Best dating a billionaire wattpad stories completed wattpad

best dating a billionaire wattpad stories completed wattpad

Read A Blind Date from the story Best Completed Wattpad Stories by RMbook_lover18 (Richelle Marie) with 4,239 reads. baadboy, cupid, romance. A Blind Date These are some of my favorite books in wattpad and if you want me to check out some of your books then leave a comment:) #baadboy #completed #cupid #love #romance. A Blind Date. 4.2K 26 2. by RMbook_lover18. by RMbook_lover18. Follow.

best dating a billionaire wattpad stories completed wattpad

My Possessive Billionaire by sweetdreamer33 The man who had everything finally met his match! Enrique Monteiro, powerful Brazilian billionaire, got everything he wanted in life. He had the looks, wealth, power and women. He often traveled with his private jet to negotiate business deals all over the globe. His godly looks and reserved attitude made women chased him more. He had everything he wanted in just a snap of his fingers... Everything except a woman named...

Sophia Castello. LINK TO THE STORY:

best dating a billionaire wattpad stories completed wattpad

best dating a billionaire wattpad stories completed wattpad - #Billionaire Stories

best dating a billionaire wattpad stories completed wattpad

Alright; I've done a little digging to bring you my first Instructional help blog; How To Get People To Read Your Story on Wattpad. Now, some of you may already have wildly popular stories...and you don't need this article. But, a lot of people do. There are sooo many stories that barely anyone reads. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 ways to get your story read. !@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@# 1. Join a "Share Your Story" Club. Find the sections that are like "Read for a Read" or "Show your story here!" Or something.

Post in that discussion a brief summary of your story, plus the cover to get people interested. (If you don't know how to add a cover, this link tells you: ) 2.

Comment on stories you like, Simple things like "Hi! I love your story so much! Could you possibly read one of my stories? It would mean so much, thanks!". You may need to comment more on their chapters, Warning: Some authors won't read stories people suggest, but a lot will. 3. Have a good friend advertise your story or profile. Ask one of your good friends on wattpad if they will promote, or "promo" your story on their page. If that person has a lot of readers or fans, than some people may learn about your profile and fan you, or read your story.

4. Write a story on "What's Hot". This may be tricky. Check wattpad's "What's Hot List" and write about things people read. There are a lot of werewolf stories right now. I know you want to write about what you want, but stories about popular topics will be more popular. 5. Have good grammar. People aren't going to want to read your story if you have bad punctuation. As for spelling and grammar, writing your story on Microsoft Word first and then copy/pasting it to wattpad can instantly improve your spelling and grammar.

There are also websites that can spell check and grammar check, such as . 6. Be descriptive, People won't want to read your story if nothing is descriptive. Picture the scene in your head and then describe it using adjectives. For speech, try replacing things like "said" with "muttered" or "called".

Picture how you want the character to say it, and pick a descriptive verb to use. Making the scene interesting will hook readers and make them want to read on. 7. Fan. Fanning people can get them to fan you back, and then they will read your stories. Also, from fanning, you can establish relationships with people, and then you can proceed with step number 3. 8. Ask people for advice.

If you ask people for advice on writing, they will have to read your story to give you advice. This can benefit you in a bunch of ways, one being the fact that people read your story, the other being you get advice from people about writing.

9. Find Wattpad Blogs to Promote Yourself. Bloggers and people on facebook can promote your stories too! (Just ask me; if your 'worthy', I may promote you). Ask family and friends to advertise your wattpad profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. 10. Write good stories.

Try not to overwhelm readers with too much going on; I recently watched a suckish movie that had wayyy to much happening on the screen; the storyline was muddled.

Also, make sure that your story isn't boring. You do have to have exciting events and great characters. J,K, Rowling provided backstories on all the characters in Harry Potter, and provides a story line that is easy to follow, yet thoroughly interesting. !@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@# So, I hope this post can help you share your story on Wattpad, get more fans, and get more reads on your stories.

Till next time, Alex (: No more Share Your Story, grr. Could you please check out my book the Huter Becomes the Hunted? Never look into his eyes. Never accept his gift. Never touch the thorns.

Three simple rules my mother told me before she was murdered. Then I was confused, too young to understand. However, I soon learned the meaning. But the only problem was I wasn’t sure whether it was too late. Thanks :) Hey guys, sorry I've kind of given up on this whole blogging thing, and I haven't used my wattpad account in a while. BUT, you should still try and follow these steps. A few good authors I know of are: WaitingForWonderland XxSuperwomanxX and some others I've mentioned previously in my posts.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Hey Alex I totally understand your writing frustration. How is it that some people put in very little effort and get noticed while others put in a whole lot of effort and is totally ignored?

I hope one day you will return to writing. But I totally don't blame you for taking a break. I'm ready to take one myself... Take Care Tam~ Alex - I have no clue about who you are, or what busy things you have going on in your life or whu you can't blog anymore or do wattpad, but it sounds a lot like me. Last year I got a blogger and a wattpad and was set on writing great stories and a famous blog.

Never happened. So I kind of gave up on both. Now here I am writing on my blog again, and writing on my wattpad again. Don't give up if you don't feel it or don't have time. I'm using my blog: as a diary and it lets me rant and just exhaust my feelings. As for my wattpad I had all these great ideas but had no clue what to do with them.

So now I'm writing a story, its called Sleeping With a Senior. This story comes from my desire to date an older guy in highschool and I encorporate small things from my life and make them major events in my book. Good Luck with everything - Hannah I love your blog SOOO much!

It's awesome. Hey! I'm in the middle of writing a cool story, it's called "Speed For Two"! It's about a 25 year old vampire getting mixed up in a HUGE mess with a vampire gang, and so it happens that her boyfriend was in it! What's even worse is that that exact gang killed her parents. I hope you like it! Here's the link. My account is "XxFlyleafxX" please read and give me advice!!!

:) Hi there! It'a a really cool blog, and if you say you could help me with promotion -- I have an enormous problem (no one reads my stories), and I am trying really hard to make them perfect. So if you could take a look and help me with promotion, it would be the best thing! Thank you so much! Hey everybody :) Can you pretty please with cherries and chocolates on top check my story out?

I will honestly heart you forever..If you don't.. No problem:) Ask me if you want any of your stories to be checked out!! xx TRAILER- Stay Beautiful, Tanya (A.K.A teegeeny) P.S I WILL follow back and read...just ask, don't be shy!

:) P.P.S Alex, you are a gem for helping people become popular! Rock on! Thank you for this article. This is so helpful for an aspiring author like me. I'm the kind of person who easily gets discouraged in the field of writing. Reasons? English isn't my first language so I'm sooooooo worried of my grammar and choice of words whenever I write.

Second, I'm currently suffering from author's block. I used to write romance stories and my plots were inspired by my heartbreaking experiences. However, when things turned great in my love life, I kind of lost my passion in writing romance stories! Until now, I have no clue why. I'm trying to explore other genres. I guess I need the right amount of inspiration to get started on another story.

Another thing... I"m not familiar with Wattpad. I don't know how people, users or readers react. I have published my stories online before, in a fan fiction website (which I have discovered first). I wanted to be a better writer so I decided to explore other opportunities.

Anyway, this is very helpful for someone like me. Thanks for your generosity! :) Buy your social media popularity with Buy your social media popularity with Buy your social media popularity with Buy your social media popularity with Buy your social media popularity with Buy your social media popularity with Buy your social media popularity with Buy your social media popularity with Buy your social media popularity with Buy your social media popularity with Anonymous This is awfull advise and any one that fillows this will be ignored or muted.

This one: Hi! I love your story so much! Could you possibly read one of my stories? It would mean so much, thanks! Don't do that one its wsy to obvious that its an advertisement wraped in false manners.

People have changed on wattpad and expect better behavior. Go into the clubs chat it up in the topois you like. Lots of the toppics in the improve your writing form will have to do with writing, problems writting, prople asking for help and advice.

Give advice or comment in there. By helping others you'll have a chace that someone might look at your book. The bedt toppics have to do with sharing something sbout your book, or sharing the blurb, stuff like that. Don't be srlfish and ignore others in these toppics reply to the books/descriptions that interest you. Keep it real people can tell ehen you're buttering them up.

To keep your book near the top of its gerne ranking, a chapter must be posted once a week. No more no less. This is because the program (Autoram something) takes thee days to change the books ranking.

Well ... You could possibly post twice a week, I find it exhausting. The best way to ensure your ranking stays up is to Finish the first draft.

That way you canp publish a chapter a week :) Now how to get those blasted votes, arrrg. Thiss will take much work. In the clubs go into the improve your writing toppic.

Then in there go into the second toppic. It will have image links to editers, cridics and such. Go into the cridic one. Fibd a cridic that doest ask for stupid payments. (Likr if they want a folliw, more comments from yiu then they are willing to give back. - the ones that want this have alwsys faild to do their part of the agreement do don't fall for it. And they also mske you add their book to your library .

That's asking for way too much. The good cridics will want a payment of a follow, or equal amount of comments. A critique fir a comment. Those ibes are the best. Be warned they don't always follow theough either or worse will give a crapy one sentence "critique." So, Do two of their chapters give a nice genue comment or critique back and wait. If the critique points it errors ir book problems you couldn't see, then that cridic is a keeper. If they are harsh just yo be mean,and rip your book apart ( You can tell they eill be immature abd insult you for the mistakes.

I've only had this happen oce in three years. So, it's unlikely. Most of them are awsome and can give an eye opening critique. Next, go edit and revise that chapter following what they pointed out.

After a while you'll be able to tell when your skulls have grown. If you know rhey are wrong on something then ignore that part of the critique. But, if you're a new writer don't argue with them. Some things they say might stibg, but it's not aimed at you. Don't take it personal. Grow thicker skin and realuse that it's to help improve your book. Anonymous Sleays be polite and thank them.

Phew my fingers are exausted. Cridics on Wattpad are weird, it's like oulling teeth to get hem to critique past the firts two chapters. So if you eant the rest critiqued go to It's set up so eveyobe earns points for doing critiques.

And you can post all your chapters there if you collect enough points. :) So they have to critique wht you post up. Okay back to gsing more readers. Are yiu good at creating immages in photo shop?

If you are offer to make people book covers. As payment you can request them to read a chapter of your book. Also make sure to put:cover made by -your name- Or if you like make the payment a filliw or that they have to put your member name in their books description. If you kerp up,with sll of this you eilk get more reads, votes, comments, follows and have your book added to peoples' reading lists.

The owner of this blog may re-post this comment if I'm credited. It probably needs an edit. I'm on my phone so its hard to see. Hello everyone. I assume the one reading this is also trying to promote their story. If you are and see this, then please read my new book NIghtfalls. I promise to return the favour on one of your books too. Please vote, comment/review, and most importantly share and dedicate and i promise to return the favour. Once you do your part, please inbox me. Nightfalls: Returning to her hometown after 3 years, Suzanne Marshall discovers that the place has changed way more drastically than she expected.

Though it doesn't shock her too much because she is not the girl she was 3 years ago. Now she's carrying burden of a recent past and too many emotions. Zachariah Pennington has had the worst summer so far.

His girlfriend cheated on him with his brother and his father left his mom. He spent the summer getting drunk. Both from different worlds yet both are same. They collide at Nightfalls. Hey, thanks for the advice. I'm sure that I will make a lot if readers. But, if you dont mind, can you read mine? Please... And I would like if you can give me some comments. This is my title of the story. Hello, may i help you? (Front, a girl, laughing, written hello, may i help you?

In purple, written my name on it(NURSYAFIRA), on a paper( more like book paper). I appreciate it! Thank you! Hello! Thanks for the advice, can we promote out books on here? Anyway here's my blurb. Going on a road trip with your best friend is loads of fun right? What happens when the day after you return home you can move the chair with your mind, Create a dress with the snap of a finger and hear cats speak? Only one logical answer. Flip. * * * I have had Floss for three years now.

I know it's weird to say you feel connected to your cat but I felt that way from the first time I saw her but Floss talking? This is way more than wierd. Want to know how I truly reacted to these crazy developments that popped up in my life? Why not check out Flip Highest ranking is #224 in Fantasy. Is there a secret place to find Wattpad blogs and communities? Here's my novel, updated weekly on Wattpad: In New GoodLife WaterGarden City, everyone is networked together.

Privacy, secrets, and lies are impossible. The majority of people always get what they want, and they’ll kill anyone who challenges their whims. Now they’ve targeted a disabled child. He’ll never be popular enough to sway the majority … but he’s a mutant super-genius, just like one of the most influential crowd-pleasers, which means he might be brilliant and ruthless enough to escape the network and free his enslaved friends.

Hi guys! I'm @QueenofChalices on Wattpad, and I am currently exchanging reads, critiques, or anything you may wish for! ^-^ My story is It's about a young woman in ancient China trying to battle the misogynistic society at the time.

If you would like to find out more, click the link! Thank you so much! Hey I just found this page and it's really cool I will surely come back to it. If anyone's interested would you be able to read my book Hit. Hit. Pull. If you can't find it my account is cheer_511 It is about an only child called Elizabeth and she gets asked to join a higher level team which brings up all sorts of challenges for her.

Also it only has 5 parts so far. I will read your book as well and help with critiques if you like. Thanks Hi~ Thank you for this, I think this will help me.

Andddd I would like to promote my book. It is a compilation of one-shot stories and it would not take much of your time as it only has few parts as of now. It is about things that someone experiences/d, so basically reality.

It also has twists in the end. This is the link----> Thank you and have a nice day ahead!

best dating a billionaire wattpad stories completed wattpad

This is a collection of my all time favorite Wattpad novels. There’s no order, it’s just a bunch of books I would recommend reading. 2015 UPDATE: I gathered these novels back in 2012-2013 - so this "book" is very much outdated but the stories in here are still pretty good.

Just don't expect me to update this anymore.

Sleeping With The Billionaire
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