Best dating a man with no job or car

best dating a man with no job or car

Discover The Best Careers for Men Who Want to Attract More Women… Click Here to Discover Why Men Who Do THIS During Sex Get Way More Repeat Action (& Give Hot Girls More Orgasms Too)… For many men, your job is a huge part of who you are. It can represent your educational background… Your social status…. And it’s also important to consider the question these women were asked: They were asked which jobs they look for in a date… not which jobs turn them on. While a woman might seek out a male teacher because of his “prestige”… She might be wildly turned on by a construction worker. And the answer to “What job do you seek out most in a potential date?” is going to be different for every woman.

best dating a man with no job or car

Keri Hilson, Siggy Flicker, Carrie Keagan and Garcelle Beuvais all want a man who's not sitting on the couch. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest from #STEVETVShow: Connect with STEVE online! Visit the STEVE WEBSITE: Follow @STEVEHARVEYTV on FACEBOOK: Follow @SteveTVShow on TWITTER: Follow @SteveTVShow on INSTAGRAM: "you have to ask whether you want to" what you want never comes into it, you do what you have to.

You can want to be feminine and focus entirely on your family or you can want to be a powerful career woman or both, but if there isn't another person that wants to build something with you than it doesn't matter.

You can always keep in the back of your mind that image of the perfect family life but don't make plans around what you don't have a say in. Make plans for your future and if someone happens along that wants to build on that appreciate it while it lasts 2:11 That's because of high rates of divorce, and women always getting the custody of the children, that's why there are no men to teach any of manners or values to their sons. Single mothers are usually the worst type of parenting, most men who commit a crime come from a single mother household.

Stop blaming men for everything, 50% of marriages fail, women initiate 70% of divorces, the number one reason behind divorces is finances. women almost always end up with custody of the children, which leads to single motherhood, which is the cause of many of today's broken families, and problems Women need to start taking responsibility for their actions as well.

Women really do have high expectations in life and to think that money will solve all of their problems in a blink of an eye when they do get married. Even though money can't buy love. A guy who is unemployed can teach a hard working girl the importance of life and the little things that we take for granted for each day i.e family, love,time.

that missed on doing or lack. It's funny how the world teaches us that we all must have a job to enter into marriage. When a guy or girl may or may not able to enter into the work force depending on that person's situation or the black cards delt in life.

It not only the results of society believes but its in our biology that women are attractive to men who are capable of providing protection and security because thats how our nature is created.

We love a women thats capable of doing that to herself to but in the end of the day, we men know we are in no position to be requiring that because its our responsibility. I've said this before and I'll say this again. If women want independence, one of the very first things that you women need to do is learn how to fight.

If you are unable to defend yourself from terrible people in the proper fashion, then you can forget about independence. Now in terms of the household, I don't see anything wrong with the woman bearing equal financial responsibility as the men. After all, it is your house just as much as it is his. Expecting men to be the sole breadwinner of the home is a bit selfish, when you (the woman) are just as responsible for the house as the man.

Also if women are "running" the world, then what's the point of having a man in your life? these four ladies earned their money and fame by selling their youth and beauty to men of this world, what on earth made them think women are running the world now, the world in their mind are low quality men that can't do better.

at least two women here had been divorced twice with children, these are four losers lecture the world on finding a date, listen to them only if you want to repeat their mistakes The problem is women these days expect a man to provide everything but they themselves don't want to cook, clean, and have kids.

No, it doesn't work that way. Men need to work and women need to have kids and take care of the house. When men and women don't do what they're supposed to do, that's when there are problems in a relationship.

See? They have NO problem stating they wouldn't date a broke man. But when a man even TRIES to mention that women choose men on economic status, then ALL feminist hell breaks loose. Even though the statistical data says EXACTLY the same thing. Men go for features indicating fertility: youth, breasts, hips, neotenous facial features. Women go for features indicating socio-economic status: income, profession, acknowledgement of peers. This Is why I love Steve because I so believe in the old school way about a man taking care of his woman.

Don't get me wrong if my partner was to ever be in a financial crisis I'll try to beat up at the best way I can but the way I look at it is my money and spent on my kids and my home I pay the little bills and the man pays the big bills Seriously, these ladies are so, so, so wrong! A man need to be wanted to be the man of the house: let him be powerful, bring the cash and secure his woman and children. Women need to be feminine, take care of themselves, children if need be.

NOW, all of this can be shared between the 2 of them, BUT dont make your man look like a woost and take his power away, and dont treat your woman as a made. Chill out people, just bring love & respect in your relationship and all is well! These witches are only interested in how fat your wallet is, for instance if a guy had a good job and she is being wined and dined everything is OK but you lose your job she is out the door, women in general are only with a guy for what she can get from him specially these women.

The game is like this she wants your money which gives her security, you want sex .....there are exception to the rule. but in general i am right.

best dating a man with no job or car

best dating a man with no job or car - Dating A Man Who Lived Long Distance With No Job, No House, & A Kid Was The Best Decision Of My Life

best dating a man with no job or car

I have posted here before but I am still dealing with this issue: I moved down to Florida from NJ for grad school to get my masters in occupational therapy, 6 months later I met my current boyfriend who I have been with 1 year and a half.

When I first started dating him I knew he went to college but did not finish, which I was hesitant to at first but he had a good job as a general manager at a store making decent money. 4 months later the store closed and he was out of a job for 5 months which I understood because of the economy. He held that job for 5 months then they let him go the end of March because they could not afford to pay him anymore.

Since then he has not had a job, he says hes looking but hes picky because he wants a job that is in his preferred salary range.

I think he is currently collecting unemployment, I say I think because when I ask him he does not like to talk about it because hes embarrassed. He does side work once in a while for a friend for his company and said they are looking to hire so he sent them his resume but he keeps saying that since April.

I just graduated this weekend and have 3 months of fieldwork left. I go to fieldwork everyday and hes at home watching tv or on some days he will grill and drink with the guys. We dont go on many dates because I cant afford to pay for him. Even though I dont have alot of money I will get him little surprises here and there.

He will cook dinner for and do laundry but I do that too. For my birthday he got me very nice gifts and put alot of thought but didnt get me anything for my graduation (im not sure if I should of expected anything?). I love him and his family but he is not financially responsible. At the end of November I have to decide to stay in this relationship or not.

I want to move closer to NJ where my family is also. I just dont know if I am over thinking this situation? What do you think? Well, my advice is the exact same as last time. I'm about finding someone I am compatible with and to me that means more than having a good time together. I found it important to find a partner that was ambitious and had a strong work ethic. It was important to me and I wouldn't have settled for less.

Yes, it is a bad economy and many are out of work--------- but I don't think that is the case with your boyfriend. He is content based on this post and past posts about the subject. Your gut is telling you something but you are afraid to listen to it.

I'm just afraid that if you don't, you will regret it down the road. I would NEVER marry someone that I described as financially irresponsible. That is a disaster in the making. I had ideas of the kind of life I wanted as I aged---------- and it was my job to create it. It is YOUR job to create the kind of life you want. This includes making the hard decisions about boyfriends.

By the way---------- I was deeply in love with boyfriends prior to meeting my husband. But . . . they were not the best match for me. Please hold out until you find a better match for yourself. If you were satisfied with the way he is, you would not second guess your relationship so intensely. I wish you all the best. I feel a bit of a familiarity when you post because I've been there. I'm in my 40's now and do not regret letting the fun but not responsible ones go. I have a fun and financially secure man who works hard for his family as my mate.

Don't settle. good luck If you want children, you want a hard-working partner who is a man and responsible for the things a man is responsible for, who takes pride in accomplishing big goals.

You don't want to have a baby with an overgrown teenager that you also have to take care of. It will make you twice as mad when you come home from work and have to do things that fill in where he didn't bother. Your life is going to be great, and you will have other choices. Pick a person who takes the responsibility to be an adult seriously. You'll save yourself a boatload of heartache. If he has no ambition in life...that'd be a huge turn off.

Here in my house I work. Dh looked and couldn't find anything so I looked and found a job. (we have expertise in two VERY different fields.) He does take care of the kids, cooks, cleans and always makes sure that I get up and to work on time. He is in college though.

He graduates in March. I tried college twice and never finished either time. I do plan on going back...eventually. But we love each other and accept each other for our faults. I honestly don't think an education is what makes the person. If the guy can't grow up and just wants to sit on his duff all day...I'd say no. If he has ambition, wants to do something and is actively trying...give him a shot. When I first met my husband he was living in his parents' basement and had just started a retail job.

He left his job to go to school very shortly after that. I had been going to school far away, so I moved back home and went to a different school. We have moved yet again and he has a job and I don't. It's not that I don't want one it's that we live in a small town where the job market is poor.

My husband is also trying to make it as a musician. We barely make it each month, but I love him more than money and I know that if we can get through this rough patch we can make it through anything. In regards to what you said. Maybe there is a good reason why your boyfriend doesn't have a job. Offer to help him find a job. He gets mad when I ask him questions regarding work. I have told him about different job openings and job fairs but he doesnt respond back about them.

Its a tough situation. All he seems intrested in is sitting on the couch, watching football, bbqing and drinking with his friends. We work well living together but rarely go on dates. Hypnoash6----------- you sound like a smart girl and I really think you are selling yourself short. You can have what you want in a man. You really can. Sometimes we have to walk away from someone we have feelings for to get what we want in life.

It isn't about the dollar----------- but it IS about compatibility. What is in the top one or two reasons a couple divorces??? Financial issues. And a couple that is never on the same page regarding that from the very begining has not much of a chance of surviving together for the long haul.

He has a different attitude about financial responsibility than you. You'll be in conflict over this for the duration of your relationship. I wish you luck. I think you can have what you want in life but are currently 'stuck'. And at this stage in the game of dating . . . you should still be having dates. I've been married 10 years with 2 kids and we still go on dates. A relationship needs that to stay alive over time.

That connection of appreciating one another and giving our time just to that. Go for what you want in life and don't settle! i dated a guy who really could not hold a job for very long and in the long run i broke it off. i wanted to be taken out on dates and he couldnt do that and if we did i always got stuck paying.

in the end i was glad i made the decision i did. he still is not holding a decent job and is in debt up to his eyeballs. so if he cant keep a job while u are dating what would happen if you got married or had kids. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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best dating a man with no job or car

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Would you date a guy with NO JOB, NO CAR, who's on PAROLE?..but he could be your SOUL MATE?
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