Best christian dating questions to ask a girl you re

best christian dating questions to ask a girl you re

Who knows, the girl you’re dating might surprise you with her answers to some of these questions, which is for the best, really. It’s best to approach the early dating stages with as much openness as possible, and without assuming anything about him or her. The more open you are, the deeper your relationship will likely become. Don’t just grill her with these 30 questions, but go ahead and make your way through them over the next few weeks. This isn’t The Bachelor, so take your time with getting to know the girl you’re dating. The final question doesn’t have to be, “Will you accept this rose?” .

best christian dating questions to ask a girl you re

Questions to ask a girl to get to know her better So, you’re on a date but have no idea what to talk about with a girl like. What can you ask to get to know her? We have the answer right here! Dating has always been a fantastic topic.

People want to become an item with someone. So, picking a perfect match is an ongoing task for many young people. However, what if you have already found an amazing girl, you like her and love being around her, and have even asked her out. Surprisingly you figured out that liked you too, so agreed on going on a date sometime soon.

READ ALSO: Everything seems perfect. It’s the best case scenario, but for some reason, whether you think about this upcoming date, you feel horrible. You have no idea what to talk to her about, what questions to ask, and how to get to understand her better without seeming utterly inappropriate. We have all been in that situation. First dates can be incredibly awkward.

Nevertheless, we have come with a fantastic list of ideas on questions one should ask his girlfriend on a date as well as thoughts to share with her in return. Dating must be meaningful if you want to understand whether you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, how well your personalities fit as well as whether this relationship is good for you and not destructive.

That’s why here is an extensive list of funny and exciting questions to ask a girl on a date with a short explanation why raising such matters is important. By asking this, you get her open up about some sweet and dear moments of her early years of life. Let her share and listen tightly: her stories tell you a lot about her personality. Was she a sweet child? Or was she rather a rebel who opposed everyone and everything? Be careful and proceed to next question.

• Where would you go for a dream vacation? Let her forget all about the worries of today and dream with you. This would also reveal you a lot about her personality. Is she a dreamer or a go-getter who would rather climb mountains than lie on a beach?

Is she a company girl who would take friends or a dreamer who needs private space to sit quietly and dream or think? • What would she take with her on a deserted island?

You’ll get to see what things are the most valuable to her. If it’s a book, it tells you a lot about her creative personality.

Meanwhile, if it’s an MP3 player with a selection of her favourite tracks, you can see what her favourite music is. • Who did you want to become when you were a child? Was she up for an adventure back then or rather a quiet child dreaming of a successful education career? What mattered to her – fame or people she loves? Don’t underestimate the power such questions to ask a girl to know her have. However, on the contrary, try not to read too much into everything she says.

Don’t overthink • If you only got one song to listen to for the rest of your life, which song would you choose? Some people say that music preferences are of a great matter to them, so they pick carefully what their match listens to.

So, if you’re one of those people, ask this funny question, and find out everything you need to know about a girl. Questions to ask a girl to get to know her better • What are the most embarrassing stories from your childhood?

Okay, we have to warn you that not all girls would feel like sharing anything embarrassing on their first date. However, there are always funny stories you can tell her first from the times when you were little. Show her that you are frank and open for an honest discussion. • Who is the most influential person in your life? People like to talk about people they respect the most. Thus, give her a chance to tell you who such people are as well as how they shaped them into being who they are now.

Besides, you’ll get a chance to see how respectful this girl is of other people as well as warn you if she is not. READ ALSO: • What tips would you give guys to help them better understand girls? Let’s face it, her answer will be your guide. She is practically giving you an instruction of what to do as well as what to avoid in a relationship. By following what she says (I mean parts which don’t contradict your principles), you automatically become the best man in the world.

• What are the most important things in a relationship? Let her think and articulate thought on this topic. Moreover, you can think about it too if you have never done this before. It’s a very practical and useful way of forming your principles and values in a conversation.

It’s both fun and meaningful which is the secret of a great date. Questions to ask a girl to get to know her better Source: UGC • What are your strengths? People typically find it hard to tell how good they are, or how sweet and kind. Nevertheless, they like to talk about themselves.

So, give her a chance to step over her fears as well as see her strengths she might later apply in some particular way. Discuss how she can utilise such talents for good and motivate her to try to do it. We all need such motivation at times. • What are your weaknesses? If you are anything like most of the people, it’s much easier to talk about your weaknesses you know a lot about. However, keep in mind that answering such questions require the certain level of trust.

She has to feel safe and comfortable around you to give you an honest answer to such a straightforward question. So, you might want to set the pace and go first. • How can someone become your best friend? It’s an interesting because if you are not her best friend yet, you might want to become one someday.

So, instead of guessing, ask her directly and get an answer to everything you need to know. We believe that healthy relationship is based on firm friendship. So, don’t lose a chance of becoming best friends while building love relationships. • What would you change in me? This is only appropriate if you have known each other for a long time. Thus, it’s not applicable for couples who met not so long ago.

However, you can still try this strategy even if you know each other for a short term. Maybe, she’ll find some really annoying on the surface. Then you should really work on that flaw not to lose a girl you like to it!

Questions to ask a girl to get to know her better • If you only had one magic wish, what would you ask for? Peach in the world? A lot of money? What does her choice tell you about her? Listen to her answers carefully and take mind notes about the personality of your match. It’s essential to realise who you are going side by side with. • What is the family of your dream? Make sure you two are on the same page about your dating experience. If you only date to have fun, but she is looking for something meaningful and long-lasting in the end, then asking this question right away might be your best option.

You will both get to realise what you seek and whether you are going in the same direction. • What is the job of your dream? This is another interesting question to ask your girlfriend to gain a better understanding of what she strives for in life as well as where she sees herself in some time.

If she is not aiming for the stars, but you are, then it might be difficult for you two to build relationships in which one is always pulling the other one behind him. • Where do you see yourself in ten years? Depending on the age of you two, you might choose a different amount of years to ask about. However, it’s important to see whether someone you have a crush on has goals or aims for anything good or great in life. If not, then think of whether you really want to spend your life next to someone who lacks guts to risk something for a dream or would spend years on a coach complaining about life but not doing something.

These are the questions which we believe can help every guy on the first date. If you keep losing your head when looking at a beautiful girl, then you need to come on a date prepared to have a conversation to remember. Save these questions, and you will thank us later for them! Good luck and watch out!


best christian dating questions to ask a girl you re

best christian dating questions to ask a girl you re - Flirty and Funny Questions to Ask a Girl You Just Met

best christian dating questions to ask a girl you re

There’s no easy answer for why some people get asked out and others don’t. But as I’ve studied why some girls are asked out more often than others, I finally wrote the post I’ve been putting off for a very long time. I think there are some questions we need to ask when we don’t get asked out; questions I asked in my own single years. But before I dive into these questions, let me say this: I know that many guys in today’s world don’t initiate. I’m also aware that godly men are rare, but there are .

I’m not addressing men in this post, but I acknowledge their part in the dating equation. So why do some girls get asked more than others? Personally, I think it’s a combination of personality, location, and walk with the Lord. I also believe that this is an issue that is both under your control and in the hands of God. Like many decisions in life, God opens doors of opportunity – but if we choose to behave in such a way we miss that opportunity, that’s on us.

So if you’re the girl who never gets asked out, ask yourself the following five questions. AM I WALKING IN THE REVEALED WILL OF GOD? Relationships are not a carrot on a stick used by God to motivate obedience. But if you aren’t walking in step with God, following His Spirit and submitting to His leadership, your relationships will reflect this. Perhaps you’ve been waiting around for a relationship to determine God’s will for your life – when God’s will is already in front of you.

The will of God has been revealed to you through His Word. But if you don’t immerse yourself in it, you’ll never know what His Will is. If you’re not getting asked out, God may be calling you to a deeper relationship with Him. He might know that dating would distract you even more from His presence. Ask yourself: Am I walking in the will of God as revealed in Scripture? If you don’t know what that is, check out these verses: “…be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” () “It is God’s will that you be sanctified; that you avoid sexual immorality.” () “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny herself daily, take up her cross and follow Me.” () “Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.

So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” () It is foolish to ignore God’s will when it has already been revealed to you. At the bare minimum, His Will is for you to be a daily follower of His person.

This will manifest itself through your character. You’ll be joyful, you’ll pray continually, you’ll give thanks (even in singleness), , and you will walk with wisdom. The first step to meeting God’s kind of guys is aligning your will with God Himself.

As you make this a priority, you’ll have the clarity and wisdom to make positive relationship decisions. AM I STEWARDING MY BODY WELL? In one of my interview sessions with a group of Christian men, I asked: “What role does appearance play in dating?” All of the men stated that while attraction was a factor, they were not quick to judge a woman by external appearance. However, they were much less likely to ask a woman out if her appearance reflected spiritual negligence.

, and the first impression is important. This doesn’t mean guys only want girls who look like a models (a myth I debunked in ). It means men are drawn to women who confidently and expertly steward their bodies to the glory of God. To the men I interviewed, a lack of physical discipline and decorum was a reflection of an inner, spiritual problem. They were also concerned about the long term effects: If a girl won’t discipline herself during her single years, how will she do it when she has three kids?

This topic goes for BOTH genders (and the guys acknowledged this). Not every girl grows up knowing how to take care of her body. Things like choosing clothes for your body type, picking colors that flatter your skin tone, applying natural makeup, styling hair, and honoring your body through fitness and food are all things you can learn! The world puts an overemphasis on these things, and the church overreacts by treating them like they don’t matter.

Neither is right. Inner beauty is of utmost importance, but women were created with . God Himself is the author of physical beauty, and we – – should reflect that truth, but not idolize it. [Read More: ] AM I PASSIONATE ABOUT BEING ALIVE? What makes you light up?

Are you happy to be alive as you are, where you are? Confidence and joy are two of the most attractive qualities in a person. A woman might not look like Barbie, but if she’s confident and full of life, guys are drawn to her.

They want to be around her. They want to make her laugh. A lot of girls would love guys to be drawn to them this way, but it doesn’t happen. That’s because you can’t force passion. When you’re in love with Christ and where He’s taking you, the excitement and potential in each day will just – spill out of you.

Every day is life-giving, even when things are hard. Sound impossible? It probably is – apart from Christ. If you’re a downer about life (particularly if you’re vocal about it) you might as well wear a sticky note that says “Don’t Date Me” on your forehead.

Before even thinking about a relationship, the real issue needs to be addressed: Why don’t you have hope? Where is your purpose? Both of these things are available to you today in Christ Jesus! If you follow Christ, your life has incredible purpose. “And we know that for those who love God , for those who are called according to his purpose.” () “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” () Through Jesus, you are called according to God’s purpose.

He will define that purpose for you as you seek Him and ask. And when you take hold of His intentions, you can’t help but overflow with passion for life! AM I PUTTING MYSELF IN A POSITION TO GET ASKED OUT? The scene has failed women in two major ways. First, it perpetuates the absurd idea that men must do all the pursuing, including any show of interest. Second, it upholds the cultural idea that attraction is always necessary for a relationship to begin.

Men are wired to pursue, and relationships work best when men do the chasing. But unlike the flirtatious woman demonized in dating culture, Christian women have the reverse problem; they’re not “too available” – they’re too unavailable. Rather than give guys a sign of interest, engage with the opposite sex and put themselves in a position to meet godly men, girls wait for guys to show all the interest, take all the initiative, and do all the work.

That’s a lot to expect of a man – even a great one! Some men are naturally outgoing and driven, and for them the traditional model works well. But there are a lot of amazing, godly men who aren’t that bold (but may just be).

They may want to talk to you, but are terrified to take that first step. That’s why it is in your best interest to engage with the opposite sex even when it’s uncomfortable. Yes – even if you’re an introvert. For those questioning the biblical support for “putting yourself out there” I’ve got plenty – Secondly, if you’re only willing to go out with guys you are immediately attracted to physically, you’re severely limiting yourself.

Just as women don’t like to be judged by outward appearance, neither do men. And the amazing thing is this: Attraction grows with intimacy.

As you know someone’s character, they become beautiful to you. This doesn’t mean you should marry someone you can’t stand. But it does mean you should be picky about things that actually matter, and maybe give a guy a chance to see if his character outweighs your first impression. Need proof? I went out with several guys I wasn’t attracted to.

DO I SEE SINGLENESS AS A BURDEN OR A TRAINING GROUND? Finally, how do you see your singleness? Your attitude toward this season isn’t a secret. It is visible to everyone around you. Singleness is like every other season of life; it has benefits and it has trials.

We can look at each season through a lens of duty and despair, or we can acknowledge the powerful work God is doing here. As C.S. Lewis so wisely said: “If you think of this world as a place simply intended for our happiness, you find it quite intolerable: think of it as a place for training and correction and it’s not so bad.” Your single season isn’t just for your happiness. It’s a place of training for what’s coming next. It’s your time to embrace God’s will, to steward your Temple, to find passion and purpose.

Trust God’s timing in this season and steward your character well. Prepare your heart for a “someday” date by bettering the person Christ made you to be. And when you get asked, that first date will be all the more rewarding!

This article originally appeared on . Used with permission. Phylicia Masonheimer blogs at , where she teaches women how to preach the gospel with their lives: proclaiming Jesus in work, love and home.

Her eBook launches March 1st, 2017. Image courtesy: Publication date: January 26, 2017

best christian dating questions to ask a girl you re

Guys – there’s one dating mistake you’re almost certainly making on . Our research shows it’s the number-one turn off in women, but is committed by 95% of men.

If you can cure yourself of this habit, your dating success will go nuclear. What is it? Talking too much about yourself.

I know why you do it. On a date, you want to impress a girl. If you really like her, you can’t help but see the date as an interview, where you try and give her 10,000 really good reasons not to ditch you immediately and find someone better. You want her to like you, and like what you’re into, so you tend to get somewhat one-sided.

Occasionally you’ll lob in a question, but then her answer will spark a funny memory so you find yourself off again on a rhetorical mission. And then, oh – where’d she go? Women prefer dates to be an equal exchange of information. Remember, she wants to impress you, too. And long-term, women are looking for partners they can talk to. She might not realise you’re feeling shy, or keen to look your best – from her side of the table, you just look a bit selfish. Sorry! The good news is, it’s an easy habit to fix.

Below you’ll find a list of 20 great date questions. These have been cunningly chosen to show off your sensitive side, or make her laugh, or just help you find out more about her in a stealthy way. Use them to kick-start a conversation on a date, online, or over text. The answers will surprise you, and the results will astound you. 1. Have you ever saved anyone’s life, or has anyone ever saved yours? 2. What’s your funniest memory from your childhood?

3. What one ambition do you hope to achieve before you die? 4. What’s your favourite way to relax after a hectic day? (Note: do not ask this with a lusty or hopeful gleam in your eye.) 5. What’s your favourite way of spending time with your best friend? (Note: see above.) 6. What’s the best present anyone ever gave you? Or you gave to anyone? 7. Have you ever made anything with your hands? 8. What meal do you have to order when you see it on the menu?

(Note: don’t go visibly pale if she says “lobster”.) 9. What made you laugh today? 10. If you could retrain into any other career, what would you choose? 11. Say you had to open a shop. What would you most like to sell? 12. What was your favourite story when you were young?

13. What’s your favourite line from a film? 14. What was your 15 minutes of fame? 15. What’s the closest you’ve ever been to a celebrity?

16. Have you ever invented anything? 17. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever heard? 18. What do you most enjoy about your job? 19. What’s the luckiest thing that’s ever happened in your life?

20. Have you ever seen a ghost?

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