Best dating a poor girl rich guy kdrama

best dating a poor girl rich guy kdrama

KDrama News. Загрузка Top 20 Poor Girl - Rich Guy Korean Dramas - Продолжительность: 4:50 ulli chun 607 519 просмотров.

best dating a poor girl rich guy kdrama

One of the most popular themes in kdramas is the "poor girl meets rich guy." The poor girl is usually a hardworking cheerful optimistic type that just happens to meet the heir of a large conglomerate or country and wins him over with her amazing personality.

You can tell her sincerity because either she does not know he is rich or a prince or both or she does not care. Critics of this type of drama say it encourages women to think about marrying men for their money but the kdrama heroine who blatantly sets out to do that rarely wins the kdrama prince. And really, it's a tale as old as time.

Cinderella met her prince and left her life of servitude to become a princess. Jane Austen's heroine Lizzie Bennett met Mr. Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice," hated him but then humbled and married him. Bella met the eternally wealthy undead Edward in "Twilight." And those heroines either did not know who their loves were when they first met them or did not care for them. And generally in kdramas, the heir is usually a jerk whose personality needs to improve before he can win anyone's sincere love.

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best dating a poor girl rich guy kdrama

best dating a poor girl rich guy kdrama - Drama Favourites: Rich Guy

best dating a poor girl rich guy kdrama

It’s such a popular genre that I make one of these videos practically every year – and you guys seem to enjoy it! It’s still a bit early on in 2016 so there could be other dramas that come out that are not on this list, but so far there have been some strong kdramas that I think can and will stand the test that is the kdrama year and be memorable enough to say – yeah that was a good drama at the end of 2016.

I personally enjoyed Madame Antoine and Cheese in the Trap already (though the latter failed to keep me interested at the end) and am super excited to be starting The Entertainer (I love Ji Sung as an actor) and the other two look fabulous. So let me know your thoughts and follow me on twitter for my updates and views on Entertainer and all my other drama obsessions.

What’s your ALL-TIME favorite Rich Guy Poor Girl Korean Drama? Was it mentioned on this list? Let me know in the comments! Happy Drama Watching everyone!! Full Rich Guy Poor Girl Korean Drama 2016 List: 5. Lucky Romance – 운빨로맨스 4. Madame Antoine – 마담 앙트완 3. Cheese in the Trap – 치즈 인 더 트랩 2. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds – 구르미 그린 달빛 1.

Entertainer – 딴따라 the bloopers And as an honorable mention, there’s the role-reversal drama Take Care Of The Young Lady, aka My Fair Lady, where a bratty heiress played by the ever-lovely Yoon Eun Hye squares off against a conman-turned-butler played by Yoon Sang Hyeon. While not a hit in Korea proper (the home audience wasn’t mentally prepared to see her shed her nice-girl image), this show is a pretty fair spin on the theme of The Taming Of The Shrew.

Acting is on point for all the principal actors and for most of the supporting cast as well. Well worth any drama lover’s time.

best dating a poor girl rich guy kdrama

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Top 20 Poor Girl - Rich Guy Korean Dramas
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