Best date winchester rifles by serial number

best date winchester rifles by serial number

Winchester Rifles Winchester .22 Rim Fire Winchester Shotguns Winchester Research Surveys Winchester Memorabilia Winchester Military Arms Winchester Shooting and Hunting Winchester Sights Winchester Swap Meet Restoration, Repair and Maintenance The Winchester Collector Magazine. Problems Bugs and Fixes Hello Folks, I've been attempting to determine the approximate date of manufacture of my late production Winchester ( USRA ) Model 94 ( AE, of course ) Trapper Carbine, serial # 61734XX ?. USRA's serial numbers. This is very sad, as I'm certain that there's a good number of Model 94 owners & collectors who would just love to determine exactly what year their Winchester's were produced.

best date winchester rifles by serial number

To the maximum extent possible, the dates of manufacture shown were obtained from the original Winchester Factory Polishing Room serialization records; otherwise estimates were made using multiple sources of information (e.g. George Madis, Ned Schwing, etc.), in which case the data was extrapolated to the best of our ability. This information is no substitute for obtaining a Winchester Factory Letter from the (available for certain models and serial ranges) which in addition to the Serial Number Application Date, normally provide the original Received In Warehouse Date and Date Shipped from Winchester factory.

For purposes of determining if your gun is legally considered an “antique” (pre-1899 DOM), the BATF has told us they use the DOM dates published by the manufacture (Winchester).

Those dates coincide with the Madis dates and can be viewed on Winchester’s site at: If you would like to obtain factory research on your Winchester, we urge you to and the . WACA members who are also CFM Members will receive 15 additional record searches on top of the regular quantity of searches included in the standard CFM membership package, regardless of membership level.

best date winchester rifles by serial number

best date winchester rifles by serial number - Winchester model 69a serial number?

best date winchester rifles by serial number

Your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made during the War years of 1943-1948.Winchester did not keep records of the model 1894 production during this time span.Serial number 1,287,469 was the last recorded at the end of 1942.In 1949 they choose to start at serial number 1,500,000.Your serial number f … alls into this range.I would further guess that 1944 would be the correct year,but that is only a guess.

best date winchester rifles by serial number

I have a Winchester model 94 serial # 2775xx3. The chart in this thread for serial # id show a lapse between 64 and 65 models. The 65 models all start with 279 and the 64 models were all below 2,700,000. Is there an explanation for that.

I am a newbie to the forum so any help is wonderful. I am thinking of trading the rifle for a 270 or 308 but want to verify its value. Thanks Winchester made a lot of changes in their guns in 1964, mostly to cut manufacturing costs. They put a big jump in their serial number sequence which shows the restart with what are really new models, even though under the same old names.

Yours is one of the redos and is therfore less valuable than a "pre '64." 1922 - No gun can be evaluated w/o a full description of it's factory features and the remaining % of original factory finish on wood/metal, including any known defects like rust, cracks, dents, and it's mechanical operating condition.

It could be a rusted $50 tomato stake Standard Carbine, or a $10-20,000 Special Order Deluxe Rifle in pristine condition - you didn't say. . There are no SN records for the Model 94AE, since the Winchester records were turned over to BATF with the closing of the Winchester plant in New Haven, CT in 2006, and they aren't talkin'.

The 16", .44 Mag (aka:Trapper) Model 94AE was introduced in 1986, well before your SN - so the best you could do would be to narrow down the period: 94AE- no safety (1983-92), 94AE-CBS(1992-2003), 94AE-tang safety(2003-06). . This email link is to reach site administrators for assistance, if you cannot access TFL via other means. If you are a TFL member and can access TFL, please do not use this link; instead, use the forums (like Questions, Suggestions, and Tech Support) or PM an appropriate mod or admin.

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