Best date ideas in arizona

best date ideas in arizona

For date ideas, there are a wealth of restaurants, cafés, and dining spots to go for fantastic food and a romantic ambiance The capital of the southwestern U.S. state of Arizona, Phoenix is known for its warm temperatures and year-round sun. Surrounded by an area known as the Valley of the Sun, the sunny city boasts an array of championship golf courses, spa resorts, award-winning restaurants, and vibrant nightclubs, so there is no end to the attractions and activities to be enjoyed.

best date ideas in arizona

How do great dates happen for ? What is it that takes an so-so date up a notch or two to make it an absolutely unforgettable one? Too often we default to a popular or well known place to take someone we’ve just met out on a date. A coffee shop. A movie. The restaurant everyone in Arizona goes to for their first dates.

The problem with automatically choosing one of these places is that there is no “wow” factor. There is no effort to make what will probably be an okay date into a fantastic one. To really make a first date you have to invest in the date. Go somewhere out of the ordinary. Add a touch of romance, and show your date that you put time and effort into making the outing special without having to say a word about it. After all, the point of the first date is to be a gateway to the second.

Don’t let a ho-hum date be the final chapter in what could be a novel that’s just beginning. A great first date can lead to a great second date One of the most important things you can do when planning a first date is to make it great. Not good, not mediocre, not an “Oh, it went pretty well” kind of date, but GREAT date. Arizona singles (and singles all over the world!) want to find out if the person they’re taking out for the first time is truly dating material and or if they really mesh well.

The setting can make all the difference. If you take a great person out to a great place, chances are you’re going to have a great time. Having a great time on your first date means that there will most definitely be a second date (and hopefully a third and fourth), and that’s kind of the point, right?

How to plan a great date In order to plan a truly great date, you have to firstly, know your audience. Is the person you’re taking out outdoorsy? Does he/she have an affinity for wine and a flair for the dramatic? What kind of hobbies do they have and how do they like to spend their time?

Secondly you’ll need to do your research. The amount of thought you put into the date will show right away. In order to make the evening perfect, you’ll have to scope out the perfect spot. Lucky for you the work has already been done! Read on and take your pick from one of these 21 romantic first date ideas for Arizona singles that will be sure to leave your date hoping for a second invitation.

First date ideas for Arizona singles in the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Metro Area Whether you are looking for an inexpensive date idea in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, here are a few date ideas that you can (and should) suggest for a first date! The Japanese Friendship Garden For Arizona singles who love the outdoors, the perfect place for a first date may be the Japanese Friendship Garden.

Take a stroll through this as you get to know the person alongside you. Take in the serenity of the peaceful setting which has more than 1,500 tons of hand-picked rocks and more than 50 varieties of plants. Stone footbridges and lanterns will illuminate your path as you walk by flowing streams, a 12 foot waterfall and a Koi pond teaming with colorful Koi fish.

Be sure to stop in to the tea house before bringing your date to a close. Art Museum Art is beautiful, abstract, complicated and emotional, just like a relationship. Pouring over pieces of art with one another is a perfect way for Arizona singles to spend a day or evening.

The boasts an expansive collection of art spanning from the Renaissance to the present. World class visual arts provide great talking points and there is a new conversation starter at every turn.

This is a perfect place to take someone whom you are trying to get to know better and one of our favorite date ideas in Phoenix. B utterfly Wonderland If you really want to wow your date, take them to the in Maricopa County. This interactive rain-forest houses thousands of butterflies and concludes with a cafe and gift shop.

It’s a really fun date idea for Arizona singles and you’ll both be sure to have a wonderful experience. LDV Winery Looking for date night ideas in Scottsdale? What’s better than a wine tasting? When people think wineries they think of romance, and so of course it’s a lovely place for Arizona singles to go on a first date.

The in Scottsdale features Arizona grown wine that you can sample in their tasting room as you converse with others about the process of maintaining a vineyard and producing wine. Check out their website for special dates, tastings, and events to plan your special day. After you’ve been to your tasting, check out one of the many romantic restaurants in Scottsdale. Be sure to purchase a bottle of LDV wine to bring home for your second date!

South Mountain Park One of the largest municipal parks in the country, is a land with breathtaking views and has been designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride. With 16,000 acres, there are over 51 miles of trails to explore. One of the best spots in the park is Dobbins Lookout. The highest accessible point in the park, once you reach the top you’ll find a stone ramada and a small observation platform that identifies various Phoenix landmarks. Is there anything more romantic for Arizona singles than sitting on the edge of a mountain and taking in the beauty of God’s Creation?

Desert Botanical Garden Take a stroll down trail upon trail of some of the most unique and beautiful desert plants as you enjoy the beauty of . This 140 acre botanical garden is overflowing with nature’s magnificent beauty and a fantastic place for a first, second, or even third date. Horseback riding Looking for fun date ideas in Phoenix? Enjoying someone’s company while covering trails on the back of horses is just as romantic and fun as it sounds.

Fortunately the Phoenix area has no shortage of horseback riding tours. Some of the favorites are: • • • • • First date ideas for Arizona Singles in the Tucson Metro Area Tucson Botanical Gardens This 5.5 acre collection of sixteen residentially scaled urban gardens in Tucson, Arizona, Reader’s Digest named as the BEST Secret Garden in America. That makes it a perfect date spot for Arizona singles!

Paths wind through gardens which include a Zen Garden, a Prehistoric Garden, a Barrio Garden, a Butterfly Garden and a Xeriscape Garden and lend a perfect spot for a couple maneuvering through their first date.

Sabino Canyon One visit to its website and you’ll see why could possibly be one of the most romantic first dates of all time. “With soaring mountains, deep canyons, and the unique plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert found here draw over a million visitors a year to the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. The wonders of the desert foothills and rocky gorges of the Santa Catalina Mountains are marvelous and accessible.” Reid Park Zoo There are so many animals to see, learn about, and even have contact with in a zoo which make it an ideal spot for a first date.

Not sure what to talk about? No problem, the conversation on this date is already laid out for you. Tucson is special because it has a commitment to biological diversity and boasts a collection birds, prairie dogs, farm animals, and a few squirrel monkeys.

It’s a 24-acre campus that houses hundreds of animals in naturalistic exhibits. Maynards Maynards Market and Kitchen is a historic French venue with a takeaway counter, bar, gourmet shop, and eatery with seasonal American fare. If you’re looking for a low key, but classy first date, grab a table and enjoy sharing conversation over a glass of wine and delicious food. Picnic at Himmel Park is a gem located in the city of Tucson.

Pack a basket lunch, Frisbee and maybe a bottle of wine for a comfortably fun and outdoorsy date. Don’t forget a blanket! The Santa Catalina Mountains A premier natural area in southeastern Arizona, the feature lowland desert as well as high pine forests. There is no end to the number of natural activities you can partake in, which makes this the perfect playground for a first date. Hiking, rock climbing, biking, skiing, camping, research and education are just some of the many things you can do while there.

First date ideas for Arizona singles in the Prescott Metro Area Elks Opera House If you’re thinking you want take your date to a historical venue and enjoy a bit of the arts, consider the in Prescott. Enjoy a show or book a private tour and enjoy this fantastic venue and the romantic ambiance it provides.

Watson Lake Are you one of many Arizona singles looking to escape the desert heat? Take your date to the beautiful oasis just four miles outside of Prescott, . You won’t need your suits as swimming is prohibited, but fishing, boating, kayaking, and canoeing will keep you cool. Once you’ve had enough of the water, there is also rock climbing, hiking, and horse shoe pits so plan on spending at least a few hours here, if not the whole day! Papa’s Italian Restaurant Spaghetti and meatballs is not just for canines in love.

Italian food smells and tastes of romance for everyone! The premiere location for Arizona singles dining in and around Prescott, share a bottle of wine and a couple of entrees at this warm and hospitable spot and your date will go home already looking forward to the next time you go out.

Scavenger Hunt Turn Tucson into a game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure. Combine the excitement of the Amazing Race with a three-hour city tour. is a cross between a scavenger hunt, The Amazing Race and a self guided tour through the heart of the city. If you and your date are feeling competitive, complete the hunt as fast as possible, but if you want to just take in the sights and enjoy getting to know each other while accomplishing the task at hand, take your time.

We give this adventure a thumbs up for being an awesome date day in Tucson. What could possibly be more romantic than being lost in the middle of a city together? First date ideas for Arizona Singles in the Lake Havasu City-Kingman Metro Area Sunset Charter & Tour Co If you really want to wow your date and don’t mind spending $50 a person, make a reservation for an excursion on the Serenity Now with Captain Kenny.

During the three hour tour you will see the Sleeping Indian and Balance Rock, two very popular rock formations and visit coves like Copper Canyon and Steamboat Cove. Their boasts that in addition to learning the history of the city, London Bridge and Copper Canyon, “you will be enthralled by the amazing sunset and dazzled by the light show sparkling on the water.

The view of the city lights and star-studded night sky from the water is spectacular. As the desert comes to life at night you may catch a glimpse, or hear the sounds, of native wildlife such as a coyote howling at the moon or the braying of a wild burro.” Sounds like a pretty romantic spot for Arizona singles!

Grace Arts Live A performing arts theater in Lake Havasu City, offers both intimate and large scale concerts, theater productions, educational workshops and special events. Whether your date would be interested in attending a workshop with you or watching a show such as Mama Mia or The Addams Family, is a unique and trendy venue that would be great for a new couple getting to just know each other.

London Bridge Beach One of the nicest spots around, , is a park that features waterfront picnic and BBQ areas, walking trails, swimming and athletic fields. If you want to make a day (or an afternoon) of your date, this spot is sure to be a hit. Pack a lunch for a picnic, wear your suits and bring a change of clothes and you’ll be set for a day of adventure plus relaxation. Sun, sand and water … three romantic components that Arizona singles will be sure to enjoy!

Sara Park This park has so many amenities that it’s almost too good to be true. And they aren’t done growing! Below are just some of the things they offer: • • • 2-acre with separate areas for large and small dogs • and track • • Baseball and softball fields • • Popular events venues • and range • • In-line skating (hockey) field Sara Park is so versatile that you can choose the place, but give your date options to choose from. A first date is always a win when both parties are happy!

Conclusion First dates can be nerve wrecking so it’s important to reduce the unknowns and prepare plenty of time in advance to make sure the day or evening flows as smoothly as possible. By doing the proper research and coming up with a great venue, you can put a positive spin on your first date before you even get there.

The places above are some of the most romantic and interesting spots for Arizona singles and your date will be sure to have a great time. You’ll be planning that second date before you know it! Read to meet Arizona singles in your area? Give a try. Register today and get a free look at which other Arizona singles are in your area!

best date ideas in arizona

best date ideas in arizona - Cheap Romantic Date Ideas in Arizona

best date ideas in arizona

The United States of America quite probably has the largest selection of date spots of any country worldwide. No matter which city you live in (or are visiting) throughout the country, there are seemingly unlimited options for US date spots and date ideas.

That should come as no surprise though! With over out there looking for love (or lust, we don't judge), there is a lot of money to be made in the US date spots industry. Notable include: The Carousel Bar & Lounge in New Orleans, Louisiana; Tiki-Ti in Los Angeles, California; The Frolic Room in Hollywood, California; Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York; Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.; Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida; Gateway Arch in St.

Louis, Missouri; The Uptown Theatre in Washington, D.C.; , in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois; and so many more! to check out our full guide on US date ideas and date spots. Scroll down to see our directory of US date spots by city or to continue on to the next country: As of 2014, so you can rest easy knowing there is no lack of UK date spots! You will find that UK date spots are heavy on the pubs and taverns compared to the US date spots, but that does not mean there isn't still a ton of great alternative date spots to check out!

Notable include: The Lion Inn in Winchcombe, England; The Grenadier in London, England; The Sligachan Hotel on the Isle of Skye, Scotland; The Ship & Castle in Aberystwyth, Wales; Peadar O' Donnell's in Derry, Northern Ireland; Wembley Stadium in London, England; The O2 in London, England; Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England; and so many more!

to check out our full guide on UK date ideas and date spots. Scroll down to see our directory of UK date spots by city or to continue on to the next country: Canada is a land of many kind of date spots, including a ton of natural wonders and landmarks.

They also have looking for date ideas and date partners, so if this is your home and native land, you are in luck! Notable include: NWT Brewing Company in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories; Big in Japan in Montreal, Quebec; The Shameful Tiki Room in Toronto, Ontario; Snakes and Lattes in Toronto, Ontario; Kinsmen Pitch and Putt in Edmonton, Alberta; White Butte Trails in Regina; Algonquin Park in Algonquin, Ontario; and so many more!

to check out our full guide on Canada date ideas and date spots. Scroll down to see our directory of Canada date spots by city: Arizona Date Ideas Are you a single person living in Arizona and having a hard time finding people to hook up with?

Are you tired of trying the traditional way of hooking up? Are you disappointed with the hookups that you have already had? Have you walked into some Arizona date spots only to find that they do not add up to anything? Are you tired of spending the weekend home alone with nothing to do, but feel sorry for yourself? You may not be alone and so it is time to take action.

Stop being so hard on yourself because there is a solution. At , we have compiled a list of Arizona date spots and date ideas that are working for others and can work for you too. Some of these date ideas below, you may not have thought of on your own. We have made it easier for you.

Arizona Date Spots: The History There is a tendency of venues to come and go in any given city. Some fall due to lack of progress while others become victims of economics. There are others that fail due to the changing desires of patrons. Boston's, back in the day, was a dive bar owned and operated by Al Nichols and his three sons. Local bands would provide live shows to patrons on the outside and inside performance stage.

When the bar closed, the building was taken over by the owners of Club Macarena, which a Latin nightclub, but eventually, this too closed and the building remained vacant for a while until 2009 when it reopened as 910 Live Club.

In 2013, there were still more changes as the main room of the club became a gentleman's club called Elite Cabaret. The back patio of 910 Live still entertained crowds with live music and rock concerts, keeping the past alive.

In the middle of Hayden Square, there was an amphitheater that had regular outdoor events and performances. This all ended in the 1990s, but while in operation, many alternative bands performed there.

During the time that this amphitheater was opened, there were some great shows. In fact, this was where many would go for fun and excitement. The area is now called Hayden Station and you cannot expect any public gathering these days, except for a weekend crowd coming from a night out at Moonshine Whisky Bar or Blasted Barley.

Hollywood Alley was another staple of the community when it came to live shows. The last show was held two years ago. Hollywood Alley was a dive bar that was owned and operated by the Wincek family.

It was well visited by many patrons looking for a restaurant and music venue. There would be a wide range of impressive local and national talents to enjoy. After its closing, the building was gutted and rebuilt by the property owners. Monti's La Casa Vieja was one of the longest lasting Tempe restaurants in the area. It closed its door in November 2014, after being opened for sixty years. At that time, every city had a brewery and so Monti's La Casa Vieja became a brewery after its closing.

Ed Devevic's became a family favorite. It was a diner located close to 20th Street. It was a great eatery where burgers and meatloaf were served by sassy waitresses. It had a jukebox that played retro music.

It was an excellent hangout for many locals in the 80s and 90s. Visit for more details. Best Time To Go Out Arizona is not as hip as other vibrant states, but it can hold its own as many single people have realized.

If you are looking to improve your date life or night life, you can bet that the list we have compiled at will change your life for good. Most of the places on the list are opened by 7PM and so you can leave your house then.

However, the real party starts at around 10PM. So, you can make the decision what you want to do. It also depends on whether you are going to a restaurant or a night club.

Arizona Date Ideas: Directory In the city of Arizona, there are many date spots that you may have missed. We have done all the work for you in searching and finding Arizona date ideas that will definitely work for you. You will be definitely able to find one or several date spots where hooking up is easier than you think.

Let's look closely at some of them and be sure to try them out for yourself. The Blue Martini Lounge Type: Bar, Restaurant and Lounge Space: Spacious bar, dining area and lounge Crowd: Young adults and Mature crowd Website: Address: 5455 E. High St., Phoenix, AZ 85054 Any Notes: Wheelchair accessible, Parking available, credit card accepted, private events, Happy Hour Brief Description: Blue Martini is an upscale and trendy lounge that has a warm and welcoming setting.

It was specifically designed for listening and enjoyable pleasure. They specialize in live entertainment every night. You will be privy to an extensive cocktail menu with forty two signature cocktails, especially Martinis.

It is one of the hot date spots in the area, a great place to find people after a hard day at work, especially during Happy Hour when cocktail prices are discounted. The place has a relaxed and laid back vibe while the bands perform, encouraging patrons to dance and enjoy the songs by beloved artists. The Desert Botanical Garden Type: Botanical Garden Space: Long Garden Trails Crowd: Young adults and mature adults Website: Address: 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008 Any Notes: Wheelchair accessible, Parking available, Garden Admission for adults $24.95, Trail maps available Brief Description: The Desert Botanical Garden will give you an amazing experience, even if you are just visiting.

Your experience will include trailside exhibits, a look at desert plants and art exhibitions. The trails are lined with thousands of luminaria bags, during the months of November and December to celebrate the Mexican tradition. During that time, songs from carollers can be heard from near and far.

Hot drinks and cocktails are served while you enjoy the exquisiteness of the Sonoran Desert. The Desert Botanical Garden is opened from 7AM to 8PM daily. Casino Arizona Type: Casino Space: Gaming Room, Bar and Dining Room Crowd: Young and mature adults Website: Address: 524 N. 92nd St. Scottsdale, AZ 85256 Any Notes: Wheelchair accessible, Credit card accepted, Parking available Brief Description: Casino Arizona offers excitement and fun to its visitors and locals.

It is a gaming destination where you can also have dinner and enjoy amazing entertainment. There are over a thousand slot machines and over fifty blackjack tables. The restaurant serves amazing food with an extensive menu to choose from. You should expect to view the large collection of Southwestern art that depicts the Native American culture. Christie's Cabaret Phoenix Type: Gentleman's Club Space: Spacious areas, full bar and stage area Crowd: Mature adults Website: Address: 44 N.

32nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 Any Notes: Wheelchair accessible, free parking available, credit card accepted Brief Description: Christie's Cabaret Phoenix is more than a strip club. It is a gentleman's club, but very classy and has some of the hottest girls to serve up some good TLC. Once you step inside this gentleman's club, you will get VIP treatment. The luxury and service is unparalleled and unrivalled. This is where some of the best parties are held.

It is an high energy club that is sure to provide lots of fun and excitement. The setting is intimate and promises pumping music that you can dance to. Arizona Date Spots: Directory If you want to go out to the best Arizona date spots to hook up with someone, we have provided several options to choose from. has provided a guide to finding the right Arizona date spots. Instead of spending time looking for and experimenting which ones is best for you, just use the ones on this list and enjoy the positive results.

The Phoenix Zoo Type: Zoo Space: Large zoo Crowd: Everyone welcomed Website: Address: 455 North Galvin Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85008 Any Notes: Free parking, wheelchair accessible, credit card accepted Brief Description: The Phoenix Zoo has more than twelve hundred animals to see, whether the crawling, swinging or scurrying type.

However, in addition to animals, did you know that the zoo throws a good party? From the month of November to January, Zoo Lights is the featured even with more than five hundred sculptures and Music in Motion events. In the month of October, the event, Boo! at the Zoo! is the spotlight where music, games, costumes and crafts are involved.

They also feature "Winter in July." Make sure you bring your bathing suits to enjoy the Leapin' Lagoon that is opened from March to October. BLK Live Type: Restaurant and Bar Space: Live entertainment space Crowd: Young and mature adults Website: Address: 7301 E.

Butherus Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Any Notes: Available parking space, credit card accepted Brief Description: BLK Live is a concert hall that caters to live music.

It also has a pool in its Aqua lounge, which is opened on weekends. You can also take advantage of their large dining room and extensive menu. In fact, their restaurant is premier with an America cuisine. The atmosphere is casual, yet guests will experience fine dining. For each menu, seasonal and high quality produce are used for some of the best meals.

Some of the favorites are Tuna Poke, Fried Frog Legs, Pork Belly and Coconut Shrimp. They also offer formal dining, a music hall and a full buffet. Phoenix Camelback Mountain Type: Mountain Space: Large mountain for hikes Crowd: Mature adults Website: Address: 200 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003 Any Notes: Available parking, wheelchair accessibility Brief Description: Camelback Mountain is ranked as one of the most frequented hiking trail for people who love the outdoors.

At the top of the range, there are two primary trails known as Cholla Trail and Echo Canyon Trail. Both trails are considered quite difficult with harsh elements, steep elevations and rugged terrain. Begin the journey at sunrise so you can get a head start. The hike could be strenuous, but worth the climb. If you hook up with someone and need a companion, then it will be much easier.

Cobra Arcade Bar Type: Bar and Arcade Space: Full bar Crowd: Young to mature adults Website: Address: 801 N. 2nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85004 Any Notes: Wheelchair accessible, available parking, credit card accepted, locally owned, 0.3 miles to light rail station Brief Description: Cobra Arcade Bar, located in the downtown area of Phoenix is a great night spot with more than forty arcade games for playing. When you are not playing arcade games, you could be seated at the bar checking out your prospects and having a nice cocktail or beer.

DJs play music nightly. The hours are Monday to Sunday from 4PM to 2AM. Desert Rose Cigar Lounge & Club Type: Cigar Lounge and Club Space: Dance club, full bar, dance stage Crowd: Mature adults Website: Address: 6729 N. 57th Drive, Glendale, AZ 85301 Any Notes: Credit card accepted, available parking, wheelchair accessible Brief Description: Pete and Teresa created the Desert Rose Cigar Lounge & Club with an intention of having a nice place where guests can come to have a good time..

They wanted to provide friendly service and an amazing atmosphere, which they did. This is one of the most unique date spots that you will love.

The building was created using adobe and it is considered one of the oldest buildings located in Glendale, Arizona. You can use the building to host or attend a cigar event. You will enjoy any of their sixteen beer taps. They also have a large menu of whisky, bourbon and scotch. Check out the 65 inch television where you can watch major sport events. Rainbow Cactus Bar Type: Gay bar and lounge Space: Full bar, dance stage Crowd: gay and straight adults Website: Address: 15615 N. Cave Creek Road (Greenway Parkway), Phoenix, AZ 85032 Any Notes: Wheelchair accessible, credit card accepted, available parking, pool table, Karaoke Brief Description: The Rainbow Cactus Bar is a gay saloon or bar that welcomes both locals and visitors.

Once you step inside for the first time, you will always want to go back. On Friday nights, they host a Karaoke show. On Saturdays and Sundays, there are live shows. On Sundays and Mondays, there is Happy Hour for the entire day.

The R Lounge Type: Lesbian Bar and Lounge Space: Full Bar and lounge Crowd: Mature adults Website: Address: 4301 N 7th Ave (Indian School Road), Phoenix, AZ 85013 Any Notes: Wheelchair accessible, available parking, credit card accepted, Reggae Thursdays, Open Mic Brief Description: The R Lounge has had multiple name changes, so much, it is difficult to keep up.

In recent years, it was called the Zoan. Anyway, this is a lesbian bar and always has been. It is one of the best date spots for listening to music played by a savvy DJ. Many of the girls that go there are into sports and love to watch it on the big screen TV. Sundays is the day that they mostly watch sports Aside from the music, the girls will also take tequila shots and grind on each other.

Happy Hour is available every day until 9PM. Twisted Peacock Type: Gay bar Space: Full bar Crowd: Young to mature adults Website: Address: 3108 E. Mc Dowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85008 Any Notes: Wheelchair accessible, credit card accepted, free parking, Karaoke, Drag shows Brief Description: The Twisted Peacock is a gay bar for those in the LGBTQ community. It is a great hangout spot where you will enjoy a nice night out in a casual environment in which you don't have to impress anyone.

There are several TVs to watch music videos. There is also a stage to accommodate strip shows and female impersonations. The Red Devil restaurant is next door, if you want to eat. The Twisted Peacock also offers free cab rides to patrons that want a ride home.

best date ideas in arizona

Posted in November 06, 2015 by You And Your Partner Will Love These 12 Unique Date Ideas In Arizona I, for one, actually like staying in to watch a movie with my sweetie over a freshly delivered pizza or Chinese food. But there are some nights where one of us wants to leave the house to do something other than shop for groceries or taking in a dinner and a movie. If you’re looking for something new to do this weekend with your partner, try out one of these fun date ideas!

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