Best date ideas seoul

best date ideas seoul

Why Is This a Good Date? You can kick back with a beer and help loosen the mood with your date by singing and dancing along to the songs. Letting yourself go and being silly with your date is a good way to break the ice. The loud cheers of the crowd whenever the Twins score will boost your adrenaline and get you even more excited to have a good date. Dining Options. Outside the stadium, there are fast food chains ranging from KFC to Burger King So there you have it, 10 romantic date ideas in Seoul, courtesy of yours truly. To be clear, this isn’t some comprehensive list of all the hot spots in the city. If you have any other ideas for more romantic dates feel free to leave a comment below! Download WordPress Themes Free. Free Download WordPress Themes.

best date ideas seoul

Remember the scene in the romantic comedy About Time, when a girl and a boy first encounter each other in complete darkness. A similar total-darkness experience is available in Seoul. It was created in 1988 by Andreas Heinecke as a result of a life-long search for answers to the question: “On what ground do we judge people and feel inferior or superior?” How does it sound, meeting your partner without the sense of sight on this Valentine's Day?

You guys may be already close, but perhaps, you'll discover a new dimension that you never knew existed between you and your partner. Mmm... The pressure-absorbing material developed by NASA during the ‘70's. While most couples think of a Netflix-and-chill kind of vibe when it comes to movie-watching, there certainly is something about going to the cinema as a couple. Well, you can combine both on this Valentine's Day, at the world's first Tempur theater.

And, yes, beds come in pairs! This place may only be well known to the ‘couples of Seoul — at least it seems that way from how the vast majority of participants are comprised mostly of couples. Dark Room Episode 1, located on the 2nd basement floor of Insa-dong’s celebrated Ssamji-gil, is a fun little attraction for experiencing complete darkness.

Whether you decide to go with your partner, a friend or a group of friends, you might just get a little closer to them once it’s over. The instructor is really welcoming and might even remind you of the people who help out in Lotte World.

Once all the basics are given, the room goes dark and the only comfort you will have is the shoulder of the person in front of you and the voices of your group member. At one point you might even regret this whole thing as you plunder into a light panic mode, but it really only lasts a few seconds and makes the whole experience a little bit more thrilling.

One thing that is really frightening is the thought of losing your partner, so make sure you to keep together. The missions that are given once you reach the rooms are frankly quite simple. Although trying to complete the missions in complete darkness is a little agitating (especially from knowing how simple the task is), you get to use your hands and devise a way of communicating within the group.

After searching, dancing, accidentally touching someone else, folding paper and even sharing some of your deepest secrets (or just some nice words you might have been too embarra Why not try some "19+" fun for this Valentine's Day?

For a country that's not exactly open about sex, there's definitely a lot of sex-related museums. And they're not all limited to Jeju, either.

In this section of the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae, you'll find lots of erotic sculptures and trick eye art to include yourself in. Some of the themes include Fun & Sexy, Femme Fatale, Chunhwa, Erotic Garden, Dream House and Sex Life.

best date ideas seoul

best date ideas seoul - Best Places To Meet Girls In Seoul & Dating Guide

best date ideas seoul

Last updated December 5th, 2018 If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Seoul with a dating guide for showing them around town then you have chosen the right spot. We will cover the best areas to try to pick up single women here, and give many dating tips as well. Considering this post is in English we are assuming that most of the guys reading this were not born in .

Maybe you are a new expat, maybe you are just traveling through, or maybe we are wrong and you are a Korean guy who speaks really good English. It really doesn’t matter either way, this guide will have plenty of tips to help you achieve your goals. For some the goal may be to sleep with a lot of women, for others it may be to find a girlfriend or wife. We will begin with the best nightclubs and pick up bars, most guys will probably prefer to try and meet single Seoul girls in some sort of party or lounge environment.

Day game and online dating will come next, for maximum success you need to be using all of your available resources. Table of Contents • • • • • • After we cover how and where to try and pick up sexy ladies here our dating guide will begin. Just meeting a girl often isn’t enough, if you want to optimize your chances of hooking up you definitely will want to know where you can show them a good time. Luckily this city is loaded with fun things to do so that won’t be hard. Then towards the end we will give some travel and dating tips for any tourists or new expats who might be reading this.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars For the best nightclubs to try to and pick up single girls in Gangnam Seoul try: • • • • at New Hilltop Hotel Some of the best places to party in Itaewon are: • • • • And for some good singles bars and nightclubs in Hongdae hit up: • • • • • • Sangsu-Ri We broke down that list of the best nightclubs and pick up bars in Seoul to meet sexy girls into a few main nightlife areas. You may want to choose one to focus on and book a room near there to make things a lot easier on yourself.

Gangnam would be the ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’ nightlife area. This is where the models, K Pop stars, and many of the hottest ladies in South Korea will want to go to see and be seen.

Of course that means it will be the most expensive, you will have to deal with the longest lines, and you there will be more bars and clubs in this area that won’t let foreigners inside. Trying to pick up after dark in this city is similar to going to nightclubs or pick up bars in . Some places are not going to let foreigners inside, and if you get rejected at the door just move on to the next place. We will be covering this more later on. The main tourist and expat nightlife district is Itaewon, for a long time this was considered the best area of town to hook up with Seoul girls that liked foreign men.

Over the past handful of years the scene has changed quite a bit, there are now more gay bars and ladyboys in Itaewon then there used to be and it is still as filled with prostitute bars as it ever was. We aren’t saying it still can’t be a good place to meet sexy Korean ladies who want to sleep with foreigners, but it just isn’t quite what it used to be. Another good area for nightlife would be Hongdae, there are plenty of places to party there, it isn’t as pretentious as Gangnam nor as weird as Itaewon.

You really won’t be able to figure out which area you like most until you give each one a shot. If you will also be trying to that link breaks the scene down for you. Meet Seoul Girls During The Day Wild nightclubs aren’t for everyone, some guys prefer to try and chat with single women they see around town during the day. If you don’t know any Korean then good luck with that, but if you see a sexy lady you might as well give it a shot.

One of the main shopping districts is in Dongdaemun where you can find the massive Doosan Tower plus many other malls and shops. Seoul girls will be all around this area, that makes for some great day game potential. Some other massive malls in this city would be: • Times Square Mall • Lotte • Central City • Coex • D Cube City Mall • IFC You may also want to head to the Ssamziegel District where many women will be out on foot.

Another easy option is to just hang out on the streets or in cafes near any major train stop. People will be coming and going from the trains all day, that means a nice stream of girls you can try to pick up. However the trains are so overcrowded that they really don’t make for a logical place to try and meet women. Chat With Girls Online We have only briefly mentioned this so far, but most of the girls you meet in South Korea are not going to speak much English at all.

In the nightlife you might have the chance to get laid just by using body language and dancing, when it comes to day game that is all about communication.

Using to meet girls in Seoul online can help out in a few ways. The first being that it allows you to message so many women in such a short amount of time that you are more likely to contact some English speakers. Another helpful thing is that if you choose one of the premium sign up options there is a built in translator right there on the dating site.

That helps save you a lot of time instead of going back and forth to Google Translate all the time, and it will make it more likely the ladies you message will reply.

Online dating in South Korea is much like anywhere else, it helps speed up the process because as we all know trying to pick up girls at bars is a very time consuming and costly process. can save you time, money, and is a lot more efficient then approaching a girl you can’t communicate with.

There are thousands of single women interested in dating foreign men in this city, but when you are out on the town you will never know who is who. Send out a lot of messages on the dating site and if you get a reply then you know who is interested. Whether you want to find your future wife or just get laid this site can make it happen a lot quicker.

Seoul Dating Guide Now you know many of the best places to meet single girls around town and our Seoul dating guide can kick into gear. If you take the advice above and visit all the places or use all the resources we just listed you will have some women agree to go out with you in the near future.

Knowing a good romantic restaurant or a cocktail bar with some live music can help set the mood for the whole evening. Some of our favorite romantic date spots in Seoul would be: • • at Namsan Tower • • • • in Itaewon • in Itaewon If you choose to visit the N Grill, which is a great choice, be sure to head up to the observatory on top of the Namsan Tower before or after. If you really want to win a Korean girls heart over then take her out for karaoke.

There are all sorts of karaoke bars in this city, some of which are just like a normal bar where people go on stage and sing to the crowd. Others are more intimate where you and your sexy Seoul lady can share a private room and sing to each other.

There are also multi rooms which offer karaoke, many movies, games, and other fun activities. Young lovers often visit these places to hook up if they both are still living with their families. Take your date to one and see how it goes. Day Date Ideas While karaoke or a multi room could also work for a day date why not get outside if the weather is nice? Head to the Seoul Forest where you can feed animals at the ecology park. Visit other natural surroundings like the Garden Of Morning Calm, Yeoiudo Park, or walk along the Han River.

Samcheong is a fun outdoor shopping district that can make for a perfect day date when the weather is nice. Lotte World is a fun amusement park, Trick Eye Museum is one of the on the planet, or there are many unique cafes around town.

Some offer board games at your table if you think that the conversation might be lacking which it very well may be. You may have some success trying to , but it would also be a cool place to take a weekend trip with your special someone. Tips For Tourists & Expats We just hit on one of the biggest travel and dating tips for tourists or new expats here, the language barrier is going to hamper you in a big way.

If you are planning to stay for a long time then try to pick up as much of it as you can as it will help you stand out from other foreign men. You are not going to find many girls in Seoul who speak fluent or even conversational English.

Some will know a bit, some won’t know any, and that definitely can make dating here hard. Then there is the part about some nightclubs or bars not allowing foreigners to enter, and Korean men not being to fond of foreigners chatting with ‘their’ women. You will probably notice some of this when you are out in Gangnam or Hongdae, don’t let it hold you back. The places we listed here should all be foreigner friendly. It is also important to note that there are many materialistic women here and status is extremely important to them.

The nicer you dress and the more money you spend the better your chances of hooking up with the hottest Seoul girls will be. That is true in most places around the world, but here it can feel a bit extreme. Wear some nice clothes and open up the wallet, or at least make it appear like you can open up the wallet, particularly in a trendy area like Gangnam.

Currently you get a little under for every dollar, though that rate can change. You also will want to familiarize yourself with the they have here which makes it quick and easy to get around town. to get a good deal on your hotel. Enjoy Dating Seoul Girls Many places in Asia, , are known as very easy places to hook up with lots of girls.

This city is not one of them, but if you are willing to put in the effort and have some game you can have great success here. Dress well, learn at least a little bit of the language, chat with as many girls as possible, and have some money to spend.

If you do all of that then you will have a great time. If you are a backpacker who doesn’t speak any of the language, doesn’t own nice clothes, and is on a tight budget then luck will definitely need to be on your side if you want to get laid.

If you are already here and are in a bit of a dry spell don’t forget to use , and if you are taking a vacation set up an account and get the ball rolling before you arrive. It is a numbers game after all, and meeting single women online certainly helps you rack up the numbers.

That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Seoul and our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

best date ideas seoul

If bungee jumping isn't your style, that's okay too! For a down to earth calm type of date, the Folk Village is a great place to go. With its diverse Joseon-style homes, you and your date can discuss various historical events while trying your hand at pottery, crafts, and even traditional Korean instruments! To get there, you and your date will have to take a monorail up to the Pocheon Art Valley where you can walk through an old rock quarry and visit the space museum and outdoor sculpture park.

It's a great way to get out of the city and spend quality time with your date but also to explore and see fun things. For just 6,000 KRW (about $6) per person, you and your date can adventure through this strange multi-themed theme park.

From historical replicas of traditional Korean Villages to Santa Claus statues to a replica of the Trevi Fountain, you and your date can really live out your child-like dreams. The island also offers samples of their special green kabocha break and coconut cinnamon bread!

Originally an overpass that connected the eastern and western halves of the city, this bridge eventually transformed into a pedestrian walkway full of cafes, gardens, stages, and unique experiences.

This overpass connects 7 areas of Seoul and has 17 different walkways to choose from, so you and your date will always find something interesting to do together no matter what. Plus, there are so many dining options and desserts to have right after. For a romantic getaway, Nami Island is a great place to be. You can choose to zipline your way in or take the ferry ride over but either way it's a great place to overlook the water with your partner, explore gardens, eat tasty food, or even ride a swan boat!

The whole island is for you and your partner to share in great experiences and sweet memories. For sports fan couples, this is a must visit place for a date while enjoying a game of your favorite sport!

The stadium has convenient stores where you and your date can share in snacks, lunchboxes, ice cream and more! You can also choose from your variety of hot dogs, burgers, and beers to crack with your loved one.

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