Best classic dating salsa songs of all time youtube

best classic dating salsa songs of all time youtube

Salsa legend Joe Arroyo's hit La Rebelion tells the story of an enslaved African couple that rebels against its Spanish owner. 1. Pantera Mambo - La 33. It's impossible to not get up and dance when you hear this song. Just watch out for the pink panther! Pro Tip: Stay 24*7 tuned to your all-time favorite music songs without missing your windows applications and data on cloud hosted citrix xendesktop at an affordable citrix xendesktop pricing powered with 24*7 excellent tech-support from Apps4rent to store/stream and share your gigs. Free Dance Instruction Videos. One of the best and most sensual bachata dance routines ever, performed to a beautiful song. Free $40 Airbnb Coupon! If you've enjoyed this article, please consider making a donation.

best classic dating salsa songs of all time youtube

Hector Lavoe, Marc Anthony, El Gran Combo, Ruben Blades, Sonora Ponceña, Joe Arroyo and more make our tribute to the Latin dance sound that never goes out of style Trying to sum up a half century of music that is a signature of Latin identity at the same time that it has been embraced by people around the world in one list is not easy.

But then again, salsa should feel like the opposite of stress. So, while we can’t tell the entire story of salsa in 15 tracks, we can guarantee that these great classic songs should be part of your essential salsa music playlist. “Periódico de Ayer,” Hector Lavoe Hector Lavoe will always be “the voice” of salsa.

While Lavoe’s signature “El Cantante” and his Latino anthem “Mi Gente” should also be part of any salsa playlist, we chose “Periódico de Ayer” because it sums up the sound of the Seventies New York salsa scene, and still puts a spell on dancers. “El Preso,” Fruko y Sus Tesos Colombian band Fruko y Sus Tesos’ 1975 anthem is the most liberating Salsa song about prison ever recorded.

  Fuego en el 23, La Sonora Ponceña Fusing hard salsa music with fire truck sirens, Puerto Rican group La Sonora Ponceña’s crowd favorite is always caliente. “Pedro Navaja,” Willie Colon and Rubén Blades The evergreen crossover hit from the groundbreaking album Siembra features salsa music’s best-known chorus (“La vida te da sorpresas Sorpresas te da la vida, ay dios”).

“Vivir Mi Vida,” Marc Anthony Marc Anthony’s salsa comeback hit swept the 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards. “La Rebelión,” Joe Arroyo A revisionist history lesson marked by Afro-Latin percussion and punctuated by horns and a traveling piano solo, the great Colombian salsero Joe Arroyo’s 1986 grooving protest song continues to resonate on dance floors throughout Latin America. “Sin Salsa No Hay Paraiso,” El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico A 2010 salsa track from the Puerto Rican institution exemplifies the required curriculum of the band known as the “salsa university.” “Cali Pachanguero,” Grupo Niche Colombia’s Grupo Niche lend their cool salsa style to this tribute to their home town.

"Toro Mata,” Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco Celia Cruz’s transformation from Cuban singer to “queen of salsa” took place in New York City, where she signed with Fania Records. Like her other fantastic recordings, her rumbafied version of the Afro-Peruvian standard “Toro Mata” with Fania co-founder Johnny Pacheco captured the euphoria of the times. “Ven, Devorame Otra Vez,” Lalo Rodríguez Puerto Rican singer Lalo Rodríguez seduced romantic salsa lovers with his 1989 hit “Ven, Devorame Otra Vez.” “Las Caras Lindas,” Ismael Rivera Ismael Rivera’s beautiful ode to “my black people,” demonstrates the power of socially-conscious salsa.

“Llorerás,” Oscar D´Leon The signature song from Venezuela’s salsa star Oscar D’Leon, who adds his unique swing to a Cuban-rooted sound. “Dile a Ella,” Victor Manuelle Before he teamed up with urban artists like Farruko and Bad Bunny, Victor Manuelle brought energy to the scene in the 1990s with salsa songs like “Dile a Ella.” “Conteo Regresivo,” Gilberto Santa Rosa The “gentleman of salsa” demonstrates his suave approach to the genre on “Conteo Regresivo.” “Quítate Tú,” Fania All Stars Every salsa music playlist should include at least one song from the Fania All Stars’ revolutionary 1969 performance at New York’s Cheetah club.

best classic dating salsa songs of all time youtube

best classic dating salsa songs of all time youtube - Salsa Dance Music

best classic dating salsa songs of all time youtube

I’ve been asked so many times by students what music they should buy, or where to find good music to practice to, that I’ve decided to put up a list of my favourite salsa songs so people can find them to buy for themselves (or just to listen to). If you think I’ve missed any, please comment at the bottom, and if I agree, I’ll move it onto the list 🙂 • • • • • • • • • • (Yes I prefer this to the Hector Lavoe verson, and yes I know this is blasphamy :)) For anyone looking to download these mp3s, the’re all on iTunes.

Update: I’ve since had more suggestions but I can’t bring myself to remove any of the ones I’ve already put up… so here are some more brilliant songs: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Just stop. You have already offended me beyond belief. Agaunile is by Wille Colon & Hector Lavoe, Produced by Johnny Pacheco. Its on the el cantante sountrack, but there was only 1 cantante & it’s not marc anthony.Start with Fania from the 60s & work your way down.

1. Celia Cruz – La Vida Es Un Carnaval 2. Willie Colon/Hector Lavoe – No Me Llores Mas 3. Oscar De Leon – Lloraras 4. Fania All Stars(Celia Cruz) – Quimbara 5. Tommy Olivencia/Frankie Ruiz – Lo Dudo 6. Hector Lavoe – Periodico De Ayer 7. Ismael Rivera – El Negro Bembon 8. Frankie Ruiz – La Cura 9. Hector Lavoe – El Cantante 10.Celia Cruz – Azucar Negra 11. Jose Bello – La Palabra Amigo 12. Fruko y Sus Teso – Cachondea 13.

Bobby Rodriguez – Hipocresia 14. Mark Anthony – Valio La Pena 15. La India – Ese Hombre This is me being fair. If it was up to me I would list 10 songs by Willie Colon/Hector Lavoe. They were by far the best salsa musicians.

Other hits by Willie Colon include El Malo, Juana Pena, Che Che Cole, Abuelita, Oiga Senor, Mi Gente(Fania All Stars), Loco(Hector Lavoe), La Banda (Hector Lavoe). Thank you so much for so many great suggestions! I’ve put a lot of them up on the post now. However, I must say that I don’t agree with all your choices, but I suppose that’s only to be expected. Regarding Aguanile, I was waiting for someone to push back against my choice of using Marc Anthony’s version over Hector Lavoe’s, but in my opinion, it is the clear winner.

The hits are sharper, and the downtime feels more soulful. I’m sure I’ll end up in Salsa hell for saying that, but I prefer dancing to the Marc Anthony version. Thanks all for your ideas! I am sure though, these must be mentioned as well 🙂 Salsa Celtica – Yo me voy Picadillo – Fania All Stars lluvia con nieve – mon rivera La Palomilla – Joe Cuba La33 – La Pantera Mambo Jimmy Sabater – Por Primera Vez Tito Puente – Hong Kong Mambo Hacha y Machete – Creacion 75 ..

and more 🙂 I am leaving my share here Gilberto Santa Rosa- Conciencia Grupo Chaney- Amigos Tommy Olivencia- La Rueda Rey Ruiz- Luna Negra El gran combo de Puerto Rico (any song from this band is good!!) Frankie Ruiz- Bailando This is the top ones that we puertorricans believe are the tops ones.

Not the the only best ones (you made a very good list), but very good ones. Dude You’re crazy! All of you!!! Or most of you, anyway! LOL! Sorry! But, I grew up listening to Salsa music in the 70s! I’ve heard thousands of songs over the years! Salsa wasn’t even called “salsa” back then!

I was a kid in Colombia, jamming to this music b4 most of you were even born! And for you all to not even include “La Sonora Poncena” in any of your list is such an insult to the whole music phenomenon!

Let alone Salsa itself! Ok! Now that I got the beef out of my system, I’m calm enough to give y’all my two cents of wisdom, and take it strictly for what it’s worth! LOL! Are you ready?

ok: My top ten list of salsa songs ever made I haven’t even thought about it, but I know the songs for 1 reason and one reason only: They’ve past the test of time with me, and strictly with me. That is, I’ve heard these song over a hundred times each, and I’ve never gotten tired of listening to them; quite the contrary, not only do I want to listen to them every time more, but they put me in a trance when I hear them. Furthermore, I can’t fathom going to heaven, or hell for that matter, if listening to them for eternity is not part of my reward/punishment: So, with that in mind, here is my list of gifts from heaven to us, miserable mortals.

The first three are tied for first, so, either one is # 1: 1- Sonora Poncena/Yambeque 2- Grupo Niche/La Negra No Quiere 3- Sonora Poncena/ Yare 4- La Suprema Corte/Escombros 5- La Sonora Matancera/ Matala 6- Grupo Gale/Mi Vecina 7-Africando/Ya voy 8- Joe Arroyo/No le pegue a la negra 9- Fruko- El Preso 10- Cuco Valoy/Nacio Varon or Juliana Please forgive me for being so bias, but I probably stuck 2 or 3 songs (not more) that may not belong in the top ten, but top 20.

Either way! you’ll never go wrong with these 10, for eternity, trust me!!! Having said that, my deepest respects go to so many great salsa artists from the Caribbean America, to whom justice is not being done with this stupid “Top Ten list” adjective; included but not limited to:Guayacan, Gilberto, Eddy, Oscar, Gran Combo. Please also note my lack of appreciation for certain modern artists who have contributed to popularize the genre to the masses world-wide in certain ways, which, only history will prove them (the artists) wrong and phony.

And, no, I’m not talking about the great Luis Enrique at all; please!!! Peace from Texas, y’all!!! Armando Hey Armado, Thanks so much for taking the time to share these with me. I’ve updated my list to include these: * La Sonora Poncena – Yambeque * Africando – Yay Voy * Cuco Valoy – Juliana I already had these: * Joe Arroyo/No le pegue a la negra (also known as La Rebellion) * Fruko- El Preso I personally don’t agree with you for the other 5 however, and I think I know why… I agree they’re quite nice to listen to, but I’m a dancer 1st and foremost, and if I can’t enjoy dancing to a song, I won’t tend to listen to it.

My dance comfort zone is approximately 90BPM and above, and most of the songs you have listed are below that threshold. I’m not from South America so I probably don’t get the cultural significance of some of these songs… I’m purely going from a listening and dancing point of view so I hope I don’t offend you with this. Thanks again for the additions, and even some of the slow ones I’ve added to my teaching playlist 🙂 Diplomatic speech .. I was temped to simply say ‘ Oh.. boring’ after listening to them 🙂 Sorry Armano, I am sure there will be quality in those tracks but assuming Welcome to the party and Merecumbe are on the top of my list as well..

well .. the energy coming out of the song does matter for me 🙂 On the other hand, it is not hard to dance well on a quick song but it is very hard to do so on a slow one. Why hasnt anyone included Ruben Blades here is beyond me (!!). If you’re only going to include one, and only one by him, then definitely ‘pedro navajas’ should be there (I’d say the whole ‘Siembra’ album for that matter). Not to mention the strong colombian bias in many lists, but hey, a top 10 is a difficult thing to put together….

Cuco of GPI When people ask me what are the Top Ten SALSA songs ever, here they are and why they are on the list: 1. Vamonos Pa’l Monte-Eddie Palmieri-You can’t get any better afinque rythem to dance 2.

Yambeque-Sonora Poncena-It’s amazing how good only 14 words in the verses sound 3. Pedro Navaja-Blades & Colon-This song was revolutionary 4.

Cocinando-Ray Barreto-Latin Percussion at its Best, especially the timbal playing of Oreste 5. Ah, Ah, O no-Hector Lavoe & Willie Colon-Great sing-a-along tune 6. Adoracion-Eddie Palmieri-What an intro!!! Salsa Gruesa!!! 7. Un Verano en NY-El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico-Andy Monatnez was still singing for them. 8.

La Cartera-Larry Harlow-Great charanga sound 9. Mi Dsesngano-Roberto Roena-Nice melo Salsa tune 10. Usted Abuso-Willie Colon & Celia Cruz-Tite Curet Alonso did a great job in the translation Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me out.

In early 2000 there was a salsa song on the radio that I absolutely loved. It was a trio of singers. In which the new boyfriend of the girl happened to be a friend of the ex. I thought maybe Gilberto Santa rosa with some other singers.. can someone please help me find that song? Too many people smoking some funny things in this page. You should know from the get-go that this topic is always going to be subjective. I personally think you need to break it down a number of ways.

1. Is it for dancing or for listening, or both? 2. Do you like “old” (like the classics) or “new” salsa? 3. Do you look at the various styles (from the range of salsa-producing countries) differently? Me personally – 1. I like to listen and dance to it. 80% of the music I listen to is salsa.

Some tracks work well for listening but not so much for dancing (Marc Anthony tracks for example that start slow and can take forever to “pick up” into the salsa groove, which I like to dance to but a lot of people don’t because they stand there on the dance floor looking confused!). Other tracks have a great energy to dance but don’t interest me at all to listen. 2. I prefer newer salsa. Not so much because the older tracks aren’t good songs, but I can’t stand listening to crappy old scratchy recordings.

I’m a musician and I have recorded a lot of music over the years, so my ears are pretty sensitive when it comes to the mix. If I don’t like the mix, chances are I won’t want to play the song, for dancing or for listening.

And I’m not alone, I have friends (and my brother) who are the same, their ears get tired after a while of listening to the old mixes (the equalisation). A perfect example of this is a comparison you mentioned – Hector Lavoe vs Marc Anthony. I prefer to listen to the Marc Anthony versions of Hector Lavoe songs, purely because the mixing is better. The sound is more full, more contemporary. A song like El Cantante (in my top 10) is great by Hector Lavoe, and amazing by Marc Anthony.

Modern recording and mixing has provided this song with a certain kind of “boost” to create an even more flavourful package. This isn’t a diss to Hector, since he is a master, but I just prefer to lean towards newer mixes. And let’s face it, Marc Anthony does an incredibly admirable job.

Another example – I love Lloraras by Oscar De Leon, but I don’t listen to it or dance to it (I actually prefer to listen and dance to Llora Llora by Tego Calderon and Oscar, a reggaeton remix of Lloraras) because it’s an old scratchy mix.

Great song, I play it in both of my bands, but I just don’t like the mix. Call me crazy but that’s just how I am. 3. I would have a top 10 for each of the groups of salsa – say, Colombian, Cuban (timba), Puerto Rican (including Puerto Rican music from the USA), rest of Latin America (say, Venezuela, Panama, etc), and Mambo from the USA (I’ve probably forgotten something but these make up the majority of my music collection).

This way you don’t have to group music that is significantly different – for example, my favourite Colombian bands (groups like Grupo Gale, La Sonora Carruseles, Guayacan) play vastly different music to my favourite timba groups (Timbalive, Los Van Van, etc), so why attempt to group them into the same list?

Anyway, that’s my rant. If I had to list some awesome tracks, the list would include a few tracks by each of these bands: El Dinero, De Miami a la Habana, Tu Sabes Que Lo Se, Llego Mi Pasaporte – Timbalive Dilema, Te Va Doler – Fabian Torres El Reto, Descontrolame – Luis Enrique Te Amare, Ayudame – Huey Dunbar Se Le Ve, En My Puertorro – Andy Montanez La Agarro Bajando, Si Te Dijeron, Pero No Me Ama – Gilberto Santa Rosa Hasta Que Vuelvas Conmigo, Y Hubo Alguien – Marc Anthony Plus some stand out tracks – Divino – Pobre Corazon La Salsa Vive – Tito Nieves, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Cheo Feliciano, Ismael Miranda, Celia Cruz Ni Calor Ni Frio – Oscar De Leon Baila Que Baila – Jose Alberto El Canario Llego El Sabor – Jose Alberto and Oscar De Leon Some other great bands/acts to mention (that I don’t think have been mentioned yet) – Mike Devito, NG2, Michel Maza, Victor Maneulle, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Tiempo Libre, Carlos Oliva, Grupo Gale, Croma Latina, Quinto Mayor, Manolito Simonet, and hey, check out what Tony Succar is doing in Miami with his Michael Jackson Tribute – sweet!

And yeah, I’m a gringo, but before anyone questions my background – I’ve been drumming and writing music for 20 years (variety of styles), playing and dancing salsa for 4 1/2 (I run 2 latin bands), dj’ing for a couple of years – I basically live and breathe this stuff (ask my missus!). And I’m not trying to sound like a know-it-all, just wanting to expand the discussion further and give everyone some new ideas for musical enlightenment 🙂 Hey man, happy to do it!

I love this music and I can be a bit fanatical about it, it’s good to meet others that are passionate about it. Pretty sure you know my brother too, crazy dancing Pete from Newcastle. Anyway if you’re ever keen to get our band Chunky Salsa involved in anything, let me know, always happy to get amongst it! 🙂 Don’t waste your time with this list: the formula is easy: Take the three “monsters” of Salsa; select their three of four greates hits, and that’s it!!!

Who those are? Easy man: Wille Colon & Hector Lavoe, Eddie Palmieri and Ray Barretto. I leave for you to pick the best of each one, but if left to me this is my list: 1) Vamonos Pa’l Monte – Eddie Palmieri 2) La Malanga – Eddie Palmieri 3)Muneca – Eddie Palmieri 4) Quitate la Mascara – Ray Barreto 5) Mirame de Frente – Ray Barreto 6) La Hipocresia y la Falsedad – Ray Barreto 7) Che-Che-Cole Willie Colon 8) Ghana’e Willie Colon 9) La Murga – Wille Colon 10) Quitate Tu – Fanial All Stars (can’t simply leave this one out) Ouchhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

La Murga (feat. Willie Colon) Hector Lavoe, Mi Libertad Frankie Ruiz, Lloraras Oscar D’leon, Pedro Navaja Willie Colon & Rubén Blades, Lluvia Eddie Santiago, Dejala Tito Gomez & Tito Rojas, Se me fue El Gran Combo, Triste y Vacia (feat. Willie Colon) Hector Lavoe, Tu con el Frankie Ruiz, Conteo Regresivo (salsa version) Gilberto Santa Rosa are all essentials and some of the best! First off just like omi said, aguanile isn’t Marc Anthony’s song and that’s the misconception. So with that I wouldn’t value your list at all.

Clearly you do not know what you’re talking about. All that “down beat” this and that is bull. They sped up the tempo a bit and the production is a bit clear and as it should be … Marc Anthony is a good singer but can’t be compared to Hector and has no place in a top ten list for salsa. In my opinion. But this is your list and your opinion, so, good for you.

I’m looking for a salsa song, not exactly sure what it’s called but I heard it at Salsa on St. Clair street festival in Toronto this past weekend and the crowd went craaaaaaazy (in a good way 🙂 The chorus is pretty catchy and its a sing-a-long per say.

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However, with regards to lighting both windows are equal contenders. What happened to the following??: Brujeria – El Gran Combo Sin Salsa no hay Paraiso – El Gran Combo Betece – Africando Cali Pachanguero – Grupo Niche El Tumbao de Cachao – Johnny Polanco En Barranquilla me Quedo – Joe Arroyo Me Voy Pa’ Cali – Oscar D’Leon Que Bueno Baila Usted – Oscar D’Leon Pa Koute Konsey – Haitando Rebellion – Joe Arroyo Son Fo – Africando Volver,volver – Grupo Gale These are some of my favorites…..

ELHOLLITO. Bueno tu lista esta muy buena. Excelente pero la verdad es que decir los 10 mejores es muy dificil . Pues en salsa dejariamos por fuera otros 10 y hasta 20 temas mas. que valdria la pena mencionar .EL RICON DE QUINTO MAYOR .Rumba de las calaveras de son de oriente .Micaela de sonora carruseles . papaupa de quinto mayor ,las carabelas, El clan de victor , SANTO NEGRO de sexteto jubentud , Tumba de linda leida, la guayaba de raulin rosendo y grandes clasicos de HECTOR LAVOE , GUAYACAN YURI BUENAVENTURA ,ALEX LEON Y LOS LEONES DE LA SALSA EL YOYO, DE WYNE GORBEA I don’t like your list, nothing personal, they’re all good so I get where you’re coming from: Up-beat, flashy, fast paced full of bright trumpets songs are better for dancing performance.

Here in Colombia popularity and influence of a song usually goes the other way, slow paced, beautifully crafted lyrics about love, passion and violence, things that have deep roots into our culture and collective memories.

Since for most of latin american people Salsa is about nostalgia, carnival, sadness, family and seduction the list changes a lot, being biased by my own heritage, having that I’ve lived 32 years listening to this music with my family coming from the two great dancing cities in Colombia (Cali and Barranquilla) maybe you’ll find something else, the fire of the soul, nothing to do with speed, just the feeling of flowing with the music and your partner.

By the way, almost all colombians dance, we have to do it men or else you become really alienated. To be recognized as a decent dancer here you gotta have “tumbao” and “flow”, move the hips and waist in a sensual way while doing your nomal salsa moves, is used a lot to impress people you like, like a sexy salsa dance-off. Cali is just insane but great, one of the best parties I’ve been to.

Anyway, here’s the list (Is just about the mood) Lloraras – Oscar d Leon Que pena – Hermanos Lebron El dia de mi suerte – Hector Lavoe El preso – Fruko y sus tesos Mala mujer – Sonora matancera Cali pachanguero – Grupo niche El Raton – Cheo Feliciano La rebelion – Joe Arroyo Sonido Bestial – Richie Ray & Bobby cruz Mujer Divina – Joe Cuba No particular order, all good songs. Hey I hope you visit Colombia to dance all day and night, take care.

I find it amazing how everyone has referenced “Lloraras” as Oscar D’Leon when it was Dimension Latina with Oscar as a member when it was recorded…get the history right my friends. What made the Salsa of the 70’s more exciting was the improvisations that drove dancers to really get down and dance and the arrangements that cover versions rarely match…this ideal of scratchy records is insane…but I do respect all your picks if they are personal choices for your dancing and listening pleasure….Nelson Rodriguez- original member of the first latin record pool in the world (International Latin Music Spinners) in the Bronx, New York, ex-TH Records East Coast Director, RMM Records National Director of Promotion, Latin Beat Magazine original, Herencia, current host at Alma Del Barrio KXLU in Los Angeles, and historian who has not only interviewed the best and many of your favorites (well over 500 artists over the past 40 years) but also polled hundreds of radio (both commercial and non-commercial) and club DJ’s worldwide, journalists, record store owners to come to a list of the 500 best Salsa somgs to both listen and dance.

El GRAN COMBO- timbalero,azuquita pal cafe,se me fue el menu,ojos chinos,.VICTOR MANUELLE=asi es la mujer, por ella,ella lo que quiere es salsaFRANKIE RUIZ-mi libertad,bailando,lo dudo,DLG-juliana,muevelo,NKLABE-i love salsa,JOE ARROYO-rebellion.RICHIE RAY-sonido bestial,WILLIE ROSARIO-botaron la pelota,PUERTORRICAN POWER-juguete de nadie,EDDIE PALMIERI-vamonos pal monte,SONORA CARRUSELES-micaela,OSCAR D LEON-que bueno baila usted,GRUPO NICHE-etnia.ISMAEL RIVERA=mi jaragual.LA SONORA PONCEñA-fuego en el 23.

Hi all. This is excellent playlist but I can’t find one song which I heard on radio and it is very similar to this songs. It is a little faster song with male vocal and in refrain he says (I don’t know Spanish but…) “puerto rico del potrooo” or something like that but he mentions Puerto rico in the song. I can’t give more descriptions unfortunately…:D If you think you know which song is that pls tell me here or on my mail: Thanks a lot.

😉 #1 es fania y Hector Lavoe…..”MI Gente”. #2 Mi Desengano roberto Roena, # 3 Celia Cruz quimabara, #4 Pedro Navajo Ruben blades, Puerto Rico Eddie Palmeiri, gran combo Lluvia, hector Lavoe todopoderoso, bobby Valentin libro de Amor, Pete Conde Johnny Pacheco esencia guaguanco, fania all stars…quit ate tru, fania all stars cheo feliciano raton Love your choices, Ulysses and the fact that you are living and breathing salsa, down under…will give you a more detailed post when I have some time but just wanted to give you the kudos and one suggestion of a dance-able tune: Todo Tiene Su Final – Willie Colon As a dancer, you may or may not like the changes in the music that is so emblematic of Willie Colon, from pure Salsa to Puerto Rican Bomba/Plena – let me know what you think Love your Larry Harlow choice, La Cartera is dance hall music for sure Also check out Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz, the album Jala Jala, Boogaloo – I’ve danced more to the album than any other – I think you will enjoy it When I give you my top ten, it will be with you criteria of dance-able in mind… Juana Pena – Willie Colon Feat.

Hector Lavoe Anacaono – Cheo Feliciano Sin Sentimientos – Grupo Niche Palante Otra Vez – Tommy Olivencia Feat. Chamaco Ramirez Oye La Noticia – Ray Barretto Feat. Adalberto Santiago Alacran (Tumbando Cana) – Bobby Valentin Feat.

Marvin Santiago Tres Dias De Carnaval – Celia Cruz Feat.Johnny Pacheco Por El Pecho No – El Gran Combo Feat. Andy Montanez Si Yo Encontrara Un Amor – Fruko Y Sus Tesos Feat. Wilson Saoko Manyoma Controversia – Ismael Rivera En Barranquilla Me Quedo – Joe Arroyo Malambo – Joey Pastrana And His Orchestra Tiempo Perdido – Justo Betancourt Senor Sereno -Ismael Miranda Con Orchestra Harlow Por Que Me Enganas – Charlie Palmieri Feat.

Victor Velasquez Bomboncito De Pozo -Eddie Palmieri Feat. Ismael Quintana Amor Y Paz -Raphy Leavitt Feat. Sammy Marrero Pueblo Latino – Pete El Conde Rodriguez El Trigueno Cintura – Ray Perez Con Los Dementes Feat. Perucho Torcatt Con Los Pobres Estoy -Roberto Roena Feat.

Frankie Calderon Siembra – Ruben Blades Moreno Soy – La Sonora Poncena Feat. Tito Gomez Noche Como Boca ‘E Lobo -La Sonora Poncena Feat. Luigi Texidor Nina Y Senora -Tito Puente Feat. Menique Aun No Es Tiempo -Tommy Olivencia Feat. Simon Perez De Barrio Obrero A La Quince – Willie Rosario Feat. Chamaco Rivera

best classic dating salsa songs of all time youtube

Listening music is one of the favorite activities of us. It is said that music is the food of soul. It truly brings excitement to our body and keeps us energized. Isn’t it? Yes, it definitely is, and this is why, Bollywood, Hollywood, and the world’s songs are listened and loved for their beautiful lyrics, fantastic sound, and appealing voices.

Sensing the true feelings of salsa songs is possible only for the individuals having deep love for salsa music. List of Content • • • • • • • • • • 10. “Una Historia” by Giberto Santa Rosa and Victor Manuelle This lovely salsa song is sung by Giberto Santa Rose, and Victor Manuelle. Aside from Marc Anthony, Giberto is a famous salsa artist of the history.

And I can say this for sure that this is one of his finest songs ever. Am I right? 9. “El Amor” by Tito el Bambino If you enjoy listening salsa songs, then “El Amor” is a great one for you. This lovely and romantic song is sung by Tito el Bambino. It is truly something to create a romantic environment and can be listened on your wedding day. The singer has truly sung it in a beautiful and smooth style.

The song starts off with soft guitar strokes and then is opening with Tito el Bambino soothing voice. 8. “Soy Guajiro” by Willy Chirino “Soy Guajiro” means “I’m From the Country”. This salsa song is sung by Willy Chirino. It is one of the most famous salsa songs ever. Cuban born singer Willy Chirino has greatly embraced the true lyrics and identity of this song in a beautiful and special style.

7. “Valio la Pena” by Marc Anthony If you are a true salsa lover, then there is no reason for you to dislike this lovely song. Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony is a well-known mainstream salsa singer of the era. The song is sung by this great salsa singer. It tells an interesting story of the lifestyle at any Salsa club.

6. “Lloraras” by Oscar de Leon Enjoying a salsa song and listening on its sound is all possible with this great song. Its singer is Oscar de Leon and the music is awesome. Once you listen this song, you would definitely love dancing as it is very soft and relaxing. 5. “Juliana” by Cuco Valoy Dominican singer Cuco Valo has been a famous salsa performer of all time.

Thanks to Cuco for singing such a lovely salsa song. It is famous the world over among the youngsters who want to rock dance floors at nightclubs or bars. This has been one of the most favorite and greatest songs of all time. [ Related: . ] 4. “La Vida es un Carnival” by Celia Cruz Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz sung “La Vida es un Carniva”. She is one of the greatest singers of 20th Century, and was born in Cuba.

She has a history of singing over 500 songs of varying genera; this salsa song is one of them. The translation of the lines is “life is a carnival.” 3. “No le Pega la Negra” by Grupo Niche This song initiates with the lovely sound of the drums, followed by increased level of volume and turns into a fast salsa song.

It is sung by Grupo Niche, and if you enjoy listening salsa songs, then add this song to your playlist. 2. “Devorame Otra Vez” by Eddie Santiago Puerto Rican singer Eddie Santiago has gotten fame for singing romantic songs.

“Devorame Otra Vez” is one of his finest songs ever. This song is highly loved by romantic salsa song lovers. It is enough interesting to make you a fan of it, in case, you’ve not listened it so far.

1. “El Cuatro de Tula” by Buena Vista Social Club This song has embodied the elements of son salsa, which is actually a particular type of salsa music. It belongs to African elements of 1930’s. This lovely salsa song is sung by Buena Vista Social Club, and is listened the world over by salsa and dance lovers. Which song you like the most? Don’t forget commenting!

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