Best date spots west seattle

best date spots west seattle

You “can't go wrong” with the “comforting” handmade pastas or “clever combinations” on menus that “change regularly” at Ethan Stowell's pasta-centric spots. Belltown’s “cool, industrial” dining room attracts a young, “hip, hip, hip” crowd for “intimate dates” , or a “fun” , “noisy” night at the communal table, while Capitol Hill is a “great spot for groups” ; P.S. both are open until 11 PM nightly. Le Pichet. French · Pike Place Market · $$ prices and “exemplary” service, it's a favorite in Seattle. Voilà! Bistrot.

best date spots west seattle

By Rachel Belle My first date ever was very romantic. I was 14 years old and I went on a double date with my best friend and two guys who were also best friends. We went to the movies and saw the most romantic movie one could imagine for a first date: The Jerky Boys Movie.

[insert sarcasm here] That relationship ended four months later and I can’t help but blame our crude beginning. But does the location of a first date really matter? The dating site surveyed its users and then announced the Top 10 First Date Spots in Seattle.

Number one on the list? Safeco Field. Siiri Sampson’s first date with Harrison was at a Mariners game. They met online, so the first time they officially met was at Safeco. But the date did not get off to a great start. “This is last September 11th and so it was the 10 year anniversary.

There was this huge, solemn ceremony that they did at the beginning that lasted 20 minutes. Which is not a great way to start a first date. The night before happened to be a girlfriend’s 30th birthday and we all went out and had a little bit too much to drink. So I woke up in the morning and I have, maybe, the worst hangover I’ve ever had in my entire life. Oh, and I’m late, on top of that, and I haven’t taken a shower, so this is going really well!” But despite an initial roll of the eyes from Harrison, the date went really well.

“We ended up talking about all the things you aren’t supposed to talk about on a first date: Religion and politics and philosophy and past relationships and marriage.

All the things you don’t want to lay out on the table, first thing.” Almost a year later, the two are totally in love and Siiri says Safeco Field definitely has a special place in their hearts. “For Christmas, I got Harrison and I these matching bracelets. They have on them, the longitude and latitude coordinates of home plate at Safeco Field as sort of an homage to where we started.

It did make it special because when we go there, we think ‘That’s really where we did first meet.'” The 9th most popular place in Seattle to take a first date: Dick’s Drive-In. “It was really late one night and it was Halloween of 1987,” says Carrie Clogston. “I was 17 years old and I was at Dick’s Drive-In on 45th.” Carrie didn’t plan on having a first date that night, but… “Repeatedly, this very inebriated, slimy, man kept stumbling over to me and I kept lying to him and telling him I had a boyfriend.

Carrie & David Clogston The next time he stumbled over, after his fifth attempt, I turned around and in line there were four men.

I scanned all four of them and I picked one and I said ‘You’re here!’ and he gave me a big hug and I said ‘Pretend to be my boyfriend’ and he put his arm around me and that was that.” They exchanged numbers and were married four years later. This year marks 25 years since their accidental first date. “It’s such a silly sort of circumstance that turned into such a really important event in my life.

So, yeah, Dick’s Drive-In is very meaningful.” And they celebrate their anniversary accordingly. “One Halloween, David and I dressed like Dick’s workers. We had the Dick’s t-shirt and the little hats and fake cheeseburgers. We’ve been back a number of times on Halloween with the girls to take pictures.” Carrie and David’s story even landed her a spot in a Dick’s TV commercial. “I was 23 and my lines were really silly.

I mean, it was like ‘Really late one night, I met my husband David at Dick’s.’ Then I had to roll my eyes and say, ‘It was destiny!'” Top Ten most Popular First Date Destinations (according to a survey done by ) 1. Safeco field 2. Alki Beach Park 3. Pike Place Market 4.

Discovery Park 5. Pacific Science Center 6. Bauhaus Books & Coffee 7. Pike Street Fish Fry 8. La Carta de Oaxaca 9. Dick’s Drive-In 10.

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best date spots west seattle

best date spots west seattle - Best Places to Watch New Year's Eve Fireworks in Seattle

best date spots west seattle

With so many great places to eat and drink in Seattle and beyond, how do you plan the perfect date? Depends, of course, what you have in mind — whether it’s a getting-to-know-and-hopefully-like-you foray for cocktails or something a little (or a lot) more serious. Here are 20 ideas for the two of you, from a few of the usual romantic suspects to stuff you might never think to do.

Just drinks Foreign National on Capitol Hill: It’s a tiny spot, so you have to get cozy. It’s retro-glam, like you’ve magically transported your date to a much more interesting place and time. The drinks are , and the snacks are from its sibling, the great Stateside (get the curry puffs!). And it’s very dark, so inadvertent — or advertent — touching just might occur. (300 E. Pike St., Seattle; no phone, ) — Bethany Jean Clement (From left) Julia Lymar and Yanis Matison play pinball in the back room at Shorty’s in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.

• • • • • • • • Daphne’s in Edmonds: Don’t pick the obvious. The impressive date places are those that show you put thought into it, like this in the North End, with eight bar stools, the Rat Pack crooning over the speakers and avuncular barman Desmond van Rensburg slinging martinis. He always remembers your first name. (415½ Main St., Edmonds; — Tan Vinh Sun Liquor on Capitol Hill: Few venues are better suited for dates than Sun Liquor Lounge.

It’s dark but not divey, intimate but not so romantic as to be intimidating for strangers to meet. Grab a table at one of the dim nooks or cozy up to the bar, where cocktails are well-crafted, creative and cheap. (607 Summit Ave. E., Seattle; 206-860-1130, . Note: Don’t get this confused with Sun Liquor Distillery.) — T.V. JarrBar in Pike Place Market: This sits on the back side of the market, the best-kept secret in the most touristy of destinations. JarrBar, all 470 feet of it, channels the Mediterranean.

Think all those lovely, tiny bars down those winding, cobblestone alleys in Madrid. (1432 Western Ave., Seattle; 206-209-2239, ) — T.V.

First date Mbar in South Lake Union: Arriving for a date at involves an elevator ride to the 14th floor, a trip down a long, windowed hallway bathed in violet light, and a spectacular view. On a nice day, you can sit on the rooftop and huddle by a fire pit, sipping cocktails and munching on some sophisticated comfort food. And if the date goes poorly, at least you have that view. (400 Fairview Ave.

N., Seattle; 206-457-8287, ) — Paige Collins Little Gull on Lake Union: How your date reacts to the notion of is telling: You’re looking for “Yes?!?!?” or “YESSSSS!” (“Ewww!” indicates a lack of adventurousness of which you want no part.) And Little Gull’s marble-topped bar, twinkly candles and lovely lakeside location make the adventure perfectly romantic in a low-key way. (Westward, 2501 N. Northlake Way, Seattle; 206-552-8215, ) — B.J.C. The Terrace Lounge downtown: Find a couch or a loveseat in the classically elegant lobby of the 1924 Fairmont Olympic Hotel, order a couple martinis and some fancy snacks, and show your date how luxurious life with you can be (at least temporarily).

Hell, if it goes well, get a room! (Fairmont Olympic Hotel, 411 University St., Seattle; 206-621-1700, ) — B.J.C. Little Tin Goods & Apothecary Cabinet in Ballard: This new bar looks like it had “date place” as a guiding phrase when the staff came up with it.

There’s a “meet me in the arbor at midnight on the next full moon” vibe to it. Soft circles of light shine from the Tiffany-style lamps. Get under the iron trellis and leafy plants and clink coupes of cava.

For $32 a bottle, it won’t break the bank. (5335 Ballard Ave. N.W., Seattle; 206-268-0143, ) — T.V. Most Read Life Stories • • • • • The proposal Altura or Dick’s Drive-In on Capitol Hill: The couple that runs Altura met in line at Dick’s Drive-In, five blocks down Broadway.

If the two of you did, too, then by all means, propose over a yellow-paper-wrapped cheeseburger; otherwise, consider springing for the prix fixe at their intimate, stellar spot. (Altura, 617 Broadway E., Seattle; 206-402-6749, ) (Dick’s Drive-In, six locations; ) — B.J.C. Canlis on Aurora: It’s Seattle’s — and for good reason. As you sit side by side at a table covered in a perfectly ironed white tablecloth, take in the lake view and the room full of well-groomed servers and customers alike.

The food coming out of 30-year-old chef Brady Williams’ kitchen will happily keep you there for hours. Surrounded by elegance, you’ll feel so yourself, bringing all the confidence you need to pop the question. (2576 Aurora Ave.

N, Seattle; 206-283-3313, ) — P.C. Cafe Juanita in Kirkland: Set in a midcentury home in a lovely little bit of Kirkland woods, tranquil, sleek Cafe Juanita has been making special occasions more special since the year 2000. You can’t go wrong with the Northern Italian cuisine made with exquisite local ingredients, and the caviar-and-Champagne tasting menu has “Yes!” written all over it.

(9702 N.E. 120th Place, Kirkland; 425-823-1505, ) — B.J.C. Willows Inn on Lummi Island: Arguably the pinnacle of Pacific Northwest cuisine, the Willows Inn just feels magical — the alchemy on your plate, the gorgeous yet unpretentious dining room, the views of trees and water and sky. Getting here on a tiny, picturesque ferry is part of the loveliness, and you’re only going to do this once (hopefully), so be sure to book a room (and do not skip the glorious breakfast).

(2579 W. Shore Drive, Lummi Island; 360-758-2620, ) — B.J.C. Long-term relationship FlintCreek Cattle Co. in Greenwood: You’ve had steak together before, but how about venison loin, fennel-braised shoulder of wild boar, or bison short rib?

Change it up at this lively, loftlike new sibling of celebrated RockCreek — all the meat comes from scrupulous, small-scale ranches. (8421 Greenwood Ave. N., Seattle; 206-457-5656, ) — B.J.C. Bruciato on Bainbridge: Even for the umpteenth time, there’s something romantic about the ferry — and they now have Sofia Coppola sparkling wine in the galley to start your date out right. On the other side, walk up to brand-new Bruciato for wood-fired Neapolitan pizza from the same chef as Hitchcock.

On the way back, more bubbles — why not? (236 Winslow Way E., Bainbridge Island; 206-201-3462, ) — B.J.C. Island Soul in Columbia City: With tropical-bright walls (and a rum bar!) bringing sunshine to the exposed brick, this mini-holiday in the Caribbean has been a favorite date place for some for years. If you’ve never been, grab someone good and go — as they put it, “You’ll never forget your first time!” (and, they promise, “You’ll be back for more”). (4869 Rainier Ave.

S., Seattle, 206-329-1202; ) — B.J.C. Lionhead on Capitol Hill: Chinese food may not sound exciting, but Lionhead’s Sichuan-inspired food made with carefully sourced, high-quality ingredients is really, truly thrilling. Acclaimed chef Jerry Traunfeld promises “deep flavors from fermented tofu and aged hot bean paste; sourness from pickles and black vinegar; notes from ginger, sweet spice and toasted sesame paste; and the wonderful fragrance and strange numbing quality of the Sichuan peppercorn” — and he delivers.

(No actual delivery is available, but if the bustling dining room with the red lanterns is too busy for you, get takeout and light some candles at home.) (618 Broadway E., Seattle; 206-922-3326, ) — B.J.C.

Treat yourself — flying solo Goldfinch Tavern downtown: The seats at the central bar of this Ethan Stowell restaurant in the posh Four Seasons are extra-cushy (be sure to choose one with a Puget Sound view), and nobody looks askance at solo diners at a hotel. While you’re here, you can pretend you’re visiting from somewhere, anywhere, else.

Order whatever you want — you deserve a vacation. (Four Seasons Hotel Seattle, 99 Union St., Seattle; 206-749-7070, ) — B.J.C. Cafe Presse on Capitol Hill: It’s never awkward to be by yourself at this lovely but casual spot; they even sell magazines, in case you want a little silent, glossy companionship. And even the simplest stuff on the French menu here is so simply delicious, you really won’t want someone to share it with.

(1117 12th Ave., Seattle; 206-709-7674, ) — B.J.C. Canon on Capitol Hill/Central District: Have a dram from one of . On Valentine’s Day, come solo for another reason. Squirt guns are placed between every two seats. Bartenders are armed with super soakers. The mandate: Shower any lovebird who shows affection.

“If you want to sit in a booth and hold hands with your significant other and whisper sweet nothings and share a glass of Champagne with one another, is the wrong place to be,” warned co-owner Jamie Boudreau.

The V-Day drink special “will be something bitter.” (928 12th Ave., Seattle; ) — T.V. Shorty’s in : It’s an oasis, where you’re perfectly accepted the way you are.

You’re left to your own devices. Play pinball. Wolf down a hot dog. Order a cheap whiskey. Chase it with a slushy. Or hide away in the back bar. , a soul of Old Belltown. In this time of wealth and high-rises, it’s comforting to know you still have Shorty’s to turn to. (2222 Second Ave., Seattle; 206-441-5449, ) — T.V.

best date spots west seattle

• • • • • As a single girl and arguably serial dater, I'm well aware of the fact that finding quality men in this city can be quite the feat. However, with Valentines Day creeping up fast, regardless of where you find yourself in relationship-land, these Seattle date spots will give you some new ideas of how to enjoy the city with that special someone.

Whether you've been married for 20 years, or on your fourth date, this cozy yet romantic restaurant is one of Seattle's best-kept secrets.

You will not only be immediately greeted at the door by Italian native Chef Mike, but feel completely at home while he asks you about food preferences and how your day was. Since there is no menu, the wine is paired and poured for you, as course after course brings a new delicious surprise. To add to the fun, you have the option to be serenaded table-side by a wonderful opera singer equipped with beautiful Italian arias.

No matter how the date goes, you'll be leaving with a happily full stomach and a smile. Be warned however, Chef Mike remembers almost every person that comes in and out of his door so if you bring multiple dates there, be prepared to be called out! (Not that that's happened to me) If you're in the earlier stages of a relationship and want to have the opportunity to chat and get to know your date better, visiting one of Seattle's most famous viewpoint in Queen Anne will definitely do the trick.

No matter what time of day or night, the twinkling skyline on one side and the water with countless boats and ferries traveling about, would take anyone's breath away. Bringing a picnic (weather permitted) is a great way for the men to score some extra points as well. Take in the gorgeous view together and see where it goes! For the daredevil in you or for putting your date to the test, bring them to this exciting (and somewhat terrifying) trapeze class tucked away in SODO.

A small group of willing participants get step by step instructions of how to literally do a full-on trapeze catch. With completion of the first step being mandatory in order to proceed to the next, this challenge will really bring out the competitor in you and your partner. There is a safety net at the bottom with trained experts talking you through every step of the way, but especially if you're afraid of heights, this could serve as a great bonding experience for your special someone (they even have special Valentine's Day ).

I wouldn't suggest eating a large meal before attempting this feat however. Saving dinner for afterwards would be a much smarter move. In the mood for enjoying some live music with your sweetheart? You can never go wrong with The Triple Door. Their upstairs lounge, smoothly illuminated by a massive aquarium juxtaposed with the dark lighting and a wrap around bar creates a dreamy atmosphere. Enjoy a cocktail with local music upstairs or get a ticket to the main stage show where cozy booths and delicious food make every seat the best one in the house.

Tucked away behind a vault door beside an old rotary phone inside Capitol Hill's Tavern Law, this old-style speak easy is quite possibly one of Seattle's coolest spots. While you need reservations in advance to get in, once permitted, you're guided up a winding wooden staircase and immediately emerge into the 1920's.

After scoring one of the only 25 seats in the bar, your cocktail is made simply from the bartender hearing your choice of spirit and what flavor profiles you enjoy. The dimly lit room, old time artifacts that gleam inside the tables, and the intimate exclusivity of Needle and Thread will make any couple feel like a they took a sexy trip to the past.

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