Best coffee dating hong kong island

best coffee dating hong kong island

A fun Hong Kong guide to bars, shops, walks, tailors and more from Smart Travel Asia and Dancing Wolf Media Hong Kong International Airport (, otherwise known as Chek Lap Kok, is large, airy and very 21st century. Designed by prolific British architect Sir Norman Foster, it’s a remarkable piece of design. Situated on an islet just off Lantau Island, it connects to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island by bridge and snaking highways. There are two terminals – Terminal Two opened in 2008. Adding to the multitude of duty free shopping options already available at Terminal One, it has entertainment outlets such as a 4D IMAX movie theatre, and an Aviation Discovery Centre – part museum par .

best coffee dating hong kong island

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best coffee dating hong kong island

best coffee dating hong kong island - 10 Best Coffee & Tea in Hong Kong Island

best coffee dating hong kong island

I have a confession to make: I am a coffee snob. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to be an expert; I just appreciate a well-made latte and don’t have time and dollars for slush made by cowboy baristas that’s burnt, boiling and tastes like chemicals… You get my drift?

When I first moved to HK from Auckland (a little city, yes, but one with a fab café culture), I found myself pining for the perfectly poured flat whites and lattes I had taken for granted back home.

That is until the caffeine kicked in and I decided to set out to explore HK’s best coffee joints – which there are plenty of, so there’s no pining required! Coco Espresso G/F, 197 Queens Road Central, Sheung Wan 2542 2228 Large takeaway coffee: $35 I found out about this little hole in the wall from a coffee-loving friend who lives nearby – she swears by it. Although it’s nothing flashy on the outside, the team behind the Coco Espresso counter takes their coffee pretty seriously.

I’ve found that the flat whites tend to be especially good, while the lattes are ok. With a small selection of quality cabinet food to boot, this is a perfect place to grab a coffee and bite to eat on the go if you’re ever in the area.

Barista Jam Shop D, G/F, 126-128 Jervois St, Sheung Wan 2854 2211 Large takeaway coffee: $33 Cool, modern and minimalist, Barista Jam is definitely worth venturing into Sheung Wan for. Although the actual café interior itself is quite cold and empty, the quality coffee, fresh juices and thick smoothies (not to mention the sandwiches, salads and pastas) are what you go for. In terms of coffee, I find the quality here really consistent.

Something I’m sure early birds will be pleased to note too is that Barista Jam opens at 8am most weekdays (all except Monday when it opens at 10am).

[Barista Jam is also one of our top picks for and !]. Agnes b. Cafe L.P.G. G/F (major Portion), 8 Gough St, Central 2915 2382 Large takeaway coffee: $34 There seem to be Agnès b. Cafés sprouting up all over the show at the mo but, given its quaint Gough Street setting, this one is especially lovely and gets my vote. The standard of coffee has been great so far (it only opened recently so I’m crossing my fingers this continues to be the case) and the staff are always up for a bit of a chat.

Worth dropping by if you’re in the area. Other places worth trying: Sidewalk G/F, Chung San House, 10 Gough Street, Central 28507121 Oolaa G/F, Centre Stage, Bridges Street, Soho, Central 2803 2083 Large takeaway coffee: $30 When it comes to HK cafés, Oolaa is one of my firm faves.

Nestled in the heart of Soho, it’s quite ‘Melbourne’ with its open trendy look and feel. As well as boasting top notch Illy coffee (which is served with a piece of biscotti = winning), the café section is also home to a great range of counter food like muffins, toasties, cakes and slices – probably the best I’ve come across so far. If you’re not grabbing a coffee and bite to eat on the run, Oolaa also does great sit-down food. Unfortunately that isn’t much of a secret as the restaurant section tends to book out each and every weekend (especially on Sundays).

You can take your chances by turning up on the fly to snag a spot in the café part for breakfast or brunch; however, I recommend booking (you know, just to be safe). Wagyu Lounge 3-5 Old Bailey St., Central 2522 1438 Large takeaway coffee: $30 Despite the dimly lit interior, Wagyu Lounge – along with its big sister Wagyu around the corner on Wyndham Street – often gets my day off to a bright start with its Illy coffee, which never fails to be smooth, velvety and just the right temperature (along with another free piece of biscotti).

Personally, I think it’s a place more suited to sitting down and dining in rather than taking away. When it’s busy – and believe me, this place has a possie of regulars – it can be quite awkward standing at the bar waiting for your takeaway cup while dodging the bustling staff.

If you’ve got time, grab a seat, get comfy and chow down as it’s far more enjoyable. [We also love Wagyu Lounge for their !] Other places worth trying: Fuel 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong 2295 3815 Shelley’s Yard 14 Shelley St, Central 2810 9326 Brunch Club & Supper 1/F, 13 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay 2890 2125 Large takeaway coffee: $30 Tucked above a tidy brick staircase, Brunch Club delivers on coffee as well as atmosphere.

Although located along busy Leighton Road, the above ground location cuts out a lot of the outside noise, making for a cool cosy setting that’s impossible to resist kicking back in. An added bonus is that the Brunch Club is also home to , an on-site bakery that produces handmade bread, cakes, pies and tarts most days each week. Team your latte with a freshly baked pastry and you’ll be sorted!

Classified G/F, China Tower, 1-9 Lin Fa Kung Street West, Tai Hang 2857 3454 Large takeaway coffee: $34 I’m a big fan of Classified’s Graffeo coffee.

There are a fair few Classifieds sprinkled around HK now but the joint in Tin Hau has become my number one. If you’re dining in, then it’s worth noting a large size coffee is especially big – you’re probably best to stick with a regular if ordering with food. Please note: All coffees bought in the making of this post were purchased by me personally!

best coffee dating hong kong island

Shares 225 This post was last updated on July 30th, 2017 Many people have thought that is just a tiny island with lots of skyscrapers. Actually, there are over 200 individual islands with beautiful natural scenery and local culture. Believe it or not, Hong Kong Island is only the second largest island in Hong Kong, while the largest one is Lantau Island (147.16 km²) which nearly doubles the size of Hong Kong Island (78.52 km²).

(Don’t believe it, have a look at the ). So, what exactly is Lantau Island? Is it worth visiting? What about the other islands? Fancy island hopping? Okay, I’m going to show you the four most popular outlying Islands in Hong Kong. All of them can be easily reached by regular ferries from Central Ferry Piers.

4 Best Outlying Islands in Hong Kong 1. Lantau Island If you arrive in Hong Kong by air (I guess most of you do), you will pass by Lantau Island when you travel all the way downtown as Hong Kong International Airport is located on Chek Lap Kok, off North Lantau.

Therefore, even if you just stopover in Hong Kong for a few hours, you will still have time to explore the largest island. What to do and see? For day or half day trippers, take the cable car to Ngong Ping to visit the and Po Lin Monastery. Other than the well-known , Tai O fishing village and the Big Buddha, there are so much more to do and see on Lantau Island. One of the hidden gems is Tung Chung Fort, a historic military fortress that has survived to the present day.

You can see six intact muzzle-loading canons on the main wall and some exhibits within the Fort. This declared monument was used to defend the coast from pirates.

Check for directions. In addition, there are some best hiking trails of Hong Kong. Two of them with majestic views are: Tung Chung to Tai O (coastal route), Ngong Ping to Lantau Peak (uphill route). The Tung O Ancient Trail was once a key route for villagers to commute between Tung Chung and Tai O.

This route, taking you around 4 hours walk, offers you different views of Hong Kong Airport and unbeatable sea views. Route: Tung Chung > Tung Chung Battery > Hau Wong Temple > Hau Hok Wan > Sha Lo Wan > San Shek Wan > Sham Wat Wan > Tai O (*Wan means Bay) Lantau Peak is the second highest peak in Hong Kong, also a popular place to watch the sunrise and take some great photos.

Many sunrise watchers stay overnight in Ngong Ping to catch the beautiful scene. Climbing up the mountain takes about 2 hours and it’s more suitable for experienced hikers. Allow 2 more hours to backtrack to the foot of the mountain.

The entrance of this section of Lantau Trail is right next to the Wisdom Path. Feeling tired after the hike or the 268 stone steps to the Big Buddha? You can easily return to urban life and enjoy a meal at Citygate in Tung Chung. 2. Lamma Island Being one of the favorite living locations for expatriates, this Hong Kong third largest island has its unique attractions. There you can find famous and delicious seafood in Cantonese style, little shops selling and snacks, Asian and Western eateries, multicultural arts and crafts shops, temples, fish farms, beaches, hiking trails, Kamikaze Cave and Hong Kong’s first wind turbine – Lamma Winds.

Exploring this distinctive island is fairly simple – just walk along the Lamma Island Family Trail from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan or the other way round and you can see everything I’ve mentioned above.

The whole journey takes you around 2 hours walk. If you walk non-stop, you can finish it in less than an hour. There is only one main road connecting the two places. So just follow the signs and the crowd, you won’t get lost! Don’t miss the spectacular views of Lantau Island and Cheung Chau. Get your camera ready!

Route: Yung Shue Wan Main Street > Lamma Winds > Hung Shing Yeh Beach > Hilltop pavilion > Lo So Shing Beach > Sok Kwu Wan Lamma Island is one of my favourite places for weekend breaks and is recommended for you! 3. Cheung Chau In contrast to Lamma Island, Cheung Chau is busy and crowded as it is the most densely populated outlying islands in Hong Kong.

The main street along the ferry terminal is full of local seafood restaurants and western eateries. There are many tourist scenic spots, for example, Cheung Po Tsai Cave, Pak Tai Temple and the ancient rock carving.

Cheung Chau rock carving is a declared monument located between two popular beaches, Tung Wan (East Bay) and Kwun Yam Wan. It is believed that the carving is at least 3,000 years old.

Cheung Chau is also famous for the annual . It is the largest traditional festival on the island attracting loads of tourists. In addition, there are numerous historic buildings and temples on the island such as Yuk Hui Temple and Kwan Kung Pavilion.

Other famous attractions include the aforementioned East Bay Beach, one of my favourite beaches, and the Mini Great Wall. Mini Great Wall is part of Cheung Chau Family Trail which located on the south-east of the island. It’s got the name due to its circuitous road and granite stone fencing. Walking along this all-ages hiking route, you can enjoy the magnificent coastal views as well as some natural rocks in special shapes, such as the Human Head Rock and Vase Rock.

Try to use your imagination and let us know which rock you like most! 4. Peng Chau Lantau, Lamma and Cheung Chau are too crowded and want to stay away?

Peng Chau is a choice for you. Island culture, fresh seafood, rustic temples and hiking trails are there waiting for you. As it is not that busy, you can hardly find any chain store there except a supermarket, which is very rare in Hong Kong. Visiting the local shops there seems like going back to Hong Kong in the 1950s. It’s even more unbelievable that this tranquil island was once a thriving industrial center in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

To enjoy the panoramic view of Peng Chau, it’d be good to climb the Finger Hill. You can overlook the Tsing Ma Bridge and Hong Kong Disneyland at the hilltop pavilion. It would be the best to stay until the evening, watch the sunset and take some shinny golden photos. Simply walk along the Peng Chau Family Trail, which starts near to the ferry pier, and get to the top point of the island.

Have you visited any of these Hong Kong outlying islands before? If yes, which one is your favourite? If not, which island(s) is/are listed on your travel plan? About the Author: Katy Yam is the founder and editor of . You can read more about her and connect with her on , and .

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