Best date ideas in houston texas

best date ideas in houston texas

With so many Houston singles using online dating sites to meet people living close to them, it makes sense to register your details. Whether you’re seeking casual dating with no strings attached, or your mind is firmly fixed on finding true love that will last a lifetime, you won’t be disappointed Online dating allows you to peruse the profiles of thousands of girls living in Texas, and without charging you a single penny. Flirting is a big part of chatting to women online, but if you feel a connection, things could quickly progress So much so, we are going to take a look at some of the best places in Houston where you can go to grab a bite to eat, sip on an alcoholic beverage (if you’d like) and maybe chat up someone new and interesting.

best date ideas in houston texas

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 21st, but Austin receives an early delivery of sweltering days and balmy nights, which means plenty of opportunities for a hot date. Want to capitalize on the heat with a date night, but drawing a blank? Fear not; we’ve put together a warm-weather date guide that eschews lame clichés with plenty of fun options designed to keep you cool, from frosty adult beverages to an electric bike tour that requires no actual exertion (aka sweat).

And hey: if it doesn't work out, you can always salvage the experience with . Share some oysters and mai tais at Clarksville When you’re feeling really confident about your feelings for the person you’re seeing and want to seal the deal, take them to Clark's for oysters and a classic mai tai.

The aphrodisiac qualities of the slippery mollusks, combined with a totally Instagrammable cocktail, will send him/her right over the edge and into your... heart. (What did you think we were going to say?) Sing yourself hoarse at karaoke Various locations Depending on what side of town you’re on, there are a few great options here.

Northsiders check out -- it has clean rooms, is BYOB and BYO-food, and is open almost all night! Southsiders: ’s TV- and film-themed private rooms are a blast and are free to rent from 4:30pm-7pm all week.

Pro tip: The blacklight in the Twilight Zone-themed room will make your teeth look green; go for the cozy Twin Peaks-themed room instead. Show off your mad trivia skills Various locations This is probably best suited for a third date, once you’ve come to terms with introducing your weird friends to your new person. are all over town, all week; find a spot near you and seal the deal with your team’s vast knowledge of fictional planets.

Shoutout to Qo’noS! Learn how to two-step East Austin We’ve all been there -- you’re at , there’s a hoppin’ bluegrass band playing, and the dance floor is full of intimidatingly great dancers. You go out there and proceed to spin your date the wrong way, step on her feet, and almost drop her during the dip. (I’ve been dropped, and it’s not fun.) Lucky for us, all the dance instructors from are there to baby step us into legit two-steppin’ masters -- every Saturday at 7pm at The White Horse...

FOR FREE. Various locations Show your date you’re cultured and head to Southeast Austin, where Fitzhugh Road has become the place for breweries and distilleries to set up shop and give free tours and tastings on weekends. Start at for a distillery tour followed by cocktails and smoked meat at , then hit , (Austin Reserve Gin, Amaro, and Coffee Liqueur), and , which are all on the same block.

Then, mosey on down to for pies and uniquely crafted, award-winning beer from . Be a pinball wizard North Burnet is famous for its vast collection of classic pinball machines and new-school arcade games. Win game tickets and hook your date up with something from the prize shop. A spider ring? A handful of Tootsie Rolls? The sky’s the limit. Pro tip: you can BYOB; the catch is they must be brought in one at a time. See improv and sketch comedy at The New Movement Downtown There’s a talented group of writers, actors, and at , and they host free -- and practically free -- events all week.

Every night, catch one of their original comedy shows; they range from inappropriate to political to hilariously absurd. Check out the . Also... BYOB! Get sneaky Various locations OK, it’s the 21st century, and there are no real speakeasies left. BUT, there are bars that give you the feeling that you're sipping drinks somewhere no one else knows about. Check out the unmarked on Dirty Sixth, the found-behind-a-false-bookcase , and , which is accessed through a fake barrel inside . West Fifth Austin very first ping-pong bar, SPiN, is scheduled to open on May 19 in the 9,000-square-foot original Antone’s on West Fifth Street.

The combination of elevated food, cocktails, and ping pong -- played on state-of-the-art, Olympic-style tables -- has already taken off in major cities like New York, San Francisco, and Seattle, and is an excellent recipe for a fun date. Expect tournaments, private lessons, dance parties, casual play, and plenty of private lounge space. Watch a free movie in the park Various locations As if you need another reason to love Austin, every summer sees the return of outdoor movie season -- and consequently, our comprehensive screening calendar (stay tuned for that).

and both host free films that start just after Sunset; Sound and Cinema pairs films and live music with food trucks and alcohol sold onsite, while Movies in the Park has a simpler, non-alcoholic (but still romantic) picnic vibe. Whichever one you choose, don’t forget to bring snacks and a cozy blanket! Catch a classic movie screening now has a two-screen theater showing independent, arthouse, classic, and cult films, both old and new. These are films you won’t find on any other screens in town, and better yet, AFS Cinema also has a of elevated snacks (like Smokey Denmark hot dogs), beer, wine, and cocktails (like the Firing Squad: Espolon blanco tequila, Angostura bitters, lime juice, pomegranate molasses, and Topo Chico).

Learn about cheese while you learn about each other , Austin’s premier cheesemonger (aka the folks who provide the good stuff to top restaurants), offers a , both at the shop and at cool spots around town, which include pairings with local beer, jam, and more. Spend quality time with your date while you learn all about the origin and aging process of the expertly curated selection at Antonelli’s.

Best of all, the classes are always BYOB, so be sure to grab a bottle on the way! Grab a shareable drink for two Picture you and your date sipping a boozy concoction out of a ceramic poodle or blowfish with two long straws, just like the idyllic ‘50s soda shop image... only way better. Try the shareable Rings of Saturn (gin, passionfruit, lemon, falernum, orgeat, Peychaud's) from , Puff Puff Pass (sweet potato shochu, aged rum, pecan, grapefruit, five-spice bitters) from , or the Jay Jay Bowl (tiki rum blend, macadamia nut, coconut, lime, pineapple) from .

Unwind on a Various locations Texas agriculture probably calls to mind cows more than chardonnay, but there are a growing number of vineyards in the Austin area well worth a day trip detour, either or with a DIY route through Fredericksburg and beyond. If your date is nice enough to sip 'n spit so you can relax with a couple of glasses of vino, you’ve found yourself a keeper! Get a new perspective with a helicopter tour Various locations Sometimes you just need to get above it all, and what better way to do so than with There’s a reason people on dating shows are always being shoved into helicopters together; the sweeping views of sunset and skyline, combined with the frisson of being reminded of your own mortality, really gets the heart pumping.

Catch a special event at the Alamo Various locations We all love the Alamo Drafthouse, but it's a safe bet you’ve been snoozing on its special events. From , which pairs your favorite fluffy films with a signature cocktail, to , cult action and thriller movies from the '70s on, to the eternally popular , there’s something for everyone at the Alamo.

Unless your date just doesn't like movies, in which case… what are you doing with them in the first place? Shake your tail feather at the Fed West Campus The has been hosting weekly swing dancing parties in the ballroom of the historic Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs building since 1999. Isn’t it about time you joined the fun? Whether you and your date are total newbies, here for the introductory lesson at the beginning of the night, or old pros ready to dip and flip to the live jazz in the side rooms, Thursdays at the Fed are a guaranteed good time.

Various locations Enjoy a leisurely exploration of the city with a Rocket Electrics Austin Foodie Tour. The name really says it all: the tour is guided by local foodies with a deep knowledge and appreciation of the food scene in Austin, and includes an electric bike rental and four courses of food at some of the hippest restaurants in Austin. Unlike a traditional bike tour, these bikes can do as much or as little of the work as the rider wants -- in other words, keep your date from seeing you sweat by letting the bike do all the work.

Get a tan Various locations Whether your date loves hiking, biking, swimming, or just catching a great tan, there are plenty of opportunities for all of that on the Greenbelt -- and our has the inside scoop on the best places to access it all. Pro tip: The Spyglass access point is a solid option, if only for its proximity to Tacodeli. Grab your bathing suits and some breakfast tacos, and don’t forget the sunscreen! Learn how to cook together Various locations Couples cooking classes have become something of a cliche, but for good reason.

All that chopping, stirring, and basting pays off with a delicious meal to share! Plus, you can take home your hard-earned new skills and impress each other with gourmet new creations to take to work for weeks to come.

, , and all offer classes for all skill levels, beginners and experienced chefs alike. Cozy up with a good book Sure, a library date might not be ideal for everyone, but if you haven’t been to yet, you’re both missing out big time.

In addition to the hundreds of wonderful books and informative classes on everything from bullet journals to romance novels, the new central library also boasts a ton of public art events, a gorgeous, light-filled space for reading and lounging, an adorable gift shop, and even a publically curated zine library.

If your date's into books, this is an easy choice. Find something new (that's old) at a Flea Market With all those gorgeous old barns peppering the countryside, is it any wonder that the Austin area is home to some of the best flea markets in the country?

Start off with a weekend trip to the , the oldest and largest of the bunch, where you can explore the wares of over three hundred vendors, while enjoying food and live music, or get a little funkier at the Austin Flea, where you can focus on their big three: handmade, vintage, and local products from artisans of all stripes. Go to one of Austin's many awesome festivals Various locations Treat your date to a day at one of our MANY festivals which celebrate food, drink, music, and the area’s most awe-inspiring natural features.

(May 24-27) is all about the best in food and music; (June 23) is a literal lick fest; (July 21 & 22) will combine tubing with an insane lineup including Snoop Dogg, Tame Impala, and Run the Jewels; (August 11) will be one of the most fun and colorful events of the year. Stay cool with frozen cocktails Various locations Summer is upon us, so staying cool is essential… especially on a hot date. Hit up for a frozen hurricane or frozen Irish coffee; for a frozen Sex on the Beach; for a baby pink frosé garnished with a single mint leaf; and for their icy Bee’s Knees and seasonal, rotating drink.

Downtown Imagine five semi-buzzed adults, frantically searching for clues and shouting while trapped in a log cabin -- that’s the Escape Game. The challenges are extremely addictive, you have 60 minutes to escape a series of rooms using logic, problem-solving, a few much-needed hints, and most importantly, communication skills. What better way to get to know your date?

Challenges rank in difficulty from “we got this” to “OMFG this is impossible,” as you’ll find out in the Jail Break experience. Check out live jazz and blues Various locations We all know the as the OG underground jazz club where local and touring jazz talent play shows, but you can (and should) also visit the recently opened for a more high-end experience, complete with classic cocktails perfect for a special date. If blues is more your thing, the Eastside’s is a cozy venue where the authenticity is palpable thanks to regular performances from Austin’s living legends.

Learn your love destiny at tarot night Various locations Gain some relationship insight through a tarot card reading at every Sunday from 6 to 8pm for $10, or enjoy complimentary readings at Eastside speakeasy Milonga Room of the month (). Irene’s is also hosting Tarot & Tequila Tuesdays, with free tarot readings while enjoying $3 shots of house tequila, $5 tequila punch, and $4 frozen or rocks margaritas from 11am to midnight.

best date ideas in houston texas

best date ideas in houston texas - The Best Houston Date Ideas

best date ideas in houston texas

Houston, named after former General Sam Houston who, in 1836, won the Battle of San Jacinto which gained its independence from Mexico, is the fourth most populated city in North America and home to approximately two and a half million residents. It is a magnet for tourism, being closely linked with the Space Center Houston, and NASA’s astronaut training and flight control complex together with many other interesting attractions.

Reading through the list of the best things to do in Houston will help you and your family to plan a fun filled, exciting time. 1. Museum of Natural Science Source: Museum of Natural Science The Houston Museum of Natural Science (abbreviated as HMNS) has an amazing collection of mineral specimens, space station models, 60 large skeleton mounts – which include four Tyrannosaurus Rex and three large Quetzalcoatlus – a planetarium, and lots more to occupy the family for the day.

The museum’s great popularity is also down to its generous number of special and guest exhibits. Established in 1909, it is now one of the most popular in North America. The kids will love the grasshopper clock situated at the museum’s striking entrance, whose legs harmonize with the passing seconds.

2. Children’s Museum Source: Children’s Museum, Houston Founded in 1980, Houston Children’s Museum is one of 190 children’s museums in the United States, founded by a group of parents who wanted to raise early childhood development within the community. The museum has some absorbing hands on interactive exhibits in subjects such as science and technology, history and culture, and more. In particular, The Market, an area where the kids will have fun – and learn at the same time – how to apply for jobs, get paychecks and use their ATM card.

There is also a popular outdoor area that has toy boats and water pipes to enjoy too. This will be a hit with all the kids.

3. Space Center Houston Source: Shuttle Cockpit, Space Center Houston One of the city’s topmost attractions, the space center is home to more than 400 artifacts together with an abundance of both permanent and traveling exhibits as well as other displays relating to America’s awesome space flight programs. The whole family will be spellbound as they look through the museum’s collection of movies and interactive consoles.

Known globally as the International Space Station Mission Control, and home of NASA Mission Control and astronaut training, as an additional treat guests are then taken behind the scenes to see NASA Johnson Space Center where history was made. Great tour available: 4. Discovery Green Source: Discovery Green Recently renovated, this 11.78 acre public city park is thought of by locals as a much needed urban oasis.

It is very community spirited, offering free yoga classes, toddler story times as well as movie nights and regular concerts. It also has a playground, free WiFi, open air reading rooms and an area from which you can borrow games and balls when the family feels like getting active.

Alternatively, just enjoy a picnic as you laze on the upward sloping green, relax and watch everyone else. A great family day. Source: Downtown Aquarium This splendid six acre dining and entertainment complex was made even more amazing by the amalgamated redevelopment of two of Houston’s landmarks, the Central Waterworks Building and Fire Station No.1.

Now with plenty of room to house its 500,000 gallon aquatic wonderland with 200 species of exotic global residents, it is a great attraction for all the family, and especially the kiddies as they can enjoy the fun aquarium’s rides, from Frog Hopper to Shark Voyage and Aquatic Carousel. There are plenty of treats for the adults too as the venue includes shopping, an upscale bar, full-service restaurant, a fully equipped ballroom and geographic and aquatic exhibits.

6. The Health Museum Source: The Health Museum For all the budding scientists in the family, or just those who enjoy things of a scientific nature, this is the venue for you. The Health Museum welcomes over 180,000 visitors a year, (over 2.5 million so far.), partly made up of more than 22,000 schoolchildren as part of their field trip. One reason for this draw is the museum’s excellent interactive health and science educational experiences, which include things like a hands on walk through the human body, real organ dissections, and a multitude of ever changing new and exciting exhibits.

For an additional small cost, your kids can enjoy a visit to the cell lab where they can carry out some simple and fun experiments. Source: Fast Track Amusements This family entertainment center is the perfect answer for those who want to let off steam, show off their skills and just have some all round fun.

Made up of arcade games, miniature golf, laser tag and Formula 1 style go karts; this venue has both indoor and outdoor entertainment to suit everyone. With friendly and helpful staff, super clean facilities and table, video and pinball games together with super enjoyable games Godzilla Wars JR, Wacky Gator Super Speedway and Awesome Rat for the kids – to name just a few – Fast Track Amusements is the place for the family to head to.

8. Museum of Fine Arts Source: Museum of Fine Arts The MFAH not only benefit the never ending visitors who come to enjoy the museum’s stunning collection of over 6,000 years of history and approximately 64,000 works from six continents, but also the 1.25 million who attend the museum’s workshops, programs and resource centers every year.

This world class museum takes great pride in being home to treasures such as Gleizes’s La Femme, Memling’s portrait, Monet’s Water Lilies and an impressive amount of Roman period sculptures and paintings. If you want to make sure you’re not going to miss anything, there are 45 minute guided tours for the family to enjoy.

There is also a great café with well above average refreshments. Source: Minute Maid Park, Houston Minute Maid Park is home to Houston’s Major League Baseball team the Astros and is now famous for seeing a major league team playing on natural grass outdoors.

This exciting renovation was approved of by their 3 million fans, whonow come to take advantage of the 242 ft high retractable roof – another first, bringing open air baseball to Houston for the first time in over 35 years.

A super attraction for all the family as there will be lots of fun to be had whether it be rain or shine. And for moms and dads, there is a Happy Hour Beer outlet in Left Field with great beer variety. There are also plenty of food choices and excellent BBQ availability. 10. Cockrell Butterfly Center Source: Cockrell Butterfly Center The Cockrell Butterfly Center and Brown Hall of Entomology has a huge variety of species and serves as a teachable moment for kids and anyone interested in bugs, providing entertainment and education for the entire family.

The center is home to a living butterfly habitat with spectacular specimens of some of the world’s strangest arthropods as well as fun interactive quizzes and games. And here are some useful hints; as you walk through the area, have a look under leaves and take the time to read about the life cycle – found at the entrance to the center – where you can see chrysalis in their various stages.

And wear bright colors. The butterflies are more than likely to land on you then. Source: The Galleria When the family feels the need for some serious retail therapy, a visit to The Galleria should certainly do the trick.

Modeled after Milan’s stunning Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, it is home to over 400 high end stores, wonderful restaurants and food outlets such as Cheesecake factory, Chili’s and White Oaks Kitchen, a full size ice rink, state of the art children’s play area, seven beauty salons and lots more besides. It won’t be any surprise to hear that it is Texas’ largest mall.

From Valentino and Gucci to Prada and La Perla there is something here to keep every member of the family happy. 12. Hobby Center for the Performing Arts Source: Hobby Center for the Performing Arts Opened in 2002, the Hobby Center is made up of 60 ft high glass walls with stunning views of the city’s skyscrapers, located on the edge of the theatre district.

There are some wonderful shows and plays performed here and a visit to the center would be a lovely outing for all the family as there are often children friendly shows to see. The center takes pride in its plush seating that offers its patrons comfortable and decent leg room as well as its popular snack and candy options.

Source: Gerald D. Hines Waterfall The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park is a great place for the family to obtain some really good down time within a stunning backdrop. The park features a 64 ft semi circular fountain that re-circulates 11,000 gallons of water per minute that tumbles down the structure’s inner and outer walls.

Pretty awesome to watch, I’d say. This landmark park is surrounded by 186 oak trees and is a popular spot for its locals to meet up with friends, enjoy a Frisbee game, picnic, walk or even a fabulous photographic opportunity.

14. Texas Rock Gym Source: Texas Rock Gym Offering over 14,000 sq ft of climbable surface, 5 Auto Belays, 42 Top Ropes, a lead arch and a separate bouldering area, the Texas Rock Gym is a marvelous venue for all the rock climbing and gym addicts of the family, whatever their age. The gym emphasizes safety and, in order to minimize the inherent rock climbing risks, all participants must take part in the gym’s safety orientation and belay training class, Climbing 101, regardless of previous climbing experience.

Besides all of the above, the gym also offers Yoga, Tai-Chi and Kung Fu options. The friendly staff will be happy to lead you in the right direction.

Source: Saint Arnold Brewing Company How about a treat for mom and dad? A visit to Houston’s oldest craft brewery is guaranteed to offer an interesting and enjoyable time when they drop into Saint Arnold Brewing Company.

The brewery does everything from brewing and filtering the beer to kegging and bottling it – then it’s up to the visitors to drink it. The company brew several different beers, some seasonal and some available all year round, and can be found in grocery stores, liquor stores, bars and restaurants throughout Texas, Louisiana and Florida.

You will be looked after by professional and courteous staff as you enjoy a tour then lunch and refreshments (one of the breweries tasty beers of course.) afterwards. 16. Toyota Center Source: Toyota Center Named after Japanese automobile manufacturers Toyota (who had paid $100 million for the naming rights), the center’s arena is home to the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association as well as being former home of the Houston Aeros of the American Hockey League.

The arena has spacious seating together with clean facilities. This is a very popular area for both visitors and locals as there are also a multitude of very good restaurants and hotels nearby, so why not take the family to a game or concert and finish off a perfect evening with a tasty meal after? 17. The Music Box Theater Source: The Music Box Theater This performing arts theater does a marvelous job with its presentation of original sketch comedies.

So if the older teens and adults of the family are fans of live musical review with a little humor mixed in, this definitely is the place for them. The shows are funny and fantastic with very talented performers able to add their memorable and special touch. There are also refreshments on offer in the form of soft drinks, wine, beer and snacks for everybody to enjoy.

18. JPMorgan Chase Tower Source: JPMorgan Chase Tower For a glimpse of the high life – literally. – a trip to JPMorgan Chase Tower should be on the cards for you and the family. Formerly the Texas Commerce Tower, the 75 story skyscraper, standing at just over 1,000 ft high, has the distinction of being the tallest building in Texas, the world’s tallest five sided building, the 13th tallest building in the United States and the 79th tallest building in the world.

That’s a lot of ‘tallest’, if you ask me. There is a quick (and free) ride to the observation deck where you will be able to enjoy the wonderful view beyond you.

The tower’s architecture is of an art deco design and truly lovely. Source: Miller Outdoor Theatre This outstanding theater offers both culturally and artistically assorted daytime children’s programming as part of its free productions season as well as many other free plays, concerts, dances and shows to suit all ages. The theater, situated on 7.5 acres of land in Hermann Park, runs from mid March through mid November and is a very popular venue, as you can imagine.

There is the option to either bring your chair, blanket and food (alcohol is allowed providing it is in a container) or you can purchase seating when you are there. The seats are covered in case of rain. 20. Buffalo Bayou Park Source: Buffalo Bayou Park With an excellent choice of multiple trails for walking and biking, Buffalo Bayou Park is a lovely location to take the family for some healthy exercise.

The meandering park is made up of 124 acres of spacious green with awesome views of Houston skyline thrown into the mix. Besides all of this, there is also a nature play area, artwork and live artistic performances to enjoy together with a dog park if you have any four legged friends in the family. For the family that enjoys outdoor activities, this is the perfect location.

21. 1940 Air Terminal Museum Source: 1940 Air Terminal Museum This is a must see for all the aviation addicts in the family. The museum is housed in the original art deco Houston Municipal Airport and showcases a truly wonderful display of all things airline related, including Houston’s own aviation history. The Museum occupies the entire ground floor (with the renovation of the upper floors including the observation decks and tower cab pending) and holds airline treasures such as the ticket desks for Braniff and Eastern Airlines and many more wonderful displays of architecture and aviation from a time gone by.

22. Topgolf Source: Topgolf Topgolf is a new kind of golf experience, offering flat-out family fun for any age or skill level. This innovative way of playing golf, where players hit microchipped golf balls at targets on an outfield is certainly a new way of enjoying the game, and has become so popular, now welcomes over 8 million worldwide annual visitors. After a fun game which uses state of the art electronic scoring, the family can relax and enjoy some of Topgolf’s excellent food and drink menu.

Source: iFLY Indoor Skydiving This has to be one of the most awesome family attractions ever. From 3 years and up, enjoy this amazing indoor skydiving experience which is the simulation of real freefall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. The tunnel has fans at the top that draws air through the flight chamber which then push it back down the sides through Return Air Towers, turning the air into the bottom of the tunnel and back up toward the flight chamber through an inlet contractor which then lowers the space that the air can travel in.

This speeds up and compresses the air before it reenters the flight chamber giving you a smooth column of air, allowing you to fly. The venue provides all the gear & instruction required, and if you would rather watch than participate, there are plenty of seats for everyone. 24. Pinto Ranch Fine Western Wear Source: Pinto Ranch Fine Western Wear For a wonderful memento of your visit to Houston, why not drop into Pinto Ranch? The store is home to an amazing amount of Western goodies which embody both the traditions and romanticism of the area.

From premier merchandise such as Men and Ladies buckles, belts and jewelry to the biggest collection of fine western gear like beautiful shirts, genuine Stetson hats, realFilson leather coats and hand made cowboy boots, you will be able to wear your memories when you’re back home. 25. Battlefield Houston Source: Battlefield Houston How about a family fun day of exciting laser tag.

Step into Battlefield Houston’s zombat zone and enjoy some truly awesome missions – from Domination, Hitman, Search and Destroy and Sniper using high quality laser guns, the family will feel as if they have stepped into their own live video game. And this is not your average laser tag; players do not wear vests as is the norm, but a headband. The laser has to hit the headband to disable the player for a few seconds. Best of all, no matter what the family member skill level, everyone is guaranteed a role to play in the missions they are assigned.

After an exhilarating time for all, stop and enjoy the arena’s snack and drink outlet. • Museum of Natural Science: • Children’s Museum, Houston: • Shuttle Cockpit, Space Center Houston: • Discovery Green: • Downtown Aquarium: • The Health Museum: • Fast Track Amusements: • Museum of Fine Arts: • Minute Maid Park, Houston: • Cockrell Butterfly Center: • The Galleria: • Hobby Center for the Performing Arts: • Gerald D.

Hines Waterfall: • Texas Rock Gym: • Saint Arnold Brewing Company: • Toyota Center: • The Music Box Theater: • JPMorgan Chase Tower: • Miller Outdoor Theatre: • Buffalo Bayou Park: • 1940 Air Terminal Museum: • Topgolf: • iFLY Indoor Skydiving: • Pinto Ranch Fine Western Wear: • Battlefield Houston:

best date ideas in houston texas

• • • • Date Ideas Date Ideas in Houston, TX • TripBuzz discovered 78 different types of activities for couples in the Houston area, including Movie Theaters (like Sundance Cinema), Theaters (like Miller Outdoor Theatre), Sports Stadiums (Professional) (like Minute Maid Park) and Parks (like Discovery Green), and much more. • We discovered a total of 179 date ideas in or near Houston, Texas, including 152 fun or romantic activities in nearby cities within 25 miles like , , and .

• TripBuzz discovered 78 different types of activities for couples in the Houston area, including Movie Theaters (like Sundance Cinema), Theaters (like Miller Outdoor Theatre), Sports Stadiums (Professional) (like Minute Maid Park) and Parks (like Discovery Green), and much more. • We discovered a total of 179 date ideas in or near Houston, Texas, including 152 fun or romantic activities in nearby cities within 25 miles like , , and .

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