Best dating a bachelorette weekend ideas toronto

best dating a bachelorette weekend ideas toronto

If you're planning a Toronto bachelorette party, look no further than this helpful guide. These recommendations will show any lady the time of her life!. Show your bride the best time possible with a bachelorette party itinerary designed just for her. Whatever she loves, there’s a perfect bachelorette experience waiting for her in Toronto. Pick one of our guides or mix and match experiences, we know every bride is truly unique! 18+ Best Downtown Toronto Restaurants To Dine At. Read more ->. How to plan the perfect Toronto bachelorette party. Planning a bachelorette party can be so stressful, but we’re here to help! First off, the bridal party might have a lot of different opinions, but our tip is to seriously keep your bride’s interests in m .

best dating a bachelorette weekend ideas toronto

GREAT PARTY VENUES TORONTO OFFERS If you want your bachelorette party to go over big in Toronto, here are a few unique ideas to try. There are plenty of nighttime hot spots in Toronto who don’t mind helping out the bride-to-be and her comrades.

Just be sure to plan ahead. Here are 5 great ideas on themes to get you started: IDEA #1: LUXURY HOTEL OUTING One of the simplest but great ideas is to have an old-fashioned bunking party in one of Toronto’s lush hotel suites. is one of the fanciest luxury hotels in Toronto and features a relaxing spa, delicious gourmet dining, and more. This is a great idea to treat your friend on the last night of her single life with friends just self-indulging in “the good life.” IDEA #2: HIRE A PERSONAL TRAINER One unique bachelorette party idea is to hire a personal trainer, such as to give the bride-to-be and her guests a real, professional workout.

Ask Eric if he can come for one night and rent a motel room somewhere in Toronto to give him a place to work. He will probably be delighted to show off his business and some may even want to join his service after the party is over.

IDEA #3: TAKE A COOKING CLASS What does the modern bride-to-be need more than a cooking class these days? You can sign up your party members for a cooking class at for a lesson in the art of gourmet. They will show you techniques that everyone can benefit from and it will be fun too.

For extra fun, add a cooking content to the mix to see who can whip up the fastest soufflé or pizza without burning down the kitchen! IDEA #4: THE BEAUTY BAR If you like the idea of an old-fashioned makeover day and strip clubs are not your thing, try the Ten in downtown Toronto. It features full makeover facilities and professional manicurists and pedicurists who will give your guest of honor (and you and guests) the full treatment.

Not a bad idea, since the bride will getting married soon and needs to look her best any way. IDEA #5: COUNTRY WESTERN BAR If your guest of honor has a little bit o’ country in her, try the in downtown Toronto. It features live country/western music, line dancing, and lots of fun for everyone. Consider reserving the bar for the night for just the bachelorette and guests or invite a few cowboys to join you! PARTY VENUES TORONTO Remember, there are plenty of other ideas for your Toronto bachelorette party.

Make it unique and try to fit the occasion to the guest of honor. She’ll appreciate your efforts and will always remember the night! Looking for a unique gift? The I’m a Mrs Name Change Package will make it easy for her to change her name after marriage!

best dating a bachelorette weekend ideas toronto

best dating a bachelorette weekend ideas toronto - 8 Weekend Bachelorette Getaway Ideas

best dating a bachelorette weekend ideas toronto

Having a bachelorette party in Toronto doesn’t mean the night needs to start off with themed snacks and penis straws, and end with half-eaten/half-vomited poutine and . Whether the bride prefers getting in some R&R or getting in Formation, Toronto has lots of options for every wife-to-be. Here's a round-up of bachelorette party ideas in Toronto. Take a Beyonce dance class As viral Youtube videos have taught us, the only thing better than a beautiful bride is a beautiful bride who can break it down.

typically teach students the choreo to one song per class, but owner/instructor Nicky Nasrallah also offers private lessons to groups. Learn code with other ladies Not everyone’s ideal night involves drinks and dancing. For the intellectual fiancee, offers workshops that are both exciting and useful. Try the HTML & CSS for Beginners for a cool, alternative bachelorette party that places more emphasis on closing brackets and less on closing down bars.

Relax at a spa Between explaining to guests why plus-ones aren’t necessarily welcome and explaining to parents why a white dress isn’t necessarily accurate, planning a wedding is stressful. Hitting up a space like for an afternoon to unwind is a great choice for the potential wife whose eye won’t stop twitching. Indulge in customized makeup If the bride is more into getting glam than getting turnt, have an afternoon at . Best for a smaller bachelorette party, the experience starts with a consultation with a Lab Artist and ends with a bespoke lipstick with customized shades, textures, and scents.

Treat yourself to AYCE meat For many ladies getting hitched, the road leading to the walk down the aisle can be a time when there’s a lot of pressure for brides to eat cleaner, healthier, or just less. Kiss that notion goodbye and go for some all-you-can-eat meat at . Ideal for the carnivorous bride who prioritizes a good steak over a light salad. Laugh it out at a female-centric comedy show If you’re looking for a fun bachelorette that’s heavy on fun, plan your party around a female-centric comedy show.

Check out on the last Saturday of every month to see all of Toronto’s best improvisers in one stacked show, or if your party is on a Sunday, for stand-up that is feminist and always hilarious. Lose yourself in VR For gamer brides, take your bachelorette party to for some virtual reality. The perfect activity for the fiancee who isn’t satisfied with just one timeline, this is great for either a big or small group. Partiers can also game at one of the many computers or retro systems while partaking in some brews.

Hit around some (small) balls Typically ping-pong is a fun activity for a suburban basement, but hip ping-pong at , or is a fun activity for a bachelorette party.

A great choice if the bride is either competitive or has good hand-eye coordination, these ping pong bars also do cocktails and great snack menus. Throw around some (big) balls For brides who want a fun time that’s less active than ping-pong but more active than killing a bottle of Absolut in a booth, hit up bowling at .

With great drinks, and upscale menu, and a rooftop patio, Ballroom is more fun social club that the bowleramas of our youth. Get wild with a club crawl If nothing will do except the typical get-trashed-before-getting-hitched bachelorette, start off your evening with drinks and a manicure at before crossing the street to for cocktails. Do some shots at and get bottle service at .

Dance at , and finally, regret your decisions at .

best dating a bachelorette weekend ideas toronto

The Best Man definitely has a full plate of responsibilities to tend to throughout the marriage process. There’s helping to choose the tux, organizing the groomsmen’s gifts, delivering a killer speech, attending rehearsals, and about a million other critical details. Out of all of the Best Man’s duties is coming up with great bachelor party ideas and planning an event that will be remembered for a lifetime.

This guide is to help all the Best Men out there plan the perfect event (not just a party) that won’t break the bank, stimulates on physical, emotional, and intellectual levels, facilitates all of the “last day of freedom” bonding. And maybe gives the Maid of Honor a few List of the Best Bachelor Party Activities • Play Western • Get Out to the Sea • Get Dirty • Epic Paintball War • Skydiving • Ride the Wave • Snowboard vs Ski • Weekend Hiking/Camping Adventure • Catch the Biggest Fish • Shooting Party And 15 more in the article below!

Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1. Thirst For Adventure Bachelor Party Ideas Strippers and a “The Hangover” level of alcohol can be loads of fun, but we know you can do better than that. For a truly epic night, plan a legit adventure. The main goal is to create a lasting memory, and nothing stands out more than something new, exciting, and a little extreme.

This list of bachelor party ideas shows you how to make it happen. Check also • Play Western Source: Starting with a conservative approach not too far removed from the standard “drinks and strippers” is a themed outing to a club, bar, or pub. We’re using a Western theme for this example, but in reality, you can choose any theme your heart desires. With these situations, the look truly sets the tone for the evening. There are plenty of vintage stores to keep your budget in check as you shop for cowboy hats and boots, chaps, jean jackets, and scarves.

Before you go out and splurge check with some friends and family to see what they have laying around in the closet. If you’re thrifty each outfit can run under $120 which only leaves the bar tab, transportation, and accommodations for the night. We highly recommend gathering a few prizes for the best line dancer and who can ride the mechanical bull the longest. We also recommend setting up a few challenges like who can lasso a pretty lady, and who can get a photo of a woman wearing their hat.

The prizes don’t have to be super luxurious. A simply engraved flask or a nice cigar will be reward enough adding $50-$100 to the evening’s cost. • Get Out to the Sea Source: For those of us with proximity to a lake, this is possibly one of the best things to do for a bachelor party. Rent a pontoon boat, a yacht, or a sailboat and get away for the day. The watercraft itself runs between $150-$350 for a 6-hour run, and unless one of the Groom’s party has a license there’s usually a captain that comes along with the package.

You’ll have to add approximately $75 per hour to stay safe and sound. However, we don’t recommend the low-end costs, this is pretty much just a glorified dingy. The larger the party the more space you’ll need. Add the cost of food, drinks, and and there’s your weekend.

For those who have access and an entire weekend to celebrate, book a cruise. For about $300 a head you and your gang can spend an entire weekend with delicious food on demand, more activities than your heart desires, and absolutely no stress.

Bond with your boys in utter relaxation or while competing over who can reach the top of the climbing wall first! Nothing beats it. If you need a destination recommendation, a Cancun bachelor party isn’t too far away but exotic enough that it’ll feel like a whole new world. Check also • Get Dirty Source: Okay, so we sold the cruise thing pretty hard, but we do understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. For parties that prefer to keep their activities on land and with fewer people around, get outdoors.

Renting a bike, dune buggy, or ATV. Cost wise you’re looking at $85 or less per bike, and for (it’s so worth it!) $100-$300 you can get yourself onto an ATV or Dune Buggy. So, pick one and plan to get dirty.

Although we tell the ladies that it’s “all about bonding” we all know that it’s fueled by testosterone and letting out your inner animal. Let him roar as you tear down the trails and through the mud pits. Dear Maid of Honor, the above-mentioned ideas are perfect for the outdoorsy types. Definitely add these to your “maybe” pile. • Epic Paintball War Source: Keeping with the testosterone theme, pretty well every boy grew up playing army. Running through the backyard or woods, defending your country from the enemies with your fingers or sticks, and emerging a hero!

Revisiting your childlike wonder with your childhood friends is the perfect thing to aspire to for the bachelor event, and paintball can make it happen for the entire .

Summon your inner warrior and charge into battle for the low cost of $150 or less per person. This may be the perfect opportunity to mix it up with the bachelorette party ideas for little boys vs. girls competition. Losers buy the drinks. If you’re in charge of planning the , check in with the Best Man to see if you can collaborate. • Skydiving Source: You can’t complete a list of crazy bachelor party ideas without mentioning Skydiving.

This is the thrill of a lifetime, and not for the faint of heart. Deepen your bond with the groomsmen as you risk your lives together – it’s actually quite safe, it just doesn’t feel that way. There’s jump training prior to going up in the plane, so you may have to commit more than just one day for this to happen.

The most common jumping experience is Tandem, strapped to a trained professional. The costs vary but the average is around $250 per person. If you’re not sure you can handle it, watch a few . You can also make very funny Bungee Jump Prank on Bachelor Party like these guys: 2. Bachelor Party Ideas into the Wild • Ride the Wave Source: Connecting with nature is literal perfection for some men, and this is especially true for the bachelor party. Surfing lets you forget about the world for a while and connect with your inner self.

The thrill of the waves and those moments of clarity. Sharing this experience is priceless, but carries a real-world cost of $25-$100 for lessons. Make sure to ask if the wetsuits and board are included. Moreover, you can’t surf 24/7. When downtime comes, make sure that you’ve planned a few to keep the party moving. • Snowboard vs Ski Source: Hitting the slopes is another great option for the outdoor lover. Traveling may be the most expensive part of this event if you don’t have something in your area.

Outside of that weekend hill passes range from $50 to $75. You’ll also have to rent boots, skis, and come prepared for the weather. Your personal fashion tastes dictate the cost, but you’ll have to be prepared with a light shirt, a sweater, a light jacket, and a full winter jacket and ski pants.

The trick is to dress in layers. Racing down the snow and resting your feet by the fire with some cognac and good stories ranks pretty high on our top-10 cool bachelor party ideas. For parties seeking a higher level of adventure look to helicopter skiing.

The costs range from the hundreds through the thousands depending on your destination, but this consists of a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain and usually a very luxurious chalet waiting for you at the bottom. If this is in your budget it’s quite the experience that you won’t soon forget. • Weekend Hiking/Camping Adventure Source: There’s a range of ways to spend the night in the woods.

You can rent a cabin, pitch a tent, or simply spend the day hiking. What they all have in common is fresh air and getting away from it all. We recommend this option due to its simplicity. Renting a cabin can cost between $100 to $1000 per night depending on the location and the size of the cabin.

But if you’re down for a day-long hike, walking is free! We recommend staying healthy and hydrated, but considering the reason, we wouldn’t judge you if you bought a flask along. • Catch the Biggest Fish Source: We mentioned getting out on the water a little earlier, but we feel it’s fair to mention fishing as a standalone option.

If you’ve ever been out on the boat, you know the appeal. If you already have the gear there’s no cost except for the food, fuel for the motor, and maybe renew your fishing license. If you don’t, there’s no need to go out and buy everything. There’s plenty of tours available that will supply you with the rods, reels, and bait. Best of all, they know the rivers and lakes inside and out and know where the fish are biting. Make a game of the day and issue a challenge to see how can catch the most fish or the largest fish.

Again, prizes are in order. • Shooting Party Source: Hunting has been ingrained in society since the age of Kings when royalty would venture out to demonstrate their dominance over beasts, or even further back to the early days of man when ‘survival of the fittest’ was a very real thing. Satisfy your primal instincts and connect with nature. There are hunting tours that will take you all over the world for a wide variety of game.

The further you go from home the more the costs add up. For example, it would cost upwards of $7000 to get over to Europe for your trophy.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly event, hunting closer to home is a much more affordable rate of $1000. The whole package includes a guided tour, post-hunt activities, and lodging. 3. Bachelor Party Ideas For Men Who Like Sport • Golf Source: Golf is great because it offers a little bit of everything. It’s physical, but you don’t need the physique of a UFC fighter to do it well. It’s active, but not so intense that you can’t take a breath and share an anecdote with your mates.

It connects you with nature, but you don’t have to risk your life to have a good time. Hitting the links ranks in the top 3 for many men. $200 per person will cover your greens fees, balls, club rentals, and cart rentals for the day at a basic course. But, this is a special event and you may prefer to up the ante and opt for something a little more luxurious. If you’re not part of a private club you won’t have to worry about the 6-figure member fee, but depending on your tastes you could be looking at a few thousand dollars for 18 holes.

• Bowling Source: Bowling is just good clean fun. Lane fees and shoe rentals are a nominal cost, but you’ll want to put in a little extra effort and get some custom Groom’s Party bowling shirts made up for the event.

Thus, give yourself 2-3 weeks in advance to be safe. Split your group into teams and have some prizes ready for the winning team and highest scoring player. If you’re having trouble choosing a reward, a bottle of your favorite liquor with a custom “World Series Champion” label will do nicely.

• Soccer Source: Depending on your climate, a field space may be at a premium. If you have World Cup fever and a game of soccer is your sport of choice, plan ahead a few months in advance. Indoor soccer fields are often booked up to 6 months out.

You also may have to apply for a permit. Find the most convenient space and call the property manager for the appropriate rental process, and be prepared to spend upwards of $500 for the day. • Beach Volleyball Source: If you’re lucky enough to work with a summer wedding, a day in the sun may be the perfect setting. Most public beaches have a volleyball court set up and available. The only cost is travel, food, and refreshments. Your beach day can feature a competitive game of volleyball and be complemented by a frisbee and football to toss around.

This option is great because it comes with the added bonus of delivering a healthy tan to look your best on the big day. With each option, make sure to bring a playlist and speakers along to set the mood for the day. • Video Games Source: So maybe you don’t have the athletic prowess you once did, but still, appreciate all the suggestions that we’ve given so far.

The majority of our options have video game alternatives. The best bachelor night is when everyone is comfortable, relaxed, and having a good time. The video game option costs a few hundred dollars for the console and games, or $600+ for a large group to rent an entire arcade for the day.

Regardless of your choice, this allows you to enjoy all the aspects of the outdoors and activities from the comfort of indoors, surrounded by snacks and booze, and the freedom to have as many conversations with your friends as you like. 4. Trip Bachelor Party Ideas • Road Trip Source: With so many beautiful destinations in the country, it’s impossible to see them all in a lifetime.

But, you should definitely plan to check one off the list and plan a bachelor party road trip. This option is really tricky to put a cost. There’s a gas of course and entrance fees to most destinations. But, depending on where you’re going and where you’re coming from it’s very likely that you’ll want to make a few stops along the way. Chart your route well in advance and price out all of the hotels, restaurants, bars and any other potential expense.

If you have no idea where to go, we highly recommend a Nashville bachelor party. This city isn’t usually the first place to cross your mind, but our friends have been going and coming back with raving reviews. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Rather than go on and on, we encourage you to look up some nightlife YouTube clips. • Freedom Motorcycle Tour Source: Take the last idea and remove a few wheels. Hitting one of the nation’s famous landmarks is a fantastic idea.

Put a different spin on it and jump into a motorcycle tour. Many men love the idea of a motorcycle not for everyday use, but for that once-a-year long distance tour. If you don’t currently own a bike you can rent them. In order to do so, you’ll have to complete a training course first.

Make sure you leave enough time for this and about $150 per person per bike. Regardless of where you end up, you’ll be tired by the time you get there. Make sure that your hotel has decent amenities and plan a stag pool party to cool off after the trip. Some fun in the sun adds to your perfect day.

• Long Ride by Boat or Train Source: Again, we’re recommending a destination-based bachelor party. But maybe you’d prefer to sit back and enjoy the ride as opposed to steering the car or bike. The perfect solution is a boat or train ride. For the low cost of $200, you can travel from coast to coast by train, and take in everything that this beautiful country has to offer. Make sure to invest some time into seeing where the train stops and for how long.

You may have the opportunity to visit a few towns or cities that you never thought you’d see. It’s wise to take advantage of this opportunity and plan ahead for the pub or restaurant that you want to visit. • Las Vegas Source: If you’re not sure where your travels should lead you, there’s no better destination than Vegas. Bachelor party plans in Vegas are classic, and for good reason. Arguably, the main reason for a bachelor party is to be irresponsible one last time.

Just being in Vegas makes you feel like you’re doing something a little bit wrong. Again, it’s impossible to provide a cost for this trip. Travel and accommodation costs are obvious, but depending on your nerves gambling fees could run from $100 to $100,000.

Most casinos offer free drinks and food as long as you’re gambling, so no need to worry about that too much. Of course, there are a few other potential costs that maybe we should mention in this post, we’ll let that stay in Vegas! • Unconventional Destination Source: This is the Groom’s “last day of freedom”, and we recommend getting weird.

If you and your crew have been geeks your entire life, you already know what your heart desires. You want a trip to New Zealand to retrace the steps of Frodo, a private tour of the Skywalker Ranch, or a well-prepared outing to your nearest ComiCon.

We’re here to remind you to not be shy. If the high school wasn’t the best experience for you, don’t fret. There’s nothing hotter than a confident geek these days. 5. Booze-Themed Ideas for Bachelor Party • Whiskey and Cigar Testing Source: If you’ve made it this far and still haven’t found the perfect event for your bachelor party, it’s time to circle back to the basics.

There’s nothing wrong with alcohol-fueled events, but there’s no need to be debaucherous about it. Class it up a little by making it a sophisticated affair. Suit up, throw on some classical music, and set up a line of whiskey and cigars to sample. You could splurge and hire a connoisseur to host the evening, but it’s just as fun to learn using YouTube “How To” videos for those on a budget.

Cost wise, you’ll need a minimum of 4 premium bottles to sample from. You can get a really decent bottle for $50, but the more you spend the better it tastes.

You’ll also want to include some classy glasses to make the event authentic. The same goes for cigars. You can get a Sampler’s pack for about $40. But, the more you spend the higher the quality. • Craft Beer Collection Source: Some men don’t particularly care for whiskey and cigars but love the concept. For these down-to-earth bachelor parties, a craft beer party is in order. Choose 3-5 craft beers, pour out some 3oz cups, learn about the brands, and let the good times roll. All of this for the low cost of $5 per bottle.

We recommend adding to the evening with a karaoke rental or some other casual activity that will give everyone busy and smiling. In all of these cases, you could invest a little more to have a professional stop in and walk you through the sampling process.

There are formalities to the sampling process that elevates the experience for your entire party. • Make Signature Cocktails Source: Keeping with the alcoholic theme, many men would prefer something a little more unique.

You can go to them, or they can go to you. Either way, you should strongly consider hiring a private mixologist for your party.

They’ll show you how to make a variety of cocktails and keep you entertained throughout the night for $35 an hour. • Different Drinking Games Source: You can’t just sit there and drink all night. That would get boring fairly quickly and result in some drunk passouts. The solution is drinking games! Absolutely free of charge you can laugh the night away playing quarters, beer pong, drunk Jenga, or any number of card games.

Also, check out some of our that can easily be transformed into glorious drinking games. If you’re budget conscious, these are the best of cheap bachelor party ideas. • Pub Crawl Source: Staying put may be a little too tame for some parties. For a proper stag night, plan a pub crawl!

The best way to do this isn’t to put a time limit on each location. Rather, apply a budget for each destination. Dedicate, for example, $100 for each space. Make sure that you’re hitting a variety to keep the evening flowing. The best mix is starting at a great pub for some great conversation. Then, hit up a pool hall for a little activity. Move it to a restaurant/bar for a substantial meal. The rest of the night can consist of clubs for dancing, a jazz lounge for a little R&R, a strip joint, and maybe some gambling.

You know your group better than anyone, so plan around their tastes. Make sure that each member knows what’s in store so that they can pace themselves accordingly. And make sure there is plenty of food and water to keep your gang on their feet. No one likes a sloppy drunk. Hit “Play” to see the fun video about an awesome bachelor party:  See the best bachelor party ideas for men collected in the infographic!

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