Best date in japanese blogtogo

best date in japanese blogtogo

For the longest time, Japan was the dominant force in video games. This came to a point that international fans started to garner interest in Japan, and some companies took advantage of it by having some games take place in Japan for international and domestic audiences. Thanks to the progression of technology since the Sega Dreamcast, there are now games that provide an authentic Japan experience.

best date in japanese blogtogo

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best date in japanese blogtogo

best date in japanese blogtogo - Top 10 Japanese phrases for dating

best date in japanese blogtogo

As I have mentioned in my last post, the basic counting in japanese is very important. Not only to tell the time but also to say the date. Let’s start with the days of the week: To learn the days of the week is quite simple. The days of the week are named after an element (including the sun and the moon as an exception) and each of them ends with the word 曜日 (youbi).

Monday 月曜日 getsu-youbi 月means moon Tuesday 火曜日 ka-youbi 火 means fire Wednesday 水曜日 sui-youbi 水 means water Thursday 木曜日 moku-youbi 木 means wood Friday 金曜日 kin-youbi 金 means gold Saturday 土曜日 do-youbi 土 means earth Sunday 日曜日 nichi-youbi 日 means sun As a child I learned the days of the week by repeating the elements “getsu-ka-sui-moku-kin-do-nichi” like a mantra. To learn the months of the year you only have to follow a simple pattern: take the numbers 1-12 + 月 (gatsu / month).

January 一月 Ichi-gatsu July 七月 Shichi-gatsu February 二月 Ni-gatsu August 八月 Hachi-gatsu March 三月 San-gatsu September 九月 Ku-gatsu April 四月 Shi-gatsu October 十月 Juu-gatsu May 五月 Go-gatsu November 十一月 Juu-ichi-gatsu June 六月 Roku-gatsu December 十二月 Juu-ni-gatsu Unfortunately the days of the month are a little bit complicated as they have some irregularities.

1 日 Tsuitachi the 1st 16 日 Juuroku-nichi the 16th 2 日 Futsuka the 2nd 17 日 Juushichi-nichi the 17th 3 日 Mik-ka the 3rd 18 日 Juuhachi-nichi the 18th 4 日 Yok-ka the 4th 19 日 Juuku-nichi the 19th 5 日 Itsuka the 5th 20 日 Hatsuka the 20th 6 日 Muika the 6th 21 日 Nijuu-ichi-nichi the 21st 7 日 Nanoka the 7th 22 日 Nijuu-ni-nichi the 22nd 8 日 Youka the 8th 23 日 Nijuu-san-nichi the 23rd 9 日 Kokonoka the 9th 24 日 Nijuu-yok-ka the 24th 10 日 Touka the 10th 25 日 Nijuu-go-nichi the 25th 11 日 Juuichi-nichi the 11th 26 日 Nijuu-roku-nichi the 26th 12 日 Juuni-nichi the 12th 27 日 Nijuu-shichi-nichi the 27th 13 日 Juusan-nichi the 13th 28 日 Nijuu-hachi-nichi the 28th 14 日 Juuyok-ka the 14th 29 日 Nijuu-ku-nichi the 29th 15 日 Juugo-nichi the 15th 30 日 Sanjuu-nichi the 30th 31 日 Sanjuu-ichi-nichi the 31st Saying a date in Japanese is much like saying it in English: You just put the day of the month after the month itself.

For instance, if today’s date were November 11, you would say: きょうはじゅういちがつじゅういちにちです (kyou wa juuichigatsu juuichinichi desu). So I hope you guys have fun learning the dates 日付 (ひづけ)!

best date in japanese blogtogo

By When making plans, appointments, and travel arrangements in Japanese-speaking countries, you need to be able to state dates and other calendar terms in Japanese. Understanding the days of the week, the months of the year, and how to tell time in Japanese can help you to avoid confusion. Days of the week The Japanese names for the days of the week all end with y ō bi. Japanese Pronunciation English getsuyôbi geh-tsoo-yooo-bee Monday kayôbi kah-yooo-bee Tuesday suiyôbi soo-ee-yooo-bee Wednesday mokuyôbi moh-coo-yooo-bee Thursday kinyôbi keen-yooo-bee Friday doyôbi doh-yooo-bee Saturday nichiyôbi nee-chee-yooo-bee Sunday Other phrases used to indicate the days of the week include: ky ō ( kyohh) (today) kin ō ( kee-nohh) (yesterday) ashita ( ah-shee-tah) (tomorrow) In Japanese, the words for the months of the year are based on the numbers 1–12 and end in the Japanese word for month: gatsu.

ichi-gatsu (ee-chee-gah-tsoo) (January) ni-gatsu (nee-gah-tsoo) (February) san-gatsu (sahn-gah-tsoo) (March) shi-gatsu (shee-gah-tsoo) (April) go-gatsu (goh-gah-tsoo) (May) roku-gatsu (roh-coo-gah-tsoo) (June) shichi-gatsu (shee-chee-gah-tsoo) (July) hachi-gatsu (hah-chee-gah-tsoo) (August) ku-gatsu (coo-gah-tsoo) (September) j ū -gatsu (juuu-gah-tsoo) (October) j ū ichi-gatsu (juuu-ee-chee-gah-tsoo) (November) j ū ni-gatsu (juuu-ni-gah-tsoo) (December) Days of the month When referring to the days of the month in Japanese, you’ll see that they are full of irregularities: Days of the Month Tsuitachi the first Futsuka the second Mikka the third Yokka the fourth Itsuka the fifth Muika the sixth Nanoka the seventh yôka the eighth Kokonoka the ninth tôka the tenth jûichi-nichi the 11th jûni-nichi the 12th jûsan-nichi the 13th jûyokka the 14th jûgo-nichi the 15th jûroku-nichi the 16th jûshichi-nichi the 17th jûhachi-nichi the 18th jûku-nichi the 19th hatsuka the 20th nijûichi-nichi the 21st nijûni-nichi the 22nd nijûsan-nichi the 23rd nijûyokka the 24th nijûgo-nichi the 25th nijûroku-nichi the 26th nijûshichi-nichi the 27th nijûhachi-nichi the 28th nijûku-nichi the 29th sanjû-nichi the 30th sanjûichi-nichi the 31st You can use the following phrases as a guide when talking about dates in Japanese: • Kyō wa nan-nichi desu ka.

(What is today’s date?) • Kyō wa jūroku-nichi desu. (Today is the 16th.) • Kyō wa nanyōbi desu ka. (What day is it today?) • Getsuyōbi desu.

(It’s Monday.) Telling time The time of day can be described in general terms or specific times. The following words can be used to describe the general time of day: asa (ah-sah) (morning) hiru (hee-roo) (noon) gogo (goh-goh) (afternoon) ban (bahn) (evening) yoru (yoh-roo) (night) When expressing time between the hours, use these terms to break things down: ji (o’clock) jikan (hour) gozen (a.m.) gogo (p.m.) yíkèzh ō ng (quarter hour) fun (minute) by ō (second) han (half) Japanese commonly uses the 24-hour clock for all official listings, such as plane and train schedules.

For every hour after 12 noon, just add an hour. So 2:15 p.m. is 14:15 ( j ū yo-ji j ū go-fun). When you want to know a specific time of day, you can ask Ima nan-ji desu ka. (What time is it now?) The following are some examples of specific times. On the Clock ichi-ji 1 o’clock ni-ji 2 o’clock san-ji 3 o’clock yo-ji 4 o’clock go-ji 5 o’clock roku-ji 6 o’clock shichi-ji 7 o’clock hachi-ji 8 o’clock ku-ji 9 o’clock jû-ji 10 o’clock jûichi-ji 11 o’clock jûni-ji 12 o’clock shichi-ji jûgo-fun 7:15 jûichi-ji go-fun mae 10:55 (5 minutes to 11) gozen jûichi-ji 11 a.m.

You can use the following phrases as a guide when talking about time in Japanese: • Jūichi-ji jūgo-fun desu. (It’s 11:15.) • Nan-ji kara desu ka. (From what time?) • Nan-ji made desu ka. (Until what time?) • Ni-ji kara go-ji made desu.

(It’s from 2 to 5.) • Nan-ji ni demasu ka. (At what time are you leaving?) • San-ji ni demasu. (I’ll leave at 3.) • Nan-jikan kakarimasu ka. (How many hours does it take?) • Ni-jikan kakarimasu. (It takes two hours.)

How to Read and Write Dates in Japanese - Learn Basic Japanese
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