Best dating a girl with a baby names hindu 2015

best dating a girl with a baby names hindu 2015

Out of thousands of baby names, choosing a perfect baby name is not an easy task. That is why we have created a new collection of Modern Indian girl names . In this collection we have hand-picked baby names which are modern and unique. In other words, this is a filtered collection of modern Indian Girl Names . We trust, this baby names collection will help you to choose a proper name for your child.

best dating a girl with a baby names hindu 2015

Hindu Names for Girls Hai, firstly congratulations for your Newborn Baby. Haimom here provides you Unique, Modern, Latest and New Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with A to Z. If you want to select the Name of Grils in Hindu, you are in the right place. You can pick up a name from our Haimom list. Our Collection of Male Names help to sort out your ideas for selecting a perfect one. For your comfort, here we categorized the huge list in an alphabetical manner.

Hindu Names for Girl Starting With A Selecting a name for child is a typical job for any parents, because the name is the one which lasts for our life time. Also our near and dear will be very much interested in naming our little honey with their ideas. In order to make your search simple we classified names by alphabets. Here, you can pick up Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With A.

Now have a great experience of your baby name search.

best dating a girl with a baby names hindu 2015

best dating a girl with a baby names hindu 2015 - Hindu Baby Girl Names with Meanings

best dating a girl with a baby names hindu 2015

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divinity Conquered, A signet, Symbol, With marks, Distinguished, Marked out Mother of the gods, Liberty, Perfection, Creativity, , Safety, Abundance Honored, , Goddess Aartis wishes, rays of The , of God Shelter, The decorative end of a sari One of devis names, Name of a Goddess Bringing Inexhaustible, Limitless, resurrection Goddess , Aish - Goddess , , , Different from others, One with long , Long-lived Minute particle, Ray of I am, Self-confident Minute particle, One of the names of Goddess The The highest honor, Goddess Worshipped, of Lord (Celebrity Name: Aishwarya Rai) , , Indestructible, Goddess and Sunrays, Charismatic personality One who lives in the , , , Materialistic , Top level of , Limitless, , Exist One without sorrow, Mercury, Sweetheart, Abode, Existence one, , in the early , rays of the , , , giving , Luster, Shine , , Indestructible, Goddess , Living, Prosperous, (The Name of wife of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)) by God, Silk of , and , , Shelter, The decorative end of a sari Unborn, One who is self existent, , Belief Gods Joyful unending, Calmness Invincible, Unconquerable, A Born from , Goddess Portion No obstacles, , One who meets no obstacles, Flew in the Extremely , Full of or blissful Air, Breeze, Ray of the , Heavenly, Rice,

best dating a girl with a baby names hindu 2015

>> Indian Hindu Baby girl Names Starting with A Hindu Baby Names : Indian hindu Baby girl Names starting with A In this section we have 601 unique and latest Indian Hindu baby names which begin with letter A for new born baby girl. You can read baby girl names of Hindu origin starting from A with meanings for free. To choose the Indian hindu names for your baby girl with other alphabets, Please choose an alphabet from the baby girl name list below.

Hindu Baby girl names list: Hindu Baby girl Names Meaning Ahilyaa A famous historical name, wife of a rishi. Ahlad Joy. Ahladini Joyous person. Ahladitha Happy lady. Ahobal Powerful. Ahria Ahwaintha Wanted. Aiesha Woman. aishi God’s gift.

Aimee Beloved. Aina Eternal. Aisha Life. Aishani Goddess Durga. Aisheeya Ocean. Aishita Aishwarya Prosperity. Wealthy. Aiyana Evergreen flower. Aja She goat. Ajabu Rare. Ajaganda Daughter of Aja.

Ajala The earth. Ajamukhi Daughter of sage Kashyap. Ajanta A famous Buddhist cave. Ajatha Shiva. Ajaya Invincible, unconquerable.

Ajeeta One who can not be conquered. Ajendra King of mountains. Ajeya Vishnu. Ajinkya Invincible. Ajita Winner. Akaisha Flower. Akalka Free from impurity, moonlight. Akalanka Flawless, sinless. Akalmasha Pure. Akanksha Wish, desire. Akashleena Star. Akhila Whole, complete. Akhira White lily.

Akhileswari Lalithamba’s other name. Akrant Power. Akriti Image. Akshamala Another name of Arundathi. Akshadha God’s blessings. Akshainie Goddess Parvathi. Amshamala A garland of rudraksh. Akshata Perfect. Akshara Letter. Akshaya Imperishable.

Akshayamukthi Eternal salvation. Akshi Existence. Akshita Wonderful girl,Yellow rice used by Hindus for worship. Aksithi Imperishability. Akutila Simple. Alaina Elegant. Alak World, beautiful hair.

Alaka Hair lock. Alakananda Name of a river. Alambusa An Apsara Alameda Popular tree. Alamelu Goddess Lakshmi. Alankara Decoration. Alankrita Decorated lady.

Alekhya Picture. Alena Light. Aleesha Noble. Alisha Impressive, protected. Aliptha The person who is neutral. Aliya To group. Aliza Joyous. Alka A girl who has beautiful hair. Alma The soul. Almas Diamond. Almira Princess. Aloka Cry of victory. Aloki Brightness. Alpa small Abhijita Victorious. Abhikhya Fame, shine Abhilasha Wish, desire.

Abhilashita Desired. Abhimanini A person with self respect. Abhinandana Greetings, congratulations. Abhinetri Actress. Abhinaya Abhinita Suitable, proper. Abhiniti The one who achieves perfection. Abhipreeti Full of love. Abhinivesha Long cherished desire. Abhira A cow herd. Abhiroopa Attractive, beautiful. Abhirami Pretty.

Goddess parvathi. Abhirati Pleasure. Abhiruchi Interest. Abhisarika Beloved. Abhishikta A girl with a good sense of humour. Abhishu Ray of light. Abhishri Surrounded by glory. Abhisneha Affection, desire. Abhitha Fearless. Abhithi Fearlessness. Abhivandya Respected Abhja Water lily. Abimola Born to be rich. Aabha Light. Aabharana Jewel. Aadarsh Ideal Aadarsha Ideal. Aadarshini Idealistic. Aadhaya First power. Aadita From the beginning. Adrika Mountain. Aadya First.

Aagam Arrival. Aahladita One who is in happy mood. Aaheli Pure. Aahna Exist. Aahwaana Invitation Aaina Mirror. Aakanksha Desire, wish. Aakaksha Desire. Aakarsha Above everybody. Aakarshaka Attractive. Aakarshana Attraction. Aakriti Shape. Aalia Highest social standing. Aaliya High, tall, towering. Aaloka Lustrous. Aamaal Hope, aspiration. Aamani Spring season.

Aamini Spring season. Aamra-pali Mango tree leaf. Anala Feiry. Aanadi Always happy. Aanandi Happy woman. Aanandita A woman with happy mood.

Aamukta Shelter. Aanandmayi Happy nature. Aanchal Duppatta. Aanshika A part. Aanwika An Atom. Aanya Graceful. Aapt Friend, faithful. Aapti Fulfillment. Aaradhana Worship. Aarti Worship. Ami Nectar. Aminta Protector. Amira Beautiful princess. Amirtha Goddess Saraswati.

Amisha Beautiful. Amishi Pure. Amishta Amita Limitless. Amithi Unique. Amitjyoti Forever bright. Amitusha Amiya Delightful. Amla Pure. Ammani Goddess. Amoda Happiness. Amodini Happy person, pleasurable. Amodita Happiness. Amolika Priceless. Amodini Pleasure. Amorata Beloved. Amrakali Mango bud. Amramanjari Bunch of mango flowers. Amrapali Disciple of Buddha.

Amrapallavi Leaves of mango. Amrita Deathless. Amritambu Moon. Amritkala Nectarine art. Amritvarshini One who showers nectar.

Amritha Deathless. Amrusha Amrutha Nectar. Amrutkiran Moon light. Amrutmayi Full of nectar. Amrutvarshini One of the ragas of classical melody. Amshu A ray of light. Anwita Goddess durga. Anya Gracious. Anyi Destiny. Appara Knowledge. Apala The most beautiful woman. Aparajita One who can not be conquered. Aparamitha Boundless.

Aparanji Pure gold. Aparna Goddess Parvathi. Aparoopa One who is extremely beautiful. Apeksha Wish, expectation. Apporva Special. Apaara Knowledge. Apinaya Experience in dance. Apsara Celestial maiden. Heavenly fairy. Apuroopa Extremely beautiful. Apurva Special. Aradhana Worship, prayer. Aragili Parrot. Aranyani Goddess of vegetation. Arati Ritual. Aravali Name of a hill. Aravinda Blue lotus.

Archa Worship. Archan Worship. Archana Worship. Aradhana Prayer. Archisha A ray of light. Archita Worshipped, praised. Arhana Worship, honour. Ariba Skillful, intelligent. Ariktha Fulfilled. Aripra Virtuous, divine. Arisina Turmeric. Arja Divine. Arjav Honest, sincere. Arjna girl Arka Lightening. Arkaja River yamuna.

Arkita Plentiful. Armita Desire. Arpana Offering. Arpita, Arpitha Offered. Arsheya Divine. Arshi Heavenly. Arshia Divine. Arshiya Heavenly. Arthada Goddess Lakshmi.

Arati Worship, prayer. Aruhi Starting of the music. Aruja Healthy and gay. Arula Shining. Aruna Dawn. Arunabha Red glow of the sun, life giving. Arundhati A morning star, wife of a sage. Aruni Dawn. Arunika Reddishness. Arunima Glow of the dawn.

Arushi First ray of the sun. Arva Fertile. Arwa Wonderful. Arya Baby Durga. Aryahi Goddess Durga. Aryama Respected woman. Aryamba Mother of Shri Shankaracharya. Aryana Noble. Asawari A Raga in classical music. Asha Desire, hope. Ashadeep Light of hope. Ashajyoti Light of hope. Ashakiran Ray of hope. Ashalata Creeper of hope. Ashana Friend.

Ashani Lightening. Ashankita Doubtless. Ashapoornadevi Full of hope. Ashavari Name of a raga. Ashcharya Wonder. Aashika Beloved, person without sorrow. Ashima Limitless. Ashira Wealthy. Ashita River Yamuna. Ashlesha Name of a star. Ashley Ash wood. Anjalika One of Arjun’s arrows. Anjana Mother of Hanuman. Anjasi Straightforward, Honest. Anji A blessing. Anjika Blessed. Anjini Mother of Hanuman. Anjori A shining light, moonlight. Anju Lady who lives in heart. Anjuli An offering to God.

Anjum A star, a token. Anjuna Anjushri Dear to One’s heart. Ankitha A symbol. Ankolika An embrace. Ankura A sprout. Annada Goddess of food. Annapoorna Goddess of food. Annika Elegance. Annisa Friendly. Anona The goddess of crops. Annjaya Anokhi Unique. Annona Perfect. Anora Grace. Anouksha Fulfillment of wish. Ansana Ansha Portion. Anshi God’s gift.

Anshita A part of. Anshu Ray. Anshula Sunny. Anshumala Garland of rays. Anshumali Sun. Ansruta Unique. Ansuya Learned woman. Antara Second note in hindi music. Anthahkarana Mercy. Antima Ultimate. Antini Living in a hermitage. Antriksha Space, sky.

Anu Anubhuti Experience, feelings. Anudeepti Divine light. Anuga A companion. Anugathadevi A friend, a wife. Anugraha Blessings. Anuhaya Little sister. Anuja Younger sister. Anukampa Mercy, sympathy, compassion. Anukirtana Praise of God’s virtues.

Anukriti Photograph. Anuksha Every moment. Anula Agreeable. Anulekha Beautiful picture. Anuloma Sequence. Anumati Consent. Anumaya Anumegha Following the rain. Anumita Up to the point, precise. Anumloche An apsara’s name. Anunaya Comfort. Anunitha Courtesy. Anupa Goddess Kali. Anupallavi Part of a song.

Anupama Matchless. Anupriya Without comparison. Anuprabha Brightness. Anura Love, attachment. Anuradha One of the 27 stars. Anuragha Love. Anuragini Beloved. Anurakthi Affection. Anurama Goddess Lakshmi. Anuranjana One who pleases the mind. Anurati Constant. Anurapa Suitable. Anusha Beautiful morning. Anusheela Good character.

Anusheeta Calm mind. Anushka A term of endearment. Anushma Without heat. Anushree, Anushri Pretty, beautiful. Anusuya Wife of A sage. Anutara Unanswered. Anuthi Unique. Anuva Knoeledge. Anuvindha One who receives. Anuvrinda Krishna’s queen’s name. Anuya Anvi A goddess’s name. Anvita Who bridges the gap. Anwesha Quest Ashana Daughter of Bali. Ashma Rock. Ashmi girl Ashmita Very hard and strong. Ashna A friend.

Ashoka Without grief. Ashrika girl Ashrita Protected by god. Ashviqua Love, pride. Ashwabha Lightening. Ashwika Goddess Santhoshi Maa. Ashwina Child of the star. Ashwini Name of a star. Asima Endless, limitless, boundless.

Asita River. Asmi girl Asmika girl Asmita A lady with ego. Asvika A little mare. Aswathi girl Aswini Name of a star. Atalaya Watchtower.

Atashi A blue flower. Athasha girl Atheeva Ultimate. Athilesha Lord of Intelligence. Athira Prayer. Atifa Kind. Atira Prayer. Atiriya Very dear, beloved. Atishaya Superiority. Atiya Gift.

Atmaja Daughter. Atmikha Light of God. Atreyi A river. Atula Incomparable. Atulya Matchless. Aurel Golden angel. Avani Earth. Avanija Goddess Parvathi. Avanita The earth. Avanji Daughter of earth.

Avanthi Name of a historical city. Avantika Princess, queen. Avanish Lord of the earth. Avaapya Achieving. Avasa Independent. Avathara Goddess in human reflection. Avinashini Imperishable, eternal. Avinashika Indestructible. Avipsa girl Avlokita Enlightened. Avneet girl Avnita The earth. Ayanna Innocent. Ayati Royal. Ayeh Sign, distinct. Ayesha Doll yurda Bestower of longevity. Ayushi Long life. Ayushmati One who has a long life. Ayita Beloved. Aziza Beloved, beautiful. Amshula Sunny. Amshumala An apsara.

Amshumati Intelligent, river yamuna. Amtheshwari Eternal God. Amukta Precious. Amvi A goddess. Ana Grace. Anagha Without sin.

Anagi Precious. Anahita Graceful. Anaiya Anamika Without name. Anaamika Name of fourth finger. Anamitra The sun. Anala Goddess of fire. Anandani Joyful. Anandbhairavi One of the ragas of classical melody. Anandalahari Wave of happiness. Anandalakshmi Goddess of happiness Anandamayi Full of joy Anandhavardhini One who increases happiness.

Anandhi Happiness. Anandhita Joyous girl. Anandi Joyous. Anandini Joyful. Ananga Love. Anangalekha Love letter. Anangamalini God of love. Anangee Beautiful. Ananta Infinite. Anantashree Woman who has abundant money. Ananti Gift. Ananya Matchless. Anapayina Eternal. Anarghya Priceless. Anashree Anasuya Jealous. Anathi Modest, respectful. Anavi Anchal Border of the saree. Anchita Worshipped. Andal Devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Anamone Type of flower. Aneema First of the eight siddhis. Aneya Angaja Daughter. Angana Beautiful woman. Angani Attractive girl.

Angha Beauty. Angiri Mother of brihaspati. Angarika flower Angoori Grape. Anhithi Gift, donation. Aniha Indifferent. Anika Goddess Durga. Anila Wind, air. Anima The power of becoming small. Anina Answer my prayer. Anindita Blameless. Anintika Immortal. Anisa Woman with friendly nature.

Annika Goddess Durga. Anisha Eternal, continuous. Anita Mercy. Aniya Creative. Anjali, Anjalee Homage, respect. Aaratrikia The dusk lamp beneath tulsi plant. Aarini Adventurous. Aarna Goddess Lakshmi. Aarushi Daughter of Manu. Aarnavi Big as ocean. Aarohi A music tune. Aarshiya Aarti Worship. Aarushi First ray. Aarzoo Wish, desire. Aasha Hope. Aashalata Creeper of hope. Ashrita The person who is in the protection of God. Aashi Smile Aashima Ashinya Beautiful home. Aashita Full of Hope.

Aashiyana Shelter, home. Aashna Beloved. Aashini Lightning. Aashirya From the land of God. Aashritha Who gives shelter. Aashvi Aashika Lovable. Aastha Devotion, faith. Aathmika Related to soul. Aatmaja Daughter. Aayushi One with long life. Aranam Name of an ornament. Ababa Flower. Abala Immovable, the earth.

Abayomi Joyous person. Abdhija Goddess lakshmi. Abha Shine, glow, Beautiful. Abharan Ornament, a jewel. Abhayankari One who gives courage. Abharika The name of a Goddess. Abhati Slender, right. Abhaya Fearlessness Abheri Fearless. Abhibha Glittering, shining. Abhidha Name, word and sound. Abhidya Of thought, wish and longing. Abhigeetha Praised. Abhigya Perfect, expert. Abhijaata Well born woman. Abhijaya Victorious Abhijina Skillful, clever, remembrance.

Abhijishya Independent Abira Strong. Abirami Lakshmi. Abja Born in water. Abjini Lotus pond. Aboli A flower. Achala The earth. Achintya Beyond thought. Achira Very short. Achiraprabha Lightening. Achyutha Immovable. Ada Prosperous. Adag Pure. Adanna Father’s daughter. Adarsha Ideal. Adarshi Ideal. Adevi Devoted to God. Adbhutha Marvel. Adharshana Idealistic. Adhidevta A deity. Adhika Abundant. Adhira Lightning. Adhrushta Fortune. Adhya Power.

Adil Sincere. Adina Elegant. Adishree Lakshmi. Adishakti Goddess Durga. Aditi Name of a sage. Aditha The first root. Adithi Freedom, safety.

Aditri Highest honour, Goddess Lakshmi. Adiya Treasure, jewel. Adna Pleasure. Adnah Pleasure. Adney Pleasure. Adona Feminine. Adrija Daughter of the mountain. Adrika A small mountain. Adrisa Mountain Lord. Advika Unique. Adwita Unique. Adwiteya Matchless. Adwitiya Incomparable. Adya First, unparalleled. Aesha Love. Afreen Encouragement. Aftab The sun. Agamya Wisdom, knowledge. Aganit Countless.

Agasthi A learned lady. Agasthya A star. Agatha Good, pure. Aghanashini Destroyer of evils. Agneta Fire. Agnije Daughter of fire. Agnimitra Agni’s friend. Agninayan Shiva. Agrasandhya Sunrise. Agratha Leadership. Agrima First, leader. Agrani Best, number one. Agriya First, best. Ahalya Agreeable. Ahanti Gift, Name of a tribe. Ahava Beloved.

Alpana Decoration. Alpita Amala Pure. Amalendu Full moon. Aman Grateful. Amani One who shows the path. Amanat Valuable possession. Amara Immortal, eternal. Amari Eternal. Amarangani Angel. Amaraprabha Eternal shine. Amaravti Name of Indra’s kingdom. Amaya The end Amba Goddess Parvathi. Ambali Sensitive, loving. Ambalika Mother of Panduraj. Amber Precious stone. Ambika Goddess Parvathi. Ambruni An Apsara. Ambu Water. Ambudha Cloud.

Ambudhi Ocean. Ambuja Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi. Ambujakshi Lakshmi, lotus like eyes. Amee Friend. Hindu baby name list: Tags: Indian Hindu girl Baby names starting with A, Hindu girl names, Hindu girl names with meanings - A , List of names for Indian Hindu babies, South Indian names, Hindu names, Hindu baby girl names starting with A Hindu baby girl names are based on a variety of systems and naming conventions, which vary from region to region.

Hindu baby girl names are also based on caste, epics and Indian hindu Mythology. Choosing the Indian hindu name for your baby girl is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little princess deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Indian hindu baby name for your baby girl, here is the list.

We have compiled a List of unique and modern Indian hindu Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Indian Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Sanskrit and Hindi names, Hindu Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names.

These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.

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