Best click dating agency in singapore

best click dating agency in singapore

Join Singapore Dating and start chatting, communicating and dating with our members!, Singapore Dating Singaporean singles that are in desperate need of a date have only one place that they should be turning to without fail if they are looking for a potential new partner and that place is Singapore Dating! We know that there are some of you out there are not convinced about internet dating that think it is something that cannot really help you but you have to believe us when we say that it can. We can try and convince you over and over again but the truth is that the only way that you will see for yourself is by joining our site and taking a look at the amazing service that we have been offerin .

best click dating agency in singapore

Hiring a helper but not sure where to start, mama? Here’s what you need to know about the hiring process in Singapore Hiring a is a process that many employers – particularly expats – come into blindly.

Besides the importance of finding a helper who is the right fit for your family, there is much paperwork and bureaucracy that accompanies the process; rules and fees can differ based on a helper’s nationality, years of experience, and whether she’s a transfer or direct hire.

For starters, check out the , which outline requirements like the online Employer Orientation Programme, how to cover a bond, the $265 monthly levy and more. Employment agencies are a vital part of the helper hiring process and can help you better understand all these guidelines. The thing is, there are literally thousands of them in Singapore, ranging from well-established companies to shoestring operations that can be shady and deceptive to helpers and employers alike.

We applaud the M.O.M. for making employment agency data as transparent as possible. With their you can not only search agencies by name, but also check which agencies are under surveillance or have received demerits from the M.O.M.

Employers are also able to rate agencies on a scale of 1 to 5, with all scores easily viewable. To check the data for every agency in Singapore (nearly 4,000 of ‘em!), just click “Search Agencies”, then click “Download” to put into a sortable Excel file.

This is key because it allows you to view three important factors: • Retention Rate This is the percentage of foreign domestic workers (FDWs) placed by the agency who stay with the same employer for at least one year (a standard contract lasts for two years). It’s always good to see that someone is steadily employed, and that the relationship is seemingly beneficial for both parties.

The industry average is 48.18% — the top agencies have retention rates in the high 50s or 60s (some small agencies have even higher averages, but this is amongst agencies that also have a high volume of placements). • Transfer Rate This is the percentage of FDWs who have transferred to three or more employers within one year – that’s a major red flag, mama.

The industry average is 1.65%. • Placement Volume This is the number of FDW workpasses applied for by an agency. A high volume ( the industry average is 81.36) indicates that an agency probably runs pretty professionally and would generally have better resources in terms of responsiveness to a problem (for instance if you need to hire a replacement helper) and housing (as helpers stay in dorms before they are hired, and can also live in them while employers are away).

Of course the flipside to this is that both employers and helpers are less likely to get the personal touch that might come with a smaller agency. Other factors to consider include the ; most agencies charge helpers a sort of finders fee that can take up to eight months to pay back. Can you imagine working eight months without making any salary? While employers have the option of covering this fee (usually around $1,000) it’s obviously a high up-front cost for everyone involved; some agencies don’t charge this fee to helpers, and we think it’s worth employers absorbing some of the cost.

When you a hire transfer helper this fee isn’t involved, which is part of why it’s a popular option. Read more: Beyond the initial hiring process – when you describe your needs to an agency then interview suitable candidates – agencies can assist further down the line with issues like renewing contracts, arranging home leave for your helper, and helping you find a replacement helper if your initial hire doesn’t work out (hey, it happens!).

In the unfortunate circumstance where your helper gets into legal trouble or you find cause for immediate termination, an agency can also be very helpful with the repatriation process (although shady agencies have been known to simply send helpers back out to new families!).

As an alternative to agencies, particuarly if you hire a transfer helper, you can either through M.O.M., or to streamline the process at a much lower cost. The downsides to these options are that they can be more time consuming, and you’re on your own if something goes wrong. In the meantime, mama, we’ve scoured the data and shared our own personal experiences to come up with a list of some of the top helper agencies in Singapore.

If you’re looking for a good starting point (because again, choosing from nearly 4,000 agencies can be pretty overwhelming!), you’ve come to the right place. Retention Rate: 57.12% Transfer Rate: 0.98% Placement Volume: 345 One of the largest and most reputable agencies in Singapore with over 30 years’ experience, Universal is a big, professional operation with a great website and an office conveniently located right on Orchard Road at Lucky Plaza.

They specialize in experienced transfer helpers, and also offer helpers who are trained caregivers for the elderly. Fees are on the higher side, but as they say, you get what you pay for! “Universal helped us sort out the complex details of bringing our helper over from the Philippines – from arranging flights and all paperwork, to closely monitoring medical checks – and they were always prompt, courteous and professional in our dealings, both in person and over email and the phone.” -Kate Quote SassyRenew and get a Free Maid (FDW) Work Permit Renewal Service worth $180!

Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd, Tel: (+65) 6735 3456, , Retention Rate: 57.49% Transfer Rate: 2.16% Placement Volume: 155 With 14 years of experience, this more boutique agency takes a personal yet professional approach to the helper hiring process. Their philosophy is all about viewing the process not as a onetime transaction, but as a journey for both the family and the helper to ensure that everyone is happy and finds the right fit.

Contact Asia, 140 Upper Bukit Timah Road #02-06 Beauty World Plaza, Singapore 588176, Tel: (+65) 6466 2696, , Retention Rate: 53.07% Transfer Rate: 4.05% Placement Volume: 180 Another one of Singapore’s most longstanding agencies, Jobuzz has been around for more than 20 years, and offers both transfer helpers and new helpers from the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar. They’re happy to arrange for interviews with transfer candidates on Sundays, and can also assist with direct hire documentation, passport renewal, insurance and repatriation if need be.

Jobuzz is offering Sassy Mama readers a free waiver of counter indemnity insurance when they hire through the agency. Jobuzz Consultants, 545 Orchard Road #04-11 Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882, Tel: (+65) 6734 6735, , Retention Rate: 62.89% Transfer Rate: 0% Placement Volume: 75 Started in 2012, Anisya is an open employment marketplace where FDWs and employers can come together.

It empowers helpers to post their own information and set their own preferences free of charge, and employers can also view profiles for free (though they pay to access more information, or post their info for helpers to respond to).

We think it’s fab that fees are kept low for everyone and that the website does so much to empower helpers, who can sometimes be rendered helpless in the hiring process. Their numbers are amazing, too! Anisya, , Retention Rate: 59.87% Transfer Rate: .23% Placement Volume: 493 One of Singapore’s largest agencies, G&A also sports an excellent transfer rate and is among the most recommended for warm, professional service and very fair fees that never take advantage of helpers.

Thumbs up as well for a convenient location along Orchard at Far East Shopping Centre. G&A Services, 545 Orchard Road, #05-22 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882 **(Between Hilton Hotel & Wheelock Place and facing the Thai Embassy), Tel: (+65) 6235 6265, Retention Rate: 61.88% Transfer Rate: 1.78% Placement Volume: 324 Specializing in helpers from Indonesia (where they have their own recruitment and training centres), Jayamaids has over 20 years’ experience and has catered to more than 30,000 satisfied customers over the years.

We’re impressed by their numbers, along with their straightforward website and the fact that they have two convenient locations. Jayamaids Yio Chu Kang, 78 Yio Chu Kang Road #01-03, Singapore 545571, Tel: (+65) 6284 2900 Jayamaids Hougang Green, 21 Hougang St 51 #01-14, Hougang Green Shopping Mall, Singapore 538719, Tel: (+65) 6387 0900 , Retention Rate: 68.79% Transfer Rate: 0% Placement Volume: 495 With outstanding numbers across the board, heaps of personal recommendations, and 27 years of experience, Prestige is consistently rated as one of Singapore’s top employment agencies.

“I use Prestige for all our OEC paperwork and for approved contracts etc. They are super speedy and always very quick to deal with our requests. They are very knowledgable on all the M.O.M. rules and have a good relationship with the embassies. Highly recommend!” -George Prestige Management Services, Tel: (+65) 6738 2100, , , Retention Rate: 58.79% Transfer Rate: 1.8% Placement Volume: 249 “SG Manpower helped us to hire our transfer maid, giving us a hands-off approach to processing all paperwork, move in, and developing our own personal requirements within the contract.

Our helper has been with us for over 5 years so far!” – Michelle SG Manpower,

best click dating agency in singapore

best click dating agency in singapore - Best Dating Apps for Singles in Singapore If You Have Failed At Tinder

best click dating agency in singapore

Target Audience Professionals looking for a serious relationship Platform iOS and Android Website This dating app was created by the largest online dating agency in Singapore, which is Lunch Actually.

LunchClick has a rigorous registration process with background checks to avoid any deception. The app focuses on getting its members to have an offline date without much small talk as most of its members are working professionals.

The app sends one match to its users daily. What people like • Meticulous registration process: When signing up, users will have to answer a lot of questions. The LunchClick staff will also run a background check before confirming your registration. This process ensures that all profiles are as real as possible and it diminishes lies and fake profiles that users of other dating apps encounter.

• Pool of serious professionals: Most users of LunchClick are professionals who want a serious relationship. They are mostly straight to the point, not some bored people looking for a quick chat.

There is no chat or swipe function in the app in order to discourage unnecessary chitchat. • Love assistants: LunchClick has a dedicated team of love assistants you can chat with that can give you advice on anything. The love assistants also provide other services like manual matchmaking, profile analysis etc.

HOW THIS APP WORKS You download the app and fill in a lot of vital information. You then wait for some hours while a background check on you is run. After your profile is approved, you get one potential match daily. You can choose to accept or reject the match. When you accept a match, a date is set up between both of you in a physical location. PAYMENT PLANS Ordinary users get a free daily match while premium users get two matches sent to them daily for one week.

Premium features start at US$6.99 (S$9.42) while other packages are available from S$109 to S$269. These other packages include features like three daily dates, dating consultants etc.

best click dating agency in singapore

Love, love, where are you? In this modern day and age, you don’t sit by waiting for love and sulk if it doesn’t knock on your door. Today, we explore the various popular dating apps in Singapore.

Coffee Meets Bagel There’s many folks out there using CMB now, considering it to be the ‘classier’ sister of Tinder (see below). Guys get 21 ‘bagel’ profiles to like/pass each day at noon. Girls, in return, get 6 ‘bagel’ profiles from those that have liked them. So, guy likes girl. Girl likes guy back and a chat window opens for (only!) 7 days, so that you’ll be spurred to take further action and maybe become something more!

CMB is free, using ‘beans’ as in-app currency that you can pay for or earn through regular app use (like checking the app daily). What you might or might not like: CMB matches you with friends of friends and not complete strangers. Generally, most agree that they’ve met decent dates through CMB, or dates-turned-friends. Same with all other dating apps: don’t be too stingy with your profile photos! Do avoid selfies (or too many of them) if possible.

Tinder Tinder, as everyone knows, is the most popular dating app in Singapore. It’s a simple concept about chatting only with people you’ve liked, who’ve liked you back in return. Personally, I like how you will be matched only if both users have mutually liked each other. There’s some anonymity to it so you can avoid embarrassing moments or feeling unwanted when the person you’re fond of doesn’t reciprocate. Tinder, as most people described, is more of quantity than quality. Compared to other dating apps, it’s more luck based as you are unable to control or filter certain jobs, ideals, characteristics – it’s a modern blind date.

If you know exactly what you are looking for in a partner, you’re basically finding a needle in a haystack—not impossible to find what you’re looking for but the chances are low and it takes a lot of time and effort to do so.

On the other hand, if you’re not too sure what you’re looking for, Tinder, offers many opportunities to interact and discover what are your dealmakers and dealbreakers. Obviously, Tinder is the dating app for those that prioritise looks, considering how you have barely any other factors for consideration.

Some like Tinder especially because of its mindless swiping, where you don’t have to think so hard about what you’re looking for. I’m not sure if it’s the same for a guy, but for a girl, it’s a feel-good dating app with a huge pool of people to swipe, to chat with, to reply – it makes you feel popular.

Tip: Select your preferred age range so you don’t have to filter through people who are 20 years older or younger. Tip: You can also set your discoverable distance under your settings for places you frequent e.g. your home or your workplace. For instance, I used to use Tinder only when I’m home as the distance between me and my partner’s home is a crucial factor in the closeness of my partner. Paktor When Paktor was first launched, it is often likened to Tinder.

That has changed over several developments, and now Paktor builds on the idea of a fun activity where you earn points from frequent activities to redeem ‘gifts’ to give to users whom you think deserves more than just a ‘like’.

It also has simple yes/no quizzes asking if for instance, if you think this particular user is a dog-lover. Like most games, there’s a lot of promotion of in-app purchases and Paktor is one that heavily markets it, even to the fact that you need to upgrade to see who has ‘liked’ you, which is usually a basic free function in most dating apps.

Tip: Know when and what the rewards you can claim for free and remember to claim them! E.g. Daily Swipe, Continuous Visits, Daily Reward. Tip: Tinder tips also apply to Paktor. Hater Well, this is a dating app with a novel twist. After you upload a few photos and list your age, you’re presented with thousands of things you can like or, well, hate to the depths of your cold cold heart. Hate balloons? Hate waking up? Reveal it all here!

Grudgingly admit that you like sweet food if you must. You can then browse fellow users’ profiles and see if you’re a match based on your (dis)likes. The downside?

Hater might have less local users, so the dating pool might be limited. The upside? If you’re an awkward turtle, the app presents you with ‘Cards against Humanity’ style icebreaker cards you can send your matches. Do note, though, that the limited profile information doesn’t reveal much. So if you’re uncomfortable with this level of anonymity, this app might not be for you. Update: A friend shared that Hater is really Tinder-esque and probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

You never know, though. Happn Happn is the dating app that sparks the hope and romance in you everywhere you go. Users are able to scroll and view all Happn users’ profiles who are nearby. Meaning, you are able to like to chat up that good-looking stranger who caught your eye when you brushed past him earlier! If you’re the type who refreshes Instagram tags or check-ins in search of that one attractive stranger, this app is built for you.

Also, unlike Tinder or Paktor, there is no expiration date to make your choice. If you would like more time to consider another user, you may leave it in your view page and continue scrolling until you have decided and then scroll back up to like or to dislike the user.

Tip: Use Happn at places of interest you frequent to find dates of similar interests, especially if you have a unique hobby. For example, if you spend your free time hanging with your Popping and Locking buddies at SCAPE or practice your Yo-yo tricks at Esplanade’s open space, you are able to access to all Happn users in your usual hangout area. Tip: If you’re a careful decision-maker, feel free to observe your potentials who frequent similar places as you before deciding to like or to chat with them.

Stalker alert! Esync If you use Esync, the love of your life could be just one call away (Charlie Puth fans, where you at!) In terms of servicing, Esync tops the list with its A-plus service from beginning to end. They’re (apparently) the first and only dating app to do phone consultations, offline date coordination, and date confirmations.

If you’ve been considering dating agencies but have been afraid to, this could be a good in-between. Personality quizzes your kind of jam? Esync will match you and your potential soulmate based off a personality quiz that covers 16 different areas of your individuality. You’ll even get an in-depth report on your results, so you can get to understand yourself better and as a result, the things you’re looking for in a partner, too.

While the folks at Digital Senior haven’t tried this one, Esync was created by the Lunch Actually Group and is verified by the Singapore Government, so the singles you meet on this app are, well, single indeed.

Do note that some services are paid services. Lunch Click Lunch Click is more targeted at those who are looking for long-term, serious, ready-for-marriage singles. There are minimal free-and-easy conversations and mostly questionnaires on one’s perspectives of the big issues in relationships like their view on children and .

Contrary to Tinder, it focuses on quality over quantity whereby the system generates the best match for you with the most suitable match a day. It is a dating app that is built against hook-ups and cuts out sleazy conversations. However, the form itself takes a while to fill up because it requires even nitty-gritty details like your height, occupation, education level. If you’re looking for something simple and user-friendly, I suggest Tinder, Paktor or Happn. On the good side, the chances of securing an actual date are much higher since the app itself promotes getting to know each other over a meal.

It basically cuts the small talk and goes straight for the main objective: getting a date. Tip: Need advice? Look no further, Lunch Click has Love Assistants you can chat with on the app who is able to advise you on anything practically under the sun.

(How cool is that!) Tip: Prepare a list of your favourite dinner, dessert, brunch places so you’ll have plenty of suggestions for your dates. Also, if your date enjoyed the food (and you enjoyed the date) you can quickly suggest a second date at a similar ! Okay Cupid Okay Cupid is the dating app for those who know exactly what they are looking for in a partner.

It displays your answers to detailed get-to-know you open-ended questions on your public profile. It also has an extensive list of multiple-choice questions for you to answer, as well as rate its importance with explanations. The app generates potential matches for you based on your multiple-choice questions.

Not to be confused with Lunch Click where you create personalized questions directed to a specific person, Okay Cupid’s questions (from the app) and your answers are displayed publicly for all to see; it encourages an informed choice in the initial stages of selecting your dates. (Generally, though, Okay Cupid has users in an older age range, and sometimes profiles might be a little too long (some can be essay-length even) if you’re not into that kind of thing.] Tip: Okay Cupid basically lets any potential date understand your personality on a deeper level, and the dates you meet here are more likely to appreciate you not just for your looks but your core values and principles as well.

A good way to further showcase your personality is to link your personal blog or twitter. ______________________________________________________________________ Updates: For hilarity and curiosity’s sake, we’re also in the midst of building an alternative list of dating apps.

They’re alternative because….they’re not really apps we’d use but hey, you never know! Luxy So, you need to earn at least $200k a year (in USD, we’re assuming) to be able to use this “rich persons” dating app for free. Or, as the app blurb shares, you can also be voted in by “profile attractiveness”. Yup: free users need to be ‘vouched in’ within 24 hours by existing app members of the opposite gender. Otherwise, shell out a cool 58.99 per month. Payment methods even include Bitcoin. Well, okay?

*commences a search for my lone 50 cent coin* The app, which uses swiping like Tinder and used to call itself the “Tinder without the poor people”, promises that at least 41% of their users earn over 1 Million yearly because as the app blurb on the App Store says, “why settle for average whilst being extraordinary by yourself?” …On second thoughts maybe the folks at Digital Senior will just stay average, eh.

Do you know Digital Senior has just set up a new Facebook group ? Join to ask questions and engage in discussion! Eat well, travel often, be happy. Laura is a total SLAVE to her guilty pleasures; she eats fried chicken for breakfast and drinks red wine with chocolate on sleepless nights.

She travels at every opportunity, getting her passport stamped every 2 months on leisure alone. Her hobbies include yoga, snorkeling, movie binging, martial arts, wedding and birthday decoration and planning for her next vacation ;) She records her memorable travel experiences at and her midnight thoughts on

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