Best date jar ideas

best date jar ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s a great idea to show your love of friends and family with some DIY Mason jar gifts. These Mason jars are easy to find and you can make so many cute things with them, such as homemade valentine gifts for husband, valentine gifts for teachers, Mason… Read More ». Recent Posts. 40 Creative Outdoor Bench DIY Ideas and Tutorials. Cool DIY Kids Bunk Bed Ideas and Tutorials. 15+ Crochet Halloween Hat Patterns and Tutorials. 15+ Crochet Flower Stitch Patterns and Tutorials.

best date jar ideas

Those of you familiar with you may have seen this pop up on your feed. If so, then you are aware of this DIY project. I recreated this DIY Date Night Jar for my husband and I.

If you are anything like us, then finding activities that both you and your partner enjoy can become daunting, and sometimes the easiest thing to do is dinner and a movie (Classic). Nevertheless, the repetitive dinner and a movie can become somewhat boring.

So if you are looking to get creative with your spouse or significant other then check out this cool project that I made. I have added 100 Date Night Activities that I think you both will enjoy. Remember to throw in some activities that you all like as well. Lets get started: I went ahead and chose a label to use for my mason jar.

Then I used my paint pens to create the title for my jar. I suggest testing your paint pens out on a piece of paper prior as they tend to leak. After creating the label use a permanent marker to write out all the activities you want to engage in with your partner on your Popsicle sticks.

See all 100 below. Remember to color code them so you can identify which Popsicle sticks are in which categories. This DIY Date Night Jar post was originally found on . This page is from – For some reason she removed this DIY page from her site; and we were linking to this .

Rather than remove the link or leave a broken link, I have found a old cached version in Google of her original page.

I will be happy to remove this tutorial if it violates any copyright, but in the meantime it is provided for those who have in interest in creating her DIY project on their own.

best date jar ideas

best date jar ideas - A wonderful idea for happy couples: The date night jar {+ printable ideas}

best date jar ideas

This date night jar is a fun and easy way to come up with new date night ideas! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to share some fun ideas that will help you keep a happy and healthy marriage.

If you are married or in a relationship, keep reading because this post is for you! Today, I am sharing my version of a Date Night Jar and fun ways to keep your marriage or relationship exciting!

DATE NIGHT IDEAS JAR Materials: • Mason jar • Jumbo-sized Popsicle sticks • Cream, Pink and Red Craft paint • Ribbon {red, pink, cream, and silver} • Scrapbook paper • Permanent Marker • Scissors • Paint Brush Directions: • Paint your popsicle sticks 3 different colors to organize them into categories based on cost. CREAM= $10 and under // PINK= $10-$25 // RED= $25-$50+ {this category should take some planning} • Once you paint your sticks you will take you permanent marker and write date night ideas on them based on the cost value associated with the date.

• Add some ribbon to the outside of your jar and add a tag with directions on the back so your spouse knows how the “Date Night Jar” works. DATE NIGHT IDEAS CHEAP DATE NIGHT IDEAS CREAM= $10 and under: • Dinner and a movie in “He picks” • Dinner and a movie in “She picks” • Walk by the river • Smoothie/ Hot Cocoa Date • Garage Sales/Window Shop • Homemade Pizza Night+activity • Cruise in the Car • Picnic Lunch or Dinner • Take out Dinner and Game Night CASUAL DATE NIGHT IDEAS PINK= $10-$25: • Dessert Only Date • Italian Dinner Night Out • Mexican Dinner Night Out • Movie Date • American Cuisine Night Out • Take a Class Together • See a Show {play, inexpensive concert, comedy, etc.} • Local Sports game {even high school games count!} FUN DATE IDEAS RED= $25-50+: • Couples Massage • Concert/Show “Her Choice” • Concert/Show “His Choice” • • His choice {wild card} • Her choice {wild card} • Active Activity….anything sports related, outdoors, etc.

• Dinner at a Nice Restaurant I hope that these ideas have sparked something in you that urges you to make some changes. Creates a spark in your heart to keep your marriage alive. An excitement to date your spouse again {or significant other} and to work things out. If you have made the choice to do this again, please leave a comment and let me know.

I’d love to hear what you plan to do! Cheers and happy “dating!” About the Author: Jennifer is the creative mom and wife from . She was on the Somewhat Simple Creative Team in 2012-2013.

Here are 6 more date ideas – Between work, kids, housekeeping and other errands, it can be difficult to find time to be alone with your spouse. But keeping the romance alive is an important part of maintaining your relationship. Here Six Date Ideas for Busy Parents to help you make the most of the brief time you have alone together. 1. Stay in for a movie night – Plan a night in with one of your favorite movies.

Or, surprise your spouse by renting the first movie you saw together when you were dating. Order a pizza or get take-out from your favorite restaurant, get into some comfortable clothes and relax on the couch after the kids are asleep.

2. Sneak out on a lunch date – Consider scheduling a day off work together, or escape during your lunch hour to go on a lunch date while the kids are at school. Lunch dates are usually less expensive than dinner, and they’re a great way to fit some quality time into your busy schedule. 3. Go for a joy ride – Sometimes it’s nice to drive though scenic parts of town with no particular destination in mind. 4. Shop around – Going to the mall or your favorite retail store can be hectic when you have young children in tow.

If you have some time during the day, plan to go shopping with your spouse, and pick up a few things you’ve had your eye on. Splurge on a new tablet computer, pair of shoes or new tool for the garage. 5. Go for a walk – If you live near a park or trailhead, take advantage of the outdoor space and go for a stroll.

Even if you live in the city, taking a walk for a couple hours gives you and your spouse a chance to chat in peace, while getting a little exercise in the process. 6. Enjoy a picnic – Another fun date idea that doesn’t cost too much is to plan a picnic. Make a few sandwiches, pack some drinks, and enjoy a picnic on a sunny day. Planning a date gets more difficult when children become part of the picture, but that doesn’t mean the romance is over. These simple date ideas are the perfect way for busy parents to spend some time alone!

best date jar ideas

141K Shares Wondering what to do on your next date? Enter Date Jar — a beautiful combination of his and her makes this jar one of a kind. Not only is the date jar going to inspire you for all your future dates, you can also spend your very next date making one!

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you’re like us, you love going on dates with your cutie pie but you’re tired of the same old date ideas and are wanting , something to spark adventure so you can have a really fun time! We have you covered, you’ll love this date jar! How to Make a Date Jar: You’ll need: • • Strips of Colored Paper • — this book is packed with the best of the best when it comes to date ideas!

Make Your Date Jar: • Cut an even number of strips for each person, pinks for her, blues for him. We love using our for this. • Now grab all of your color and split your pile in half, making 2 stacks. On the first stack you are going to fill the strips with your favorite date ideas, writing one idea per strip. For the second stack you are going to fill the strips with ideas on what you think HE WILL LOVE. {Example: My first stack included: making dinner together, picnic in the park and game night.

For my second stack I wrote ideas like: movie theater date, a drive around town listening to our favorite tunes, Redbox and pizza at home — things I know he loves!} • Optional: We also sometimes add yellow strips into our jar, using these for at home date ideas.

That way nights we don’t have a babysitter for the kids, or we just want to do something after they go to bed we pick a yellow date idea out of the jar. On these we write things like: play cards, his movie choice, her movie choice, ice cream sunday date, etc. • When you start running out of ideas, grab our book —> . • Fold all the strips in half and stuff them in your jar. Take turns every other week {or however often you have date night} pulling ideas, alternate blue, pink, blue, pink.

Whatever the date ideas says you have to do! • After the date tape the strip from the date you just went on into the smash book pages (at the back of the 175 Best Date Ideas book) and scribble a note with your favorite part of the night next to it. The pages look like this: More Posts You’ll Love: –can be done year round! — every wife should follow. How to make a .

Grab the Book: — the ultimate bucket list of dates for couples! Can you do them all? Love this post? Connect with us: . Connect with us on ! Follow us on ! Share with your friends. PIN IT: P.S. Are you looking for extra side income? I make over $85,000 a year blogging part-time—check out (no tech knowledge required).

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