Best date kiss first album

best date kiss first album

Kissing a girl by the first date is such a huge and reliable predictor of upcoming sex that I don’t bother calling girls who resist it. With so many girls out there who are comfortable with intimacy, it’d be a waste of your time to go down the rabbit hole of a relationship with a girl who is going to blue ball you. You need to know how a girl is in bed before you decide to make a real investment in her, and it would be a large waste of your resources to wait until date eight or so to find out that she is a dead fish Almost two years after these words were first published, they still hold true: I’ve never had sex with a girl I didn’t kiss by the first date. While most of the sex I get now starts with a one night stand, I find it impossible to imagine how sex could occur promptly if the kiss doesn’t happen quickly.

best date kiss first album

Kiss is the debut by American rock band , released on February 18, 1974. Much of the material on the album was written by and , as members of their pre-Kiss band . Simmons estimated that the entire process of recording and mixing took three weeks, while co-producer Richie Wise has stated it took just 13 days.

Kiss by The album was recorded at Bell Sound Studios in , which was owned by the company that owned . , founder of , was an executive at Buddah prior to forming Casablanca. Casablanca Records held a party at the Century Plaza Hotel in to celebrate the release of Kiss (February 18) and to introduce the record company to the press and other record industry executives. In keeping with the Casablanca theme, the party included and a lookalike.

Kiss performed their usual loud and bombastic stage show, which turned (Casablanca's record distributor) against the group. Soon after the show, Warner Bros. contacted Neil Bogart and threatened to end their deal with Casablanca if Kiss did not remove their makeup. With manager 's backing, Kiss refused. Shortly after the release of Kiss, Warner Bros. released Casablanca from their contract. Kiss began their first album tour with a performance at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in , on February 5, 1974.

A few weeks later, they made their first national TV appearance on ABC's , followed by a performance of "Firehouse" on . During the interview portion of the show, Gene Simmons declared himself to be "evil incarnate", eliciting nervousness, confused reactions from the studio audience, to which comedian humorously commented, "Wouldn't it be funny if he's just a nice Jewish boy underneath the makeup?" Although neither confirming or denying his Jewish heritage, Simmons replied, "You should only know", to which, Fields countered, "I do.

You can't hide the hook", referring to Simmons' nose. The album's cover showed the group positioned against a black background in a pose visually reminiscent of ' album ( stated that this was the visual effect the band was looking for). Gene Simmons has since stated that was a big inspiration to him. Three of the four band members applied their own makeup for the album cover photo, as they usually did, but Criss' "Catman" makeup was applied by a professional, whose work came out looking quite a bit different from the look Criss had established, and to which he would return immediately afterward.

, wanting to impress the other members of Kiss, dyed his hair with silver hairspray, which easily came out with shampoo. According to Criss, photographer thought Kiss were literally clowns, and wanted to place balloons behind the group for the shoot. Brodsky denied this, chalking it up to imagination. As this was also the first album for the group, they still had yet to perfect the look they would come to be known for later on. For example, Simmons' "Demon" makeup, while noticeable as his, appears rough and not in the definitive form he later became known for.

With the exception of "", all of the material for Kiss was written before the band entered the studio. Some of the songs were written during Wicked Lester's brief existence, while "Firehouse" was written by while he was attending the in New York City. Side one "Strutter" "", which opens the album with a drum fill, is an uptempo rock song that was written before Frehley joined Kiss. Stanley wrote the lyrics, and the music was based on a song Simmons had written years before, "Stanley the Parrot", which he had recorded with former Wicked Lester member Brooke Ostrander in a New Jersey apartment.

"Strutter" remains one of the few Kiss songs where Stanley and Simmons share songwriting credits, and was a standard number at Kiss concerts throughout the 1970s. It was released in August 1974 as the third and final single from the album. "Nothin' to Lose" "" became the band's first single; it was written by Simmons. Vocals were performed by Simmons and Peter Criss. It chronicles the singer coercing his girlfriend into trying , and her subsequent enjoyment of it. The B-side was "Love Theme from KISS", the album's instrumental.

"Firehouse" The band takes its name from the song "". [ ] The song is well known for Simmons during live concerts. "Cold Gin" This was the first song composed for Kiss by Frehley. Insecure in his own singing ability, Frehley turned over the vocals for the album to Simmons. "Cold Gin" was a concert staple throughout the 1970s. During the , Frehley assisted on lead vocals. The song refers to the stimulating effect that cold gin supposedly has on the male sex drive.

The song credits cold gin as the only thing that keeps the couple together in a troubled relationship. There was a Kiss tribute band from Los Angeles named after this classic song, featuring as Frehley, as Criss, as Simmons and Anthony White as Stanley. St. James and Thayer would later go on to form , a band produced by Simmons, and Thayer would eventually join Kiss, taking Frehley's place after the Farewell tour. "Cold Gin" was covered by the group at a one-off tribute show to guitarist , as it was known to be the guitarist's favorite song.

That live performance featured members of and , on vocals and on drums. Pantera and performed the song together live while the bands were on tour together in 1992, with Ace Frehley on guitar as a special guest. The performance was taped and included on Pantera's 2000 home video, . covered the song on their 1988 album .

Frehley noted: "I wrote 'Cold Gin' in a New York subway, in my head, both lyrics and music. I had a spiral notebook with me. I never took a guitar lesson, nobody believes that. I didn't realize it was gonna become a Kiss classic". A live version of the song was included on Kiss' popular and successful live album . When Alive! was re-released as part of the box set, the song was mistakenly credited to Stanley instead of Ace Frehley in the 72-page booklet that accompanied the album. vocalist and guitarist has said that this was the first song he ever learned to play on guitar.

"Cold Gin" was named the seventh-best drinking song of all time. later rerecorded "Cold Gin" with his own vocals for his cover album, . "Let Me Know" "Let Me Know" (previously titled "Sunday Driver") was the song Stanley played when he was first introduced to Simmons, and it was later recorded by Wicked Lester. Simmons and Stanley shared lead vocal duties on the song, which was given a and instrumental when recorded for Kiss.

During later Kiss concerts, this coda was moved to the end of "" and before that, "Watchin' You". Side two "Kissin' Time" "" was not included on the original album; in fact it was not recorded until two months after the album's February release. By April, the album was clearly not the commercial success the band and Casablanca Records founder Bogart were hoping for. Bogart (who knew that a catchy single could save the album) ordered Kiss back into the studio to record "Kissin' Time", which was a Top 20 hit for in 1959.

It was released as a single on May 10, but never reached any higher than No. 83. It did, however, boost sales of the album even though it was not added to the album until it was reissued in July 1974 (against the wishes of the band). "Deuce" Simmons has stated that he does not know the meaning of the song's lyrics. "Deuce" has been a staple of the band's concerts, opening their shows from 1973–1976 and again for their 1996 reunion.

"Love Theme from Kiss" This instrumental evolved from a song titled "Acrobat", played during the band's 1973 club shows. It can be found on their 2001 box set. The song is shortened for the album. It is the only Kiss song to feature songwriting credits for all four original members. "Love Theme from Kiss" appeared in the 2010 movie , directed by .

"100,000 Years" "100,000 Years" begins with a bass riff by Simmons. The live version includes a long drum solo by Criss continuing on from the short one found on the album, as heard on Alive!

The demo version can be heard on the 2001 release of the Kiss box set. There was a lost verse towards the end of the song which never made the final cut. "Black Diamond" "Black Diamond" begins with Stanley singing the first verse accompanied by a .

After he yells out "hit it!", the full band kicks in and Criss assumes lead vocal duties, repeating the first verse. After the chorus, the song slows down for Frehley's , after which it gradually slows down further and fades out.

After Criss' departure from the band, the vocal duties have fallen to subsequent drummers and . Despite the band's promoting and touring, Kiss sold approximately 75,000 copies after its initial release without the presence of a hit single. It was certified on June 8, 1977, having shipped 500,000 copies.

The album was in 1997 (along with most of Kiss' earlier albums) in a version. In 2003, Kiss was included in the list of essential albums. Gene Simmons has said that the 1974 self-titled is his favorite Kiss album. • . May 11, 2017. • Pappademas, Alex (August 5, 2003). . . Retrieved February 5, 2016.

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best date kiss first album

best date kiss first album - [DL MP3] KISS

best date kiss first album

The notorious first date kiss… Should you kiss on the first date or shouldn’t you? If you’re not supposed to kiss your partner on your first date then when should you have your ? And, if it’s acceptable to kiss on the first date when would be a good time to kiss your partner and how should you kiss him or her? The above questions are being asked every single day by thousands of people and chances are if you ask 100 people you will get 100 different answers… Some people will tell you that you should never kiss on the first date and that you shouldn’t even give your partner a hug until you’re on your second date!

Some feel that a quick peck on the cheek is more than sufficient as a first date kiss while others feel that if you don’t kiss on your first date that something is missing. Many girls are hesitant to kiss a kiss a guy on their first date since they don’t want to appear too interested or easy. And, many guys are simply too shy to kiss a girl on the first date afraid that they will mess it up or be rejected.

Then you find the type of girl that will expect her date to kiss her as a sign that he is into her and the type of guy that thinks if he takes a girl out on a date and buys her dinner that he should at least be “rewarded” with a kiss and maybe more.

Fact of the matter is that there are no fixed rules on whether or not you should kiss on your first date. What is important though is that your first passionate kiss should be special and memorable. This does not mean you have to kiss your partner passionately on your first date! There is nothing wrong in kissing him or her on the cheek on gently on the lips. You don’t need to lock lips or if you and your partner don’t feel like it.

Let’s look at the above questions in more detail. Should you kiss on the first date or shouldn’t you? The short answer to this question is “It depends.” If it’s a romantic date and you’re both attracted to each other, are comfortable in each other’s company and are both open to having a relationship then there is no reason why you can’t kiss your partner on the first date. On the other hand, if you don’t know your date that well and haven’t made up your mind whether he or she is boyfriend or girlfriend material or just a potential friend don’t try to kiss him or her on the mouth.

Rather play it safe by just giving him or her a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek as a compromise between kissing your partner and not having any physical contact with him or her. In the end you have to do what feels right for you. Nobody can tell you what to do. When to kiss your date for the first time? Getting the timing of your first kiss right is important.

Your date should be ready and willing to kiss you back so pay close attention to his or her body language (refer to and for more information on reading body language). You don’t want to catch your date by surprise so make sure you communicate your intentions clearly through your body language. Don’t ask your partner if you may kiss him or her!

Kissing should be natural and you should not need to ask for permission. Assuming you want to kiss on the first date pick the right place and time, preferable when you’re alone with your partner. Most couples that kiss on the first date do so after the date although if the moment seems right and you both feel like kissing just do it even if you’re busy watching a movie! Wanting to kiss someone special for the first time and getting the courage together to do it can be stressful.

Try your best to relax! If you’re feeling stressed your partner may pick up on it and think that you’re uncomfortable, not enjoying yourself or not at ease with him or her and you may end up achieving exactly the opposite of what you’re hoping to achieve.

If it happens, great. If it doesn’t happen don’t worry about it. The important thing is that you get to know your partner better during your first date and that you both have a good time. Don’t focus too much on kissing him or her… Just enjoy every moment you’re spending together. How to kiss your date? As mentioned earlier, a first date kiss does not have to be a long and passionate and you don’t have to either. Just take it slow and easy, especially if it’s the first time you’re out on a date.

There is nothing wrong in kissing him or her gently on the cheek after your date has come to an end. And, if you feel like it kiss your partner on the mouth. For more details on how to kiss your date for the first time see or . If you follow the above advice you should be a lot more relaxed during your first date.

If you end up kissing good for you. And, if you don’t get a kiss don’t sweat it. If the date went well your partner will more than likely want to see you again and you will have many opportunities in the future to kiss him or her.

It doesn’t have to happen during your first date. Top of page > Home page >

best date kiss first album

. The majority of my first kisses/encounters have occurred after knowing the person pretty well, crashing at each other's apartment, and/or after a drunk night out. And no first kiss with a random (i.e., on the dance floor) has ever happened sober. My philosophy has always been: No matter how great a date goes, . Maybe , but don't . While this kind of move can certainly seal the deal, it can also rock the boat a little too much too soon. Now, I have exactly one argument in favor of kissing a girl goodnight on the first date: and if she feels the same way, things might take off from there.

But here are the many reasons I refrain from kissing a girl goodnight on the first date or dates early on in the relationship: Many People Are Against Kissing on the First Date "I don't kiss on the first date," is a common policy adapted by many people. So, there's always a chance that someone, regardless of how great a date goes, won't want to do it.

I Don't Like Kissing People I Don't Know Well I haven't done the drunk kiss on the dance floor in a long time. If we don't share a history together, usually a kiss is a meaningless or empty experience. Sure, a kiss feels great, but it's not worth going for it with people that I'm not connected to because I don't know them well. And if I'm on a date with a friend, , we still aren't used to being together on that level. Fear of Rejection , I rarely try anything too fast.

Sometimes this comes back to haunt me, because women think I'm not interested. It's Cliché It's cliché to try not to be cliché, but I don't care. I'd rather say my first kiss with my girlfriend was special, spontaneous, and emotional. A first kiss at the end of a first date might feel scripted. It Plays Too Many Cards Even if I like a girl, . I want to make her wonder — something I'm really bad at doing. It's an Unfair Signal Sometimes, on a magical night, you want to kiss your date. . But you've already kissed them, and that should mean you want a second date and a third date, etc.

, but you can never take back that kiss if you did it in the heat of the moment. I Hate Kissing in Public Usually the "first-date kiss goodnight" has to be done out in the open. Sure, I might get invited in, or have the opportunity to invite my date in, but most likely I'll have to kiss her goodnight outside her place or wherever we are.

. It Doesn't Allow for Anticipation When I'm into a girl, I like anticipation and tension to build for "milestones." So, the first kiss doesn't have to happen on the first date. Maybe we hang out a few times before it finally happens, . I can't tell if I'm afraid of risks, thinking too much, . It's probably a mixture of all three. But there are two things to remember about a first-date kiss or kiss within the first few dates: 1. if he does kiss you goodnight on the first few dates 2. Don't assume he's not into you if he doesn't kiss you on the first few dates Do you like a kiss on the first few dates?

Do you expect it, or think that a guy expects it? What are your thoughts on kisses/making out on the first few dates? Follow me on Twitter:

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