Best date ariane how to windows deutsche bank

best date ariane how to windows deutsche bank

How the bank send the confirmation? by email or post? Actually i have an appointment for interview on 22 Aug . If i present credit slip instead of deutsche bank confirmation email. will embassy consider my application? The bank will take at least two days to confirm my payment and i have no time my interview date is 22 Aug coming Friday. I will defiantly share my experience with others if i have chance to get visa Thank you and waiting

best date ariane how to windows deutsche bank

With one click, you can switch between German and English while banking online with Deutsche Bank. On this portal we recommend the Deutsche Bank, especially in the area of , because it is the only bank represented nationwide offering bilingual online banking.

English Online Banking With one click, you can switch between German and English while banking online with Deutsche Bank. In addition, the conditions are very acceptable, if you know how to properly use the bank and the account. You will find out how to do this on this page. Advantages of a checking account at the Deutsche Bank • Online Banking (German/English) • Free Deutsche Bank card • Free cash withdrawal in several countries • Optional securities account • Open a bank account in the branch or online, Proof of identity in the branch or via Postident For anyone 30 years and younger, the account is free of charge: (otherwise 4,99 euros per month).

Summary of the Advantages of the SparCard • Free cash withdrawal in 30 countries • Free cash deposit in Deutsche Bank branches • Interest on deposits • Further information on SparCard (link coming soon) The can be applied for without a checking account and thus no credit check will be completed by the Deutsche Bank. However, payments transactions (bank transfers etc.) are not possible. Why Deutsche Bank? For many people, the brand “Deutsche Bank” is sexy.

Is it not a great feeling, to be a customer of Germany’s largest bank and to show it when paying with the Deutsche Bank card? Granted: Good – sometimes even better – banking services are offered by other banks. But the brand is unique. Deutsche Bank = a Strong Brand In some areas, such as the option to switch between German and English at any time on the internet page and online banking, the Deutsche bank is unique.

This feature makes it especially easy for foreigners and immigrants to learn and use the German banking system.

Likewise, the personal contact in the many branches in Germany is often used by people who are not so comfortable using online banking. Free Cash Withdrawals With the Deutsche Bank card, as well as the SparCard, it is possible to withdraw cash from thousands of ATMs in Germany (via the CashGroup) and in other countries through partner institutions in Italy, Poland, Spain, Hong Kong, USA, Great Britain, Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania, Zimbabwe , France, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

It is possible to make free cash withdrawals from Deutsche Bank ATMs or partner banks free of charge in the countries marked in blue. Free Cash Deposits Of course you can make deposits at any branch of Deutsche Bank to your own checking account free of charge.

Outside of business hours, the deposit machines can be used. This function is also available for holders of the SparCard.

We are working on articles to let you know what meaningful possibilities this will open up, Deutsche Bank AG · Main Contact • Taunusanlage 12 60325 Frankfurt am Main Germany • Telephone: +49 69 910-00 E-Mal: Open an account with the Deutsche Bank Accounts can be opened at every branch of the Deutsche Bank. In most cases, an appointment is not necessary.

The following are required in order to open an account: • An identification document (ID card or passport) • If necessary, a document which shows the current address • If an application for a credit card or a checking account with overdraft will be made, then salary slips are needed.

Alternatives to a Deutsche Bank Account • DKB Based on the conditions is clearly better. DKB is a bank without branches, so sometimes it is not so easy to open an account with them.

German language skills are required. • Postbank With many branches in Germany, the is an alternative to Deutsche Bank. Opening an account can be done online or in the branch. • Onlinekonto of PayCenter Perhaps this is somehow an unusual offer: is a provider, where you have to pay fees for the account management and account usage.

This circumstance has an important background: the provider earns good money since years. It does not matter whether you use the account or not. That gives you two important securities: • your account won’t be cancelled, if you use it “too much” or “too little”. • account and provider remain permanently in this form (= virtually a guarantee of existence for the account). The account opening is possible with a place of residence in Germany or abroad.

There is no creditworthiness check. No Schufa query. No Schufa entry. The account can be used as a business account (corporate account).

Soon, the online banking will be available in English too. The account opening is possible within 2 minutes: . Rating: 4.1/ 5 (27 votes cast) Opening an account with Deutsche Bank?, 4.1 out of 5 based on 27 ratings Who writes here? We are the editors. Has this site left questions unanswered?

Your questions are our concern. Contact us. Information on the . 134 Responses to “Opening an account with Deutsche Bank?” You can open a bank account at the Deutsche Bank in every branch in Germany. It is a good idea to make an appointment that a person has time for you. Take your passport and a document with your address to account opening. A bank card can be shipping at a German c/o address or to your home address in Finland. Ask the branch in Malaysia, please. Our web portal is specialized for account opening in Germany.

Not for local accounts in other countries. Over the branch of Deutsche Bank in Malaysia it is not possible to open a checking or saving account (personal banking) in Germany. Maybe there is a way for private banking. Ask the local branch, please. I urgently need to set up a blocked account in order to get a visa for Germany. I was an account holder at Deutsche Bank from September 2012 to September 2014, when I studied at the University of Leipzig.

Can you please tell me how to set up a blocked account. I only find the details for Indian students to open blocked accounts online. The Deutsche Bank is a good choice for a student account, as it • is managed free of charge • and the online banking is available in English language. In Germany, it is law that anybody from 18 years on can open a bank account.

If one is younger, the parents have to agree (they have to sign at the account application). It is not unusual that 17 year old students come to Germany and need an account. So I called the Deutsche Bank to find out how you can do this best.

However, it was impossible to get a definite answer from the bank this weekend. Therefore, I have submitted a written request at the bank and am waiting for the answer. As soon as I have a solution, I will publish it here.

Do you sure that you want open an account at Deutsche Bank? If you are able to speak German and have an German passport, you can open over internet bank accounts at: • (current account with saving and Visa card for free, legitimating works with ) • (current account with savings and Visa card for free), legitimating works with (this site is not translate, yet)) If you prefer Deutsche Bank, than make an appointment in a branch in Munich. The account opening works there face to face.

A saving card () is for free. A current account costs minimum EUR 4.95 per month, except for students. Is our reply helpful for you? US Citizen wanting to open up a joint checking account. can you tell me how to do so, what forms are needed, documents to complete and can this be done on-line or do we have to go into a branch to complete the request?

The US offices offer no assistance or direction. Thanks and look forward to your response Okay, in the interest of our readers, we had to make a decision! The Deutsche Bank is a good, but not exactly the best bank in Germany. As editors, we are focusing on posting useful content of German suppliers that we think are better, such as: • • • • Therefore, questions about the Deutsche Bank are no longer answered by the editors.

Dedicated readers are welcome to take care of this. Many Thanks! 1. We are carrying Philippine Passport, but our company is registered in Delaware, can we use the registration documents to open a corporate account Deutsche, Hongkong?

Or we will be required to register it in Hongkong as branch? 2. What are the requirements in opening a corporate trust bank account? 3. How much is required to open a corporate trust bank account. Hello, I am currently in germany on workpermit. This expires on June 2015.

But I want to open a blocked account for my student visa which I am going to apply in july. So I will be going back to India in July and returning to germany with student visa. I now want to open a blocked account when I am in germany.

is it possible? hello, i live in turkey and i am a turkish citizen but my country’s future is unpredictable so i will visit frankfurt next month for 3 days and want to open a deutsche bank account for 100000 usd. what documents do i need to bring with me? should i make an appointment in advance and what is your interest rate for usd for 1 year.

thanks I hold a UK passport and currently live in Dubai. I plan to relocate to Berlin in August 2016. I will visit Berlin in December and wanted to open a local bank account.

I shall only have the use of my company’s address at that time. I want an account that I can use to transfer funds in readiness for when I arrive in August. This account will be used for salary deposits, to issue cheques for accommodation rental.

deposit etc, ATM withdrawals, credit card use. Can you recommend a suitable bank and account type. Importantly one that can be opened prior to my arrival. Thank you. PS I do not speak German Good afternoon. I need URGENTLY a confirmation of my Bank Accound in Germany for the Embassy of Kolumbien.

I have sent the money and the Formular, and afterwards I have deposited more money (In total 5 months). I have asked for the Kontobestatigung numerous times by email and through the formular in your website () I have called, but no body helps me by phone. By now, almost one month has passed, and the Embassy is waiting and I dont have the Kontobestatigung in my email. My email is the Mail of this message, please contact me ASAP I need a solution. Hi, I need help explaining the documents required for opening a student account at DB in Munich.

I read that you require your passport and a residence confirmation. But it’s a little confusing since you can only do a residence registration after finding longterm accommodation, and concluding a rent agreement requires a bank account. Looks like a ‘chicken and egg’ case to me.

Is it possible to open an account with only passport and short term accomodation address like hotels and hostels or maybe the address of my University? Please help.. Thanks in advance. I have a deutche bank in Italy and live in the UK. I have a mortgage in Italy for my family and need to pay money into the deutche bank to cover this? Can I transfer money from my nationwide UK bank account to deutche bank without charge or can I pay money into this switched bank to cover these payments?

If so where can I do this? Best regard, Recently I have opened an Sperrkonto in the Deutsche Bank (Chemnitz) sending the forms filled by post, and now I need to deposit in there EUR 8.040. In my country there is not DB’s subsidiary, but in a few months I am going to travel to Hong Kong. Do you know if it is possible to deposit in cash, in EUR, the amount in the Deutsche Bank of Honk Kong, being I foreign Citizen? Thank you in advance for your response!

Hi, I have a DB account in Germany. However, as a researcher, I will soon move to another European country and do not want to change my bank account. How should I change my address with Deutsche Bank, and will I be charged money per month for not withdrawing the Kontoauszug (bank statement) from the DB transaction machines (I will be unable to do it easily in other EU countries, unless DB has a large presence there.) ?

Regarding the “tax residence” option in the “Opening of a bank account/blocked account for foreign students” updated form, shall I choose the statement “I am resident for tax purposes in the following countries outside Germany” and fill in my country of residence and my Identification (I.D.) Card number?

Knowing that I am currently living with my parents and I have no house of my own and neither a job; therefore, I am not subjected to paying the tax residence in my country and I have neither a tax ID number nor an equivalent personal identification number . Hello, I live in the USA and would like to open an online account so I can use it while I go to spend 4 months is Lisbon, Portugal.

Can I have my monthly stipend deposited directly into such account, and can I withdraw the funds for free at one of your branches in Lisbon? If not possible to open here in the USA, can I open it in Lisbon and then make arrangements for the deposits to this account, what type of documents are required and what is there a minimum amount to open checking account?

If so, please advise the requirements etc. Connie Thank you. Hello.. I signed a request for a closed account in DB for my studies in berlin, but I received the following: ****** You will find the English version following the German.

****** Sehr geehrte Dame, sehr geehrter Herr, am 10.06.2016 haben wir Ihren Antrag zur Eröffnung eines Sperrkontos für ausländische Studenten erhalten. Nach eingehender Prüfung müssen wir Ihnen leider mitteilen, daß wir das gewünschte Konto nicht einrichten können. Dieses Produkt bieten wir nur ausländischen Studenten mit einem Alter bis zu 30 Jahren an. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis und bedanken uns für Ihr Interesse an den Leistungen der Deutschen Bank.

What should be done hence? I have already paid the school deposit and the admission officer is surprised with the above email from DB. Is there any alternative or regular account? Thanks Hello, I need to open an account asap so that I can transfer money, in order to get visa for study. My class will start on 26th Sept, I have sent all the document last Friday, 17th June from Indonesia. I haven’t received anything from Deutsche Bank since then. How long does it take to open a bank account normally?

And how can I follow up on this? Thank you in advance! Hi Sonia, I’m in the same situation as you. My classes start in early October, and I sent my docs to the bank on 26/6 from Malaysia… still no reply. From Deutsche Bank’s website, it takes around a week or more to open a blocked account, and you can send them an online form to follow up. I’ve tried that too, but also got no response till now.

How are things going on your side now? Hello! Regrettably, for foreign citizens it’s often not as easy to open an account in Germany like it is in Canada. The best German direct banks (which constitute the main focus of this special portal) have been very hesitant for the recent two years to accept customers from abroad.

This is mainly the case for free-of-charge accounts with free Visa Cards. You can even withdraw cash (worldwide) with these accounts. Especially with customers from abroad, this leads to financial losses of the banks. On the other hand, there are current developments with providers of new accounts with account administration charges/activation charges, who make it easier for foreign customers to open an account as well.

For example the of PayCenter. They send the MasterCard to Canada as well. An English language customer service already exists. The statutory legitimization is supposed to soon be possible via video chat. Currently, this needs to be done via Deutsche Post. is another provider, where you can easily apply for a MasterCard with account function. Currently though, they do not mail the cards to Canada. The (from our perspective) best account with card is the one of , but this one is regrettably not available for Canadian citizens.

The reason for that is that many German banks perform a credit check in case of an account opening. This makes it difficult for people from other countries, since they rarely have a sufficient “credit history” within Germany. Would such a work for you? In that case, only the problem regarding the address would need to be taken care of.

Sorry that we cannot provide you with an optimal, easy solution! Good evening, I have moved to Nuremberg a month ago. I have found a job and in a few days i will sign the contact.

So i need a bank account to get salary from my employer. The problem is that i am a Greek citizen and my ID is not accepted because birth place and issuing authority are written in Greek and not Latin characters. Everything else, name, surname etc are with Latin characters. How is that possible? I have used this ID to travel with aeroplane and passed airport security check all times without problems. I don’t have time to travel to Greek embassy in Munich so i can issue a passport.

How can my problem be resolved? Dear Sir/Madam, would it be possible to inform us on the possibilities of opening an account at the Deutsche Bank, as we are a privet company located in Bulgaria. Our clients are mainly German companies, transferring money to our Bulgarian Bank account. However, this take up to 3/4 days until we receive the payments. This is why, we would like to open an account in Germany. Awaiting your reply!

Regards, Elena Dimitrova For an account opening, Deutsche Bank puts special emphasis on a residence in Germany. At that’s different: An address or residence within the EU suffices.

The mailing of the card can be done to Thailand as well. One gets a Mastercard, with which one can withdraw cash worldwide. Online-banking and customer services are available bilingually, in German and English. The account opening takes place online. The identity verification can be done online. Best of luck! We are a private web portal, and not Deutsche Bank. You can only open accounts via the bank itself, and that is why they need to give you that information, and why they charge a fee.

If we offered such an information service, of what value could that be, and how much would one be willing to pay for that? I don’t understand why you absolutely want to have an account at Deutsche Bank. On our portal we introduce banks that are much more interesting and regarding which we from the Editorial Team can actually give information, because the opening processes are central and online.

At Deutsche Bank, the account opening depends on whom you’re addressing how at the local branch. In case it does not work out the first time – which is possible – simply try it friendly at another local branch of the group.

Best of luck!

best date ariane how to windows deutsche bank

best date ariane how to windows deutsche bank - Deutsche Bank inquiry

best date ariane how to windows deutsche bank

Deutsche Bank is facing questions about whether it can afford a penalty of $14bn (£10.5bn) from the US Department of Justice for mis-selling mortgage bonds a decade ago. and are trading just above €10 a share, illustrating investors’ concerns that they will be asked to bolster the institution’s coffers through a cash call.

Shareholders are in turn wondering whether the bank should have acted sooner to preserve its financial health and . How did it come to this? Once a big beast of the banking world, is grappling with a string of problems that are raising questions about its need to gain more funds in order to survive. John Cryan, the Briton who took the helm at the bank 14 months ago, already faced a daunting task in turning around the bank even before its situation worsened in the face of reports it for bond mis-selling.

Read more Cryan is tackling the problems in the investment banking arm that generated 85% of its revenue but lost its shine after a string of scandals – – hit the bank. The reputational hits were accompanied by new regulations put in place after the banking crisis that made it tougher for banks to make profits.

The bank’s costs are also too high, so Cryan has embarked on a plan to axe a quarter of the workforce and raise capital by selling its Chinese arm and retail business Postbank. However, matters have been complicated by a prolonged low interest rate environment, which has made Deutsche Bank investors realise it would be difficult for the bank to generate as much revenue as it did in the past.

It also expected the penalty for mortgage bonds mis-sold a decade ago in the US to be closer to $2.5bn. “[Deutsche Bank] finds itself in the position it is because of a failure to shrink its balance sheet, cut costs and restructure when times were good,” said Tim Crockford, European equities portfolio manager at fund manager Hermes.

Why does Deutsche Bank matter? The bank’s assets are valued at about €1.8tn (£1.5tn), which is half the size of the German economy. This illustrates the size and scale of the bank. Even before the bank’s latest crisis emerged, the International Monetary Fund had been sounding the alarm about the significance of Deutsche Bank on the world stage, saying it “appears to be the most important net contributor to systemic risks”.

It is a key player in the market for derivatives, which are complex financial instruments used in a range of activities from insuring against interest movements to taking bets on stock market movements. These products were at the heart of the 2008 global crisis when a collapse in US property prices hit valuations of certain derivatives.

What would happen if it collapsed like Lehman Brothers did? On the basis of the IMF’s assessment, the consequences of a Deutsche Bank collapse could be worse than the signature event of the global banking crisis.

However, few are predicting that the bank will go the way of Lehman. Christopher Wheeler, banks analyst at Atlantic Equities, points out that Deutsche Bank is not running out of cash, as it has €250bn of readily sellable assets it can sell to meet any demands from customers. Shareholders are alarmed, though. Deutsche Bank’s shares have fallen more than 50% this year and so far that its stock market value is now approximately €14.5bn – or in dollar terms barely $2bn more than the proposed $14bn penalty.

Will the German government bail out its flagship bank? This looks unlikely. , Germany’s chancellor, would not want to prop up a bank that survived the 2008 crisis without a bailout. And even if she wanted to do so, new rules mean bond holders would be forced to take losses first.

But if it was a last resort, analysts have said they expect her to intervene. What are the options? The one that shareholders fear is a cash call on shareholders, although the shares have fallen so low that any capital raising would dilute existing investors. The market reckons Deutsche can afford a DoJ settlement of up to €6bn without raising cash.

Other options involve more restructuring. Crockford said: “One option would be to sell asset management, or other parts of the business that have a more attractive return profile than the core business and investment bank, such as private wealth management.”

best date ariane how to windows deutsche bank

Remember the days when bankers were bankers, not "investment bankers," and thought of as sober-suited, cautious accountant types, risk-averse to the point of being thought rather dull and unimaginative? Back in those days, business was still based on long-term relationships, not just on quarterly results. A handshake was worth as much as a written contract. In terms of public prestige, senior bankers were on a par with leading university professors, or the sort of senior physicians who head up medical clinics.

In Germany, during the years of the Wirtschaftswunder (post-war economic miracle), Deutsche Bank in particular was a deeply respected, almost sacred institution. But that was before the events which an article in "Zeit Online," a leading German news website, called the "inside-job robbery" of Deutsche Bank. That started 27 years ago, in 1989, as Deutsche's executive team under then-CEO Alfred Herrhausen bought British investment bank Morgan Grenfell and made it a unit of Deutsche.

Suddenly, hundreds of financial markets experts and securities dealers flooded into Germany's biggest private bank. This ended up fundamentally changing its culture and character. What had once been a staid, solid institution that made its money by extending credit to industrial companies looking to expand their production lines increasingly became a casino more and more focused on making bets in the financial markets on its own account.

How to fix Deutsche Bank? Ten years later, in 1999, Deutsche Bank also bought up the big American investment bank Bankers Trust. As a result, Deutsche temporarily achieved a new status as the largest bank in the world, measured by the size of its balance sheet.

More importantly, the takeover of Bankers Trust completed the transformation of Deutsche. The investment bankers dominated the fused entity. Bank robbery from inside In contrast to the bank's directors, Deutsche's investment bankers weren't legally liable for their deals.

They took - and still take - far higher risks than the Deutsche Bank of the pre-Morgan Grenfell, pre-Bankers Trust days, and they rake in huge bonuses - estimated to have amounted to a total of 40 to 50 billion euros ($44 to $55 billion) within a span of just 15 years.

That's despite the fact that Deutsche's investment banking arm may not have actually booked any profits, on a net basis, over that time frame. By the end of the period, Deutsche had dropped from number one to somewhere in the 40s Its share price crashed by two-thirds within the past year, from 33 euros a share to 11, and valuable, long-held shareholdings of major industrial companies were sold in an effort to shore up the bottom line.

Those measures were ultimately the price Deutsche paid for the 40 or 50 billion euros in bonus payouts. That's what critics mean by "bank robbery from the inside." The investment bankers changed the corporate culture of Frankfurt's biggest banking house into one that seemed to scorn ethical and legal norms.

Worldwide, more than 7,000 lawsuits are underway against Deutsche, alleging a long list of financial crimes, including large-scale money laundering, interest rate manipulation, and tax evasion. Deutsche presently has 5.4 billion euros set aside in a special fund to pay for litigation costs.

Last year, fines, settlements and litigation costs weighed on the bank's bottom line to such an extent that it reported a record loss of 6.8 billion euros. Provisional nadir The low point in the bank's reputation - to date, at any rate - came this spring, when CEO John Cryan and CFO Marcus Schenck felt compelled to reassure investors that Deutsche would continue to be able to pay interest on its bonds, now seen as high-risk.

When a corporate CEO comes out saying that sort of thing, it's often because his company is at the brink of insolvency. Even if that appears not to be the case with Deutsche, it's not a reassuring signal.

Investors such as pension funds, which are mandated to put their money into safe, long-term investments, have been pulling their money out of Deutsche Bank shares. Moody's, the US-based ratings agency, has adjusted Deutsche's rating accordingly; it's now just two notches above "junk" status. That, in turn, is driving up the bank's refinancing costs. Provisions for litigation costs have weighed heavily on Deutsche Bank's performance Meanwhile, things don't seem to be going much better for other European banks.

On the Tuesday afternoon a couple of business days after the European Banking Authority's stress-test results of the 51 biggest European banks were released, bank shares all over Europe took a dive.

Italy's Unicredit, which owns the German bank Hypo-Vereinsbank as a subsidiary, lost 7.2 percent, followed by Spain's Santander, down 5.3 percent, and BBVA, down 4.9 percent. The Netherlands' ING Group, parent of Germany's ING Diba bank, lost 4.6 percent. The long descent The balance sheets of many European banks are still weighed down from the fallout of the global financial crisis of 2007-8. Hundreds of billions of euros in nonperforming loans are still on their books. The most recent stress-tests show that some big banks - including Germany's two biggest private banks, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank - still have a rather thin core capital ratio, the cushion of paid-in shareholders' money and retained earnings that's meant to absorb any losses during a downturn.

And all the banks are suffering from a sustained reduction in profitability resulting from very low interest rates, which are now all the more likely to stay low in the wake of Brexit. The weakening of the big European banks is now making itself evident in one of the continent's most important stock indices, the Stoxx Europe 50. Deutsche Bank and the Swiss giant Credit Suisse were dropped from the Europe Stoxx50 index, which includes Europe's most important companies, as of today. If the two banks were football teams, this would be like dropping from the Premier League down into the second division.

The future doesn't look particularly rosy. Thomas Mayer, formerly chief economist of Deutsche Bank and today a professor at the University of Witten-Herdeke, a year ago prophesied the "downfall of the traditional banks." His prognosis suggested that their business model could become obsolete as a result of several developments: technical developments in finance, or "fintech," allowing new players to enter the market, more stringent new regulations, and the near-zero interest rate policy imposed by central banks will combine to squeeze banks' margins.

Future dangers Central banks' low-interest rate policy, Mayer argues, will hit profit margins of banks in the traditional business of granting credit to borrowers, "and the longer the low-interest-rate phase lasts, the more will banks have to give up on this core business." Increasing government regulation tends to squeeze margins, according to Mayer, who has argued that "the supplemental equity capital requirements for systemically important banks, and the obligation to be able to wind up a bank that enters insolvency without any recourse to taxpayers' money, will make the business model of global universal banks obsolete." But the banks' biggest enemy, Mayer says, is technological progress - because it could lead to banks' losing their core payments and credit-brokerage businesses to 'fintech' companies.

Payments "could in future increasingly be made via novel electronic payments systems, in which information technology companies have technical advantages." Classic credit brokerage activities could also be threatened by new competitors, Mayer warns: "The rise of crowd funding shows that social enterprises can bring together savers and investors with borrowers." The traditional banks are responding, however, by and in some cases teaming up with them or investing in them.

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