Best date vox amp serial number

best date vox amp serial number

Dating VOX products can be very difficult. VOX did not observe or utilize standard dating procedures nor does the serial numbers,. United States SiteMap Terms & Conditions Copyright © VOX Amplification Ltd. United States Terms & Conditions SiteMap. Copyright © VOX Amplification. Thank you very much. Originally posted by gethsemane no, no, no. This is a forum where we study the effects of politics and pornography. I never did figure out why it was under the 'guitar' heading, though. _

best date vox amp serial number

The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. We've added some "new" guys to the moderator crew. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel.

A special thank you to the 'new' guys that helping out. The new moderators are Mike Duncan, Stormin, ford, Teleplayer, and PurpleJesus A thread on the announcement is ! Ive been looking all over online trying to find out what year this Vox AC 30 I just got from a buddy was made. It seems not to fit all of the spec i have been reading and looks like a early to mid 70s ac 30. I dont have an exact pic i will post one as soon as i can but, i found a pic of one with the same control panel.

The cabinet it is in i know is not original, its from the late 80s. So i cant use that but it does have alnico silvers in it. Its looks like this Except mine is tube rectified. Ive seen pics with ones like this with no a vox product under the voltage selector and all have been ss rectified. the date ranges from 72 to a late 80s reissue. Im at a loss to figure out what year this is. Thanks for the help! Ive been to that site the info there isn't detailed enough. From the info i saw there it says that the type of voltage selector started to be used by 1975 but they didn't have the rectifier tube then.

From 1970 to 73 it was printed circuit board mine is hand wired. Ive found pics were people have said that ones with my features is a late 60s and i have also seen pics that match my control panel from what is listed as a late 80 reissue but it was ss rectified not tube like mine.

That pic i used the owner says is a late 80s reissue but I'm not sure that is right. Looks like I'm gonna have to try and date the pots again i didn't have luck the first time i did that. There are other visual clues.

Let's start with the control panel: Most of them, older and newer, have "A Vox Product" print in them right somewhere in the corner. Except for that supposedly late 1980's amp (@ Chambonino, right?) ...which also uses tagboard construction while pretty much all other AC30 revisions at the time were using circuit boards. Tube rectification... Layout wise one of the reasons why they made a choice to get rid of it is making room for a sixth preamp tube.

How did they solve this in your amp? Does it have six preamp tubes or five? Does the tube rectification even look like Vox factory job, where they likely would have used the usual rectifier mounting hole, which they still left to amps that used silicon rectifiers. Anyway, Rose, Morris & Co. used several different contract manufacturers for AC30 lineup and as you probably know already, the AC30 amp has been constantly under somekind of revisioning ever since it was conceived.

Second clue is a very basic one: Does your amplifier have that plate behind it that usually says something like "A Vox Product...

a product of blablablabla and other blablabla". This usually indicates who actually made the amplifier, Vox, that's just a trademark. Knowing who owned the trademark at the time when the amp was built is already a head start in dating it to certain era. If it's from 1980's the documented history probably doesn't even cover each and every revision of the AC30 and each and every contract manufacturer who was hired to make them. Yeah mine doesn't have the a vox product on the front plate.

One reason i don't believe the one that is in that pic i posted is from the late 80s, no IEC plug. Mine looks very similar in construction lots of the same color wire in the same places. Mine and that one both used older style components they wouldn't have used them while there were much cheaper stuff available at the time if it was a late 80s reissue. I attached pics of mine.

I have no rear plate on the back panel the cab isn't original it has a cut out on the right side where a plate attached to the chassis would have info and the plug for the power cable. I have 6 preamp tubes and the rectifier isn't in its normal spot compared to others. I did notice on that red capacitor on the bottom left corner on the lower tag board has may 730 on it. So I'm leaning toward 73 model.

best date vox amp serial number

best date vox amp serial number - How To Date A Marshall Amp

best date vox amp serial number

Original 1963 fawn Vox AC-30 amplifier head. Early Vox AC-30 heads are rare enough, but to find one 100% original in fawn is becoming almost impossible. This amp is completely intact and still retains; original fawn tolex and original era appropriate grill cloth (still has original gold piping!), original candy panel control plate, all 3 original matching Woden transformers, 99% of the original capacitors/transistors, all original pots and wiring, original hardware, original chicken head knobs, and original JMI tremelo/vibrato footswitch!

The chassis serial number is XXXXX, which indicates a 1963 production date. The cabinet serial number (which is always different from it's corresponding original chassis) is 604, which renders this the EARLIEST AC-30 cabinet of it's type according to the "experts." Various capacitors have a 1963 date code as well.

This amp sounds absolutely incredible. The "Brilliant" channel has the sweetest and most musical natural gain of any AC-30. It is loud with plenty of headroom, yet sounds MUCH better than your typical AC-30.

Of the 50 Vox amps we have had in our personal possession, this is probably the best. It has the creamy overdrive of a Marshall 18-watt Bluesbreaker, while producing substantially more serious highs complemented by mic-blowing lows.

The "Vib-Trem" channel sounds just as good but features the best amp Leslie-like Vibrato ever available built in to an amp. The normal channel produces slightly less output, but due to it's originality and sonic quality of the other channels, we have been reluctant to perform an unnecessary service.

Electronically, the amp is 99% original. All of the important components are original to this amp. The only changed electronic parts are; the speaker output jack (changed from the 5-pin to a more practical quarter inch), the power cable, and ONLY two capacitors.

Otherwise the inside of the amp looks just as it did the day it was made. Cosmetically, the amp is completely original except for the small Vox logo. Otherwise, the amp is physically 100% original including; tolex, grill cloth, handle (with early Marshall-style brackets), candy panel, knobs, chrome feet, back panel, Vox serial number plate, and screws.

The condition of the fawn tolex is very nice. It has aged attractively and appears to be evenly discolored by smoke. The grill cloth is also in pretty good condition, but does exhibit the typical fraying and wear that Vox's commonly display.

There are several large scratches on the back that have not compromised the integrity of the tolex, and although the scratches appear to have not damaged the Vox serial number plate, the scratches do NOT continue under the panel. • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

best date vox amp serial number

The VX I is the best-sounding practice amplifiers from VOX yet! This amp combines a number of exceptional features to yield a new practice amplifier that produces an impressive variety of serious guitar tones.

Making its debut in the VX Series, VOX’s new VET (Virtual Element Technology) modeling technology offers the most accurate amplifier models to date.

By carefully analyzing the circuit design components used in classic American and British tube amplifiers, VX amplifiers offer tones that are reminiscent of some of the most coveted tube amplifiers of all time! In addition to the amp models, VX amps feature a complement of classic effects, including four types of modulation and four types of delay & reverb. Additional features like an FET-based analog power amp design, a unique-bass reflex structure, and a sealed, one-piece speaker enclosure result in an extraordinary playing experience!

VX II The VX II features 30 Watts of power and comes equipped with a USB port, JamVOX III and the new VOX Tone Room software for deep editing of your favorite amp models and effects. • 30 Watts; 8” Custom VOX Speaker • New VET modeling technology; Analog power amp • 11 coveted amp models; 8 classic effects; USB out

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