Best date ideas in auckland

best date ideas in auckland

Want to find the best Auckland date ideas? We've got your back. We’ve picked fun, romantic things to do in and around Auckland – discover them here!. For group dates, it’s hard to beat a quiz night. Auckland has several legendary nights that make wonderful date ideas: in New Lynn try heading to the Black Salt Bar for Wednesday’s rollicking quiz, in Grey Lynn opt for Malt Bar’s comedy quiz on a Monday or, in Newton, try Tuesday night’s music quiz at the King's Arms Tavern. Just make sure to book ahead at all venues! 3. Pack a picnic and get outside. When the weather is on your side, one of the best Auckland date ideas is to simply grab a picnic and find a favourite spot outside.

best date ideas in auckland

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best date ideas in auckland

best date ideas in auckland - THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Auckland Central

best date ideas in auckland

With an eclectic mixture of dazzling vistas, modern architecture, a vibrant nightlife, and a reputation as one of the world’s most livable cities, it’s no surprise that Auckland is home to almost a third of New Zealand’s population. Aucklanders have a reputation among Kiwis for being an energetic, socially diverse bunch; constantly on the move as they pinball around the city’s many delights.

However, this means that for professional singles it can be difficult to find the time for dating in day to day life. If you’d love to get out there and start meeting and dating Auckland singles but don’t have time, Attractive World gives you the means to chat with like minded, smart single people in and around Auckland. Attractive world makes dating Auckland singles easier than ever, with a unique platform designed to create a community of selected, attractive professionals for you to engage with on the journey to finding true love.

Auckland dating for professionals Whether it’s fine dining, high fashion, drinks with friends or simply soaking in the wonderful views of Auckland Harbour, the city is a hive of activity for attractive young professionals. If you’re a hipster at heart, you’ll know the main drag over on Ponsonby Road is jam packed with vintage fashion, quirky boutiques, and bars that somehow find that perfect balance between kitsch and cool – the ideal environment for dating Auckland singles.

If you're fortunate enough to live or work in Britomart, you'll already know well that the waterfront here is one of Auckland's greatest places for sipping a cold one and dining out - the perfect place for dating! Auckland’s green spaces are equally well loved – whether it’s a warm summer’s day spent lounging among the water fountains in Albert Park, or admiring the stunning views from Cornwall Park and the adjacent One Tree Hill. With so much going on in such an exuberant location, you’d be forgiven for thinking that getting a date must be simple.

However, as with so many large cities around the world, it’s often difficult for Auckland singles to find the time to put themselves out there and engage with would-be partners. Thankfully, Attractive World is the answer to this problem, promising users a streamlined, successful dating service helping you to find the partner of your dreams while on a tight schedule.

Auckland dating with Attractive World Attractive World is the dating website that is revolutionising how we meet up and fall in love. Unlike other dating sites, Attractive World allows you to gain access to a of professional singles looking to find that next adventure with somebody new.

The selection process focuses on quality over quantity, meaning that, when you look for love on our site, you're searching amongst only the most desirable candidates. Attractive World encourages all users to that are as full and rich as possible so that our database is packed full of singles who are fun, professional, quirky and dynamic (and easy on the eyes!).

couldn’t be simpler, and once you’ve added your details, each profile is voted on by the community, which adds a real personal touch to the process. Singles in Auckland: What to do? Once you join the Attractive World community, you’re already well on your way to meeting, chatting with and dating Auckland singles. When you’re lining up that first date, it’s a good idea to give a little thought to everything the city offers.

As a single professional living in Auckland, you’re spoilt for choice for fun date ideas. The city offers every cuisine and culture going, and irrespective of whether you think a sunny stroll through the park makes the ideal first date, or a few glasses of wine in a swanky bar, there is no shortage of exciting locales for blossoming romance.

Not dating in Auckland? Check out our dating pages for or instead! More local dating tips The great outdoors Is there anything better than a warm breeze and a good view?

Take your date to one of the city’s many beautiful parks, or whiz out of town to Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, offering breathtaking natural vistas. For those more relaxed second and third dates, try heading a little further afield, over to Tawharanui Regional Park and one of the area’s best beaches. City lights Mother Nature’s not the only one who can whip up a mean view.

Get up high with your date at the Sky Tower’s chic and elegant bar ‘The Sugar Club’, and enjoy a cocktail hundreds of feet in the air, or if you prefer to be down among the action, check out the cocktails at Ponsonby Social Club, or achingly cool jazz venue Orleans, over at Britomart. A bit of brunch Is there any better way to start the day than with a lazy brunch in a relaxed environment? If you’re keen for your next date to be more on the chilled side, head over Britomart way to Ortolana, one of the city’s premier eateries, known for its chic design and classic brunch options with a modern spin.

Over on Federal Street near the city’s centre, The Federal Delicatessen brings some 1950’s style to the table, along with a great choice of Kiwi sourced wines. For best results, see how to optimise your Attractive World profile.

best date ideas in auckland

Dating in summer is all about spending time in the great outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and indulging in activities limited to the warmer months of the year. Social psychology insists that doing fun activities with your SO is guaranteed to increase the attraction.

It’s all about association—participate in thrilling activities with someone, and that excitement will become associated with them. Whether you’re looking to impress a new date or want to inject some excitement into a long-term relationship, these 50 summer date ideas are guaranteed to get the romance going!

• Load up on snacks and snuggle up with your special someone under a blankie at an . • Stargaze in one of mind-blowing spots. • Pack a picnic and hit up mother nature for a or a or • Spend a day in the sun at one of Auckland’s . If you’re ready to spice things up a little, opt for a nude beach—Ladies Bay is a goodie. • Hit up one of Auckland’s farmers’ for an early morning weekend adventure. Load up on the groceries while strolling the rows, handfeeding each other samples and meeting the stallholders.

• Rent a two-person kayak or go sailing through the Waitemata Harbour in an authentic • Head to , load up on beer and enjoy the lively atmosphere of a sporting match, yelling occasional profanities at the opposition. • Grab a couple bottles of wine and cosy up in the spa pool.

• Spend a day hopping through some of . Enjoy the views, sample the goods and load up on the faves. • Hire some rollerblades and skate the Mission Bay coastline. • Visit for some teen-style date action. Make out on the roller coaster, stuff your faces with cotton candy and try your hand at a shooting game to win a cutesy teddy for your other half.

• Go biking together. Hit up the pink or , try mountain biking or, if teamwork is your forte, opt for tandem. • Spend a day splashing in the water at the outdoor pools of or soak your bones in the thermal springs of Parakai or Waiwera. • Head to for a late night session at the driving range, smashing out your frustrations and getting boozed. • Eat your way through some of • Romance 101: start the day with a cup of coffee and an epic sunrise at one of.

Alternatively, end the day with a picnic and glass of vino at one of to watch the sun set. • Take your date for a fishing adventure—off the rocks or off the boat, either way you’re in for a tranquil experience and a little bit of competition. • Summer means strawberries and there’s nothing like picking them fresh.

Stuff yourself full and take a bunch away at strawberry picking farms. • Take a romantic stroll through some of the most of our city. • Enjoy live music in an Auckland park near you. Curl up on a blanket or boogie by the stage at one of hosted by the council this summer. • Invest in a kite or two and fly them at your favourite park, beach or mountain top. Try not to get tangled. • Channel your inner child and have a good ol’ fashioned water balloon fight in the back yard.

• Hit the road and enjoy the scenery, meanwhile chatting away and playing car games. Go for a fabulous day trip to a or a nearby . • Visit the and admire all the varied life forms our beautiful planet has to offer.

If you’re feeling super adventurous, stay for a safari-style sleep over. • Check out the local flea markets together. Look through the offerings and welcome the accompanying nostalgia reminiscing about the simplicity of the days long gone.

• Go camping for a super chill, romantic getaway. Check out some of near Auckland or venture a bit further. If camping is a little extreme, perhaps go for the , instead. • Get competitive with a good ol’ game of • Soak in the sun while sipping on a refreshing cocktail at one of Auckland’s glorious . • Load up on grains and stroll through the Western Springs, feeding the local residents of ducks, geese and swans. • Participate in the annual colour run on March 11th.

Run, skip or dance with your special someone as you’re doused in paint from head to toe. • Dive in to the deep blue sea and observe all its beautiful inhabitants at • If you’re both into your occasional adrenaline rush, take a walk up the Harbour Bridge and go bungee jumping together! • Take in all the views from up high on a hot air balloon ride. • Or, do the same from the comfort of a helicopter cabin. • Fulfil your need for speed with a trip to a go-karting track.

• If you’re both dog crazy and have a four-legged member in the family, hit up one of or participate in the • See Shakespeare the way it was meant to be seen at the theatre. • Hit up the and enjoy the lively atmosphere, street food and cheap buys. • Learn to surf together and laugh at each other’s bails. • Take a day trip to where you will be able to enjoy a brew and a range of outdoor activities such as archery, clay-bird shooting and giant chess.

• Play a game of lawn balls together! It really is not just for old people and boy does it get competitive! • Surf the sand-dunes at Bethalls before cooling off in the lake. • Cool down from the heat with the help of beer. Take a beer tour and jump through a range of breweries sampling the best of the best.

• Scale the treetops at a high-wire, tree adventure park. Check out or • Spot the dolphins and whales of Hauraki Gulf with a four-and-a-half hour adventure with Auckland’s • Visit the for a whitewater rafting or kayaking adventure.

• True adrenaline junkies, bond over the terror of jumping out of a plane with • Don those cowboy boots and hit up a with your date, riding beachside through Muriwai.

• Speaking of Muriwai, check out the love birds of the Muriwai gannet colony with about 1200 pairs of gannets nesting over summer! • Go for a midnight swim and go skinny dipping! Nothing like a little mischievous fun to get those endorphins flowin’.

Wine and Cheese Date Night at Lakewood Yacht Club
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