Best dating a gingerbread house kit uk

best dating a gingerbread house kit uk

Use our gingerbread house kit to make your own festive creation or package everything up in a hamper and give it as a gift this Christmas 6 baked pieces of gingerbread house, plus door. Strawberry laces, mini Smarties, Bronze Crunch (from Waitrose), Jelly Tots and white chocolate buttons to decorate. Ingredients Method. For the gingerbread. 150g golden syrup. 200g soft light brown sugar. 200g unsalted butter.

best dating a gingerbread house kit uk

THE FULL KIT Gingerbread House Kit: - 7 pre- baked house biscuits. - 1 foundation piece (base biscuit), - 4 wall pieces - 2 roof pieces - Icing Sugar - A generous selection of sweets for decorating - A large disposable piping bag.

The house is a fantastic size. Much larger than others on the market. Our product is unique as we use a base biscuit instead of a board. This makes it easier to construct the house. (Although the house is a generous size, children as young as 7 have successfully completed the project).

Gingerbread Boy Kit: - Large boy (21cm tall) - Icing Sugar - A generous selection of sweets for decorating - A large disposable piping bag. The boy can be decorated as a girl with icing. Kitchen Tips To 'cement' your house, simply mix together egg white and icing sugar. There is no need to use an electric beater. Mix with a fork until a thick glue mixture forms. Add icing sugar to make the mixture thick. Decorate your walls and roof before constructing the house. Just wait a while for your icing to harden.( The mixture hardens quicky) It's a good idea to design the look and feel of your house before you begin.

Decorating gingerbread houses is a fun activity for the entire family! Our gingerbread house kit and boy kit makes a fantastic, unique gift and offers a wonderful opportunity for parents to spend some quality time with their children. Start a new tradition with your loved ones, with this fun, family activity. No baking, no fuss, just wholesome family festivities. Please remember to share your work of art with us on our Facebook page. We would love to see your completed house!

best dating a gingerbread house kit uk

best dating a gingerbread house kit uk - Gingerbread house kit

best dating a gingerbread house kit uk

• , or creating your own, cut out two wall pieces (12cm X 16cm) two roof pieces (20cm x 12cm) and two end walls (12cm x12cm with 8.5cm gables). • Put the flour, bicarbonate of soda and ginger into a large bowl. Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Stir in the sugar. • Warm the syrup in a pan, then pour on to flour mixture with the egg; stir to combine.

Bring together to form a soft dough and knead briefly until smooth. • Divide dough into two. Roll out on a lightly floured surface to 3mm (1⁄8in) thick. Using templates as a guide, cut out two of each shape, re-rolling dough as necessary. Put on lightly greased baking sheets and chill for 15min. Preheat oven to 190°C (170°C fan) mark 5. • Bake for 8-10min or until golden brown. Neaten edges with a sharp knife while gingerbread is still warm, again using the templates as a guide.

Leave for 5min to set. Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. • How to create your Gingerbread House: If you don’t have a piping bag, use a clear plastic food bag and snip one corner to make a small hole. Pipe a line of icing along the base of a 12cm x 16cm side wall and fix upright on to a cake board. • Pipe along the edge and base of an end wall (with the gable on top) and fix to the side wall. Continue with side and end walls to form a box. Hold for a few minutes until set.

• Pipe icing along top edges of house. Press roof pieces in position until set. Spread icing across roof as snow. Pipe icing along joins, then gently press in sweets. Cut lengths of strawberry laces and fix with icing for a door.

Choose sweets for chimney and doorknob. • Pipe icing windows, then decorate. Scatter coconut around base for snow. Cut out and attach to gingerbread kit. To gift wrapLine a pretty box with waxed paper. Put in the gingerbread, interleaved with more paper. Decant royal icing into a lidded tub and put sweets into cellophane bags, tied with ribbon.

Cut out and attach assembly instructions with a picture of the finished house. The kit will keep in an airtight box or tin for up to six weeks.

best dating a gingerbread house kit uk

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