Best dating a real estate agent near media

best dating a real estate agent near media

Becoming a real estate agent can be a very lucrative profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the best real estate agents in the country earn over $100,000 annually. On top of a potentially high income, the job offers other attractive benefits including a relatively low barrier to entry, independence, few office politics, a flexible schedule, and opportunities to fast-track the growth of your net worth. Just like other businesses, success in this industry largely depends on your location. Having all the competencies to get ahead may not be enough — you also need an environment that .

best dating a real estate agent near media

There is no question that working with a when selling or buying investment property can make the whole process easier. This is especially true when it comes to . What is not so easy, however, is when a beginner real estate investor begins to search for “How to find a real estate agent near me?”.

Even more difficult is trying to find the best real estate agent out there. Well, we have got you covered. We can help answer “How to find a real estate agent near me?” as well as how to find a good that will allow for successful real estate investing. But first… To choose the best real estate agent, you have to know exactly what a real estate agent is and what he/she does to help a real estate investor in selling or buying investment property.

It’s also wise to know the advantages and disadvantages of working with real estate agents. This will help you better determine if you’d rather invest in real estate all on your own without the help of real estate agents or not. To start looking for and analyzing the best investment properties in your city and neighborhood of choice, click . What Is a Real Estate Agent? A real estate agent is essentially a real estate expert. Depending on what state you live in, real estate agents may have taken a few prep courses as a real estate education.

This is usually followed by a licensing exam. With this license, a real estate agent is qualified to help a real estate investor in selling or buying investment property while under the employment of a real estate broker. Related: What Does a Real Estate Agent Do? The job of a real estate agent depends on what the client is hoping to achieve- selling or buying investment property.

With a client buying investment property, the real estate agent must look for investment properties for sale in the real estate market. These should meet the criteria of the real estate investor- everything from property price through type of investment property to compatibility with the desired real estate investment strategy. The real estate agent will perform as well as investment property analysis calculations to find the best real estate investments for the client.

With a client selling investment property, a real estate agent will help set a price through . Investment property analysis will allow the real estate agent to advise the seller on what repairs should be made either to raise the price of the investment property or keep up with the competition in the real estate market.

The real estate professional will also work to market the investment property and advertise it through different mediums. For both types of clients, real estate agents will aid in . The Advantages of Hiring a Real Estate Agent Relying on the Expertise of Another and Learn from Them Ideally, when you hire these professionals, you’re hiring someone with a vast knowledge and expertise in real estate investing.

Not only does this mean you should be able to safely rely on them to find the best real estate investment for you or sell your investment property, but you may also be able to learn all about . This is helpful whether you’re a beginner or even a seasoned real estate investor who wants to pick up a new trick or two.

Starting Passive Income Investing starts with using a real estate agent. The real estate agent does all of the hard work for you while you sit back and simply put forth the commission fee. Following up with a professional property manager or even having the real estate agent flip the investment property can bring true passive income.

Building a Real Estate Investment Network Real estate agents who have been in the business for some time have their own . Expand yours and meet other real estate agents and investors through a real estate agent. Finding Off Market Investment Properties and Other Opportunities Certain real estate investment opportunities are much more easily found with the help of real estate agents.

, for one, are much easier to find and buy with real estate agents. There are even investment opportunities that are only available to a real estate investor if an agent is involved. is just one example. Related: The Disadvantages of Hiring a Real Estate Agent Paying the Commission Fee The commission fee is ultimately what turns most real estate investors away from hiring real estate agents. Many see it as getting in the way of . Because real estate investors are becoming more independent, real estate agents are starting to charge less.

Some companies have even started charging for actual services during the real estate transaction rather than a percentage of the investment property price. Working with the Wrong Real Estate Agent You always run the risk of working with the wrong real estate agent.

This could mean someone who doesn’t have enough experience or even the right experience for what you wish to accomplish with real estate investing. It could also be someone who ignores what you want as a real estate investor or simply someone with poor real estate investing abilities. If you do decide to let these disadvantages deter you from using a real estate agent, you still shouldn’t tackle real estate investing all alone.

Instead, use Mashvisor to find and analyze the best real estate investments in the US housing market. To learn more about how we will help you make faster and smarter real estate investment decisions, click .

Learn how to invest in real estate on your own: How to Find a Real Estate Agent Near Me The simplest way to approach the dilemma of “How to find a real estate agent near me?” is to simply google the exact phrase. This will lead you to different real estate agent websites. However, there are better ways: • Know anyone who has sold or bought investment property recently?

Try to get recommendations from them. • Drive around a few neighborhoods you are interested in (if possible) and look for signs for real estate agents; usually, these can be found on benches, the sides of buses, bus stops, and even in the front yard of an . • Look for local open houses and attend a few. You can easily meet real estate agents or other real estate investors who can refer you to one. • Take the time to look for and contact your local real estate brokerages.

• Use real estate websites such as , which allows you to connect with real estate agents from all over the US housing market, as well as . How to Find a Real Estate Agent Near Me Using Mashvisor One of the easiest ways to is right in front of you! Mashvisor allows you to connect easily and quickly with a real estate agent in the market you are interested in. Simply visit Mashvisor today, choose the real estate market of your choice, and find real estate agents with years of experience to help you in your real estate investing journey.

To start your 14-day free trial with Mashvisor and subscribe to our services with a 20% discount after, click . Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent Now that you know how to find a real estate agent, how can you find the best real estate agent? There are a few questions you should ask a real estate agent before hiring them.

• How many years of experience do you have in real estate investing? • What kind of experience do you have in the real estate market I am interested in? What about your experience with the type of real estate investment I’m selling/buying? • What makes for the in your opinion and how do you go about finding/marketing one? • What is your commission fee/other fees? • Can I have testimonials or contact information for previous clients?

• Are you comfortable with me learning what I can about real estate investing from you? All the while, take note of the real estate agent’s communication skills. As much as their knowledge, abilities, and experience are important, clear communication will be key to them understanding and achieving your real estate investing goals.

Knowing how to find a real estate agent and what to ask one can help negate all of the disadvantages of hiring these professionals. A real estate agent can be a great resource for all of your real estate investing needs! Want to get into real estate investing without the help of a ? It’s possible with the help of an investment property calculator.

An investment property calculator will perform real estate market analysis for you, helping you determine the right price for . This tool can also help you choose the best real estate market out there by showing you the median , , potential rental income, and optimal rental strategy. Want the best investment property calculator? Then consider using Mashvisor’s. To learn more about our product, click .

best dating a real estate agent near media

best dating a real estate agent near media - What Does a Real Estate Agent Do? An In

best dating a real estate agent near media

What is a discount real estate agent? A discount real estate agent is a real estate agent who will list your home for a discounted commission, saving you up to 50% of the traditional cost of selling a home. There are several options you can choose from when you’re • Discount brokerages who only do low commission listings, • Discount agents who will list your home on the MLS but offer no additional service, or • Agents who run a traditional business and take a discount listing on the side if they are referred from Clever.

Discounted realtor commissions does not mean limited service. Check out how Clever stacks up against other discount agents. Clever Partner Agents still provide full service. That includes professional photos, marketing on the MLS and hundreds of other sites, showings, open houses, and everything you need to get to closing. They understand that even though they are working at a discount, their business is growing due to the volume of sellers Clever sends them.

Our Partner Agents also know that if they do a great job and receive good reviews, sellers are likely to use them to buy, therefore making them more commission over time.

If you’re looking to with a local, full-service agent for a flat fee of $3,000 for homes under $350,000 and 1% for more expensive homes, Clever can help. Call us at or complete our online form to get connected a who will list your home and let you save on commission.

Is there a difference between a discount real estate agent and a traditional agent? Similar to traditional agents, discount real estate agents are either licensed agents or brokers.

However, not all discount agents provide the same service that a does. Some discount agents will simply list your house on the MLS and won’t help you with , pricing, photos, inspections, or other important aspects of the transaction.

Others will list your home and only provide a few of those services. It’s important to exactly what services they will provide before you sign with any discount real estate agent or broker. If you choose to work with a Clever Partner Agent, you can rest assured that a top-rated, local agent will provide full service. That means everything we mentioned above—and more.

Clever’s Partner Agents offer the same services as traditional agents for a fraction of the commission. How is Clever different than other discount real estate companies? Clever partners with agents around the country who agree to work for discount commissions in addition to handling their traditional business. They provide the exact same service to Clever customers that they provide to their traditional customers, including the use of their branding when listing your home.

That means the “for sale” sign in your yard won’t have Clever branding. Instead, potential buyers will have no idea that you saved on commissions when you listed your home. When prospective buyers don’t know that you listed your home for less, they can’t take that information into account and submit a . Why do agents work with Clever and discount their commissions? One of the biggest costs for a real estate agent is marketing to find new customers.

Agents who partner with Clever receive a constant stream of buyers and sellers without having to spend time prospecting. Working with Clever provides additional income, new connections, and increases their brand around town. Our Partner Agents know that they will only receive clients from Clever if they maintain a high standard of service and provide the exact same services they do to their traditional customers for this reason.

Clever looks to partner with agents in the top 5% in their local market and who want to make it into the top 1% for the recognition and awards that it brings. These agents understand the importance of their reputation, and provide the same great service to all of their clients, regardless of What services do Clever’s Partner Agents provide?

Our Partner Agents provide a full suite of real estate services including, but not limited to, the following: • Comparative market analysis • Professional price opinion • Provide staging tips and professional photos • Listing on the MLS, Trulia, Zillow,, and many other real estate marketplaces • Leading negotiations when an offer comes in • Coordinating inspections, the title, , and closing • Offering advice every step of the way Sound like a full service listing? That’s because it is.

Clever Partner Agents provide the exact same experience as a traditional agent—just at a discount commission. How does Clever offer a discount commission and remain profitable? Clever is able to offer a large discount and remain profitable because we’ve created a successful system that streamlines the process of buying and selling a home by connecting highly vetted, local agents with sellers and buyers.

Why do agents love working with Clever? Because they know that if they provide high-quality service that receives good reviews, we will send them a constant stream of business, so they never have to worry where their next deal is coming from. How does the discount listing process work?

The discount works exactly the same way as a traditional listing. Your agent will be with you every step of the way to close and will do everything possible to make your sale simple and stress-free, while netting you some savings at close. The process starts when you with one of our Partner Agents. You can choose between a phone call or an in-person meeting.

Your Partner Agent will provide a comparative market analysis (CMA), advise a list price for the home, and make recommendations for any repairs or upgrades that might increase the value of your home. From there, your agent will be with you all the way through to closing, providing full service at every turn and saving you thousands at the closing table. Does a discount listing look different than traditional listing? Most listings that aren’t led by a full-service agent , which makes buyers and their agents suspicious that you’re saving on seller commission.

Clever is different. Because we match you with a local real estate agent in your community who mostly does traditional listings, your listing will look identical other homes for sale in your market.

We believe that this is important. If prospective buyers know how much you’re saving on commission, they might factor that into their offer. Why is listing with an agent better than for sale by owner? According to the National Association of Realtors, only 8% of homes sell . Of those, they sell for an average of $50,000 less than homes listing with an agent. Clever allows you to receive the price increase that comes with a full service agent, while enjoying some of the savings on commission that comes from selling .

Are there any additional fees? Clever has no hidden fees. In addition to the fee to your Clever partner agent, you still must that will be recommended by your agent. And regardless of who you list with, you will still need to pay . Closing costs are usually substantially lower when you sell compared to when you buy. The Solution Usually when Brian sold his homes, he paid 3% commission on the sell side and 3% on the buy side. But once he learned about Clever Real Estate, Brian got a huge discount on all three homes and saved thousands.

When he bought his next home to flip, by using Clever, he got a rebate on commissions to help cover closing costs. The Situation Joe bought a condo at the peak of the real estate bubble in 2007 and was concerned that his home was still worth less than he paid for it.

Then Joe took a new job in another state and had to sell his home. Joe had to buy a home in his new state and didn’t want to bring cash to the closing table in order to sell his new home. He needed that capital to renovate his new home and cover the down payment. Joe was worried that paying commission to a real estate agent could’ve been the difference between selling his home for a profit and bringing cash to the closing table. Money was tight so Joe began to search for a new way to sell his home.

The Solution Joe found Clever Real Estate and decided to give us a call. Joe got connected with a local real estate agent who works for a discount. Joe’s agent provided the full service he needed to market the house properly. His agent brought in a professional photographer whose photos attracted tons of prospective buyers. His agent then helped him choose the best offer and negotiated favorable terms. Joe’s agent sold his home quickly, and the $9,000 he saved in commission was enough to provide a small profit.

best dating a real estate agent near media

By Lisa Kaplan Gordon Before he had a successful real estate career, Steven David Elliot was running bookstores in Florida and North Carolina. These were the early days of social media, he filled downtime surfing Facebook and other sites, connecting with friends, reading articles, “killing the monotony.” “If you’re playing around with your computer, customers think you’re doing work,” says Elliot, who back then counted 800 people as Facebook friends.

“I found it entertaining, an opportunity to do something outside the four walls of a bricks-and-mortar business.” Fast forward to 2016, and Elliot is now a Raleigh, North Carolina, with more than 20,000 people in his “social media sphere,” whom he taps for leads, referrals, and as a guest list for monthly networking events he hosts to help area business people connect. “I had 650 people at my Christmas party, and they all heard about it through my social media,” Elliot says, explaining how he turned his Facebook passion into a professional tool.

Now, he helps other real estate professionals through his Rockstar Connect company. Facebook “is where all the magic happens,” Elliot says. “The payoff is enormous.” It’s all about social to have a successful real estate career Millennials, who grew up posting prom pictures on Facebook and modeling new outfits on Instagram, should be happy to know that real estate marketing is migrating from newspaper display ads to a wide range of Internet sites that buyers and sellers access through smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

“Millennials think of social media as an indispensable tool and want nothing more than the apps that make life easier, more productive, and more fun,” says an Urban Land Institute on emerging trends in real estate. “That’s the trajectory ahead, and real estate companies that can harness the power of social media to manage and market property will gain an enormous advantage over laggards in this area.” Consider these Spring/2016 stats gathered by , a New York City-based digital agency.

• 52% of home buyers use an iPhone to search for real estate. • 91% of Realtors use social media to some extent, according to the . • 55% of real estate agents say they are comfortable using social media networks. • 80% of home buyers are searching online. In fact, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) says that even though most buyers start their search on the Internet, 88% use an agent to “bridge the gap” between browsing properties online and actually buying a home.

“Real estate professionals know that their customers are uber-connected and informed,” says Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate, a joint study from the NAR and Google. How to use social media to earn more in real estate You’d think uploading video house tours to YouTube and posting open house invites on Facebook are the best ways to exploit social media to sell houses.

You’d be wrong. Real estate professionals say less talk about listings is more effective on social media posts. Elliot writes daily, “uplifting” posts that promote other businesses more frequently than they tout his own. Ultimately, his online community returns the favor and sends referrals his way. “People refer to people they trust, people who are not takers,” he says.

“If you give without expectation, you will be rewarded with great abundance.” Here are more ways to get the most out of your social media addiction as you embark on a successful real estate career. Post consistently To build a network, you must post early and post often. Daily is best, says Joselin Estevez, social media director of Real estate agents should post helpful information for house hunters, like the latest mortgage rates or housing pricing trends.

Limit self-promotion It’s better to position yourself as a resource and facilitator, than as a self-promoter who mostly brags about homes sold and dollars earned.

When you pitch a home, cast the post as, “Here’s a way to help your neighbor by spreading the word about his great home for sale.” People are more likely to help a fellow homeowner than an agent. Don’t underestimate free stuff Run contests and offer gift cards and other perks to social media followers who spread the word about your listings.

Keep it upbeat Save your rants and complaints for dinner with flesh and blood friends; but when it comes to Facebook posts, keep it positive and professional. Avoid politics and religion. Take down online pictures of college beer pong tournaments. Emphasize family and civic commitment. “Nobody likes a complainer,” in real or virtual life, Elliot says. Use Instagram in real time Set up a camera, video an open house, and stream it live on Instagram.

Don’t obsess over your real estate website Agents can lose hours updating and fine-turning their websites, time better spent developing an online community that becomes a fount of referrals. Track trends Post about many different topics – neighborhood news, national real estate trends, great nearby restaurants – and track which posts your target audience responds to.

“The more people who like your posts and comment on them, the more people who will see your posts,” says Mark Ferguson, a real estate agent and author of the real estate blog. Respond to responders When a reader comments on your post, comment back. Social media is all about being social, and if you leave a commenter digitally hanging, he’ll be less likely to engage with your posts in the future. Meet your followers Create events like networking meet-and-greets that let you press flesh with friends and followers.

Some venues will give you free space if you can promise to fill it with potential paying clients. Start a new successful real estate career in the new year. Only three weeks to take your real estate pre-licensing courses at REX. Find out more . Lisa Kaplan Gordon is a builder of luxury housing and an award-winning writer specializing in home improvement and real estate topics. She lives in McLean, Virginia.

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