Best dating a mentally challenged person think in spanish

best dating a mentally challenged person think in spanish

Your typical intellectually-disabled person is in the mild to moderate range, the sort of person who’s very much like anybody else, only So yeah, sure you can have a meaningful relationship with somebody who’s mentally challenged. They’re people; they’re complex creatures. Even people with profound intellectual disabilities are still people you could get to know and befriend, although you might need to work harder to communicate with somebody who speaks only a few words or none at all, or who has multiple disabilities Does the mentally challanged person be able to deal with their pride. Thanks all I can think of off the top of my head. Good luck and God Bess. 213 Views.

best dating a mentally challenged person think in spanish

Some mentally challenged people, including those with mental retardation and those with mental illnesses, cannot hold jobs due to their conditions. However, many mentally challenged people can work, especially if they receive the right type of training and support on the job. Having a job allows people with mental challenges to maintain some independence and self-sufficiency and may also boost their self-esteem. Types of Jobs Mentally challenged people work in a variety of jobs.

The best job for a mentally challenged person depends on his abilities, needs and personal interests. In general, though, mentally challenged people often do best in low stress jobs and jobs that allow people to work at their own pace. People that have difficulty learning new tasks and remembering things may perform best at jobs that involve simple, repetitive tasks. People with mental challenges may perform well in many different job settings, including food service jobs, clerical jobs, housekeeping jobs, grounds keeping jobs and general assembly or factory jobs.

Job Placement All 50 states have vocational rehabilitation agencies that assist with job training and placement for people with disabilities, including the mentally challenged (see link in the Resources section for contact information). Numerous social services agencies also provide assistance with job training and placement. Agency staff help clients identify what type of job they’d like and provide assistance with resume writing and interviewing. They also identify other services that would help clients succeed on the job, like job training and job coaching.

Job Training Mentally challenged people often benefit from specialized job training. It may take them longer to learn their job duties than it takes other people. They should receiving training on one task at a time and have the opportunity to practice and master that task before moving on to the next one.

They may benefit from receiving written instructions as well as verbal instructions, if they read well. Some may have poor literacy skills, in which case pictures or diagrams may help. In addition to training on specific job tasks, people with mental challenges may need training related to interpersonal skills, communication skills, problem solving skills and expectations in the workplace, like the expectation of showing up for work on time every day.

Job Coaching People with mental challenges may benefit from supportive services on the job, like job coaching. Job coaches perform analyses of the tasks to be performed, provide comprehensive training on tasks, identify accommodations that can help mentally challenged individuals perform their jobs and advocate for their clients in the workplace.

They also provide travel training when necessary so clients can travel to their jobs independently. Mike Andrews is a freelance writer and serial entrepreneur focused on small-business and entrepreneurship for average people. He holds a bachelor's degree in biblical studies and a master's degree in theology and has appeared in a wide array of print and online periodicals including "HiCall," "Mature Living" and "Caregivers Home Companion."

best dating a mentally challenged person think in spanish

best dating a mentally challenged person think in spanish - Petition update · dating a mentally challenged person, best dating website in europe ·

best dating a mentally challenged person think in spanish

Mentally Challenged Essay People are mentally challenged and are getting criticized for it - Mentally Challenged Essay introduction. People look at the mentally challenged and say that their physically disabilities or mentally retarded and can’t do the work of the average person.

The thought process is slower than the average person, which makes the thinking, reactions and learning a little harder. The challenges of doing things, where as other people wouldn’t have any problem of doing them. The challenges that they face are sports, construction, and martial arts. The day to day living is harder on a person that is mentally challenged also, like the living areas with in the home. The mentally challenged people have a slower thinking process, but the reason they think slower is to think about it before doing.

They might have problems thinking about what they are going to say. Sometimes the average person thinks faster and does it at a quicker response. When they have to move around or speak. The thinking can be exhausting at times for them. The reaction time is slower for them too; they can’t dodge as fast during dodge ball. But their reactions are as good as the person that is able move. Not all the challenged are completely slow.

More Essay Examples on But the average person tries to accommodate them, but doesn’t always succeed at it. Learning is a big part and a key role for the mentally challenged people. Schools around the world have taken the initiative to accommodate for the mentally challenged.

To provide more help by adding learning success centers with in the schools. So if they are doing math, English, history or cooking classes, they have extra help them learn. The challenges of doing sports, some of the mentally challenge can’t play all sports. But they do like to try them out.

Not all could do the hurdles in track, but it does rely on their physical abilities. There are the mentally challenged Olympics which consist of shot putt, running, running long jump, javelin and a few others too. They can play other sports like basketball, bowling, golf, and baseball. Some may not like to do those and would like to do martial arts.

They may want to learn to defend themselves against attackers. There is specially trained martial art teachers that like to teach to those that don’t mind learning or moving at a slower pace or mentally challenged. They have competitions held each month for the challenged people and they receive rewards, autographs and other cool things too.

Some of the mentally challenged may not want to do sports, but want to work and do construction. So construction sites may include road work, home building or remodeling. Every challenged person gets to do everything the average person gets to do with the help from others.

There has been some television shows of home remake overs and they had a team of the mentally challenge come on the site and build homes. The day to day living with the mentally challenged, the living areas with in the home have to be clean and clear of clutter.

Not all of the challenged get to go out and enjoy everything every day. Some have to stay home and be especially cared for. Bathing can be a challenge along with getting clothes on every morning or before going to bed.

Cooking meals in the morning can be a challenge for them too. But sometimes they can’t cook for themselves. Some may get help from outside of the house to help with the in the house chores and help with the mentally challenged kids or adults.

There are also special facilities that are designed for these people. Like the one here in Watertown, NY JRC or Jefferson Rehabilitation Center. The things that a mentally challenged person goes thru in day to day activities are challenging compared to an average person that can do them with no problems. So if a mentally challenged person can do all the activities as any other normal person. Why do they get bullied or picked on every day?

Simple, because the average person looks stupid when the mentally challenged does everything they can too. Think about it! Standard Standard quality. • Experienced Verified Writers Premium Premium quality (Add 10% to price). • Bachelor's (or higher) degree. • Over 80% success rate. Platinum Platinum quality (Add 15% to price). • Master's (or higher) degree. • Over 30 successfully finished orders. • Over 90% success rate.

best dating a mentally challenged person think in spanish

You know they are out there. Those people who aren’t going to be helpful to you when you’re dealing with your mental illness. They do exist, and you need to be mindful of that. I have dated a few men prior to marrying my now husband, and I learned over time different things I needed for my in order to have the best, most supportive relationship possible. I didn’t even know I needed some of these things before I got married, but I think they truly help me combat my bipolar disorder.

I wanted to share a few traits I think are important for your significant other to have in order to help you the most with your mental illness. They are good traits for anyone to have, as well, and they go both ways. Yet, I think it is helpful for people with mental illnesses to find a significant other with some or all of these traits. 1. They should have an ability to listen.

This is a big one. If you are with a partner who doesn’t listen to you or try to understand what you are going through, it’s not a great sign. When I found my now husband, he would listen to what I had to say about how I was feeling. Now, no one is perfect, and many people want to be able to “fix” things. It took some time for my husband to realize he couldn’t necessarily “fix” me, and he had to be OK with simply helping me.

Yet, after some couples’ counseling (while dating and married) and lots of long talks, we came to a mutual understanding that he didn’t always have to offer solutions. He could just listen and love me. This is important because oftentimes it helps to just be heard, even if there isn’t a solution. 2. They should have patience. Having patience is critical, and I think this is the trait that is absolutely necessary in the person you are dating. They should be patient at all times: on the days when it isn’t getting better, when it’s getting worse, when you can’t get out of bed or when you’ve started 10 million projects over night.

You need a partner who is patient enough to see you need help getting out of your mindset of mania or and that it might not happen quickly. You need , no matter how long it takes. 3. They need a willingness to learn and accept. If your partner is willing to learn about your condition and if they are hungry for information on how to help and understand you, then this is fantastic.

If they are open-minded toward what you are going through, then it will make it that much easier for them to help you in the long run. Your partner needs to accept you just as you are, good days and bad. If your partner stays with you only in hopes that you will eventually be “cured,” then this is not someone you want to be with. You may never fully come out of the episodes. You need to be with someone who guides you through them, instead of waiting for them to end. It is important that the person you are with not only wants to learn more about your illness as a whole, but also how to best help you battle it.

Every person living with a mental illness has different ways that help them cope and heal. You should be with someone who can help you find it and learn about you along the way.

4. They should be honest. This may seem obvious, but I find honesty (with a touch of being gentle) to be one of the most helpful things my husband brings to the table. He is able to gently question me when I’m in a bad place. He will tell me in a nice way (and we’ve worked on this) when he thinks I am starting to go into mania and that I’m taking on too much.

At the same time, it is a delicate balancing act with the “listening” part. You can’t always think rationally. So sometimes honesty isn’t taken well. I do still think it is important that your partner doesn’t always cater to all of your ideas during mania or depression.

Sometimes, that only fuels the fire. It is helpful to have my husband ask me directly, “Have you taken your medicine?” and things like that. 5. They should have love and devotion. “I’m not leaving, no matter how hard it gets.” This is something you save for the person you decide to spend the rest of your life with. Yet, it is a trait you want to identify long before you get to the altar.

Everyone says this, “through thick and thin,” but for people with mental illnesses, the thick can be much thicker and the thin can be much thinner than for other people.

Having someone by your side, who will never leave you no matter how bad the days get, is a source of strength and stability as you fight through the hard days. It is challenging enough to battle your own brain without having to wonder if your partner will love you through it or if they will bail. My husband always tells me all the good days are worth getting through the days when I am not myself.

He is my anchor. I owe him much of my recovery. Dating or being in a relationship is challenging, even without a mental illness involved. Unfortunately, you may have to go through a few bad dates and relationships before you find someone worth sticking with. Once you find them, you’ll know. These traits are things to look for initially (although you can work on them once you’re in the relationship if the person is willing to learn). I’ve found them essential to keeping my marriage working while dealing with mental illness.

To all those battling a mental illness, I wish you love and happiness. Don’t settle for someone who isn’t willing to learn, understand and listen. Stay with someone who is willing to stick by you. Above all, find someone who loves and cherishes you exactly the way you are, mental illness and all. Image via Thinkstock. We want to hear your story. Become a Mighty contributor .

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