Best dating a vampire bites

best dating a vampire bites

Vampires have always had a certain appeal but they were never as attractive, interesting, sexy and just plain hot as now. They are out of the coffin and ‘living’ side by side with us mortals and many of my girlfriends have expressed the desire to date a vampire. The thought has crossed my mind as well maybe once or twice. But the prospect of getting in such close contact with somebody who could glamour you, overpower you without effort and suck the life out of you if he wanted to, is a bit scary. We could use some tips and tricks here, advise from somebody who has ‘done that and been there’. ‘ .

best dating a vampire bites

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best dating a vampire bites

best dating a vampire bites - The ultimate vampire dating guide ‘How To Catch And Keep A Vampire’

best dating a vampire bites

As a mortal girl dating a vampire, Raven knows that love isn't always easy. Now that Alexander's parents have returned to Romania, Raven and her dreamy vampire boyfriend are happy to resume their cryptic romance.

But soon another visitor comes knocking: Sebastian, Alexander's best friend, arrives for a stay at the mansion. At first Raven is wary, then thrilled—this is the perfect chance to learn more about her darkly handsome boyfriend and his past.

Raven has been wondering whether Alexander will ever bite her and make their love immortal, and Sebastian could be her guide to the love habits of Alexander and his kind.

But when Sebastian falls for a particular Dullsvillian, will another mortal beat Raven to the bite? With suspense, danger, and a fabulous vampire party, this seventh book in the bestselling Vampire Kisses series continues the exciting nocturnal romance of Raven and Alexander.

Ellen Schreiber was an actress and a stand-up comedienne before becoming a writer. She is the author of the first two books about Celeste and Brandon, Once in a Full Moon and Magic of the Moonlight, as well as Teenage Mermaid, Comedy Girl, Vampire Kisses, Vampire Kisses 2: Kissing Coffins, Vampire Kisses 3: Vampireville, Vampire Kisses 4: Dance with a Vampire, Vampire Kisses 5: The Coffin Club, Vampire Kisses 6: Royal Blood, Vampire Kisses 7: Love Bites, Vampire Kisses 8: Cryptic Cravings, and Vampire Kisses 9: Immortal Hearts.

She is also the author of the fully illustrated manga series about Raven and Alexander, Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives and Vampire Kisses: Graveyard Games. More

best dating a vampire bites

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