Best dating a stoner guy episodes

best dating a stoner guy episodes

Stoner movies require you to find something to match your mood. Plus, you’re locked into something for an hour-and-a-half-to-two-hours. While there are a good number of epic stoner movies to watch, you’re not always in the mood for a full-length film for stoners. If you’re not feeling like making such a lengthy decision, then you’re left with tv shows Family Guy may be the number one thing to come to mind, when asked the question “What’s your favorite stoner show?”. But if you said Weeds, you’re definitely correct, too. After all, it’s literally a show about growing, selling, buying, and distributing cannabis Each episode tackles a single aspect of extra terrestrials. Episodes are so interesting, you’re easily sucked-in. There are 10 seasons. Cons

best dating a stoner guy episodes

It’s April 20, every stoner’s favorite “holiday.” Unsurprisingly, it’s really easy to celebrate. Just locate your favorite strain of , spark up and relax. For those who like to completely dissociate and watch things while you relax, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite stoner TV shows, perfect for getting couchlocked during a small-screen binge session.

It’s Adventure Time, c’mon grab your friends. Pendleton Ward’s brilliantly strange post-apocalyptic cartoon is about to end its run once and for all, but this stoner TV show is one of the best things to watch when you’re a little burnt. The loopy logic, the bright primary colors and the hilarious non-sequiturs are great.

But it’s episodes with surprisingly deep themes — like the one about the idea of death being a comfort — when the true quality of the show surfaces. (Also, .) 2. Another show , ‘s female protagonists Abbi and Ilana probably love weed more than you do. These two stoner girls live fabulously flawed lives, picking up odd jobs and having deliriously bad sex all across New York City.

Their unabashed , unapologetic character flaws and jaw-dropping social gaffes make nearly every episode a screamer. If you haven’t yet met Abbi and Ilana, they’ll probably become your new stoner heroes. 3. Space Ghost Coast to Coast Space Ghost Coast to Coast re-defined the talk show. It’s been a huge influence on Eric Andre, and just about any American comedian that came of age in the ’90s.

And this surreal chat show still holds up, whether it’s Space Ghost asking his guests if they’ve got enough oxygen or a with quotes from Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra as subtitles.

(Or, the same episode, rerun a few months later, with riffing on Pablo Neruda — yup, ultimate stoner TV show here.) One part Sesame Street, one part , this six-episode surrealist horror comedy webseries takes the form of a Muppet-filled educational kids show only to go darkly, horribly, nightmarishly wrong. Each episode of this stoner TV show explores a different theme — like creativity, computers and healthy eating — with overly aggressive hosts and subtextual violence that is delightful and fun to watch, if not a little disturbing.

Try it — you’ve never seen anything quite like it! 5. Mystery Science Theater 3000 If there’s anything in this world better than Mystery Science Theater 3000, we don’t know it. The show, created by Joel Hodgson, is a perfect celebration of B-movies. But it’s not simply making fun of them; this show is more about laughing with the movies.

(After all, even the worst movies required many people to work together to make it.) Though the latest, brand-new season is only on Netflix — who even put out a to go with this stoner TV go-to — episodes from the original 10-season run are available just about everywhere. 6. Avatar: The Last Airbender If you want action, spirituality, goofiness and a bit of uplifting drama, check out this three-season American cartoon about Aang, a 12-year-old boy who’s also the reincarnation of the Avatar, a spiritual figure meant to bring harmony between the warring Fire nation and the Earth and Water tribes. Yes, M.

Night Shyamalan adapted the first season into a horrible 2010 live-action film, but the original series has much more nuance, heart and imagination. And once you’re done with it you can always check out its shorter () follow-up series, The Legend of Korra. 7. Off the Air Let’s be clear — you don’t need drugs to enjoy Off the Air, [adult swim]’s late night collage program. (Show creator Dave Hughes that stereotype of his viewers, saying “People who watch [Adult Swim] seem very engaged to me.

And very passionate. Often, they feel offended when we air something that they don’t think is up to snuff. Where else do you see that kind of passion for a network as a whole?”) Off the Air is a beautiful, experimental collage program, influenced by things like MTV’s outstanding ’90s animation showcase Liquid Television. Though while that show was a mini-animation festival, Off the Air is something more — it works as a whole, rather than a collection of different shorts.

Stoned or not, you must give Off the Air a chance. 8. Planet Earth II Who needs tripped out animation and fictional storylines when Mother Nature has provided all the visuals and life-and-death drama you need? This series’ unparalleled camera work lets you hop tree-to-tree with rainforest creatures, soar with birds of the savannah and hunt with hawks and other natural predators, making it perfect stoner TV.

It’s a great companion to the equally mind-blowing show Blue Planet and will probably make you say “Whoooooooa” at least twice an episode. 9. Too Cute OK, sometimes you just want something that won’t challenge you when you’re stoned. Too Cute is perhaps the least challenging show on the planet. I mean, its name is also a perfect description — it’s baby animals learning about the world.

It’s as fluffy as the puppies and kittens on the show, and that’s a good thing. The world’s scary enough. Sometimes you just want to get blazed and watch kitties. 10. If you liked these four fierce friends while sober, you’ll downright love them when baked out of your mind. Each episode of this longtime gay favorite has bits of sexual innuendo and shady insults sprinkled into heartwarming scenarios of silver sisters defending their dignity.

Plus, each episode usually has an ‘all’s well that ends well’ conclusion, so you’ll always leave your stoned viewing on a high note. What are your favorite stoner TV shows? Let us know in the comments.

best dating a stoner guy episodes

best dating a stoner guy episodes - Stoner TV: The 10 Best Shows to Stream While You're High

best dating a stoner guy episodes

You may have heard that you should , or , but trust me when I say you should never date a stoner. You should never date a stoner. I know it’s tempting, is far superior to drunken sex (and dare I say “sober” sex?) it’s just not worth it. The problem is; the breed “stoner” is a broad, yet universally intense, category. Two of the most common stoners you will encounter will be “the activist” and “the bum”, both are charming in their own right yet both are more trouble than they are worth, even if it’s just for sex.

Trust me, I have tested a few strains of both varieties. Think of them as the furthest ends of the spectrum, a , if you will. Here is why you should never date a stoner, on any end of the spectrum: An activist will drag you to stupid meetings full of crazy people. They get you high and then hype up their social events to be important political work.

They lure you with promises of seven-layer bean dip, wine in plastic cups and stimulating conversation with important people but instead you end up in the corner of a coffee shop listening to the rants of your city’s craziest citizens, stoned out of their gourds.

You had to pay for the stale chocolate croissant and flat Italian soda. Everyone wants your weed. A bum will talk about taking you places all the time, but you’ll never leave the nest for a date. The stoner who aspires to little else usually has a “nest”—that place where they have food, computers, televisions, chargers, a trash can (if you’re lucky) and a roll of toilet paper all conveniently within arm’s reach. The furthest they will go today is the bathroom, but they will always be talking about planning trips to Southeast Asia or the beach, but a typical date is you showing up with a bag of Del Taco and sharing hits off the bong, infomercials serenading you both to sleep.

This is one of your city’s craziest citizens, a rare and useless bird of paradise. If you break up with an activist, they will accuse you of being a Fed. Activists with an inflated sense of self often think the government is out to get them because they spam their friend’s Facebook feeds with articles supporting legalization from morning to night.

Be careful how you break this off and how you documented your time together, the activist always carries a healthy sense of paranoia, which comes with paranoid delusions and a files full of screen shots. If you break up with a bum they’ll somehow miss the conversation. They always did just smile and nod when you spoke anyway. Somehow after the breakup you will still get calls for food, like a delivery service that closed for business but never shut off the commercial phone line. Activists don’t have time for sex, only Facebook.

So you’re dating an activist and you want to have sex. Post a sexy meme and tag them in it, it will be the only way you can get them to understand what you are asking for. Even then, you may have to wait behind a never-ending stream of notifications for your turn.

The bum only has time for you if you don’t mind the TV soundtrack during sex. He just can’t make up his mind, Breaking Bad or you? Why not both? Hop on, but don’t block the TV. For the Activist, the preaching doesn’t just happen on Sunday. Every waking moment of your life while you date an activist will be measured in capitalistic greed, genetically modified organisms, environmental degradation and marijuana. So much marijuana you forgot you ever liked smoking it.

Huh? The bum has no idea what you are talking about and kinda doesn’t care. He’s got a fresh sack right here for you whenever you’re ready. By Gloria Gazm Tell us in the comments below, would you date a stoner.. or a girl who travels.. or a ski bum? I feel like this article is completely heteronormative.

Girl stoners and guy stoners are completely different, and dating a girl stoner is completely different than dating a guy stoner. Also not all guy stoners fit into these parameters either. This is just all wrong haha. How bout: Stoners will actually listen to you and will at least make an effort to understand your mind; Stoners tend to be more empathetic than most; They will always eat with you; They think, and thus love, deeper and harder; They are always forgiving if you forget something they said or an important date because they probably forgot too.

And many more. 🙂 Listen to me,you over dramatic weed-hater. If you don’t like stoners,go to your room and cry yourself to sleep. Cause what you saying may be right,but it is also pure bullshit. Not all stoner are like that,we pretty much normal ass people that do normal ass things okay. Where my fellow weedies,tell this bitch asshater!

I have to say that I loved the article. Several outburst’s of laughter on my end. Why? Because I saw a little bit of myself in both, the Activist, and, the Bum. I didn’t take this article to heart on a negative level. I see that “Cannabis Now” authored the article. Cute, you all, cute! I feel the need to correct one little thing. Fifth paragraph, second sentence, “The furthest they will go today is the bathroom…, should be, The farthest they will go today is the bathroom… Proof reading is something I can’t turn off, thanks to my old college instructors’.

One of my writing faux pas… I can comma splice almost ANY sentence! wow thats so inaccurate. I’m a stoner (and currently blazed out of my mind) and i dont fit into either of those categories. i know people who are like both of those. I have a mini fridge literally within arms reach of my couch.

that doesn’t mean that I’m a bum. I’m just very well prepared. being very well prepared is also what go me this very beautiful four br house in a quite neighborhood, 3 cars (S500 benz,, infinity, and an escalade). Next time you make an article about stoners, you should really meet some productive stoners and become a lot more openminded. My husband and I both smoke a lot. We enjoy smoking it with our friends, at work, right before sex, before going to hhe movies or going out to eat.

We both really enjoy it. And on vacations, forget about it! Just wanted to share how cannabis enhances our life, love, and relationship. You can’t marry a stoner if you aren’t a stoner yourself though.

We both go to the gym and are very active. We have our own plants, so we save a lot of money on that too!

best dating a stoner guy episodes

The illustrious stoner boy: a breed that must have been created by the Gods of sex and cannabis. Think about it: Guys are great, weed is phenomenal and when you combine the two, you get a better combination than Nutella and a spoon. Add sex into the equation and you have hit the trifecta of bliss. There is a big difference between a guy who occasionally smokes a bowl before watching "Game of Thrones" and a true pothead.

A pothead takes weed to the 420th level. His room resembles a smoke shop, and you can spot a bong faster than a book in there. Whether they deal it or they are simply marijuana enthusiasts, these guys can be some of the most interesting people you will ever encounter. They also will be the best hookup you ever have, and this is not just an assumption. You know how four out of five dentists recommend Trident?

Well I would say four out of five times you hook up with a stoner, you will be as content as wannabe-hippies on April 20. That being said, I am a big advocate for hooking up with a stoner for multiple reasons: They Are So Damn Cute Like any group of people, stoners come in all shapes and sizes.

You can have the boy next door who lights up, the Calvin Klein model who keeps a joint in his briefs, or the archetypal long-haired, tie-dye clad smoker. However, there is something about stoners that makes them extremely attractive.

My theory is that their charm comes from the classic stoner facial expression: squinty eyes and an enormous smile that is impossible to resist. Be still, my heart. They Have Stellar Personalities These smokin’ hot blazers are outgoing, laidback, creative and open-minded. They don't mind being silly and they definitely don't give a sh*t about what other people think about them. Letting good vibes and good times serve as their personal motto, stoner boys just wanna have fun.

This is where you enter the picture. Stoners are friendly and approachable people, and they even provide you with an easy conversation starter: asking for a lighter. This is your hook, or the first part of a three-step plan to land a stoner in the sack.

If you don’t smoke, you can still ask for a light. Just say, “It’s for my friend,” and then suddenly realize your “friend” must have walked away and introduce yourself. After conversing for a while, casually throw the word “tapestry” into the conversation. This is step two, also known as your hook line. When he mentions he has a tapestry in his bedroom (which he definitely will), ask if you can see it. That’s your final step, also known as your sinker. Now you won’t be seen until the next afternoon.

The Life-Changing Hookup This will be a historic moment in your life. It’ll be one for the books, and you will leave only wanting more. This feeling of absolute delight will come over you largely because stoners are giving individuals. If he smokes you out, you can guarantee the same generosity will be demonstrated in bed.

You know how stoners can do impressive things, like make smoke rings when they exhale? Yeah, imagine what else they can do with their mouths. Once the mind-blowing sex is over, the two of you will be on the verge of passing out, but you’ll be awake enough for a quick, pre-sleep smoke session that results in a blissful night of sleep. You’ll wake up feeling groggy, yet satisfied. The often dreaded pillow talk can actually be enjoyable if you and Cheech indulge in a wake and bake session. If you’ve smoked before, you know how easy it is to bond over anything when high: food, Animal Planet, shapes...

You name it and you can have a 20-minute conversation about it. If you need something to talk about, I suggest having an in-depth discussion about how cool the ocean is.

But seriously, if you think about it, 95 percent of the ocean is undiscovered. That is an unreal thought sober, let alone while high. The Catch... It all sounds too good to be true, and like most things in this world, it is. He may be exhaling a smoke signal that reads: not relationship ready. Bob Marley once posed the question, "Could you be loved?" I will elaborate and ask, could you be loved by your dashiki-clad hook-up buddy? It's very possible!

Here are some issues that you may want to consider before getting serious with your stoner: He Lives In His Own Little World The truth of the matter is that potheads constantly escape to a different world. It’s a damn cool place to visit, but it strays from reality. I’m not saying I love real life all the time. I wish I lived in a Wes Anderson movie, but you can’t permanently reside in your own wonderland.

So during the times when you need your guy to be physically, as well as mentally present, it can be an issue. He Can Be A Liability We all do things that aren’t necessarily legal.

I pee in public all the time, and just as I run the risk of being caught squatting with my pants down behind a Taco Bell, he will run the risk of getting in trouble with the fuzz. If you guys are just hooking up, then you definitely won’t have to bail him out, but when it’s your boyfriend, you’re more inclined to help if he runs into trouble with the law. Easy solution to this issue: legalize marijuana. Come on, American government, can't you see that making pot illegal is a roadblock for a girl who is trying to get into a serious relationship with a stoner?

Help a sister out! Sobriety Is Not A Bad Thing Granted, this is coming from a girl who partakes in Mike's Hard Mondays, but it is true that you don’t want to constantly be under any influence when in a relationship. If you love weed as much or even more than your guy does, then you may want to reevaluate if you should be in a relationship together. A stoned movie and Chinese food night sounds like a fabulous ritual to do alone, and it's even better if you have someone special to share it with.

Just be cautious that you don’t constantly enable each other. Sobriety is important in relationships because it allows you to display your most authentic self. You'll Find Yourself In Second Place I like to think of myself as a modern-day woman, so if I ever did go on dates, I would offer to pay for myself… every once in a while. Sure, you’ll probably save money on your own personal stash of pot if you date a stoner, but it’s really not about money.

This is more about the principle of the situation. Material things do not make a relationship successful. Yes, they are nice, but without sentiment, they are just objects. I was overjoyed when an ex-boyfriend made me an origami creation of my favorite childhood cartoon character for Christmas, and even more overjoyed when I ripped it up and threw it in a fire after we broke up.

I’m not saying a good boyfriend has to buy you expensive things; I am saying that if he’s willing to spend a small fortune on pot, then you may feel like you are coming in second place to his other girlfriend, Mary Jane. He may take the gold medal when it comes to hooking up, but you run the risk of taking silver if you are a stoner’s girlfriend. Just remember, weed is great, but you are much doper. Pun totally intended. Photo Courtesy: Fanpop

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