will never post anything to Facebook on your behalf.

Next, the app asks you to go through your friends list and rate your friends by swiping up for “get date” (meaning, “I would like to have coffee and potentially a relationship with this person”), or down for “get down” (meaning… well, something else besides coffee) or to the left for “NOPE.” Like Tinder, the app only lets the other person know that you want to have coffee/hook up with them if they also want to have coffee/hook up with you, so nobody gets embarrassed.

The app lets you choose who you’ll see: Guys, girls, and friends or friends of friends. You can also search for people by name, if you know who you’re after. The app does not discriminate by relationship status, but it does take friend location and sexual preference into account when showing you people to rate. Also, in the (horrifying) event that you accidentally swipe “get date” or “get down” for someone you shouldn’t have, you can undo the action by searching for them and tapping “undo.” Finally, if you want to “increase your chances,” you can have the app send your chosen “friend” an anonymous text message (assuming you have your friend’s phone number), asking them to download the app and hopefully rate you.

In other news, this is an excellent way to prank your single friends—sorry guys! Is Down any worse than Tinder? No, not really. But it’s much more difficult to get in the “online dating” mood when you have to keep swiping past your boss, your extended family, and your old high school teachers.

Mingleton Proximity-based dating apps are great for hooking up, but (free) might take the “proximity” part a little too far.

Mingleton is a Tinder-like dating app that matches you up with people who are in the same room as you—seriously, it looks for people who are “within up to 50 meters” from your location.

At first, this doesn’t seem too bad. After all, if you’re looking to get down with someone at a party, it’s probably easier if they’re, you know, at that party. Like Tinder, it’s a mutual opt-in app that asks you to like people (ask them to “mingle”), and then it only connects you to people who also want to “mingle” with you. Mingleton connects you to other singles around you.

No, not in the same city—in the same ROOM. Awkward. But while this concept of mutual opt-in works on Tinder—because if you don’t want to mingle with someone on Tinder, you can just not ever meet them—it’s not quite as easy in a Mingleton situation. It definitely sets the stage for potential stalking, since you can simply look around the room (or festival, or whatever) and see the person who has rejected your invitation. After all, they’re within 50 meters of you—that’s just more than half the length of a football field.

In other words, while Mingleton means well (the point, according to the creators, is to get people to do some IRL mingling), it’s just super creepy and weird, and it probably makes for a lot of uncomfortable situations. A slightly less-creepy, but still extra-close-proximity-based app is the newly launched , which is sort of like Tinder mashed up with Craigslist’s Missed Connections. Unlike Mingleton, Happn simply logs people as you cross paths with them, and then asks if you want to meet them later on, instead of logging people who are standing next to you.

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