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Scandal and misfortune (and sometimes straight news), mostly from the music scene. Edited with a healthy dose of British scepticism, which has made it a favourite with UK media types now everyone else reads Popbitch. Celebrity Gossip Quick-fire snippets, mostly amalgamated from other online sources. Handy celebrity biographies in case you thought Aamir Khan was a British boxer. Readers can post their own celebrity news. Perez Hilton The doyen of celebrity gossip. Astonishingly ahead-of-the-game coverage of the likes of Britney and Brangelin .

THE WANDERING HEARTS Wild Silence (Decca) There’s an appealing rawness to this debut. A male-female quartet with a folk-rock penchant, their harmonies will elicit comparisons with Fleetwood Mac, but the acoustic instrumentation looks more to country, with Fire And Water a lively hoedown and Burning Bridges a nostalgic ballad.

★★★ VARIOUS ARTISTS Fifty Shades Freed (Island) The final instalment of the film trilogy has yielded an uneven but entertaining soundtrack. It mixes new material from stars such as Sia and Dua Lipa with pop newcomers. The most intriguing inclusions come from emerging Californian singers Kiana Ledé, Sabrina Claudio and Julia Michaels, who steal the show. ★★★★ THE SKIDS Burning Cities (No Bad) Scottish punk pioneers The Skids show a real sense of urgency on this bracing comeback, their first album in 37 years.

They race through the first ten songs without pausing for breath, slowing the pace only on the atmospheric closer Desert Dust. Singer Richard Jobson is a galvanising presence, while Bruce Watson wisely avoids trying to emulate the angular guitar sounds of the late Stuart Adamson.

With the band now back on tour, this is a distinguished return ★★★★ THE ROLLING STONES On Air (Polydor) 'Our policy is to produce an authentic Chicago R&B sound,’ said the Stones to the BBC in 1963, and these early radio sessions are steeped in the blues.

With Brian Jones on superb slide guitar, they tackle Bo Diddley and Muddy Waters, making On Air a distant cousin to last year’s Blue & Lonesome. The rough and ready originals also catch the ear, including Satisfaction and a forceful The Spider And The Fly. >★★★★ JEFF LYNNE’S ELO Wembley Or Bust (Sony) Recorded at Wembley Stadium in June, this CD/ DVD celebrates ELO’s flawless blend of pop and classical.

Rockaria has some suitably operatic flourishes, while the overblown 10538 Overture was the template for Oasis’s Be Here Now. Lynne is more of a craftsman than he is a showman, but it’s hard to resist the melodic sweep of Mr Blue Sky, Xanadu and the Traveling Wilburys’ Handle With Care. ★★★ FOY VANCE Live In London (Gingerbread Man) Mentored by Elton John and Ed Sheeran, the Irish singer-songwriter is in excellent voice on this solo show at London’s Union Chapel.

He spends as much time talking as singing, but the simple setting suits his informal approach. He augments Van Morrison-like originals with piano and ukulele and adds rambling anecdotes to a cover of Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’>★★★

best celebrity dating newspaper - Celebrity Dating News: March 2017

Lovebirds, are you still out there? It’s been a while since we donned our forensic gloves and got to the business of who’s seeing who in celeb land. Never fear, though – absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say!

We’re bursting to give you the lowdown on official and rumoured couplings between the rich and famous. Buckle in for a steely return to singledom, and a handful of flourishing romances. Now that winter has cleared off, we’re hoping for more celebrity dating news as the spring air tempts out their romantic side… Rooney is loony for Phoenix Think of greatest actors of their generation, and Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix probably come to mind.

The two screen dynamos have worked a couple of times together – once on the 2013 movie Her, and now on an upcoming Biblical story, in which she is Mary Magdalene to his Jesus Christ.

This time, as it happens, they’ve found more than religion in the desert. The pair are almost certainly an item, having skipped the Golden Globe awards for a loved up getaway. In February, they were spotted on the streets of Los Angeles, wearing wide grins and dressing casually, like they just got up… Zayn train shows no signs of stopping Spare a little pity for Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid: the world is following their every move, so it must be tough to embark on a promotional campaign for fashion brand Versus, getting paid a ton of money, wandering around an empty apartment for kicks.

What’s that? You don’t feel sorry for them at all? Fair enough – but they are gorgeous to look at. Gigi will be photographing a Zayn-led series, along with model Adwoa Abdoah, for a 2017 marketing push. If only all of us could have this level of fun with our better halves! She can get him out her head No-one can genuinely detest Kylie Minogue. She’s just so darn lovely, whatever she’s doing. We were glad she found a dude worthy of her bombshell Aussie grace when she became engaged to an actor, Joshua Sasse, after two years as an item.

It seems, however, that they hit a major snag in February. Kylie suspected there was something brewing between Sasse and a Spaniard he met on the set of his TV show. She took to Instagram soon after removing the ring and making her mind up, posting a sunset with a ‘thank you’ message for her concerned fans. Now, her former beau has been given marching order from her London home. It isn’t concerning her, apparently: she told the Sydney Morning Herald, in an exclusive interview, that she feels great in every respect.

Time to start queueing up again, fellas… When we get our celebrity dating binoculars on, there’s very little that FreeAndSingle doesn’t see. The landscape of our biggest personalities is vast, glitzy, and strewn with conjecture, but that’s why you come back to us – for the best dating news around!

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Michael Douglas: "My father did say recently, especially when you love your kids, just remember the most important person in your life is your spouse, because your kids, eventually, they're going to get up and leave, and you're going to be there with your spouse the rest of your life. We spend all of our energy with our children, so just remember that other part." Brittany Gastineau: "My mom gives the best dating advice.

I don't listen to it always, but she gives it, and you just never chase a guy, it is rule number one. You let him track you down. If a guy wants to go out with you, he will find you. Girls are always like, it's 2009, but I am old school, I am old fashioned - if a guy wants you, he will find you." Stacy Keibler: "My best dating would be to be yourself, because sometimes people go out there, and you're nervous, and you put on a fake front, and after a couple months, if you're still with that person, reality sets in, and you're not who you had a first date with.

So just be yourself. I've had a boyfriend for four years, so I don't go to anyone for advice anymore." Billy Bush: "I have good marriage advice from my father. I asked him 'dad, do you ever get tempted? is there temptation?' And he said 'every day' and I said 'really?' Because he was married 30 years at the time, and I was going into it.

I said 'Okay, what do you do?' and he said you just think about the people around you, and how it plays out, and how grateful you are, and if you lost that, how would you feel then?

You gotta just be able to see ahead, and I thought, wow, how great, if every young dude knew that, it would be a great help."

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