Best dating 2 weeks valentines day offer

best dating 2 weeks valentines day offer

Valentine week dates and Schedule consists of Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and the last huge Valentine Day. Almost a couple, Husband & Wife, Boyfriends or Girlfriend will be waiting for this week send their valentine a happy valentine’s day wishes & spend this wonderful day with them. This Valentine week starts from 7th of February Month to the 21st of February. Here is Valentine’s Week List 2019. Valentine’s Week List 2019 | Dates Schedule: 1st Day Valentine. Rose Day. Thursday. 7th February 2019. 2nd Day of Valentine. Propose Day. Fr .

best dating 2 weeks valentines day offer

Why celebrate only a day for the most romantic event of the year? Valentine’s Day seemed to be the expected day throughout the year for the couples, but isn’t it too short to be spent on just a single day? Why not spend it for one whole week? Apparently, there is a Valentines Week. They exchange their love and happiness on this day and the relationship will be built stronger. If the relationship is going to last forever, celebrating a day of happiness wouldn’t be enough.

Let’s get to know about . Valentines Week 2019 Celebrate and spread the love throughout the week. That’s the concept of Valentines week. To extend the romance and excitement that prevails during the Valentines Day. It is celebrated from 7 th February to 14 th February.

Valentine Week 2019 Schedule Date Name of the day 7th February Rose Day 8th February Propose Day 9th February Chocolate Day 10th February Teddy Day 11th February Promise Day 12th February Hug Day 13th February Kiss Day 14th February Valentines Day As listed above, each day has its own significance.

We will discuss each and every day in detail. Rose Day: Roses are the symbol of love. We have many descriptions for various colours of rose and tips to propose with rose. The first day of Valentines week should start with the romantic scene. Propose your love with the most adorable gift. It doesn’t matter how many rose you have in mind.

A single or a bunch will do the same effect. Also Read: . Propose Day: It is not love if you don’t propose. Proposal is the ways of letting your loved one know about the affection and love you have on them. Since this is the first step of your healthy relationship that will last forever, be more lovable and romantic.

so that the memory will be preserved for your entire lifetime. Think creatively and surprise your dear ones with the best proposal. Chocolate Day: Have you heard the statement that “Girls doesn’t need Gold, Silver, Diamonds but Chocolates”? It is true. this may sound silly, but that’s the fact.

Girls will go crazy for chocolates. Why don’t you try to impress your girl with chocolates? Happiness will be guaranteed 😉 Also Read: . Teddy Day: Teddy bear also has a special place in your woman’s heart. Especially teddy dolls that are soft and cuddly will be the best preference. On teddy day. surprise your girl with a Teddy bear stuff toy and get more kisses buddy. Promise Day: Now we have entered into emotional zone. Promises are to be kept and not to be just told. If you have anything left unsaid for a long time, use this day as an opportunity and make a promise that will touch your loved one’s heart.

Hug Day: This is a very interesting day to be celebrated. Both of you would have had many arguments and disagreements due to misunderstandings. Hugging is the thing to do to let go of bad feelings. Use it to start over again and to kiss and make up. You don’t have to express verbally, a warm and tight hug says it all. Kiss Day: A gentle kiss on the forehead means everything to the girl. Kiss isn’t always related to intimacy. It sometimes defines the sign of love.

Kiss your partner with real love and remind her of your love for her. Valentines Day: And here comes the hero of our show. The long awaited valentines day arrives after 7 days with full anticipation and joy. Since, you have been waiting for this day to celebrate, make it more memorable with gifts, surprises, tours and gestures of love.

You can gift your partner with innovative ideas and mostly the gifts that are given out of personal interest such as letter, handmade articles will have more attraction and love for you. Happy Valentines Week

best dating 2 weeks valentines day offer

best dating 2 weeks valentines day offer - valentine week list 2019 Date Schedule Rose Day Propose Day Chocolate Day Hug Day Full List

best dating 2 weeks valentines day offer

Love Comes Through the Stomach If love comes through the stomach, then where does it end? Joke:) Bring life to romance. Let the old saying ” Love comes from the stomach ” to be your motto this Valentine’s Day. Traditionally Valentine’s Day is one of those days in the year when restaurant owner expect a big crowd in restaurants around the world. While many people will argue that Valentine’s Day is the product of American consumer society, and that day has been invented to make people spend all their money and for traders to get more profit, this holiday is truly traditional and dates back to the Roman era.

Today’s Valentine’s Day that we celebrate on 14th February, dates from the third century, the time of the Roman Empire. Emperor Claudius II forbade to soldiers to marry to prevent them to be tied to their family and, therefore, avoid going to war.

All priests except one – called Valentin compiled the emperor’s command. This priest resisted to the Emperor’s decision and keep on marrying young couples secretly.

After they discover this disobedience Valentin has been imprisoned, and on 14th February executed. Soon, he has been declared as a saint and lovers around the globe still celebrate this day of love every February every year.

Why Valentine ‘s day is so Important for Restaurants Valentine ‘s Day is for many people the perfect opportunity to prove their love. Some of them will only buy some gift to their beloved while others will bring their loved one to dinner in a romantic restaurant. But one thing is sure, for those who are in love more or less is very important to spice up their love with delicious food and pleasant flavor of the wine. Let your restaurant be their choice where they can enjoy in privacy. And yes they love to spend a lot of money during Valentines holiday.

Just take a look at these statistics: • The average annual Valentine’s Day spending is $ 13.19 billion dollars. • Amount that average consumer spends on Valentine’s Day is $ 116.21 • 61.8 % of consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day • 34.6 % of consumers who celebrate Valentine’s Day will go out to have dinner in restaurants. It’s now clear that Valentine’s Day is great opportunity to attract new guests in your restaurant.

If you did not have success last year, read some ideas for your restaurant promotion on Valentine’s day and don’t let that failure happen again. I will give you more then love cards in February, I will write about news of restaurant promotion on Valentine day. Probably most restaurants have an offer that really fits for lovers, which is really cool, but is this offer good enough to fully satisfy them on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine ‘s Day is the perfect opportunity to introduce your guests with your offer and to give them unforgettable experience and a romantic evening in your restaurant. People, regardless of whether they are old or young are always in demand for new special events and experiences, and for their money they demand more, not only good food but also the appropriate ambiance and something special.

Valentine ‘s Day is an event when your restaurant simply must be changed into the love nest. If some couple regularly visits your restaurant, it means that they feel comfortable in it and that they like specialties that your restaurant offers.

Probably the same couple will decide to have dinner at your restaurant on Valentine ’s Day so it is very important that you offer something unexpected and unusual. It would not be nice and not fair to them to offer the same atmosphere that your restaurant provides every day.

Are you missing fresh ideas for restaurant promotion on Valentine ’s Day? There are so many ways to attract new guests on this special day. I’ll write about ideas for restaurant promotion that are easily applicable to all restaurants with large and small capacity. Enough reasons to start your marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day? Planning on Time is Very Important! People around the world celebrating this special day. If you’ve decided to organize something special for your guests on Valentine’s Day, then let’s make really special day in your restaurant.

All actions should be well planned. From “menu for lovers” to decorations. Everything is important, every detail. If you start planning Valentine’s Day on time, then you can expect that traffic will increase and good results will not fail. Write a list, underline the priorities and go to action.

Start Promotion of Valentine’s Day Offer in January It would be the best to start restaurant promotion for Valentine Day at the end of January. Fifteen to twenty days will be enough to inform potential guests about your special offer. In this way, you will ensure that every table in your restaurant would be booked in advance, which allows you better organization and good preparation for this special day. Use few different methods for .Promote a special offer through all available advertising channels, your restaurant website, social networks, radio commercials and printed materials.

Start with ” Happy Valentine’s Day ” and then proceed with a description of the story that you will give to your guests at the Valentine’s Day party. • Encourage your guests to make reservations, and offer discounts for first 30 booked reservations for Valentine’s Day. • Visit the companies and stores in your neighborhood with a basket filled with small symbolic gifts and inform them about your restaurant offer.

• Set the ad about your offer for Valentine’s Day in front of the restaurant so that passers would be able to see it easily. Get dressed one of your employees into a big walking heart that will distribute leaflets about the special offer for Valentine’s Day. Passers attention – which are your potential customers will not fail. Online Promotion of Valentine’s Day Offer Allow to your potential guests to book their favorite table in your restaurant via the Internet.

In everyday life every minute which you can save is precious, and people ” save time” wherever it’s possible. Online bookings are ideal for saving time, and everyone will gladly use this option. For Valentine’s Day, when you expect a lot of guests, this option is a big relief to you either. A well -conceived, strategic online marketing for booking through the web can double the traffic in your restaurant. Successful caterers use online advertising for restaurant promotion in their daily work.

Do not forget to advertise your special offer for Valentine’s Day via the web, Social networks, Facebook, Google +, Twitter and specialized Internet portals like Urban spoon, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Groupon, etc.

Allow to your customers to get extra discounts on a particular offer when using online booking on those sites. This should be hot news at your website, If you have a restaurant mobile application you should use it to advertise special discounts and offers managed only for users of your restaurant mobile application. Send Greeting Cards to Your Guests You certainly have in your database contact information about couples who often come in your restaurant together or your guest that you know that they are in a love relationship.

Send them greeting cards for Valentine’s Day. This can be done by mail or email depending on what kind of contact information is available. Let the greeting card remain greeting card, not an advertisement for restaurant offer. Only at the end of your greeting card instead of “bye” you can write something like: “Free champagne for couples during the Valentine’s Day dinner in our restaurant”.

They will become interested in your special offer. Designing the Special Offer for Valentine’s Day Your Valentine’s Day offer must be so attractive that your guests must fall in love with it and they will not find any better way to spend Valentine’s Day than dining in your restaurant with style!

Ensure that your restaurant’s special offer is romantic, attractive, unique.You could also offer to your guest Valentine ‘s Prix Fixe Menu, different combinations of food, for one price. Love is in the air. Creativity is in the air and has no limits.

Be sure that your restaurant decorations and dishes that you offer are marked by love. There is no food that can not be served or prepared in a way to look like a symbol of love – heart. See examples on those pictures. With a little imagination, knowledge and skills, which I believe that your chef already had, he or she can make these little masterpieces.

Let’s make your special offer for Valentine’s Day really special. Include in your Valentine ’s Day offer world ‘s famous drinks and foods that contain ingredients that are known as aphrodisiacs. Special cocktails, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks with beautiful colors poured into interesting glasses, lots of chocolate and cakes that are heart shaped with a lot of whipped cream.

Also, you should put in offer meals that can be eaten from one common plate. Tip: Offer to your guests a free glass of champagne during dinner, put candles and flowers on the table, play romantic music and dim the lights. Your guests will be happy and in love again in this romantic atmosphere. When we talk about prices of special offer make it acceptable. Although this is a day when many of us want to reward themselves and our loved ones with delightful dinner and do not think about prices this day too much, do not make it too expensive.

You should be satisfied if you have reservations for every table in the restaurant. Be sure to justify this with good food, great service, and excellent atmosphere. Free Wine Tasting on Valentine’s Day Make your guests intoxicated with love and wine. This kind of celebration of Valentine’s Day is one of the best celebrations for most of the couples I know.

That should not be news for you, Few glasses of wine will surely intensify the emotions of your guests and atmosphere will be perfect. It is quite easy to in your restaurant. This certainly promises good fun and that is what we all want right? Include Small Gifts in Your Offer Do not offer traditional surprises this year like flowers, cards or chocolates in the shape of a heart. Instead of that offer to your guests something absolutely different.

Fill some decorative gift bag with surprises such as adult toys, sexy books, and romantic underwear. Ensure discretion and privacy – every gift should be wrapped in opaque decorative paper. Romantic Music for Lovers Dim the lights. Light the candles and decorate tables with flowers.

One of the main factors when creating the desired atmosphere is the music. Depending on the restaurant concept choice of music will be different. Acoustic guitar or piano will be a good choice for classic restaurants. If you would not have live music, make sure that DJ plays only love songs this night.

Leave lovers in privacy. However, guests do not want to listen something that will make them sleepy and badger, play easy, relaxing, romantic music like Sade or George Michael or whatever you think that would be appropriate choice. Restaurant Decoration for Valentine’s Day The decoration of the restaurant for Valentine’s Day you can do by yourself or leave this job to professional decorators. If you work alone, be sure to have a lot of red or pink details, heart shaped items and handful of red roses.

Let your guests feel the warm and romantic atmosphere at the entrance of your restaurant. Many couples would like to crown their love with engagement on this particular day. Make your restaurant perfect place for this events. Red roses and petals of red roses are symbols of love and also my favorite choice for decorations of place and tables. Be sure that the decoration match with the concept of the restaurant. For example, roses will be a good choice for restaurants with full service, while for restaurants that offer fast food red balloons will be a better choice.

Staff can use rose or heart shaped badge pinned to shirt or t-shirt that will serve quite well. Organize Valentine ‘s Day at Weekend For couples who want to celebrate Valentine’s but are unable to go out on 14th February, organize a special offer the weekend before the date. In this way, you provide a celebration for everyone and you’ll have double traffic which guaranteed profits. Also, you can provide Valentine’s Day celebrations for couples who must even this day spend with their children or do not have the option to leave their children somewhere for keeping.

Think about the special offer for these couples which should include entertainment for their children too. Make a list of children’s meal for Valentine’s Day heart-shaped with gifts and surprises. Organize games for kids, balloons, and a chocolate fountain. One part of the restaurant- possibly sufficiently isolated should be adjusted to the children’s needs.

Find person for safekeeping so their parents do not need to think about them, at least not in this special night. Valentine’s Day For Students Young people are full of enthusiasm and are an excellent target group for Valentine’s. However, their budget is limited so most of them can’t afford a romantic dinner. Adjust prices on your special offer for this group. If they enjoy themselves, maybe they will become next generation of your regular guests. Anti-Valentine’s Day There are certainly people who don’t like Valentine’s and can be a target group for owners who are not organizing a special Valentine’s dinner.

This group is large so begin your promotion by launching a competition on Facebook for best breakup story awarding the winner with something special from your offer. Place items such as garlic on your menu and show movies that are not romantic. Motivate customers to bring photos of broken loves and burn them on this day. Possibilities are numerous, but the basic theme is an anti-Valentine’s celebration. So this Valentine’s Day, do not just celebrate your love, give magic and romantic night to your guests.

Choose one or more ways to enrich your restaurant offer and share with us your experience. I wish you to find a love in everyday life! Happy Valentine’s Day!

best dating 2 weeks valentines day offer

Yes we are getting one step closer to 2019! Valentine day is celebrated to cherish each and every special moment of our amazing memories. It is the day to celebrate the warm memories of love of two unknown person who later became one soul. Valentine’s Day is just as excuse to shower some extra love and to more extra romantic to the one person without whom you can’t imagine your life whether she or he may be your Mother or father as we know that our mom and dad are always our first love.

Valentine’s Day is just another day for true lovers who spend each day loving their lovers even more than the day before. But this valentine day is celebrated to overwhelmed the love between two souls who may have journeyed from the toughest days of their life or to them who are newly in love with each other or for them who are true soul mates but can’t get together in this life, Valentine’s day is a reason for everyone who are in love and has taste the sweetest of love and want to celebrate the life with their special one.

If we talk about the 14 th of February Valentine’s day, there are total special 7 days for lovers in the month of February aka week of love also known as Valentine’s love week and February special days which usually starts with Rose Day followed by Propose Day then Chocolate Day then Teddy Day then followed by Promise Day then Hug Day and last but not least Kiss Day and the last main day comes Valentine’s Day. To all those people who don’t know these 7 days of valentine week schedule, For them we have made a easy date sheet of Valentine’s week Days in right order.

Valentines-Week-Days-Date-Sheet-2019 Contents • • • Valentine Week List 2019 Days Happy Valentines Day Dates Valentine’s Week Days Date 2019 7 Days of Valentine Week 7 th Feb 2019 (Thursday) 🌹 Rose Day (1 st Day of Valentine) 8 th Feb 2019 (Friday) 💘 Propose Day (2 nd Day of Valentine) 9 th Feb 2019 (Saturday) 🍫 Chocolate Day (3 rd Day of Valentine) 10 th Feb 2019 (Sunday) 🐻 Teddy Day (4 th Day of Valentine) 11 th Feb 2019 (Monday) 💌 Promise Day (5 th Day of Valentine) 12 th Feb 2019 (Tuesday) 💑 Hug Day (6 th Day of Valentine) 13 th Feb 2019 (Wednesday) 💋 Kiss Day (7 th Day of Valentine) 14 th Feb 2019 (Thursday) 💕 Valentine’s Day (V-day) The Valentine’s week list & their date sheet have their own importance.

Let us exaggerate the truth behind these entire week list and why do we celebrate this 7 days of valentine. 7 Days of Valentine & What We Do On This Days Rose Day 2019: the reason why all the couples whether they are husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, is that it marks the beginning of Valentine’s week on 7 February. A beautiful rose is given to express the feeling of love towards one another. As red is known as the symbol of love, so let’s start the week with expressing love.

Propose Day 2019: It is the second day of Valentine’s week and this day is celebrated on 8 February as the next step. On this day the boyfriends or husbands proposes to their special girlfriend or wife with their own unique & creative style. Chocolate Day 2019: then comes the third day of valentine’s week celebrated on 9 February. After she accepts the proposal, the next day is celebrated by showering some love by giving cute heart shape chocolates.

Teddy Day 2019: after the sweetest chocolate day, their comes teddy day which is the fourth day of valentine’s week which falls on 10 February.

The reason this day is celebrated as one of them express their love with a cute teddy. Promise Day 2019: Promise day follows on 11 February as it is the fifth day of the V. Week and on this day the couples commits their love to each other. Guys promises to be forever together in the form of promise. Hug Day 2019: after promising, then comes hug day which is the sixth day of Valentine week 12 February.

As the name itself describes, the couples have to tightly hug each other. Kiss Day 2019: here comes the kiss day on 13 February which is seventh day of valentine week and it seems that this day the best day as you can ask for your first kiss, if you just propose her. Happy Valentine’s Day 2019: at last the BIG day arrives on 14 February. It is the best most special day for all the lovers, couples and partners as Valentine Day offers each and every one to express their true form of love to someone special.

After showering love for a whole week then comes the main part to those who do not believe in love or the people who make fun of valentines day mostly single’s people and are anti of love or those who don’t have any one as their valentine, the followed week is famous as anti Valentine week or funny valentines days name.

Funny / Anti Valentine Week Anti Valentine’s week Day Date Anti Valentine’s day Week list 2019 Days of Anti Valentine 15 th Feb 2019 Slap Day Friday 16 th Feb 2019 Kick Day Saturday 17 th Feb 2019 Perfume Day Sunday 18 th Feb 2019 Flirting Day Monday 19 th Feb 2019 Confession Day Tuesday 20 th Feb 2019 Missing Day Wednesday 21 st Feb 2019 Break Up Friday The anti-valentine week or 7 Days After Valentines day have slap day on 15 th February, kick day on 16 th February, perfume day on 17 th February, flirting day on 18 th February, confession day on 19 th February, missing day on 20 th February and at last break up on 21 st February.

Ending this beautiful article with an amazing saying that “never wait for the perfect time to tell someone that you love them, cause time never waits for anyone, do it right now.” So let this Valentine’s Day help you to share your deep feelings you have for that one person with whom who think you can’t live without.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 in advance and hopes that everyone finds their true soul mate! For more updates, stay connected!

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