Best college guy dating high school girl while

best college guy dating high school girl while

4 Ways High School Dating is a Win-Win for Teenagers High school couples who learn positive habits while dating often carry those skills into adulthood, making it easier to develop healthy, long-lasting relationships. Despite the advantages of high school relationships, it’s necessary to know when to draw the line with high school couples - Dating In College College is supposed to be the best four years of your life. It’s supposed to be the time when teenage boys and girls “find themselves”, when they start to mature, make a whole new set of friends, go out and have fun, have new experiences, and generally just have a great time. 4 Answer from Genius 2018-12-16 16:00:19 Remember in high school those girls dating guys that were.

best college guy dating high school girl while

Today I want to give some advice to all the young people out there who just found out that they can use their penis for more than just peeing.

Today I want to talk about how to get girls in high school. In case you are an old pervert who wants to bang some sweet young ladies, this article might also be helpful for you. Just make sure that you don’t do anything illegal. The reason why I decided to write this article is because I received an e-mail from one of my readers who asked me how he can get the cute girl in his class who sits two rows behind him.

Even though I don’t know if the girl he wrote about is a complete psycho or the sweetest little thing on earth, I still want to help him I am always happy when I see that a guy who is still a teenager wants to learn how to get good with girls. It’s way better to spend your teenage years studying the art of seduction than playing video games and watching stupid sitcoms.

I am proud of ever Junior Global Seducer we get on board. And I am even prouder to help you to get your face licked by a naughty schoolgirl. One reason why I am so happy when I see that young guys find me and ask me for advice is because I know that their high school time will be way better than mine. I lost my virginity in my last year in high school and this had nothing to do with seduction. It was luck.

When I think back to my school years a lot of confusing emotions come up. Anger, fear, frustration, regret and shame… Yes, I had an amazing time in high school. I was unpopular, I was always sitting on the bench in the gym class until there was only me and a guy who was too fat to stand up and I couldn’t talk to girls without shitting myself.

I regard it as my duty to make sure that you won’t experience the same misery and the same degradation as I did when I was your age. What You Should Know About High School Girls Before you approach little Susi who sits next to you in your biology class I want to share a couple of things with you that you should know about high school girls. Oh man, I would give everything to turn back the time and to relive those days.

If I would have known the things I know now I would have had a blast. I wouldn’t have spent all my days playing silly computer games and downloading one porn movie after another. Yes, when I was young we had to download that shit. There are certain things that the guys who know how to get girls in high school know, that all the other poor fellas who hope to lose their virginity in college wouldn’t even believe. When I was 17 I thought that girls like shopping, going to the cinema and taking care of their hamsters.

I couldn’t even imagine that one the innocent looking girlies who was sitting in my classroom would do such crazy things like the girls in the porn movies I watched. Today I know better. This kid already knows better (damn, he is ballsy for his age): Most of Them Are More Experienced than You You are more of a child than 99% of the girls in your class.

I know it hurts to admit that you are somehow still a boy while the girls in your class are directly on their way to becoming women, but it is the truth. When you look at the sexual development of human beings it is obvious that boys need a bit longer to make their transition into manhood than girls need to become women. On average girls grow faster, they get their period usually before you find out that your penis can fire some white sauce and girls are instinctively attracted to older guys.

But don’t worry. The fact than boys is only an advantage up to a certain age. I am in my early twenties and when I look at some of the girls I went to school with who were considered the most beautiful girls in class, I am amazed at how many wrinkles they already have. At first it might be hard to accept that girls are faster than you with their development, but knowing this can be a huge advantage.

While other guys (like my old self) think that girls in the age of 16 to 18 might be offended by a kiss on the cheek, you know that one or two of them already had a few dicks in their mouth. That’s a hard pill to swallow for every father of a teenage girl, but it is definitely an advantage for you.

Now you know that being the shy and polite guy who kisses her on the cheek after you shared an ice cream isn’t the best idea if you want to learn how to get girls in high school. Wallflowers are the Perfect Girlfriends Besides the girls who have already fucked with the whole football team before they get their braces out, there is a second type of girl.

You could call them the wallflowers. Those are the shy and reserved girls whose body tells them that they are still more on the girlie side than on the woman side. If you are looking for a meaningful relationship with a girl who you can experience your first love with, I recommend that you look out for those girls.

She might be invisible to you, but she has the potential to blow your mind It is usually a little bit harder to seduce them, especially when they are still virgins, but when you are also inexperienced you’ll have the chance on a very rewarding experience and a happy relationship.

How do you find out if a girl belongs to the group of less experienced ladies? A good sign is when she blushes and starts to giggle whenever the cool girls talk about sex and about how cute guy XYZ is. Another good sign is when she makes excuses and says things like “you always think about the one thing” when the other girls ask her about her sexual experiences. My personal tip: I know that it is tempting to go for the sexually active girls and to get distracted by the way they walk and talk.

It is easy to overlook the shy girls who are quietly sitting in the last row. If you want to know how to get girls in high school I can give you the tip to look out for the right girls. Concentrate on the shy girls, even if your class mates make fun of you.

The unpopular shy girls are usually the better girlfriends, they have the potential to become real beauties and a relationship with them allows you to slowly discover your sexuality.

I would have been thankful if I would have met such a girl during my school years. There is a Reason Why They Are into College Guys Now that you know what kind of girls you will meet in high school it is time to meet you direct competitors: The college guys!

During my college time I seduced a handful of high school girls (it’s totally legal in Europe) and whenever I told them that I am a student their eyes got bigger and their knees got weaker.

Girls who still go to school love to date college guys. The fact that high school girls are more sexually mature than the boys in their class, forces them to look out for guys who are on the same level as they are. Girls are instinctively attracted to older guys and is like walking around with a precious status symbol.

I don’t tell you that because I want to demotivate you. I tell you that because I want you to be prepared and I want you to know what you have to do in order to win against your competitors. Once you know what you have to do it will be easy for you to get every high school girl you want. The truth is that most college guys are still immature weirdos and with the right knowledge you can beat them.

How to Get Girls in High School Do you know if you want to get taught by a sexually active girl or if you rather want to have your first sexual experiences with a girl who has the same experience level as you? Great, then you are ready to become the guy who gets the girls in class. After you have learned what you have to do and who you have to become in order to be the player of the classroom, you can even try to seduce your sexy French teacher to find out if she is also fluent in French without saying a word.

Or wait. Concentrate on your female classmates. I don’t want to be the reason why you get kicked out of school. Establish a Supportive Social Circle You don’t need your social circle to learn how to get girls in high school, but it definitely helps to have a social circle that doesn’t only consists of notorious World of Warcraft players. The uncomfortable truth is that the school is the last environment in the Western world in which the Indian caste system is still active.

I can’t think of another environment in which social hierarchies are so dominant and social condemnation is so popular. When I think back to my school years I have to admit that my social position was located between the slaves and the maggots. I don’t know how it is nowadays but when I was in school there were always two or three guys in a class who were admired by all girls while the rest was ignored. I am pretty sure this hasn’t changed. Those were usually the cheeky guys with bad grades.

What if you are a nerdy guy with good grades and you ask yourself how to get girls in high school? Well, then you are fucked. Just kidding… As you’ll find out in the following paragraphs you can still become extremely successful with the young ladies. However, you can become even more successful if you become friends with at least one of the cool guys.

I am not a big fan of using your social status to get girls, but in high school this is such an important factor that it would be stupid to ignore it. One friend who belongs to the group of cool kids can be enough to get all female eyes on you and to skyrocket your dating success. Be More Mature than Your Competitors What if you don’t have the nerve to become friends with one of those ADHD suffering cool kids in your school?

Then it is time to become the most mature guy that the lolitas in your class have ever seen. Today it is time to make a decision. It is on you if you decide to stay a boy or to become a man. “I’m the man!” What do boys do in high school?

Boys waste their time playing computer games. They read comics instead of articles that show them how to get girls in high school.

They waste their time complaining about why the girls in their class date older guys, even though they never actually tried to get a date.

If they go on a date with a girl, they take her to the cinema and give her a kiss on the cheek afterwards. That’s what boys do. What do men do? Men don’t waste their time with computer games. They use all the leisure time they have in high school to become amazing. They go to the gym to build their dream body. They take rhetoric classes to that they can later use to seduce girls.

They take girls to fun activity dates to show that they are not as boring as the other guys in class. They might even visit a college library to study how the college guys who are successful with high school girls talk and behave.

That’s what men do. Being more mature than your peers and being more interesting and skillful than most guys in college is the key to high school dating success. Wait Till the Class is Finished Are you ready to approach the cute girl who sits right behind you?

Great! Ready, set, go! But wait a second. Maybe you should first get ready and set before you go. Now that you are motivated to seduce the girl of your schoolboy dreams I am pretty sure that you can’t wait to approach her.

Nevertheless, you should wait. You should wait until the class is finished. Unless you want to get rejected while the whole class is laughing at you, you shouldn’t approach her in class. Approaching a girl in class is the same as if you would while three hardcore feminists sit next to you.

The social pressure is too high. No matter how much she is into you, she won’t admit it in front of the other pupils. Always remember that the classroom is a place of social pressure and social condemnation. Approaching one of your classmates shows that you have the courage to do something that others can’t do, not even the cool guys. As you can already imagine, the cool guys are anything but happy about the fact that you have the balls to do something that they can’t do.

They will do everything to put you in a bad light. Thanks to their social status all the other kids in class will laugh with them once they start to laugh at you.

Don’t ruin your reputation in one minute and don’t force the pretty girl in the second row to reject you. She might love to go on a date with you. Wait until the class is finished and approach her when all the other idiots stand at least a couple of meters away. You can also try to catch her on her way to the canteen. Make sure that it seems like an innocent conversation between two friends when you ask her if she wants to watch a movie with you.

No idiots around. No social pressure. Just a friendly conversation that leads to your first petting Learning how to get girls in high school without becoming an easy target for the cool kids is the same as learning to seduce a sexy coworker without the knowledge of your boss.

Thanks to the annoying social hierarchies it is better to keep the whole thing a secret until she is comfortable with making it official. Avoid the #1 High School Mistake There is one crucial mistakes that guys in high school usually make (at least I made it) that you should avoid at all cost. I just mentioned that boys who have no clue about seduction go on one cinema date after another without ever , while college guys invite them home and bang the shit out of them.

One reason why I went from one cinema date to another without ever getting laid was because I was ashamed to bring a girl back home. In case you still live with your parents, which you most likely do when you go to school, this barrier in your mind can sabotage you.

Learning how to get girls in high school requires becoming confident with the fact that your parents could hear her moaning. “José Luis, how often do we have to tell you that you shouldn’t fuck Jenny in the ass. The neighbors already complained about the screams.” I even went so far that I rather fingered a girl in a park without ever having the chance to lose my virginity, just because I didn’t want to take her home. My parents would have been okay with that, but there was this little “that’s awkward” belief in my head that drove me insane.

I remember that there was one girl with whom I went on three coffee dates and I made out with her every single time. After the fourth time of drinking coffee and making out in the cold, she had enough. While I asked myself why she didn’t want to do the whole thing a fifth time, she must have been busy fucking another guy who had the courage to introduce her to his parents.

The High School Movie Date Every guy who knows how to get girls in high school knows about the power of the movie date. Instead of wasting weeks with watching every movie that your local cinema offers, it is way better to ask her if she wants to watch a movie with you.

When I was in high school the DVD night (today the Blu-ray night) was the direct translation for sex after or during a movie. Unfortunately, I never asked a girl if she wants to watch a movie with me. You don’t have to make the same mistake as I made. Invite your crush to your child’s room, even if you have to introduce her to your mother, your father and your weird grandmother. Smile, take her to your room, get your laptop and invite her to sit on the bed with you.

– After 10 minutes you tell her that you don’t bite and that she can come a bit closer. – After 20 minutes you lay your arm around her. – After 30 minutes you start to caress her back. – After 40 minutes you start to run your fingers through her hair, – After 50 minutes you tell her that she smells really good. – After 60 minutes you give her a kiss on the shoulder. – After 70 minutes you give her a soft kiss on the cheek. – After 80 minutes you give her a kiss on the mouth.

– After 90 minutes you either have to go back to the kiss on the cheek stage (if it’s too soon for her), or you kiss her again…but this time with passion. – After 100 minutes you are making out on your bed while you can’t even remember what movie you watch. – After 110 minutes you bite her neck and take off her shirt. – I don’t take any responsibility for everything that happens after 120 minutes. Just make sure that you wear a condom. Imagine you could sleep with the hottest girls before you go to college.

Summed Up Wisdom Knowing everything about your target group makes it a lot easier for you to learn how to get girls in high school. In case you are between 16 and 18 chances are high that the girls in your class are more experienced than you.

However, there are also some wallflowers that most guys completely ignore. They are the uncut diamonds. Unfortunately, a lot of the girls in your class will be attracted to college guys. The challenge is to be more interesting than a drunk fraternity guy. Do everything you can to be more mature than the other boys in your class AND than your older competitors.

Once you show that you are pretty mature for your age, it is time for the approach. Don’t ruin your reputation by approaching the girl of your classroom dreams in front of the other pupils. They will laugh at you. Wait till the class is finished and approach her in a way that only reveals your intention to her and not to your classmates. Instead of making the number one mistake that horny high school kids can make, you ask her directly if she wants to watch a movie with her.

Invite her to your room and show her that you know what “watching a movie” really means. Hey, I am a Softmore, and I live in a ski town. There is this girl who is in the middle ground on popularity, and I am kinda in the same place too. I play football, and i play the guitar, but I cant get this girl. I think I should invite her to go skiing with me, then I think that I should invite her to do something else. My problem is that I don’t think she will go for the whole “watch a movie” move.

Is there any other advice that you can give me to get her alone ( she is a little shy ). I also can’t get her alone, because she always has a few friends around her. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey man, love the article. How do you go about talking to the wallflowers? There’s one who sits infront of me who I’m extremely attracted to. We’ve casually talked a few times but I know she’s never been with a guy, and doesn’t seem to have any interest in doing so.

I heard from her friend that she thinks I’m a huge player. Any advice? Hi Sebastian.I’m from South Africa and from the time I discovered this website I quit playing video games and I’m aiming at becoming a legit junior global seducer. .I’m 15 in the ninth grade but people think I’m 12 or something.It makes it hard for me to date or talk to a girl.So I would be very grateful if I was given advice on it Secondly there was a girl who I liked in primary school and we were very close until it was time for us to go to high schools but she went to a different high school.

But for the first time In 2 years I spot her at the grocery store and she saw me at that time she smiles at me .My heart explodes but i contained myself.I know that the smile meant I had to approach her with a polite and slightly sexual compliment.but as approach her I see that her dad was waiting for her at the nearby fast food caravan so I just waved to her dad and walked away(shit!).So if There was any advice on what I should have done and what I should do.

In future situations I will also be grateful Thirdly at home I’m so confident I can jump off a cliff but at school I have a hard time talking to people because of my history of being bullied continuously cause I look younger than everyone which I think really damaged my confidence to be myself at school and there’s a girl which I think I can seduce but I somehow can’t get myself to establish a good rapport with her. Hey Sebastian, I am also a high school student who found out about your website.

Anyways I want to tell you a little bit about myself and hope you can help me since it seems like you give legit advice. I am a senior year high school student who moved from Africa to US this past summer and I have had some problems getting male friends that I can hang out with or get any type of girls (I meant I can’t just approach the girls since there is a social thing associated with it).

My main problems are making cool friends that I can hangout with. My main friends who I hang out with are 5 girls and 1 guy who are all from my country so they helped me acclimate but still I want more relatable friends.

Your article was awesome in that it provided different insight but I still have some problems: 1) How can I make new cool friends and make sure that I have a group of people I can hangout with at lunch or get invited to parties or atleast hangout during the weekends, because I haven’t even gone out in the weekend the whole 1st semester.?

2) Since I basically started the 2nd semester, I have different classmates that I don’t know or they don’t know me. How can I make friends with these people? I am not that energetic and playful and I usually don’t know what to say after the first introductions.

I don’t think deep conversations are ideal for high school girls and guys. Any tips? 3. How can I be more humorous and playful? Honestly, in my country, I was funny as fuck because I can make jokes in my language and other factora. Maybe an article on being playful. Anyways, what do you recommend i do to become more fun and joking? 4. Can you usually escape your social hierarchy meaning travel upwards of the social rank. I am new so only some people know that I am quite but I guess they can see that I’m reserved and non talkative.

5. There are two Sophomres I really like and one senior. Is it awkward to date 10th graders for seniors. I also don’t want to miss Prom when it arrives. So any tips. – I am skinny but I look good (facial features). I am working out to gain more muscle mass and weight.

How big of a factor is looks in high school? 6) How can I improve my social skills outside school (other than cold approach since I am a high schooler). Any jobs that force social connections that I can try to get. Any jobs that many teens work at that require social skills so that I can improve my social skills? I am thinking of TGI fridays waiter. Any other tips. Thank you very much for your help In case reviews a product and/or service in an article or publishes a product review, the founder/author/webmaster receives a compensation from the products and/or services that are reviewed.

Consequently, Some links to products contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission. This commission comes at no charge to you. is independently owned and only recommends products that have been used, tested and reviewed by the author/founder/webmaster.

best college guy dating high school girl while

best college guy dating high school girl while - In high school, I was jealous of the girls who only dated college guys. Then I got into college and saw the guys who only dated high school girls. : Showerthoughts

best college guy dating high school girl while

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best college guy dating high school girl while

In many cases pretty easily. Just show up and voila! This of course isn't always true. Further, a question must be asked beforehand: should a college guy try to get a high school girl?

It depends on the culture and the age gap, I'd think. In the contexts I'm familiar with it'd be fishy for a junior in college to date a sophomore in high school, for instance. There is simply too large a life/maturity gap.

Not to mention in many states relationships of an intimate nature could be considered statutory rape in such an instance. My wife and I, however, started dating while she was a high school senior and I was a freshman in college. I'd crushed on her some while we were in high school but never pursued it till I saw her again while visiting the school one day. As they say, the rest is history. Just make sure it's not shady and that she's worth the effort. After you check those two off your list you should try to catch her attention just like any other girl, you just may have extra success since you could be viewed as the cool college guy.

Good luck mate- Might I suggest that you do not take this direction. Generalizing is not good at times but generally speaking high school girls lack the type of stability required to date a young man in university in my opinion. There are girls at university/college as well. High school is more about getting drunk and not being caught, attending parties without your parents knowing....smoking a blunt and not getting caught, getting good grades for university etc and general clowning around at times.

eg. I used to sit at the back with a pee shooter aiming shots during class, vaseline doors etc....its a place for a certain maturity level. My point. I dont think its wise to date a high school girl if you are at university. I would pursue a different direction. Im not sure this is a good direction for the girl involved. You don’t. There is way to big a gap in maturity and life experience at those ages. The girl would feel great about it, finding a more mature man, freedom, perhaps money and some autonomy in his life, a far cry from the high school boys.

For the ‘guy” I ask why are you not dating your contemporaries? Do you want somebody living in a fantasy as I described, infatuated? Maybe a ticket out of a bad home life? Somebody you can easily impress or control? Bad idea. Don’t The word ‘guy’ and ‘girl’ are used. I would think college has men.

That should make it plain. Are you stil a guy? Maybe you need to change that. Couple issues here: 1. You can't "get a girl", she chooses to date you or not. She is not commodity. 2. You run the risk of violating the law by having a relationship with a minor. If she is under 18, many states consider would prosecute you if the circumstances warrant. in prison, it does not matter to other prisoners if she is 14 or 17.5 - a minor is a minor.

You'll be a felon and listed on the sex offender registry.

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