Best date coach austin texas

best date coach austin texas

Share Head Coach – Austin Texas on LinkedIn. Job Description: JCC Piranhas Swim Team – Austin Texas. Head Coach. The JCC Piranhas Swim Team is seeking Head Coach who is positive, enthusiastic, and career-oriented to join our Aquatics team certifications current and in good standing with USA Swimming CPR/AED/First Aid Certified American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification (preferred) Background in USS competitive swimming (preferred) Ability to lift/carry up to 50 lbs in short distances Ability to work extended hours outdoors in high and occasionally low temperatures.

best date coach austin texas

I invite you to wonder. As a Strategic Life Coach, the question I often get asked from my clients in cities like Austin, Los Angeles, or New York is, “How can I become the person I want to be or know I am?” That question is the beginning of the journey, and once asked, can hardly be ignored anymore.

My client base is comprised of professionals who are committed to creating powerful shifts. Most already have created a substantial amount of success. Former clients include start-up entrepreneurs, hospitality/culinary, real estate developers, a multi-platinum Grammy winner musician, 80s arena rock star, entertainment industry, former White House Advisor, Hedge Fund manager, CEOs, COOs, CTOs, over whelmed ER docs, disillusioned attorneys, and the like.

They are open to coaching to bring their shift forth easier, smarter, and in technicolor. The connection between all of them, including the university ‘drop-out’ that has now made a name for himself in Silicon Valley, is they are all committed to accelerating life, but doing so with ease and without limits. Strategic coaching helps you identify your self imposed obstacles, their origins, and how to efficiently move through them in real time.

Learning to shift your perspective instantly produces rapid growth by using your energy to focus on the core. Think of it as a tree. Why focus on one branch here, and on another branch there, when you can just go to the root system and affect it all?

From there everything stems, manifesting up and out to all the different branches. It doesn’t make a difference whether you make $120,000 a year, or monthly. The core issues and stumbling blocks are the same. In fact, if you make $120,000 monthly, you might have created more entanglements and blindspots due to the complexity of your enterprise. Regardless of the beginning point, strategic coaching ends up impacting and empowering your entire life because your life is a living system, and everything affects everything else.

Hence, clients experience huge shifts, both professionally and personally, because your business, creativity, actions, agreements, and relationships become aligned.

Instead of reacting to the world, you are consciously creating. (By the way, both of those words have the exact same letters, just in a different order.) So what would you like to choose– ongoing stress, frustration, and dead ends or an open path and ongoing success?

With all of our coaching sessions, you will leave with concrete and practical action steps. I will be your strategic partner and support you fully in your shift. This is what it looks like: Willingness > Commitment > Insight > Action Steps = Results.

This is an invitation to easily make a change, and that change begins with your conscious commitment to fully living the life you want. Two great questions to ask yourself: Am I ready to change what is not working? If not now, when?

best date coach austin texas

best date coach austin texas - The 10 Best Career Coaches Near Austin, Texas

best date coach austin texas

Love knows no borders – and no one knows that better than those who have found romance in another country. If you’re looking for a relationship, whether in your home country or abroad, you can up your odds in places known for their vibrant dating scenes.

These five cities, which we culled from lists by , , and , include laid-back bars that make meeting people easy, trendy restaurants for that perfect first date, lush parks for romantic walks – and, most importantly, plenty of fun, friendly singles.

Buenos Aires, Argentina Few places could be more romantic than the capital of Argentina and the birthplace of one of the world’s most sensual dances: the tango. “The nightlife lasts until 8 or even 10 in the morning,” said Catherine Huchan, an American who fell in love with an Argentine and moved to Buenos Aires five years ago. “Everyone [is] sweaty, dancing and so very happy.” Buenos Aires is a city that embraces romance to its fullest.

“Everyone from teenagers to viejitos [older people] sit on park benches and gaze into each other’s eyes, make out, kiss sweetly, you name it,” said Huchan, who is also communications director for , a service that helps men build better online dating profiles. Outside of park benches, socialising often happens over a bottle of local red wine in a romantic bar or in a boliche (nightclub).

• Most expats live in Palermo in Buenos Aires’ northeast. The largest neighbourhood in the city, Palermo has its fair share of restaurants and bars, along with the and . For those who want to live in a more historic area, Neoclassical architecture and cobblestoned streets give the city’s oldest neighbourhood, San Telmo in Buenos Aires’ east, a romantic European vibe.

For an upscale night out, head to Puerto Madero alongside the eastern Rio de le Plata riverbank. Known as the chicest part of town, Puerto Madero also has the city’s most stylish restaurants – including , which serves its famous Argentinian beef with a view of the docks.

Austin, United States The offbeat Texas capital has nightlife as diverse as its dating pool. “There’s a saying here: if you don’t like the scene, move on to the next bar until you do,” said Chandler Jones, a sales coordinator at the .

Many bars and restaurants have outdoor seating with long communal tables that make meeting others easy – and with 110 people moving to the city every day, according to Jones, there is no shortage of opportunity. • Even those moving to Austin from elsewhere in the US should expect a little culture shock, however. “Learning to say ‘yes, ma’am, and ‘yes, sir’ was very important to being a polite Texas citizen,” said Mary Gorham Malia, who moved to Austin from Portland, Maine, and runs the website to help lesbians in Austin and elsewhere hone their dating skills.

Along with its reputation for southern charm, the city has a work-hard, play-hard mentality; residents tend to work in careers they are passionate about (music and technology are particularly vibrant industries) but still want to have a good time on weekends. Singles should consider living in the neighbourhoods of Downtown, South Congress or Clarksville, where condominium living often includes a pool and barbeque area where people congregate, especially in the summer. These parts of town also offer easy access to the hottest dating spots, including popular restaurant , which serves upscale versions of down-home plates (think wild boar ribs) and hosts regular live music in the 2 nd Street District.

Another romantic option is Lady Bird Lake in Downtown. “Kayaking on the lake in the middle of town can be a great way to enjoy a date,” said Gorham Malia.

“You can paddle east towards downtown and depart from under the [Congress Avenue] bridge at sunset.” Copenhagen, Denmark Founded as a Viking fishing village, Copenhagen has long summer nights (17 hours of daylight during the June summer solstice), giving romance extra time to bloom amid the city’s cobblestoned streets, wide beaches and plentiful parks and squares. Its the city’s residents, however, that breathe life into the nights all year long.

Locals are often known as the “Latinos of Scandinavia”, according to Copenhagen native Signe Thorup, thanks to their loudness, free-spirited nature and love of going out on the town. “Across Scandinavia, the Copenhageners are known to be laid-back party people,” she explained.

“Always fun to be around.” • Romantic spots can be found throughout the compact city. But those looking for love should head to Vesterbro, just west of the city centre. Most of the city’s young people live in this neighbourhood, where trendy cafes and bars like and keep the energy up all night long. In the morning, locals flock to , a popular brunch spot known as much for its people-watching and sprawling patio as its eggs Benedict. Montreal, Canada With both a party atmosphere and a relaxed vibe, Montreal is an ideal place to date, say locals.

“It’s a romantic’s dream,” said Nathan Munn, who moved to Montreal from Ottawa 12 years ago. “Charming neighbourhoods, a laidback atmosphere and many intimate bistros are perfect for a couple’s night out.” • Where you want to live depends on whom you want to date. “Each neighbourhood has its set of interest and values that appeal to people looking to meet certain people,” said Pamela Bakalian, who co-owns pastry shop in Montreal’s Old Town.

Downtown Montreal, locals said, is best for urban party-seekers, with activity happening day and night along Crescent and Ste-Catherine streets. Hipsters and artists live in Le Plateau Mont-Royal north of downtown and east of Mont-Royal, the city’s namesake hill. The Village, east of downtown, is the largest gay neighbourhood by area in North America. Meanwhile, Old Town may be filled with tourists, but even locals love strolling the cobblestoned streets and eating at the many high-end restaurants.

Restaurant is one favourite for first dates, despite its quirky location in an old women’s prison: the Italian restaurant is known not only for its food but for its friendly owner, Rome-born Emma Risa, who regularly stops by to greet customers.

Cape Town, South Africa With a rolling vineyards, sandstone mountains and plenty of beaches, South Africa’s second-largest city has no shortage of dating activities – and its relaxed, outgoing locals love to meet new people.

“Capetonians are not shy to let their hair down and have a good time,” said Enver Duminy, CEO at . “We’re quite social, and just grabbing a quick coffee while people-watching on Kloof Street or Long Street may lead to an interesting conversation.” When the sun goes down, Camps Bay, a seaside suburb to the city’s southeast, comes alive.

High-end restaurants and swanky clubs such as share the area with more casual hangouts like , a local favourite with burgers, pizza and entertainment six nights a week, including karaoke, DJs and pub quizzes. Not just for nightlife, the area is also popular spot for expats to live, thanks to its safety and seaside location. • For those who want to be more centrally located, the Cape Quarter (called De Waterkant in Afrikaans), with buildings dating back to the 19 th Century, is popular with artists and media folk.

New restaurants, wine bars and gay clubs pop up here regularly, all within walking distance of one another. Looking for a quirky date spot? Check out the retro-themed , where drink orders can be placed on the vintage rotary phone installed at every table.

best date coach austin texas

What do you need your career coach to help you with? • Prepare for my performance review • Prepare for my interview • Find a new job • Grow in my current role • Improve leadership skills • Improve networking skills • Create a healthier work-life balance • Explore future career options • Return to work after an absence • Other Show more Career coaches can help you further your career by establishing professional goals, making career decisions, and developing a career trajectory.

Professional career coaching is carried out by a qualified individual who works with clients to improve their overall effectiveness and performance to help them achieve their full potential with a personalized approach.

Career coaches can help with everything from finding the right job to advancing in the field you're already in to finding a completely new career. It's important to keep in mind that career coaching is different than career counseling. Coaches do not not tell client exactly what they should do. As a client, you will have to reflect and not shy away from difficult subjects or issues during a session.

As a client you will also be held accountable and responsible for the action you take in between sessions to further your progress. If you hire a freelance career coach on LinkedIn ProFinder, you can expect to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement, and inspiration. The core virtue of career coaching is to help people assess their professional situations with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy, and compassion.

When searching for an independent career coach, keep in mind that it's important to look for a coach who you'd feel comfortable and confident talking to, who you're sure will "get you" and is worth the investment.

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