Best dating a flight attendant uniforms

best dating a flight attendant uniforms

Reasons to Date a Flight Attendant. They keep calm in a crisis – keeping a plane load of people happy when you’re five miles in the air needs a steady hand and a cool head, so chances are they’ll be hard to faze in an emergency. They’ve been everywhere – One bonus when dating a flight attendant is that you are unlikely to be stuck for holiday advice. Air hostesses tend to know the best 'hidden-away' destinations as well as the best way to get there. They’re well presented – Have you ever seen a scruffy flight attendant? We certainly haven’t! They get the best deals – While you won’t.

best dating a flight attendant uniforms

Here are 10 elegant, beautiful designs that graced international airlines. 1. Emirates Airlines In a recent article published by the Huffington Post (Emirate Airlines flight attendants reveal just how much goes into their in-flight look) two members of the elite, diverse crew (which is made up of people from 130 different countries!) talk about their job and the deeply rooted, historical element of their uniforms.

“People are really impressed by the way we look. I think it makes us stand out, look professional and well put together”, says flight attendant Maria Pedersen. Getting ready for the in-flight look normally takes about an hour and there are strict guidelines for many details such as the exact position of the hat (to be worn two fingers width above your eyebrows); how to fold the scarf so it is tucked in a certain way; about make up (the signature red lipstick) and grooming (hair shouldn’t touch the shoulders); etc.

Flight attendants are not allowed to wear pieces of uniforms if they are off duty, that would be pretty taboo. 2. Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines world-famous ‘Singapore Girl’ uniform has barely altered in over 40 years. But as the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. The outfit is elegant, stylish, traditional, instantly recognisable and therefore one of the most iconic cabin crew uniforms in the world.

The original, a take on the traditional ‘Sarong Kebaya’, was designed by French couture designer Pierre Balmain in 1968. 3. Air Canada Rouge You have to hand it to them: for a discount carrier, they have pretty creative, fun uniforms. The burgundy/grey new ensembles are kind of “Glee” meets hipsters.

Footwear design is by Vancouver-based and celebrity favorite John Fluevog. Lower budget can be stylish too!

best dating a flight attendant uniforms

best dating a flight attendant uniforms - Best Things About Being a Flight Attendant

best dating a flight attendant uniforms

Banana Republic outdid itself with its recent : simple separates that you can wear on the street or in the galley. But disagrees. "The men's uniform is too casual," he says.

"I do like the look for ladies, but the skirts are way too short and look unprofessional. I am not sure if this uniform will look good on a real flight attendant, knowing that a lot of them in the USA don't look as slim and as fresh as the models in this picture." This , which debuted in 2005, modernized hues from traditional Korean ceramics.

Cliff says: "It looks so great, so stylish and special. I love the color combination, and I like the way all flight attendants wear the scarf around their neck. Love the hair accessories too.

I would do anything to obtain this uniform." The longevity of Singapore Airlines' signature kebaya uniform should attest to its timelessness. French clothier Pierre Balmain's design has been continuously in service since 1968.

Cliff says: "When seeing this uniform you know it is Singapore Airlines right away. But I actually would like for the airline to come with a new look.

Time for a change!" Thai fashion label Asava created relaxed, slinky silhouettes in aerial colors for Bangkok Airways in 2011. Cliff says: "Wow, I love the different colors of blue they have used, and I like the variety. It looks fresh, modern, and feminine at the same time. I thank Bangkok Airways for keeping their uniforms so colorful. I think the blouses are great, and I love the little bow tie at the collar." Not all designers have fared well in the sky, however.

I can only guess Yves Saint Laurent was intoxicated by excessive Aqua Net fumes when he created this eye-searing Qantas dress in the '80s (pictured). Cliff sees redemption in the newer uniforms: "Love the print of , but I think the material it is made of is a bit too much.

In the tropics it way be too warm and uncomfortable." But we're both eager to see what comes next: Designer has been tapped to dream up the next incarnation, which should be hitting runways and cabin aisles by 2014. Emilio Pucci set some sort of standard with his space bubble in 1965, and no airline uniform designer has been as daring since. We should bring it back for Virgin Galaxy's inaugural flight next year.

Cliff says: "The Pucci uniforms are collectors items now. Love the color combinations and the different items the uniforms consisted of. I think today's flight attendants would not want to wear such uniforms though." Our Sites • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • © 2018 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

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best dating a flight attendant uniforms

THE GOOD: I'm sorry, is this the Etihad Airways uniform or an actual Vogue editorial? Very, very fancy. “This is not just a uniform. This is pret-a-porter concept – a future lifestyle statement and homage to the golden age of glamorous flight," said the airline's VP of guest services, Aubrey Tiedt, on the uniform's 2015 release.

They're designed by Ettore Bilotta. THE BAD: Vivienne Westwood took care of Virgin Atlantic's uniforms in 2014, but she didn't exactly get a thank you note from staff.

The Daily Mail reported at the time that they found the suits tight and uncomfortable. You could also make the argument that three-piece suits almost always look a bit overcooked. THE WORST: Bottom of the heap, though, has to be this mini dress from Japanese airline Skymark. If your job involves bending over and lifting things above your head, you shouldn't be required to wear something that barely covers your ass. (Let's be clear, that's a workplace issue.

When you're deciding what to wear yourself, follow your bliss.) This flight attendant is smiling, but her eyes say "Kill me." Flying might not be as glamorous as in its early days, but airlines still make an effort with their staffs' appearances.

Chinese carrier and they got us thinking about other sky-high style. From Air France (gorgeous) to Skymark (less so) it's all there. Check out our gallery above.

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