Best date spots in leeds

best date spots in leeds

The ultimate secret date spot, you’ll find The Domino Club hidden within Lords Barbering. Step inside and head down the back stairs into a super cool New York speakeasy. Live jazz bands start at around 9pm and they give way to DJs later in the evening. The bar selection is just as impressive, with something for everyone, from craft beer to rare whiskies and creative cocktails. The Domino Club, 7 Grand Arcade, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6PG Kanyu is an escape game that’s as good for couples as it is for groups. You’ll find it at South Lodge, in a Grade II Georgian Gatehouse that’s been transformed into a mind-boggling puzzle with film-quality sets and effects. There are two super realistic rooms for you to work your way out of, an oak-panelled study and a long abandoned lab.

best date spots in leeds

Whether you're searching for the best UK date spots or looking for date ideas UK residents and visitors can partake in, HookupCloud has got you covered! We have spend many tireless months cultivating all the information you will find in this guide and we can assure you, without a hint of doubt, that the very best UK date ideas and UK date spots are listed here.

Whether you are visiting and looking to have some casual dates and hookups or you are a permanent resident looking to have the best dates in your area, this guide will set you up with all the knowledge you need.

Within this guide, you will find an introduction to living and dating in the UK, our lists of UK date ideas (both classic date ideas and UK date ideas of unique experiences) and UK date spots (the best bars, clubs, and pubs across the UK), our directory of UK city articles (a more in-depth look at UK date ideas and UK date spots in particular UK cities), and additional resources to use if you feel like you still need more information once you have worked your way through all of ours.

There are two kinds of people who will end up reading this guide. The first kind are people who live in the UK. If you fall into this category, you can skip this section and move on to our UK Date Ideas section—you already know about living and dating in the UK!

The second kind are people who are, or will be, visiting the UK. If you fall into this category, we want to give you a little extra help to get you up the speed with life and dating in the UK.

Below, you will find an introduction to the UK as a whole, life in the UK, and dating in the UK. The abbreviation "UK" is short for "United Kingdom" and "United Kingdom" is short for "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". Included in the United Kingdom are England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. These four nations used to be separate but they came together to form the United Kingdom in 1801.

Many people often think that "UK", "Britain", and "England" are interchangeable labels, but that is not at all accurate! If you say "UK" or "United Kingdom" you are referring to the entire combined landmass of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, but if you say "Britain" you are only referring to England, Scotland, and Wales, and if you say "England" you are only referring to England.

Living in the UK is a lot like living in many of the World's westernized countries. The big cities like London and Manchester are bustling and the rural areas like Aberaeron and Sheepscombe are calm and cozy. There are over 11,000 miles of coastline to enjoy, along with tons of mountains, rivers, and hilly landscapes to explore. The weather rarely dips below −11 °C (12 °F) or rises above 35 °C (95 °F), but you can expect a whole lot of rain and foggy days.

Just as with living in the UK, dating in the UK is a lot like dating in many of the World's westernized countries. Many UK date ideas are similar to that of the US or Canada (dinner and a movie, grabbing a drink, checking out a local event, etc.), but they also have a lot of unique UK date ideas (we'll get into this more in our sections below).

The UK does has quite a bit of rural land areas though, and this makes online connections all the more important to dating in the UK—it's hard to go on dates if you don't have a lot of opportunities to meet new people in your community! There are two kinds of UK date ideas: Classic UK Date Ideas and Uniquely UK Date Ideas. Below, we will discuss what both of those categories mean as well as give you some prime examples of the kind of UK date ideas that fall into each and a rundown of where in the UK you can experience those date ideas.

The UK date ideas you will find below are what we consider to be classics. By definition, that means they have been judged over the course of history to be the highest quality and most outstanding UK date ideas out there.

These are the date ideas that are simple and accessible to anyone in the UK. They are the date ideas that are most likely to please a wide range of daters and that are the safest bet for first dates.

Dinner & A Movie Dinner and a movie is a first date classic no matter where you live in the world—and the UK is no different! One of the reasons it is so popular is that every town, city, village, and what have you all provide access to places at which you can eat dinners and watch movies. For dinner, you can hit up any one of your local eateries, but if you are looking for the best of the best you may want to check if we have covered UK Date Spots in your city below. For the movie, you can visit one of Vue Cinema's 85 UK theaters, one of Cineworld Cinema's 82 theaters, or one of the many other theaters that exist across the UK.

Many of the larger cities in the UK also have annual film festivals or seasonal film events, if you are looking for more unique UK date ideas! A Pint At The Pub When it comes to UK date ideas, grabbing a pint at the pub is basically like the United Kingdom's equivalent of America's "grabbing a coffee" date idea.

There's a pub on every corner in the UK and popping in for a quick drink makes for a very easy peasy date idea if you don't want to commit to something more. Some of our favorites are The Ginger Pig in Hove, England; The Green Man in Chelmsford, England; and The Red Lion in Bedford, England. Scroll down to our UK Date Spots section below to find an even bigger selection of bars, clubs, and pubs to visit for a date.

Enjoy A Show At The Theatre Yes, in the UK it is spelled with an "R-E" at the end! But, that's besides the point. The point is that the United Kingdom has a ton of theatres (in particular, the UK is known for it's open air theatres, including The Minack Theatre, Cornwall, Shakespeare's Globe, Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, The Willow Globe, Brownsea Island Open Air Theatre, and Rutland Open Air Theatre) and that they are all great UK date spots—what would you expect from Shakespeare's homeland?

Visit Your Local Museum If you and/or your date like to multitask, the this is one of the best UK date ideas for you. Why? Because you can do on a day and learn something at the same time! The UK has a ton of amazing museums that you can check out, depending on your interests (history, science, art, etc.), and some of them are even free of charge! Some of the most popular include the British Museum, the National Gallery, and the Natural History Museum, all in London, as well as the National Museum of Scotland in Scotland and the Ulster Museum in Northern Ireland.

Get Out Of The City & Go Glamping Say what now? Glamping! It's a portmanteau of the words "glamorous" and "camping" and it basically just means an upscale version of camping: no pitching a tent, no unrolling sleeping bags, no setting off on long journeys to find the bathroom.

And sure, other areas of the world have glamping too, but the UK is somewhere that really does it right. Two of our favorite UK date spots for glamping are Jollydays in York, England and Crafty Camping in Holditch, England. The UK date ideas you will find below are what we consider to be unique to the UK experience. That means that these UK date ideas are not the type of date ideas you could pursue in other areas of the world.

These are the date ideas that will impress both locals and visitors alike, although they may take more planning and/or time than some of the classic UK date ideas. Explore Old Castles, Towers, and Landmarks Nowhere does old castles quite like the UK does! Some of our favorite castles to visit as UK date ideas are Leeds Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Conwy Castle, Warkworth Castle, Windsor Castle, and Corfe Castle.

Other favorites, if you're at the point where overnight dates are on the table, are the 200-year-old Martello Tower (built along the coast to keep the French navy at bay) and Peverell Tower (the old prison tower of Dover's Castle), both of which you can rent by the night. Or, try out Hadrian's Wall (built in 122 AD!) where you can visit for the day, stay overnight, or both!

See The Farne Island Puffins There's nothing like adorable animals to get your girl to squeal uncontrollably, and this is one of the only UK date ideas that includes them! The Farne Islands are home to not only 300,000 adorable puffins, but also to other seabirds (like razorbills, guillemots, eider ducks) and the UK's largest colony of Atlantic seals!

Seahouses, England has boats which will take you to the islands every hour. Another great spot for these type of UK date ideas is the Looe Island Nature Reserve. Go Sightseeing In Style You know what they say, "It's not about the destination, it's about how you get there".

Well, when it comes to UK date ideas, they take that motto very seriously. Say you or your date are a "car person"—you could visit Vintage Classics in Melksham, England and rent one of their classic cars (including E-Type Jaguar, Austin Healey 3000 and the Morris Minor Convertible) to travel around Wiltshire county (it houses sights like Stonehenge, Bristol Zoo Gardens, Cheddar Gorge, Clifton Suspension Bridge, and more).

If you're a fan of trains, the best UK date ideas for you may involve hopping the Mid Hants Railway Watercress Line, where you can take in the full experience of a restored steam train travelling through Hampshire's countryside. Maybe boats are more your style? Take a private gondola ride along the River Avon and see sights like the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and Holy Trinity Church! Told ya we would have more on this topic!

Since bars, clubs, and pubs are an essential part of UK living and dating, we wanted to explore them more deeply and present you with a more thorough selection. Thus, we have this section: UK Date Spots: The Best Bars, Clubs, & Pubs Across The United Kingdom. Below, you will find our top choices for the best of the best bar, club, and pub date spots UK has to offer, including some of the most historic, popular, and original venues across the country! Dandelyan is one of the best UK date spots around, hands down.

In 2017, it won four Class Bar Awards including Best Bar In The UK, Hotel Bar Of The Year, Drinks Menu of the Year, and Bartender Of The Year for head bartender Aidan Bowie. It was also named the third best bar in the world at the World's 50 Best Bar Awards. Another reason we recommend UK date spots like this is because if you go to a bar inside a hotel you have private rooms close by in case your date goes extra well!

Bramble is one of those UK date spots that is great for drinking, if that's what you're interesting in. They pride themselves on making "generous drinks" and live by the motto, ",em>a cocktail should stimulate the mind as well as the appetite." Here, you will find all the classic cocktails along with fun, quirky original recipes.

The Milk Thistle is one of our favorite UK date spots because it is spread out acorss four floors of a large building, giving you lots of space to get some alone time with your date while still out in a public spot. As well, they have a HUGE cocktail list and are always changing their menu so no matter how many times you visit, you will always have something new to try. From North Ireland to England and from Scotland to Wales, has the inside scoop on all the best UK date ideas and hottest UK date spots in cities from coast to coast!

We know that we have already listed a LOT of UK date ideas and UK date spots already, but we promise you that the city-specific pages will help you out even more! In the directory below, you will find a list of all the major UK cities that we have included in our research.

Along with each listing, you will see a short excerpt from the article as well as a "read more" link—all you have to do is click that link to access the full page for and learn even more about UK date ideas and UK date spots in that city!

best date spots in leeds

best date spots in leeds - The Best Secret Date Spots in Leeds

best date spots in leeds

There is a lot more to the Leeds vegan scene than your trustworthy carrot stick and hummus dip. So, if you are a full-time vegan, a fresher vegan, preparing for Veganuary or just fancy a little something different, then here is a quick List of unmissable Vegan hot spots in Leeds. El Marchador/ Chida Cantina A modest Mexican vegan food hideaway just two doors down from the Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen.

It's so modest in fact that you might not even know that it was actually a vegan food place from the outside unless you ventured inside and looked at the menu. A menu that certainly does not disappoint, with an intimate but quality choice of tacos, burgers and more. Their colourful nachos with sour cream and their wonderful vegan chilli is AMAZING, and is best complimented with their citrus and sweet Tommy’s Margherita, probably the nicest Margherita I have had to date.

Wanderer Junk Food Originally, Wanderer Junk Food began as a food vendor at Trinity Kitchen back in August. They started off doing Vegan Fried Chicken at Trinity Kitchen but then on their second stint in Trinity kitchen they switched it up to doing mainly burgers. They are now permanently located at The Church on Woodhouse Lane. On my recent visit to their new location. We recommend their Blackened Tofish Sandwich which is like a Fillet O’ Fish except its 50 times better with the bonus being its guilt free because its fish free.

MOD Pizza A very modern Pizza joint, which is basically like Subway but for Pizza. Feel free to have as many of their 19 Vegan Friendly toppings as you want especially the creamy dairy free cheese, it will all still be the same price for a standard 11-inch pizza.

Located on Bond Street opposite the corner entrance of the Trinity Leeds, MOD greets and serves you with a very friendly and bubbly team of staff. It is recommended that you try the Mega dough pizza base, it provides a fantastic spongy soft crust Temple Coffee & Donuts Another hidden gem tucked away in Burley, Temple of Coffee is located on the Burley Court Trade Park on Kirkstall Road opposite the Shell garage.

When you get inside and see their signature donuts coupled with colourful coffees and hot drinks in almost Willy Wonka fashion, you will be fighting the urge to immediately Instagram everything. Do not leave without trying the Black Forest Donut and the Purple Haze which has lavender infused steamed milk. All the flavours were strong and exciting, especially the floral lavender and rose flavours.

All their speciality coffees and steamed milk beverages can be iced if you so wish. They host an interesting selection of vegan ice cream floats. The Pumpkin Spice Donut is also worth a mention with Halloween coming up. All their donuts and ice cream are vegan, and all the drinks can be easily made vegan with a simple change to oat milk.

Humpit A post shared by (@hayerlily) on Dec 9, 2015 at 8:22am PST This wonderful vendor of falafel, hummus and pitta bread is found in a cosy location in the Corn Exchange in the City Centre, near the bottom of Briggate and Boar Lane.

After sampling their signature hummus all supermarket hummus will pale in comparison. While it is a certainly not a large menu, you are bestowed with generous portions of pitta, lovely fresh falafel and of course their hummus. If you don’t quite fancy their filling pitta bread, then their hummus bowl is a definite recommendation.

The best part is that they are all at reasonable prices too, so a visit to Humpit doesn't do too much damage to the student loan. Little Tokyo on Oct 15, 2016 at 7:53am PDT A great hotspot for Japanese food lovers found on Central Road in the City Centre. Little Tokyo has a very authentic Japanese aesthetic that even has a little bridge over a small fish pond inside the restaurant, adding an ambient feeling of almost zen garden like relaxation. With a mouth-watering array of noodle soups, Japanese style curries, and the Bento Boxes, which are a wonderful four course meal presented in a sleek tray box.

For you vegans you need to try the Vegetarian Duck with Mango, Tofu Steak and Spicy Eggplant Bento Boxes, they are a house party of flavours in your mouth. Roots and Fruits If you are looking for a nice and quaint café experience then Roots and Fruits is definitely worth a visit. You can find it in the Grand Arcade, between New Briggate and Vicar Lane near Merrion Street. It has a cosy and relaxing atmosphere complimented by food that has a loving home cooked feel. A place that, in my opinion, does some of the best chips I have ever tried.

The Chilli Cheese Dog and the Eggless Egg Mayo sandwich were brilliant dishes to sample. They also have a great selection of vegan cakes and desserts available. There are a few other honourable mentions that you definitely need to take a wander to.

Banh and Mee is a great little Vietnamese street food vendor, and The Crepe Hut which is a sweet place. Bahn and Mee, and The Crepe Hut are both found in Kirkgate Market.

A post shared by @ on Sep 6, 2018 at 9:03am PDT Mog’s on Kirkstall Lane is a must visit, a great selection of vegan chicken, burgers and wraps that is also ideal for a vegan takeaway. Bundobust on Mill Hill is perfect for those with a taste of intrigue for Indian street style cuisine, boasting plenty of flavour.

Cantina in the Old Red Bus Station, the first fully vegan establishment in Leeds on Vicar Lane, as well as Pho in Trinity Kitchen are all great vegan hangouts.

best date spots in leeds

Not sure what to cook? We’ve pulled together our most popular recipes, our latest additions and our editor’s picks, so there’s sure to be something tempting for you to try. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Special occasion Channelling the avant-garde spirit of Spanish nueva cocina, chef-owner Michael O’Hare has turned this restaurant into a highly regarded Michelin-starred destination you need to book months in advance.

O’Hare’s tasting menus deliver ornate creations often served on outlandish crockery. Options include the veal sweetbread, char siu octopus and ajo blanco soup. Tasting menu from £60. Casual dining After creating the food outlets at Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen, chef Ben Davy significantly upped the ante at Ox Club, his cool, friendly restaurant at Headrow House.

The kitchen features a solid fuel grill imported from the US and the food showcases the best of Yorkshire produce. Try the salt-aged lamb rump with peas and ricotta or the grilled aubergine with charred tomato and saffron oil, followed by grilled peaches with mango sorbet and passionfruit cream. Mains from £14. Casual dining, cheap eat, kid-friendly Every modern city deserves a fastidious joint serving wood-fired, Neapolitan-style pizza.

In Leeds' city centre, that place is Pizza Fella. These street-food graduates, now based in a raw, fashionably stripped-back space on Vicar Lane, serve magnificent pizzas layered with vibrant San Marzano sauce. The fresh, elastic bases are beautifully and authentically spotted with char, a technique known as ‘leoparding’. From £6. Casual dining By day, on Wednesday to Saturday, this restaurant serves creative lunch dishes, from feta croquettes with peas, cumin and spring onion to lamb's tongue with anchovy and green beans.

On Thursday to Saturday evenings, however, it opens its doors to a different style of dining. Chef-owner Stuart Myers gets creative across a seven-course sharing menu of, say, baba ganoush with courgette, basil and granola, with a side of summer beans, dill, rice and walnuts.

The menu changes every month, so expect new delicious dishes. Sharing menu, £49.50 for two. Casual dining, cheap eat For Brits used to heavy, oily, high-street curries, the light, sensitively spiced food of southern India can be revelatory, with plenty of coconut, mustard seeds, fish and vegetables.

This simple, handsome space of rustic dark wood and huge digital prints of coastal Kerala is a great place to start that adventure. For cooking of this calibre, try its express lunch option: three curries, a side dish and rice, plus ineffably light, crisp dosa and chutneys. It’s a steal. Express lunch from £6.95; mains from £6.99. Casual dining, cheap eat This hip, late-night bar and music venue, complete with quirky rooftop terrace, is no slouch on the food front. Its NY-style slice kitchen, Dough Boys, serves terrific pizza, with your first two slices half-price (until 7pm, Sunday-Thursday; 5pm, Friday and Saturday).

Try the meat-free 'queen brie' pizza with French brie, caramelised onions, red grapes and black pepper. The venue also hosts Belgrave Feast, an art and street-food market held every second Saturday. Casual dining, cheap eat, kid-friendly The city’s premier third-wave coffee shop (all your flat white and single-origin, pour-over needs covered) is arguably one of the best brunch spots in Leeds.

A colourful menu runs the gamut of global flavours, from sweetcorn fritters with halloumi, salsa and eggs to a rarebit with Henderson’s Relish – Yorkshire’s answer to Worcestershire sauce. From £4.50. Casual dining Well into its second decade, this boho café-bar and dining room remains enthusiastic and agile. Its selection of craft beers and natural wines is exemplary.

Try a sharing board of homemade charcuterie, followed by small plates of grilled pigeon, baked scallops and charred watermelon and feta. Heartier main options include braised rabbit with pancetta. Mains from £11.95. Cheap eat, casual dining If you’re looking for a venue that encapsulates the city’s contemporary dining scene, Bundobust has a street-food vibe, DIY decor and craft beer. A collaboration between Marko Husak (of Bradford beer bar The Sparrow) and chef Mayur Patel (whose family run West Yorkshire’s Gujarati restaurant, Prashad), Bundobust originally sold itself, modestly, as a bar that happened to serve vegetarian Indian small plates.

It remains steadfastly no frills but Bundobust’s bhel puri, massala dosa, tarka dhal and bhajis are all exceptional in their freshness, depth and adept spicing. Plates from £3.75. Casual dining No prizes for guessing what this buzzy city-centre bar/diner specialises in, but there's a lot more going on here than just sharing boards of ibérico ham and finocchiona (fennel seed salami). The cheese selection is impressive, as is the choice of craft beers, small producer wines and sherries.

Dishes include hot-smoked pig’s cheek and ham hock, brawn & black pudding terrine. Cheap eat, kid-friendly There are swankier afternoon tea options in central Leeds, such as (from £20pp), but if it's homespun indie character you're after, then this Grand Arcade tea room dotted with quirky bric-a-brac is the perfect spot. Loose leaf teas and rosé or prosecco accompany good-quality, freshly baked scones and sound homemade cakes, including matured fruit cake served with a slab of Wensleydale cheese.

There's also the gentleman’s afternoon tea option, featuring crisps, pork pie and local ales. Afternoon tea from £11.25. Cheap eat Located within a vast street-food hall at Kirkgate Market, this is the first fixed outlet for one of Leeds’ most popular mobile kitchens.

Tasty thali plates of home-cooked veggie curries are served alongside chilli paneer or pakora wraps, dosa and bhajis. There's seating if you wish to linger, and Manjit’s serves a range of wine and beers with its curries.

Meals from £4.95. Casual dining, kid-friendly Should you find yourself in the happening suburb of Headingley, there are a few notable local dining options (such as and ). But, particularly if you're dining as a big family or group, Salvo's is a cut above; this family-owned Italian has real cross-generational appeal. Head here for relaxed dining in an informal atmosphere. For more hardcore foodie thrills, head next door to Salvo's Salumeria – a deli-café offering sharing platters, seafood dinners and a tempting Sicilian wine dinner (£48pp).

Mains from £10.50. Casual dining, kid-friendly A short walk from the city centre, this inn on Water Lane is a comfortable, polished gastropub. Expect plates of pig's cheek scotch eggs, elderflower- and gin-cured salmon and minted lamb burgers, plus great Sunday roasts.

Its Yorkshire-focussed ales invariably include beers from Leeds' North Brewing Co. There's an excellent suntrap beer garden, too. Mains from £9.95.

Casual dining, cheap eat The Grub & Grog shop forged its reputation in Leeds as a sustainable, flexitarian alternative to the meaty, macho street food then sweeping the city. Based in Sheaf Street, the cafe serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner, with everything creatively made from scratch. Sample upmarket sandwiches and stews at its pop-up within the Tall Boys craft beer bottle shop. Dinner from £6. Casual dining Launched in 1986 when real, home-style Indian food was unknown in Leeds, Hansa Dhabi’s vegetarian Gujarati restaurant is – three decades on – still packing in keen diners.

It makes for a super-friendly, relaxed night out, with Hansa's keen to welcome all like old friends. Order the bhel puri, five-pulse chevti dhal and the “spice bomb”, a spicy, deep-fried potato sandwich. Mains from £7.25.

Casual dining Beyond the standard beefy, slow-cooked pho noodle soups, this simple restaurant offers plenty of Vietnamese thrills for the adventurous foodie, with plates of braised Mekong catfish, lemongrass and chilli stir-fried duck or deep-fried seabass with mango sauce – and that's before you get to the colourful pots of pickled garlic and preserved chillies sat on each table.

The sunny, welcoming staff are fantastic. Mains from £6.00. Cheap eat Swathed in bright fabrics and North African trinkets, this has to be the prettiest stall in Kirkgate Market. Its Levantine food is equally colourful. Beyond stacks of kibbeh, stuffed vine leaves and bowls of tabbouleh, Café Moor’s repertoire extends to falafel and shawarma sandwiches, various bourek (stuffed filo pastries) and mhadjeb (pasty filled with onion, tomato and harissa).

The harira soup and benchmark baba ganoush are musts. Meals from £4.50. Casual Dining, cheap eat, kid-friendly Located in Thorntons Arcade, one of Leeds’ many glass-covered Victorian shopping precincts, this neat, stylish deli-café does the obvious things (like all-day eggs Benedict and sharing platters at lunch) – but it does them very capably.

Fine local ingredients underpin the little cheffy flourishes that owner Joe Hepworth brings to his gussied-up sandwiches of, say, fish goujons with homemade tartare sauce or fried chicken with chipotle salsa.

From £4.50. Five foodie places to try This food court rotates six new street food vans every two months, offering a variety of cuisines in one handy spot. Supper Clubs Look out for , and . This wine store that prides itself on its global approach to fermented grape juice. It also carries a selection of Yorkshire gins.

This health-food store and deli is a fine place to browse Yorkshire produce. One of the UK’s first dedicated craft beer bars. Head here for an unparalleled beer selection. Read our other city guides... Have we missed anywhere? Let us know in the comments below... All recommendations have been reviewed and approved as of 5 September 2018 and will be checked and updated annually.

If you think there is any incorrect or out-of-date information in this guide please email us at

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